Dakota Fanning Net Worth – Bio, Trivia, And 20 Awesome Facts

    dakota fanning net worth

    Dakota Fanning net worth is an interesting saga of a child prodigy who has featured in numerous Hollywood films with big banners and names. Walking the Hall of Fame with accolades since a young age, she won a few awards for her notable performance in I Am Sam, Taken, War Of The Worlds, and more. At the age of eight, the actress received an award for her performance in I Am Sam.

    She loves ballet dance, riding horses, and the movies, ‘ Gone With The Wind’ and ‘Steel Magnolias.’ She wants to direct a film one day. She started modeling for top fashion magazines like Vanity Fair, Elle, and Cosmopolitan in the year 2009.

    Name Hannah Dakota Fanning
    Age, D.O.B 27, 23 February 1994
    Profession Actress
    Net Worth $20 million
    Origin Conyers, Georgia, U.S


    Dakota Fanning Net Worth

    dakota fanning net worth

    Dakota Fanning was born to Steve and Heather Fanning. Her maternal roots could have a Viking’s Gaelic ancestry. She went to Montessori School of Covington and a few years in her acting career majored from New York University in women’s studies.

    She appeared in a few episodes of famous sitcoms, Ally McBeal, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Malcolm In The Middle, Family Guy, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Spin City, The Ellen Show, and more. She was in a relationship with U.K model Jamie Strachan in the year 2013 and split in 2016.

    Dakota is not open about her personal life mentioning she has been raised in Southern manners and prefers to keep her private life away from the focus of media. She has been one of the celebrities Hollywood loves. Elle and Dakota didn’t bond until they got older, given the temper and fiery outbursts.

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    Dakota loves the colors blue, pink, and black. Her favorite food is chicken and taco. Her favorite actors are Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, and Cameron Diaz. She loves listening to Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

    Dakota Fanning Net Worth – Career

    dakota fanning net worth

    She rose to stardom as a child with more than two decades of experience working as a child artist as well as performing in mature roles. Post the success of I Am Sam, she was cast in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi movie, ‘Taken’.

    She was mentioned by ‘The Washington Post,’ that she has an otherworldly look and was also cast in the Twilight Saga in the role of a vampire. She worked with Robert De Niro in the movie ‘Hide and Seek’.

    She worked with Kurt Russell in the movie, ‘Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story.’ Dakota worked in a wide genre of films including dark films like ‘Hounddog, and ‘Coraline.’ She worked with Tom Cruise in the movie ‘War of the Worlds.’ She also appeared in a short film named ‘Cutlass’ which was directed by Kate Hudson.

    She worked with Queen Latifah in the movie, ‘The Secret Life Of Bees.’ She dropped out of her role from the movie, ‘The Sister’s Keepers,’ because she was required to shave her head for the role.

    She starred with Kristen Stewart in the movie ‘The Runaways.’ She starred with Emma Thompson in the movie, ‘Effie Gray.’ She also starred in a few experimental short films in 2017. She did a cameo in Ocean’s 8.

    She worked with Richard Gere in the American drama film ‘The Benefactor’ and in the Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.’ Her upcoming movie is based on a novel by the same name, ‘The Nightingale’ with her sister, Elle Fanning.

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    Dakota Fanning Net Worth – Childhood Movies

    dakota fanning net worth
    dakota fanning net worth
    dakota fanning net worth

    Dakota did small roles in the movie ‘Father Xmas’ and ‘Tomcats’ before she got her big break with ‘I Am Sam’. She played the young Reese Witherspoon in the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. She played the role of Katie in the fantasy comedy, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and Sally Walden in the movie, ‘The Cat In The Hat.’

    She did a voice role for Disney’s animated film ‘Kim Possible’. She was nominated for numerous awards for her role as Lupita Ramos in the thriller movie ‘Man On Fire.’ She won awards for performance for the role of Emily, 9-year old daughter of Robert De Niro in the movie psychological thriller ‘Hide and Seek.’

    Dakota Fanning Net Worth – Television

    dakota fanning net worth

    Dakota has done episodic roles in the popular sitcoms F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Malcolm in the Middle, Ally McBeal, etc. She plays ‘Susan Ford’ in the upcoming American drama series, ‘The First Lady.’

    She has made episodic appearances in numerous medical drama sitcoms and lend her voice to a few animation films and documentaries. Dakota Fanning net worth speaks volumes for her hard work and dedication starting her career at a tender age as a child prodigy.

    Dakota Fanning Interesting And Unknown Facts

    dakota fanning net worth
    • She started her acting career at the age of five
    • Her first appearance in front of the camera was for a tide commercial ad
    • She was nominated for the ‘youngest person ever’ category for the Screen Actors Guild Award for the 2001 movie, I Am Sam
    • She has been called Betty Davis reincarnate
    • She is the youngest member to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences
    • In 2006, she ranked 4th in Forbes’s list of ‘Top-Earning Stars Aged Under 21.’
    • She was cast with her sister, Elle Fanning in the movie, ‘The Sister’s Keepers.’
    • She was originally named, ‘Hannah’ by her parents.
    • She has been a bright child and learned to read at the age of two.
    • Her parents have been the driving force and relocated to Los Angeles to let her pursue an acting career
    • Her big break was at the age of 7 opposite Sean Penne in the movie ‘I Am Sam.’
    • She was homeschooled until she reached high school in the year 2007
    • She loves knitting and made a brown scarf for Tom Cruise when shooting for War Of The Worlds.
    • Robert De Niro gifted her a doll that looks like one of her movie characters for her 10th birthday.
    • Kurt Russell gifted her palomino horse when she was shooting for the movie ‘Dreamer.’
    • She plays violin and is fluent in French
    • She worked only for one day for the movie, Nine Lives, because all of her scenes were shot in one take.
    • She’s a fan of Harry Potter and Nancy Drew series
    • She has been known to carry baby names books with her all the time.
    • Her nickname in the media is ‘Kota.’
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    Dakota Fanning net worth is noteworthy and an inspirational story about a child prodigy who didn’t let fame get to her head, minding her manners unlike Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Macaulay Culkin who drowned themselves in drug and alcohol abuse since a young age tasting fame and success at an early stage. Dakota like Taylor Swift is a charming young woman and a role model for younger women to imbue.




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