Adam Schiff Net Worth – A Lawyer And A Politician

    Adam Schiff is a person who believes and follows democracy from his heart. Adam Bennett Schiff is an American legislator. He has served the US government as an American lawyer and a responsible politician since 2001.

    Adam Schiff net worth began growing as he served the US government through multiple roles effectively, be it as a US representative or as the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) of the United States.

    Before we get to the Adam Schiff net worth, I strongly believe that every US citizen should get a little background on Mr. Schiff and his service in the United States. Let us take a look at Mr. Schiff’s Early life.

    Early Life

    Adam Schiff is currently 61 years old. He was born on June 22, 1960, in Framingham city of Massachusetts, United States. Schiff had Jewish parents, Edward and Sherrill Ann (Glovsky) Schiff. When Schiff was 10 years old, they moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.

    After living 2 years in Arizona, once again his family shifted. This time they moved to Alamo, California in 1972. Therefore, Schiff spent his childhood days in a number of cities and within different communities.

    Adam Schiff Net Worth
    Adam Schiff

    Apparently, living among various communities and cities turned out to be a great decision for Mr. Schiff. It helped him in understanding different communities and their difficulties, which we can say was the building block of his political career.

    About academics, Adam Schiff completed his graduation from Danville’s Monte Vista High School in 1978. No doubt, he was a bright student from his childhood as he received valedictorian title and was also voted as “Most likely to succeed” by his classmates.

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    Adam Schiff did his higher studies from Stanford University and got a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1982. He didn’t stop there, after completing his arts degree, in 1985 he went to Harvard law school and got the Juris Doctor degree and thus it laid the foundation to the Adam Schiff net worth.

    Beginning Of Professional Career

    Adam Schiff went for a quite conventional way of career. After he completed his graduation, he started his professional career and that is when Adam Schiff net worth began to grow.

    After completing the education, Adam Schiff worked as a law clerk under Judge William Matthew Byrne Jr. in the court of his hometown, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. He worked there for a year.

    Adam Schiff Net Worth
    Adam Schiff

    Later on, he was hired as a full-time Assistant United States Attorney, not for California but for the central district. He worked there as an assistant from 1987 to 1993. During this period, he prosecuted the case against Richard Miller, a former FBI agent.

    Richard Miller was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and as Scniff took his case, he immediately gained recognition. This was the first time people of the United States heard the name of Adam Schiff.

    Adam Schiff Net Worth
    Adam Schiff

    That was about his career as a lawyer, but his political journey began in 1994. In that year, a special election was carried out for the 43rd district seat in the California State Assembly. This was also a reason the Adam Schiff net worth has reached new heights.

    Adam was a candidate for election but unfortunately, he lost to James E. Rogan, a Republican nominee. Later that same year, in November he again lost to James E. Rogan for Democratic nomination. In short, his political journey did have a rough start. But after looking at Adam Schiff net worth, you will get a pretty good idea about how well he served the US in the following years.

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    Adam Schiff Net Worth

    Throughout his political journey, Adam Schiff served the US government in different roles. Considering his whole professional career, the Adam Schiff net worth is $2 million as of 2021.

    Adam Schiff net worth may not be comparably huge to other politicians like Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi but he managed to earn just about a sufficient amount of wealth through his career as a lawyer and a political leader.

    Adam Schiff Net Worth
    The New Yorker

    However, Adam Schiff net worth mostly comes from being a politician. He does not spend much time with reporters, interviewers, or in front of the media and that is why there is very limited information available about his wealth.

    Additionally, the information like the properties and vehicles he owns, his salary, etc are not made public either. Therefore, it is quite difficult to figure out how Adam Schiff spends his wealth or what his interests are.

    Political Journey of Adam Schiff

    Adam Schiff at the age of 36 became a member of the Senate, which made him the youngest person to achieve such a tag. The Juris Doctor degree of Schiff made him able to become Chairman of the Juvenile Justice Committee and the Joint Arts Committee of the State Parliament for the four-year term.

    In 2001, Adam Schiff was selected as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California. During his career, Adam took a strong stand against terrorism. In 2003, he voted in favor of the invasion of Iraq to fight ISIS.

    Adam Schiff Net Worth
    Los Angeles Times

    He was also a supporter of surveillance reforms. Later on, in 2006, Adam Schiff formed a bipartisan, bicameral Congressional Caucus which was for freedom of the press.

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    Currently, Adam Schiff is at the post of chairman of the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee of the United States. Before joining HPSIC, Schiff was a member of the House Appropriations Committee which he joined in 2007.

    Now that you know a bit about the Adam Schiff net worth, let us take a quick look at how Adam Schiff’s personal life is.

    Personal Life Of Adam Schiff

    Adam Schiff has a sweet family of 4 members. Adam himself, his wife Eve, and his two children. Adam enjoys doing athletic activities. During his younger days, he used to participate in marathons and triathlons.

    Moreover, Adam Schiff also took part in the opening triathlon of Washington DC, 2010. He also participated in other marathons and races in New York, Malibu, Philadelphia, etc.

    Cessation | Adam Schiff Net Worth

    Adam Schiff is not a celebrity or a film star, but he is an example and idol for many people who want to succeed in their life. Adam Schiff always promotes hard work, honest efforts as well as physical fitness.

    There is a popular quote from Adam Schiff which says “An America that encourages hope in its goals must complement an America that sparks awe in its power.”

    Adam Schiff is by far one of the most active and effective politicians in the history of the United States. His democratic and anti-terrorism agenda has always benefited the US. As a result of all his efforts and his service, he built his $2 million net worth.

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