David Portnoy Net Worth – Bio And 10 Interesting Facts

    david portnoy net worth

    David Portnoy net worth comes from his blogging, media, and print publication called Barstool Sports. The company was founded in 2003 and grew to be a sports media publication. He is an entrepreneur who built a powerhouse in sports media. He is an entrepreneur and internet celebrity who has also been arrested for creating fake passes for the Super Bowl LIII event.

    He also started a pizza review series in which he covered pizza reviews on all pizza shops in Manhattan. He is known for being candid and unapologetic in his reviews and opinions. He gained popularity for having a brash attitude. His publications were usually well-received amongst young men. He has been criticized for making disparaging and demeaning comments on women. David Portnoy net worth comes from his publications and pizza reviews.

    Name David Scott Portnoy
    Age, D.O.B 44, 22 March 1977
    Profession Sports Media Entrepreneur
    Net Worth $120 million
    Marriage Renee Satterthwaite (divorced)


    David Portnoy Net Worth – Early Life And Career

    david portnoy net worth

    David Portnoy was born in Massachusetts to Michael and Linda Portnoy. He graduated with a degree from the University of Michigan. He started working with the Yankees Group after moving to Boston. He left Yankees Group to start Barstool which is a multi-million dollar media outlet.

    He founded the print publication himself and started self-distributing it at the Boston public transport stations in 2003. He rose to fame post 2008 when he digitized his publication. The company grew in 2013 and the adolescent men loved him for his blunt and unapologetic opinions.

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    Post his success, his attitude also led to controversies as a result his stocks dropped. He also owns an immensely popular podcast called Call Her Daddy which is popular amongst women and he has also been accused of misogyny. He has an opinion about everything and his tweets are filled with expletives opining about everything he wants to.

    • In 2016, a majority of the stake was purchased by The Cherin Group and he partly owns it. He married his long-term girlfriend Renee in 2009 and they are rumored to be divorced in 2017.

    David Portnoy Net Worth – One Bite Pizza Reviews

    david portnoy net worth

    You might want to take a look at his pizza reviews and keep waiting for the fun part, and it never comes by. Comic sense, zero, he does not know about the ingredients that go in. He is shooting random rigmarole and eating a slice of pizza, and just gives a rating based on whatever he feels like.

    It makes a genuine food critic wonder why are his reviews so popular? If you love pizza how would you review it? What elements would you focus on? He is not saying a word about the make, the taste, the feel, condiments, or anything that goes in the making of pizza. It’s like you make a geek review a fashion runway. Oh, this is good, that is bad! Is that what you would call a review for a guy who claims to love pizza.

    His reviews are farcical. They make no sense. You cannot sit through a few seconds of whatever he is saying. It’s like he just picked up a series to do and they flooded over the internet and affected the mass psyche who did not care to do a careful analysis of his reviews.

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    Is he a food critic? What does he know about hygiene, health benefits, pros, cons, or anything about making pizzas? Why are his reviews impacting businesses? They shouldn’t. He has no authority in that arena, why are customers listening to his reviews?

    Maybe because they love sports, so that has an indirect impact on the reviews and choices he makes in front of the screen. If he is rating a pizza place high or low, he has to give a valid reason to do that. That’s what you call a review David! FYI!

    David Portnoy Net Worth – Interesting Facts

    david portnoy net worth
    • He won the defamation lawsuit against actor, comedian Michael Rapaport over his nasty comments and insults
    • He was arrested for handcuffing his employees to protest against the Deflategate controversy.
    • He starts his day with music. He loves Miley Cyrus, AC/DC, Jimmy Buffett, and more
    • He does not like to start his day with breakfast
    • He loves pizza so much he eats it every day and his pizza reviews are globally famous
    • He is comfortable being controversial
    • His dream is to buy a sports team
    • His company Barstool has been infamous for fostering a culture of sexual harassment and offensive environment which he has always denied
    • He has raised $500K funds to aid small businesses affected by the pandemic
    • His pizza reviews have a potent impact on the businesses. A top score gets flooded with footfalls and an avalanche of orders. Negative reviews given by him impacts businesses making them lose customers


    David Portnoy net worth is the efforts he put in to create Barstool, a sports media publication. He has earned fame for controversies, his brazen and brash attitude, reviews, and opinions about just about anything that catches his fancy. He is definitely not a role model which most of the adolescents men turn him out to be. He does have a better side of raising funds for small businesses. But, most of him is obnoxious and unimpressive.

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