Can Dogs Eat Watermelon: The Health Benefits, Precautions and Simple Tips

    Can Dogs Eat Watermelon: Learn about How Safe Watermelon is for Dogs

    When you have a non-human buddy in your home, you want every single thing about it to be perfect. Be it the food, the lifestyle, or the medicines, vaccines, you are concerned about each factor. Yes, we understand. Having a pet at home is not easy. And when it is a dog, its loyal and adorable nature will compel you to take more care of it.

    Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

    However, the first and foremost concern that comes to our mind is about the appropriate food and beverages for them. Questions like “can dogs eat watermelon,” “can I give him chocolate” hover around our minds. In this article, you will get an idea about how safe watermelon is for your dog. First, let’s know about some of the human foods for dogs. Then we will move forward to answer the question,” can dogs eat watermelon.”

    The Human Foods for Dogs

    Though humans and dogs metabolize differently, there are certain human foods that you can give to your dogs. We have listed down some of the names of such foods. Along with your dog’s regular diet, you can give them a treat with these occasionally.

    Carrots: Enriched with high fiber, minerals, and vitamins, carrots are one of the most healthy treats for dogs. Both raw and cooked carrots can be given. But make sure to cut it into small pieces so that it won’t be stuck into your little pet’s throat.

    Peanut Butter: You love to have your loaves of bread with peanut butter. Isn’t it? But can your dog have it? Yes, you can give it to your dog but in a moderate amount. Limit the intake as the high fat and calories in it may disturb the health of your dog. Also, you must give the unsalted version of the butter. Too much salt is harmful to your dogs.

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    Eggs: Your pet dog will love it. As eggs contain high protein and other essential ingredients like vitamins and minerals, it is nutritious for dogs. But it is better to give them boiled eggs rather than raw eggs. It may cause bacterial infection from dogs to humans.

    So these are some of the human foods that you can give to dogs. Along with these, watermelon is a safe and nutritious treat for them. Let’s know more about it.

    Can Dogs Eat Watermelons: The Health Benefits of it for Dogs

    Yes, the juicy, red watermelon can be a healthy and safe treat for dogs. Naturally, watermelon is a good source of water on summer days. You can keep your pet hydrated and healthy by giving this fruit. The fruit has low calories and is enriched with essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, and a good amount of potassium.

    can dogs eat watermelon
    Dog’s Resources- Watermelon as a healthy treat for dogs

    So, undoubtedly, you can continue giving this cool, tasty treat to your dog on hot summer days. Let’s know what the benefits of the ingredients are.

    Maintains Hydration: An watermelon consists of nearly 94% of water. The high amount of water keeps your pet hydrated throughout the day. So, even if the sun is radiating scorching heat over the head, your dog won’t get restless or tired.

    Works as Anti-oxidant: Watermelon inhibits oxidation in our body, which prevents the decay of the cells and keeps us away from aging. Similarly, it works in the dogs’ bodies. It repairs the damaged cells and prevents aging.

    Keeps the Kidney and Heart Well: The potassium in watermelon lets the heart and kidney function well. Also, it helps to enhance muscle performance and strengthens the bones.

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    Boosts the Immunity: Whether it is a recent pandemic situation or normal days. immunity is important to stay healthy, both for humans and dogs. The vitamins in watermelon, especially vitamin C, improves the immune system.

    Prevents Cancer and Improves Dogs’ Vision: Lycopene is what causes the red inside the watermelon. It has some significant health benefits like reducing the risks of cancer and improving your dog’s vision.

    Can Dogs Eat Watermelon: The Precautions

    Watermelon comes under the healthy food choices for dogs. But before giving them a bunch of watermelon pieces, some precautions are needed to be taken.

    First of all, remove the seeds. If your dog swallows the seeds it may lead to serious troubles like intestinal blockage as their digestive system cannot work for the mature seeds of the watermelon. However, the accidental gobbling of one or two seeds may not cause any harm, but what else can be better than taking precautions beforehand? Let your dog enjoy the seedless watermelon.

    can dogs eat watermelon
    Reader’s Digest

    Secondly, watermelon is healthy for your dog but not the watermelon rinds. Though sometimes dogs eat the light green parts of the fruit, the hard rind is not appropriate for them. Like the seeds, it may also lead to intestinal blockage. So, the safest way is to give them seedless pieces with no rinds.

    Can Dogs Eat Watermelon: The Best Ways to Give it to them

    Now, you know that your dogs can eat watermelon. You might be wondering how to give it to them, in small pieces or large bulks or in some other ways. Let us guide you here.

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    Freshly-cut Small Pieces: Simple ways are always the best. Wash the watermelon well and cut it into small pieces. Remove the rinds and seeds and give them to your dog. If you want your little friend to have a frozen treat, keep the pieces for some time in the refrigerator before giving them to the dog.

    Serve the Puree: If the pieces are making your dog bored, puree the watermelon pieces and serve them with ice.

    Watermelon Icecream: Another delicious way to serve watermelon to your dog is by preparing the dog ice cream with watermelon. To prepare the treat, add watermelon puree with yogurt and peanut butter.

    can dogs eat watermelon
    Aditya Public School- Watermelon Icecream for Dogs

    You can add other dog-friendly fruits to it. Freeze it until the ice cream gets ready to serve. To know some more interesting recipes, click here.

    Now you have got a detailed discussion on “can dogs eat watermelon”. Let’s wrap up with some frequently asked questions by the dog owners.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is watermelon safe for dogs as it has sugar?

    Yes, watermelon has sugar, but the fiber in it reduces the harmful effects of sugar. But if your dog is diabetic, it is better to have a consultation with your pet’s doctor for the right dose of the fruit.

    Is too much watermelon harmful to dogs?

    As we know, anything in excessive amounts can be harmful; watermelon is also no different. Though your dog loves watermelon, keep a check on the intake. Ensure that your dog is having enough of his regular diet before the occasional treatment of watermelon and other fruits.

    Can I give watermelon-flavored sweet products to my dog?

    If it is artificial, you should not give it. Stick to the natural watermelon only. The readymade products artificially flavored with watermelon contain a high amount of sugar and preservatives, which are harmful to the dogs. So, refrain from giving it.

    Final Words

    So, your dogs can eat watermelon but with some necessary precautions. Keep in mind the guidelines before giving them the juicy treats. However, if you would like to travel with your dog, click here to get some useful information.


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