How to Make Yourself Sneeze: 9 Easy Ways to Try Instantly

    Do you Know How to Make Yourself Sneeze

    Have you ever gone through a situation when you want to sneeze, but it just didn’t come? Of course, you have. Therefore, you are here to know how to make yourself sneeze. Many a time, sneezing is triggered in our nasal system. But, somehow, it sticks within it instead of coming out. Why does it happen? Let us tell you.

    Sneezing is a burst of air coming from the inner part of the nose. Whether you have caught a cold or simply something is inside your nose, releasing the air helps get relief. But, Sometimes, the air fades before coming out. So, sneezing does not take place.

    how to make yourself sneeze
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    But sneezing is something that satisfies us. It clears our nasal passage from any unwanted things. A chain of two sneezing back to back is soothing enough. It releases the endorphin hormones during sneezing, which helps to bring in a positive, happy feeling in mind. Therefore, many people search for -how to make yourself sneeze?

    Here, we have pointed out few ways. Try them and make yourself sneeze.

    How to Make Yourself Sneeze- Try Different Ways:

    1. Tickle your Nasal path with a Tissue or Paper Roll:

    Do you want to know – how to make yourself sneeze? Here is the most effective method. Roll up a clean piece of paper or a tissue. And put the conical part within the nose. Slowly, move it there. It will hit the trigeminal nerve, and you will feel a tickling sensation. Gradually, you will enjoy the feeling of sneezing.

    Make sure not to go too far while tickling the nasal path. Otherwise, it may damage the sensitive areas within the nose.

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    2. Expose Yourself to a Bright Sunlight:

    It can be effective for some people. Sometimes, people are found with a weird tendency to sneeze when they are exposed to bright sunlight. Why sunlight only? Any bright light may trigger sneezing for them. So, if you feel the same, you can go out. Enjoy the sunbath and satisfy your soul with perfect sneezing.

    Make sure not to look at the light directly. You may get blurred vision. Also, spend time wisely in the sun. Too much exposure may also bring in different health issues, including skin problems, dehydration, etc.

    3. Sniff Spices:

    Ground spices can trigger sneezing. Especially, pepper- be it black, white, or green contain the element called piperine. Sniffing irritates the nasal walls. It touches the nerve endings within the nose, and you get a sneeze.

    how to make yourself sneeze
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    However, too much spices may bring in a burning sensation. It is quite harmful. So, pay attention to it.

    4. Pluck Nasal Hair:

    The hairs inside the nose can help you to sneeze if you use them rightly. Pluck one or two pieces of hair and get the sensation to sneeze. It has psychological associations as well. The very thought of plucking the nasal hair may trigger the sneezing.

    Ok, you now know how to make yourself sneeze with nasal hair. But, keep in mind not to pluck the hair forcefully.

    5. Inhale Cold Air:

    While some people tend to sneeze at cold temperatures, inhaling cold air can help anybody sneeze. The cold air irritates the trigeminal nerves inside the nose, causing you to sneeze.

    Excessive exposure to cold air may affect your health. So, if possible, put on warm clothes or limit spending time in cold air.

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    6. A Chewing Gum can Help:

    If nothing works, go to the shop and buy a piece of chewing gum. Make sure you buy the mint-flavored one. Just like sniffing the pepper, the smell of mint can help you to release a sneeze.

    Chewing gum has sweeteners and preservatives. So, make sure not to take too much of it. It will disturb your health.

    7. Sniff Perfume:

    The powerful smell of perfume is definitely a good way to make yourself sneeze. When you take the smell, it trickles the nasal linings inside the nose. However, many people have allergic reactions to some perfumes. In that case, frequent sneezing occurs when they accidentally smell those perfumes.

    how to make yourself sneeze
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    Perfumes may contain chemical substances. So, if you inhale too much, you may get a burning sensation. Limit the amount.

    8. Rub the Mouth-roof with the Tongue:

    We mostly have a trigger point at the roof of our mouth. Touching at which may give you sensitivity to sneeze. So, experiment with your tongue, move it at different parts of the mouth roof. And thus, you can sneeze.

    If you are eager to make yourself sneeze in this way, let me tell you that it is a matter of practice. You have to find the trigger point first. And it takes time. For some sensitive individuals, it is not a problem. Because they can sneeze the moment, their tongue touches the mouth roof.

    9. Eat Chocolate:

    If you are not used to chocolate, buy one today. It is your answer to the question of how to make yourself sneeze. Although the triggering reason is yet unknown, chocolate can induce sneezing. Especially if it is dark chocolate, the chance of sneezing increases.

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    Chocolate contains a high amount of unhealthy sugar, saturated fat, and many other things. So, do not eat too much. It will affect your health badly.

    How to Make Yourself Sneeze: Some Frequently Asked Questions

    How do we get sneezing?

    When any unwanted substance, including dust particles, cold air, some strong smell, gets into our nose, it irritates the internal nerves and the nose linings. A release of air helps to get relief from that uneasiness. Thus, we get sneezing.

    Is it bad to hold a sneeze?

    According to experts, holding sneezing for a long period may damage the nerves and blood vessels inside the nose and its adjacent areas. Your nasal passages may burst out of pressure for too much air to be released.

    Is sneezing bad for the heart?

    Burst the myth here. Your heart does not stop for a second when you sneeze. Yes, too much pressure from released air can cause chest pain. But it does not necessarily affect heart health.

    Why do sneezes feel good?

    The sensation of sneezing causes pressure in the chest muscles and other areas. Once you sneeze, the muscles relax, and it feels good.

    how to make yourself sneeze
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    How fast is a sneeze?

    A sneeze can travel up to 100 mph. It is faster than a cough, which travels up to 50 mph.

    The Bottom Line

    So, that is the discussion on how to make yourself sneeze. Let us know how you liked it in the comment box. Also, if you are interested to learn some health hacks like saltwater cleansing, click here.



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