15 Tips On How to Lose Face Fat

    When we gain a little bit of weight. The first sign of weight gain is reflected in our faces. The face looks puffier and rounder. The chubby face looks cute while we are young. But as we grow up, we like having a chilled face. Who does not want to have a sharp jawline? Hence, how to lose face fat is a big concern for them. It gets quite difficult to get rid of the face fat. So how to lose face fat now?

    how to lose face fat

    Facial fats are mostly concentrated in our cheeks and chins and jawline. This gives the appearance of a chubby face. Mostly people without sharp facial features will have more prominent face fat. But people get impatient on knowing how to lose face fat, but face fat is very stubborn. Hence, it needs patience for removing face fat. Although many factors result in a round face appearance.

    Factors Depending On How to Lose Face Fat

    The factors which are the reason behind face fat are:-

    • Weight gain due to pregnancy
    • Hormonal change
    • Periods
    • Excessive salt in the diet
    • After weight loss
    • Thyroid tissues

    Effective Ways On How to Lose Face Fat

    how to lose face fat

    1. Facial exercises

    We all do exercises for weight loss. But when it comes to face fat, it’s very stubborn. So it doesn’t eventually go if we do the usual exercises. For this reason, few special facial exercises are there. These are very useful if you want to know how to lose face fat. Not only these will get rid of the fat in the face. But also will help in trimming down the face. They will help you in looking younger and attractive too. Also, your beautiful facial feature will become more prominent. Who does not want to have that sharp jawline and high cheekbones?

    • Fish face

    This is the best exercise for shrinking the chubby cheeks. Here the pressure on the facial muscle returns in the reduction of the face fat. Just make a Fish face and try to hold that for 5 minutes every day. For adding more pressure, try smiling along with the fish face position.

    • Neck stretch

    For losing double chin fat, neck stretch exercise is the ultimate cure. Stretch right side and hold for 5 seconds and then again repeat the same for the left side.

    • Pufferfish press

    This exercise will help in reducing the chubby cheeks. Just puff the face, keeping your mouth closed. Now start moving the air inside from left to right cheek and vice versa. Do repeat this for 1 minute.

    1. Facial yoga

    Yoga has been a cure for many diseases and problems in our daily life. Facial yoga is a wonderful technique for working on facial muscles. With various techniques of yoga, the muscle in the area of fat is stimulated. This results in an astonishing fat loss in our face. This is a natural way if you want to learn about how to lose face fat.

    • Smiha mudra

    This yoga is focused on working on your facial muscle. For doing this, kneel. Now sit straight and put your hands in the thighs. Then stretch out your tongue for 5 minutes. While stretching your tongue, also exhale and inhale air. Doing this exercise daily will help you reduce face fat.

    1. Cutting Sodium from diet
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    how to lose face fat

    We mainly get sodium from our table salt. Sodium is indeed essential for our body. But if you are hooked on how to lose face fat. Then you need to reduce the level of sodium you are consuming. As excess sodium increases the water retention of our face as well as the whole body. Try to avoid having extra salt while having meals. Even after keeping a low-calorie diet, your body will feel bloated.

    This bloating occurs due to water weight after having excess salt. Most people have this water weight, which makes their face look puffy. Especially after waking up in the morning, the eye bag looks puffy mostly. This is simply due to having excess sodium in yesterday’s diet. Even avoid foods with Monosodium Glutamate.

    Also, it’s best to avoid salt at dinner time. High sodium meals to avoid are:-

    1. Sushi
    2. Ramen
    3. Pizza
    4. Salted nuts
    5. Canned foods
    6. Frozen meats and fishes
    7. Soya sauce
    8. Pickles

    After a month, gradually the face fat will eventually decrease.

    1. Cut back on sugar and fat

    how to lose face fat

    A most important step for losing face fat is to lose weight first. But something even after whole body weight loss. The face fat doesn’t go away. So you should still be careful about the amount of sugar and fat intake in your body. The refined carbohydrates increase face fat, so it’s best to avoid them. If you still have any food from the list at dinner, then there is no point to know about how to lose face fat.

    The foods to avoid having at night so that you don’t gain any more face fat:-

    1. Pasta
    2. Syrups
    3. Ice cream
    4. White bread
    5. Any kind of processed food
    6. French fries
    7. Bread
    8. Cheese
    9. Alcohol

    So stick to whole-grain foods, fresh meat, yogurt instead of having the foods on the above list.

    1. Doing cardio

    For weight loss, we mostly prefer cardio for quicker results. With daily facial exercises, intense cardio is important to reduce face fat. Those who have heavy face fat and are concerned about how to lose face fat. Then it is recommended to do at least 15 minutes of cardio for faster results. These exercises are also going to keep you in good shape too.

    1. Increasing water intake

    Water isn’t technically food. So it won’t gain you any calories. But in the long run, it will eventually reduce the water retention of the body. Therefore it helps to prevent bloating in our body and the face doesn’t look puffy anymore. So with time, you will have that stubborn face fat. This is one of the easiest ways in the list of how to lose face fat. If someday you end up having high sodium foods, make sure to

    1. Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask or Belt

    This beauty is loaded with active ingredients which result in a toned-up chin and cheek. This face mask is going to work if you have a little bit of face fat here and there in the face. Moreover, this doesn’t always give instant results to the face. But those who are still determined how to lose face fat even if it is a little bit. Then this sculpting mask is going to provide miracle results. Continuous use of the mask will provide a sliding effect on the face. Wearing twice every day for 2 hrs will work on burning the little fat present in the face.

    1. Face fat massager
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    Right massage stroke in the face can eventually result in fat loss in the face. But this way of how to lose face fat takes a long time to show results. So using a massager will make the process faster. These massagers usually have an oval shape. Even Some Ice globe massager is available nowadays. For those, who have puffy faces in the morning, this face massager is going to be of great use for them. This massager can be kept in the freezer before massaging the face. The chilled massage in the facial muscle reduces the face puffiness and fat too. With gradual usage, this is going to help in achieving a sculpted face without fat.

    Some electrical massagers are also available to make your work hassle-free. They have certain vibrations which help in breaking down the face fat easily. These are easily rechargeable anytime, so you can enjoy a fat-burning massage any time. So if you are eager to know how to lose face fat with just massaging. Do but this massager to get the desired results.

    1. Chewing gum

    This is a kind of exercise for the face muscles to reduce face fat. This method is for lazy people who want to know how to lose face fat easily. But try to chew the sugar-free chewing gum twice a day for 15 minutes. Eventually, the face won’t be looking rounder any longer. Moreover, it’s a great exercise for jaw muscles too. So you can easily achieve a sharp line in a month.

    1. Ultrasound Fat reduction

    This method uses ultrasonic waves for fat reduction in the face. If you are confused about how to lose fat fast without any surgery. Then this surgery is the answer to all your worries. The ultrasound waves released from the machines create an instantaneous pressure in the skin. This results in the breakdown of the fats inside the skin tissue.

    But this in no way harms the skin tissue and also doesn’t leave behind any scar in the area. So for quicker results in just a few weeks, this treatment is very convenient. Yes, this is a bit expensive, but this is worth the results it provides. The majority of the women after pregnancy want to know how to lose face fat. This is going to very safe for them too.

    1. Cool sculpting

    If you are just tired of trying all-natural methods at home. Also, you are a bit scared of doing any kind of surgery on your face. Then is the treatment you should opt for. This is a kind of fat-freezing method which works best on the stubborn fats on the face. This is a kind of cryolipolysis that is riskless. The application strategy of cold temperatures is very well maintained in the fat concentrated areas of the face. Eventually, after the treatment, the fat cells are killed.

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    The excretion of the dead cells occurs through the lymphatic system of the body. The results of treatment are easily visible in the face within 1 month. Some patients experience diarrhea also, due to the removal of dead fat cells. But it’s not much to worry about. It’s best to avoid this treatment if someone is under any strong medication. Or else this a great treatment if you are keen to know how to lose face fat without any surgery.

    1. Red light Face contouring

    We all love that chiseled face by losing stubborn fat. This is a very safe non-surgical treatment. If you are willing to try out how to lose face fat The therapy uses Red light for reducing the fat in few areas of the face. This helps in achieving a well-contoured face with fat loss. The red light of a specific wavelength triggers the fats cells to make tiny openings.

    This results in the release of some of the fat contents and that area of the face shrinks. This treatment just takes 30 minutes to achieve your desired results. This photon-activated lipolysis is an FDA-approved non-surgical method. So one can easily do this without any concern about any side effects.

    1. Kybella treatment

    This is the most recent treatment approved by FDA. If you are done doing the natural methods on how to lose face fat. Then this treatment has the potential to erase that face fat. Deoxycholic acid, also known as Kybella, is present in our bile. The gall produces after a fatty meal. This deoxycholic acid then breaks down the fats from our food. Hence Kybella is a synthetic version of this acid, which can be used for face fat treatment.

    A numbing agent called Lidocaine is first injected into the fat deposits of the chin. Then the treatment proceeds with a breakdown of fat cells. Even one session of this treatment is effective. But if there is a large area, then doctors do the treatment in two sessions. This treatment works best for those who are concerned about how to lose face fat in the Double chin area.

    1. Bichectomy

    This surgery is very famous among celebrities so it is commonly known as Hollywood cheek surgery. In this surgical method, removing the Bichat fat pad is done. This is the quickest way on the list of how to lose face fat. This results in a leaner face in a day. Yes, it takes a minimum of 15 days to heal completely. Firstly the cheek area is injected with some local anesthesia to reduce the pain.

    Then the surgeons perform the Bichectomy surgery for 1 hour. They just remove the fat and use dissolved stitches to close the wounds. And within 1 hour, all the face fats are gone permanently. After the surgery, it is best not to have any granular days for a few days. Smoothies and smashed foods are best to have after the Bichectomy surgery.

    We hope all these ways about how to lose face fat will help you decide which way to choose for yourself. Do try out this method if you are determined to achieve a slider face after knowing how to lose face fat.


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