Copper Water Bottle- 13 Important Benefits You Must Know

    Copper Water Bottle- Know Why You Need One.

    The copper water bottle has been popular for centuries for the amazing properties it possesses. Also, copper water is a famous and emerging trend that promotes storing water in a copper vessel for drinking.

    While you might have come across this trend recently, it is widely supported all over the globe by Ayurveda, an Indian system of holistic approach having ancient origins. Some of you might be still thinking if storing water in a copper water bottle or any vessel made of copper is useful or not, do not worry. this article tells you everything about the benefits of using a copper water bottle and the downsides associated with it.

    What Is Copper Water?

    Copper water is not a regular beverage you can easily get in health stores at your nearest supermarkets. Rather, you will have to make it on your own by storing drinking water inside a copper water bottle or another ingredient.

    For those of you who are not familiar with what copper is, it is a trace element, which indicates that you will require only a minimal concentration of it. It plays an important role in many essential body functions like connective tissues, producing energy, and the chemical messaging of your brain.

    You can find it easily on many food sites like nuts, shellfish, potatoes, seeds, whole grain products, organ meat, and dark chocolate. Many proponents who follow this practice states that storing water inside a copper container will allow the copper metal to infuse inside the water thus transferring its properties into the water and conferring benefits to the person who drinks.

    still one should know that both excesses of copper or deficiency of copper may be detrimental to the health and deficiency of copper is not as common these days.

    Let’s see various benefits of storing water inside a copper water bottle so that it can be used to drink water the other day.

    Benefits Of Copper Water Bottle

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    When you store water inside a copper water bottle or any vessel composed of copper for nearly 8 hours or more, copper tends to release some of its essential ions in the water through a process known as an oligodynamic effect. Copper is known for centuries to have anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties.

    It also helps in assisting the formation of hemoglobin and regeneration of cells but unfortunately, our body cannot create the amount of copper it needs to function healthily. Therefore, one should take a trace amount of copper ions either by their food or water. There are many extraordinary benefits of drinking water inside a copper water bottle. These benefits include:

    1. Helps Fighting Cancer

    Copper is a popularly known antioxidant which means that it can fight all the free radicals and the negative effects it possesses. Free radicals and the harmful effects they possess have been a major cause of tumor that leads to cancer in the body. Copper will also help largely in the production of melanin pigment in the body which is responsible for providing color to your skin, eyes, and greater for hair.

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    Copper is also known to protect us from harmful UV radiation by producing melanin in the needed amounts.

    2. Helps Balancing Hypertension

    As per certain reports by the American Cancer Society, copper is known to be effective for reducing cholesterol and levels of triglycerides. If there is a deficiency of copper inside your body since childhood, it leads to the formation of hypotension. However, when you grow up and the deficiency of copper occurs later, it leads to hypertension.

    Therefore, a trace amount of copper is crucial indie our body for healthy function and regulation of blood pressure inside a person.

    3. Aids In Functioning Of Thyroid Gland

    According to many experts, the most similar or common feature between various people having thyroid is copper. Copper is useful for balancing the inconsistencies of a gland called the thyroid gland. It energizes the thyroid gland to function properly.

    It also helps to fight the damaging effects produced inside the body when this gland releases hormones in excess amount. While having less copper can lead to malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, it should also be known to people that excess thyroid can cause hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Drinking water in a copper water bottle can help you achieve the needed copper in your body.

    4. Aids In Healing Wounds

    As you already know copper has some antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties thus it helps in healing wounds faster. In addition to all these brilliant properties it possesses, it also regenerates the skin and helps to strengthen the immune system. All these things together lead to healing the wounds much sooner. This can be achieved by drinking water from a copper water bottle in case there s a deficiency of this element.

    5. Aids In Weight Loss

    Many of you might not know this but copper plays an instrumental role in weight loss. It helps to dissolve excess stored fat in the human body thus reducing weight. Copper also keeps our body in a position where the fat is constantly burned even though we are resting. However, it is not suggested that you completely rely on copper to reduce weight or drink excess water from your copper water bottle which may lead to an excess copper inside the body, this will not aid in weight loss but can cause hyperthyroidism like issues.

    6. Prevent Strokes

    Copper is also known to have some anti-convulsive properties which suggest that copper can be beneficial to treat seizures or prevent them from happening. Copper also has certain antioxidant properties which state that copper present in less than the needed amount will enable the oxidants to work fast thus increasing the risk of having strokes. This is another reason you should use a copper water bottle or any vessel of copper to drink water.

    7. Increase Efficiency Of Brain

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    Our brain interacts with the rest of our body through electrical impulses. Copper will help the cells inside our body to communicate faster which means the signals will reach the brain faster making your brain work much more effectively in making decisions.

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    8. Controls Aging

    Do you know, Ancient Egypt people used a lot of beautifying agents made out of copper, they also had several skincare products that were copper-based. This was because they knew that copper was not just an anti-oxidant, it also had significant roles in the regeneration of cells and negated harmful effects caused by free radicals or agents on the skin.

    9. Helps Cardiovascular System

    Drinking water from copper water bottles can also help the cardiovascular system. It helps in cleaning plaque along with dilating various blood vessels thus increasing the flow of blood to the heart. Many studies suggest that copper deficiency can lead to dysfunction of muscles of the heart which leads to insufficient pumping of blood and impaired circulation of blood. This will lead to reduced ability to respond to stress correctly.

    10. Assists In Digestion

    Many ancient Roman texts emphasize taking copper medications to destroy germs inside the stomach. Even Ayurveda claims that drinking water from a copper water bottle can detoxify and cleanse the stomach. Copper also has certain properties that can help stimulating peristalsis- the rhythmic expansion and contraction of the lining of the stomach. It reduces inflammation if present on the lining of the stomach and assists in much better digestion.

    Copper is also believed to be an excellent remedy to treat stomach infection, stomach ulcers, and indigestion.

    11. It Negates Infection

    Copper is a naturally occurring antibiotic that suggests that when you keep water inside a copper water bottle for more than 8 hours, it gets free of all the microbes making water pure and excellent to drink. Copper is also effective against Cholera bacillus, E.Coli, and S.aureus, and other water-borne disease-causing bacterias and agents.

    12. Cures Inflamed Joints And Arthritis

    Copper also has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties due to which it is useful for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis. Also, copper is also great for improving the strength of bones in people which is one reason why copper is excellent for people suffering from arthritis. If you have any such problem, you can easily use a copper water bottle to get relief up to some extent.

    13. Prevents Anemia

    If you use a copper water bottle instead of the regular one, you can also prevent anemia-like conditions. Copper helps to break down food for the formation of hemoglobin, it helps your body absorb iron. Iron deficiency is the one that leads to anemia in the first place which can be prevented.

    The deficiency of copper inside an individual’s body can also lead to hematological disorders that are very rare and also results in the production of low white blood cells inside the human body.

    Now that you know why using a copper water bottle is important, you can get yours as soon as possible and keep the water stored inside it for nearly 8 hours or so for it to absorb all ions. A healthy human requires a trace amount of copper in their diet so that their body functions properly. You can also include some food items in your diet like lentils, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, dried apricot, etc along with using a copper water bottle for greater benefits.

    How To Select A Good Copper Water Bottle

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    You need to ensure that you are bringing the right copper water bottle or utensil to your home. It is really heartening to find great copper utensils, plates, bottles, etc. Water or food items stored in a copper water bottle are an affordable and easy way to beat all sorts of infection-causing microbes that may hamper the health of our family.

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    Try to find a bottle made entirely of copper that comes with some certification marks. You will see that many bottles have mixed copper elements with some other material to form a bottle or other utensil. Fill the copper water bottle with clean drinking water and keep it at room temperature overnight, do not keep it inside a refrigerator.

    Drink the water on an empty stomach after doing your morning brush or skincare routine. Make sure you at least take a 10-minute gap between brushing your teeth and drinking water. Always drink plain water do not ever mix lemon or honey as it may cause an acidic reaction that leads to vomiting or nausea.

    Also, when you consume water using a copper water bottle, make sure you take a break for 1 month after consuming water for 2 months so that excess copper can be flushed from your system making it healthy.

    Is Copper Water Bottle Safe To Use?

    Usually drinking water from a copper water bottle is safe given that you follow certain rules. Many people might be scared and thinking much about the toxicity of copper as it can be harmful when taken in excess. However, copper toxicity results from a copper water bottle that is corroded. Corrosion can happen due to keeping food that is acidic in nature and also usually depends upon the softness of stored water.

    Always make sure to keep water under room temperature for 8 hours at least to enjoy the great benefits of copper.

    How To Clean A Copper Water Bottle?

    Copper has the tendency to get oxidized when it is exposed to air that leaves a tarnished color. You can easily remove this using some lemon juice and salt mixture. Rinse it using plain water for making it as good as new.

    Another popular method to try out is to rub tamarind salt and washing it using plain water for the natural color of copper to come back.

    Copper Toxicity

    Drinking water from a copper water bottle is definitely useful and beneficial for your health when you consume it empty stomach in the morning. But, if you drink water that was constantly kept inside a copper vessel for a long time, there are high chances that you develop the risk of copper toxicity.

    It may lead to causing severe nausea, abdominal pain, and dizziness. Sometimes it can result in kidney and liver failure. If excess copper is present inside the water and gets infused, it can have greater side effects on your health.

    Due to so many issues regarding copper toxicity and excess copper, the world health organization has suggested consuming only 0.47mg of copper for one liter of water. If you want more you can increase it only by 10 mg and not more than that. Also, if you have stored water inside a copper water bottle for more than 10 hours, do not drink it and there are high chances that it has already crossed the limit of daily uptake.

    The Bottom Line

    You can always store water inside a copper water bottle for drinking it empty stomach after keeping it for 8 hours. It has a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties. You can achieve a lot of excellent health benefits like regulation of the thyroid gland, maintenance of high blood pressure. soothing painful joints, combating cancer, stimulating barn function, reduces aging, and many more which are mentioned above.

    Copper plays a pivotal role in our daily lives and the presence of copper in deficit amount can lead to many health conditions that must be avoided.

    Get yourself a copper water bottle soon and enjoy its long-lasting benefits. The copper water bottle is also easy to maintain and easy to carry all-around just maintain the daily requirement and make sure you do not exceed the daily uptake.


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