Does Sweating Burn Calories-Important Facts To Know With 2 Benefits Of Sweating!

    Does Sweating Burn Calories—All You Need To Know!

    Does sweating burn calories and make the workout even more effective? If it does, should you start exercising Mid-day in summer? There are a lot of questions that come to our minds when we start working out and crave more effective results. We are almost ready to go to any extent to get that perfect beach body.

    Sweating is the natural way through which our body regulates its temperature. It does so by releasing salt and water which evaporates to cool our body down. If you are wondering-“does sweating burn calories” know that simply sweating will not burn measurable calories but sweating a lot will certainly cause you to lose water inside your body thus causing a water weight loss.

    Even if you get excited seeing this weight loss, know that it is just temporary. Once you drink water again and rehydrate your body or eat anything, the lost weight will be regained immediately.

    Let’s see does sweating burn calories and if it does, how many calories will you be able to burn.

    How many calories are burnt when you sweat?

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    Some people claim and believe that activities that make you sweat more like Bikram Yoga lets your body burn as much as 1000 calories in an hour. This claim is most likely not correct.

    A study has revealed that in a Bikram Yoga class of 90 minutes, women burned average of 330 calories only whereas men burned an average of 460 calories. This is the same as walking briskly nearly 7 km per hour for a similar period that is 90 minutes.

    This indicates that a person can also burn calories simply by performing activities without sweating too much. For instance, you will burn calories lifting weight, swimming, and exercising even when it is very cold outside.

    Still, sweat can be considered to be a way of measuring the intensity of a workout, or how hard you have been working during performing different sets of workouts. The American College Of Sports Medicine suggests adults perform a short 30-minute mild intensity workout at least 5 days a week to remain healthy. The workout does not have to be high intensity or highly tiring to lose weight. Just remain consistent and focus on your health.

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    So, Does sweating burn calories? what do you say now? It most probably does not have a huge role to play. But have you ever thought about why do some people sweat a lot doing the same activity as others? Let’s find out!

    Why do a few people sweat more than other people with the same activity?

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    How much a person sweats depends upon different factors, including the following:

    1. Weight of the person.
    2. Fitness level.
    3. Age
    4. Environmental factors
    5. genetics.

    Out of all the 5 factors mentioned here, your fitness level and weight will determine the most how much you sweat while performing any exercise. Know that your body requires to use all the energy to function when you weigh high. This results in more sweating because your body mass is large thus it requires more time to cool down through sweating.

    The better is your shape, the quicker you are going to sweat, it is as easy as that! This is because your body becomes highly efficient by regulating body temperature. Sweating earlier indicates that your body will cool down quicker. This allows you to work out for a long time at a rigorous pace compared to high body weight.

    Now that you know does sweating burn calories, what do you think will the benefits of sweating be if it does not have a huge role in calorie burning?

    Benefits of sweating

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    The main role and benefit of sweating are that it helps your body to cool down faster. Some additional benefits of sweating includes:

    1. Challenging yourself- If you are sweating while you are working out, this simply means you are putting effort and the workouts you perform are challenging for your body thus you are needing energy and your body is exhausting. This is called challenging your fitness level to see improvements in your body and mindset.

    But make sure you are putting too much pressure. When you feel extremely tired and lightheaded or you start suffering from pain, it is your body signaling you to stop.

    2. Healthy skin– Intense workouts and exercises make your blood circulate faster throughout the body. If you have had skin issues earlier or now, you might have heard people asking you to improve the blood circulation in your face. fast circulation allows nutrients and oxygen to move and nourish all the skin cells proving you with healthy and glowing skin.

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    Some people do not know very well “Does sweating burn calories”
    or not and therefore they end up working harder and exhaust their body to sweat more. This has some negative impacts on your body. Let’s find out what are these side effects or risks associated with sweating more.

    Risks associated with sweating more

    If you try to pressurize your body by sweating too much to lose weight or burn calories, here are some important things to realize.


    When you are sweating too much, you are more probable to get dehydrated or lose water content within your body. Humid and hot weather will certainly increase the amount of sweat you generate. For every pound of sweat you are losing doing workouts, make sure you drink nearly a pint of water.

    Do not waste time and wait for you to become thirsty again. You must stay hydrated. Keep a bottle with you and drink water regularly or frequently when you work out.

    Getting your body to dehydrate severely can be extremely dangerous for a lot of reasons. If you notice any of the following symptoms, contact the doctor right away:

    • Loss of consciousness
    • Seizures
    • Pulse becoming rapid
    • Weak pulse
    • You haven’t urinated for over 8 hours.
    • Dizziness, while you stand up, does not go away even after few seconds of standing up.
    • Extreme confusion or exhaustion.


    This is another condition that occurs as a result of dehydration. If you sweat excessively that too frequently, you might have a condition known as hyperhidrosis. You must contact a healthcare expert if this sweating starts interfering with your routine activities.

    Also, if you constantly get night sweats, check in with a doctor and operate with them to find the reason behind this condition. Even if you start sweating excessively all of a sudden, you must tell your doctor.

    Get medical help immediately if sweating occurs along with these symptoms:

    • Fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
    • Pain in chest
    • Rapid heart rate
    • shortness of breath.

    Does sweating burn calories or not is known to you now. Know that even if you manage to burn some calories simply by sweating and you have seen a weight loss, it is not permanent. Instead of relying on easy ways to lose weight or burn calories, you must find ways that help lose weight permanently that do not come back within a few days of eating or drinking water.

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    How to burn calories safely?

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    To lose weight safely and permanently, you must burn more carries than you consume. One pound of fat equals 3500 calories. So, you will have to burn as much as 3500 calories than you intake to shed 1 pound of weight.

    The main point here is to realize that sweat loss is a major presenter of water loss rather than fat loss. Simply because the scale on the weight loss machine reads a bit lower after a sweat-producing ride does not necessarily indicate that you burned off plenty of fat in a day or two. Those lost pounds are simply water droplets in form of weight that will frequently restore themselves once you drink water again or rehydrate.

    That’s not to state you have not burned any calories or fat during your workout. You have to shed both carbohydrates along with stored fats calories and strength. But sweat alone is not a valid measurement of that.

    The most reliable and best way to lose weight and achieve healthy body weight is to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. Eating whole foods with a healthy diet comprising of all important components in what makes the most impact. Also, working out nearly 30 minutes a day is great for viewing amazing results and transformation. These things when done consistently helps you shed weight.

    The Bottom Line

    You might very well know “does sweating burn calories or not” by now. Sweating only makes you dehydrate and reduces the water weight of the body. It will only help you drop some weight temporarily but quickly giving you hopes to do more. This does not mean it is a healthy way to achieve your goals.

    Horse jockeys and wrestlers use this technique to drop their weight quickly and temporarily to compete in their respective competitions and body weight categories.

    However, the calories you burn are not reliable and significant and this is not at all a healthy means to shed kilos.

    A study revealed that the athletic performance of women who used sauna-induced weight loss technique or sweating were impacted negatively in terms of their performance in the field. However, more researches and studies are needed to confirm the results of sweating.

    If you are willing to lose weight or burn more calories, going slowly yet effectively by changing your lifestyle is the healthiest way. Adopt a nutritious and healthy diet comprising important nutrients and whole-grain food. Ask the doctors or nutritionist to make a great diet plan for you.

    This was everything about- “does sweating burn calories”. After reading this piece, you might understand the importance of being hydrated and what sweating does to your body.


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