Anjali Pichai | 6 Comprehensive Facts

    Anjali Pichai | 6 Comprehensive Facts

    Anjali Pichai is a force to be reckoned with. She is smart, witty, has had a very successful career in Chemical Engineering, and is the topic of discussion in this article. But before we get to her, let me ease you into the topic and give you some background.

    For the longest of times, one of the most important issues in the world used to be the suppressions of females. Although it is no longer that big an issue, it still is an issue.

    Anjali Pichai

    That is because some men and sometimes even some of the women themselves believe that women are not fit to have a say in any working positions in society.

    That position could be at home, or in a community, or in some business firm, and if these people believe that women can’t take care of these things or take responsibility, well, they are highly mistaken.

    I would like these people to come to talk to me or my Mom, and we will set their brains straight and explain to them in detail how much a woman is capable of.

    If you ever doubt whether a woman is capable of something or not, just think about people like Emma Watson, Kamala Harris, Emma Walmsley, Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Nicke Widyawati, Nirmala Sitharaman, etc.

    When you think about these people and their pasts, you will realize how hard they had to work for what they have today.

    Also, if you are able to acknowledge and recognize that, then you would have given the proper respect to women that we deserve. Respect and recognition are all we are asking from you; we would be proud of ourselves if we can get that from society.

    So without further ado, let us start with the topic of our discussion.

    Who is Anjali Pichai?

    Most of you must have heard the idiom about a woman having a hand behind a man’s success. Now it might not always be true, but it is very true in the topic we are about to discuss in this article. The woman we are talking about here is Anjali Pichai.

    Everyone that uses the internet knows about Google. If you know about Google, the biggest search engine in the world, the most used and the most famous search engine, then you must know about its CEO Sundar Pichai.

    You can say that Anjali Pichai, who is Sundar’s wife, had a huge role in the fact that Sundar became the CEO of Google.

    Anjali Pichai

    Anjali Pichai is a big name in every house because of her achievements in her field and industry. Although many know her as the wife of the CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc., she believes she should be recognized as her own person.

    Although when people recognize her as Sundar’s wife, she takes pride in the fact that her husband is such a big personality across the globe.

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    But as was mentioned before, she would prefer to be recognized as someone who has built their image and come up as one of the best personalities in their field.

    Anjali Pichai became a Chemical engineer in India, and she is also the working Business Operation Manager at Intuit which is a software company. We will get to the topic of her studies and career and her professional life in a bit.

    But we should first talk about her birth and early life and then make our way through all these topics. If you want to gain some particular information about Anjali Pichai, you can directly skip to that part as each part is just self-explanatory.

    Birth And Early Life

    Anjali Pichai was born in one of the most famous cities of Rajasthan, Kota, in India. Her birth name was Anjali Haryani. Anjali was born on the 11th day of the first month of the year 1971.

    At the time of writing this article, her age is 50 years. She celebrated her 50th birthday just 2 months ago.

    Anjali Pichai was born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Kota. Her hometown is in Kota as well. She was born to Olaram Haryani, and her mother is Madhuri Sharma. The zodiac sign of Anjali Pichai is Capricorn.

    Anjali Pichai

    Her father, Olaram Haryani, was famous for his work in the Government Polytechnic college in Kota. Her father is a very respected man in his field and all over Kota. There is not much information available on her birth mother.

    Madhuri Sharma is not the birth mother of Anjali Pichai. Madhuri is her step-mother, and even though she had no obligation to do so, Madhuri took great care of her husband’s daughter and brought her up to the best of her abilities.

    She broke any stereotypes that people have set regarding step-parents. Anjali has never had any reason to not love either of her parents.

    She adores them both and loves them a lot. Besides her parents, Anjali also has a brother. Her brother is named Amit Haryani, and they both have a great relationship and have been very close since childhood.


    Anjali Pichai is well-known for her accomplishments in the field of Chemical Engineering. But less is known about her early-life education. Anjali finished her schooling at a school in her hometown.

    Later on, she went to the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, which is a well-known IIT college from West Bengal all over India.

    Anjali Pichai worked hard on her studies, and it paid off when she passed one of the hardest entrance exams, that is, the entrance exam that gets you into IITs. Anjali loved to study even when she was a kid, and it reflected in all her report cards.

    Some people even termed her as an exceptional scholar because of the thirst for knowledge that she showed and her ability to remember things for a long time. Anjali Pichai also has a bachelor’s degree in technology.

    Her bachelor’s degree was in the field of chemical engineering, like we have discussed already. She studied and got her degree from the IIT college in Kharagpur. The more common name for her degree in Chemical Engineering is B.Tech.

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    If you think that Anjali was given everything on a silver platter, you can’t be further from the truth. Anjali has worked very hard to achieve what she has achieved today, and you should not take away credit from her saying that it was just luck or another such thing.

    She has worked hard and struggled a lot and worked with dedication, and only then did she become so successful.

    Professional Life

    Anjali Pichai graduated from IIT Kharagpur, and then her search for a job began because she needed to help out her father in holding up her family.

    That was not the only goal that she had in mind, Anjali wanted to be independent as well, and getting a job would be the first step in achieving all that she had dreamed of.

    After her graduation, Anjali Pichai joined Accenture, which is a multinational company and is very famous for its consultation and processing services. The company is a big brand in India, the Philippines, and even in the US.

    Anjali worked at the post of Senior Business Analyst at Accenture. Her work in this company lasted for the whole of 3 years in the late 20th century.

    After that, Anjali went on to move to the US where she has been working in the company Intuit, located in California, which is a company that specializes in financial software. Anjali has worked at Intuit as a Senior Business Operations Manager and does her work with complete dedication.

    Anjali looked to excel in whatever work she does, and she never backs down from a challenge. It is with that attitude that Anjali got so much success in her field and now holds a great portfolio in her company.

    Anjali’s Relationships

    As far as is known by anybody, Anjali’s only relationship has been with Sundar Pichai, who is currently the CEO of Alphabet Inc and, by extension, Google.

    Anjali and Sundar met each other at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, where they both had worked together from time to time.

    Anjali Pichai and Sundar became good friends right from the start and spent a lot of time together. As their trust grew and their bond became stronger, they started going out within a small period of time.

    They both spent as much time with each other as they could and trusted each other with everything in their lives.

    Anjali Pichai

    However, their togetherness was short-lived because Sundar decided to move to the United States. Sundar had to move to the US because he wanted to attain a master’s degree in his field, and he took his career seriously because he knew that once he has established himself, he can take good care of Anjali as well.

    Anjali also knew how important it was for a person to achieve what they wanted in their careers, they came to an understanding. Anjali supported Sundar with his decision and his career as well.

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    Anjali had to stay in India at the time because she was not financially stable enough to go with Sundar to the US.

    Even then, Anjali and Sundar could not stay connected with each other as they could not afford to have international calls because they were already dependent on their parents financially and could not spend so much money.

    Because of that very reason, Sundar and Anjali Pichai were out of touch for around 6 months.

    Married Life

    Even if they both could not stay together, it did not mean that their love for each other dwindled at all. Soon after the 6 months gap, they met and just grew closer. Later it ended up with them getting married happily, and they even had 2 kids. They have a daughter named Kavya and a son who is named Kiran.

    When at the beginning of the article, I said that Anjali had an important role to play in Sundar’s career, I meant the support that Anjali gave him and the decision that she helped Sundar make where he decided to stay and work in Google when he was getting offers from other companies, and look where it led to, Sundar is now the CEO of Google.

    Other Facts About Anjali Pichai

    • Anjali Pichai is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs around 60 kgs.
    • She was born a Hindu Brahmin and has a tan skin color.
    • Her hair color is black and her eyes are brown.
    • Anjali Pichai loves reading books and has some traveling blood within her as well.
    • Anjali has a pet dog named Jeffree, which is a poodle.
    • Anjali Pichai started her studies at the Indian Institute of Technology in the year 1989 when she was 18 years old and graduated and the age of 22 in the year 1993.

    Cessation | Anjali Pichai

    Anjali Pichai is a woman of ethics and principles. She is always supportive of her husband and kids and works hard to achieve what she wants in her life.

    Sundar Pichai has said on a lot of occasions that he gets a lot of support regarding his work and domestic life from Anjali and that she is his driving force along with his kids Kavya and Kiran.

    Anjali Pichai has been determined all her life to make herself a formidable woman and get independent. She got a lot of support early on in her life from her father and step-mother. She has been excellent in her field of chemical engineering and was in very important positions both in Accenture and in Intuit.

    Even though she has faced many problems in her life, she knew that she just had to get through them all somehow, and if she was able to do that, it would just make her a stronger woman.

    So if you were wondering how to fight the issues that you face in your day-to-day lives, you can learn from Anjali Pichai’s never-give-up attitude and be the best you can become.

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