Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? 3 Frequently Asked Questions You must Know

    Can Dogs Eat Shrimp: A Detailed Guide

    Want to give your dog a taste of shrimp? Yes, your dogs can eat shrimp. In fact, you should give it to them for essential health benefits. Enriched with important nutrients, shrimp can be a healthy treat for your pet dog but with some precautions. Nonetheless, we understand your concern. It is hard to make the right decision when you have an animal buddy who cannot speak the human language to express their troubles. Everything is up to you.

    can dogs eat shrimp
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    So, it is important to take the right decision which proves beneficial for the dogs. And among all of the factors, food is the crucial one. If you by any chance decide the wrong food for your pet, fatal consequences may occur. So, to clear your dilemmas, we are here. Let’s know more about the question “can dogs eat shrimp.”

    Can Dogs Eat Shrimp: The Health Benefits of Shrimp for Dogs

    Enriched with Vitamin B12, niacin, phosphorus, and some anti-oxidants, shrimp can boost up the metabolic process within a dog’s internal system. It helps to keep their gastrointestinal function well. Lots of health benefits are brought by the component, niacin. From proper secretion of enzymes, improved blood circulation, to energy production- there are countless benefits of niacin.

    When you find the answer to the questions like “can dogs eat shrimp”, you will get to know how beneficial it is for their bones and muscles. The phosphorus present in shrimps helps to keep the bones of the dogs strong. Also, it works as a wonderful anti-oxidant for them. So, considering all of the benefits, you can add this low-fat, nutrient-enriched food to the diet.

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    can dogs eat shrimp
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    But, everything comes with some cons after all. Shrimps are also no different. So, let’s know about what are the risks it brings for the dogs.

    Can Dogs Eat Shrimp: The Risks

    When it comes to finding out the cons of the shrimps, we can see certain risk factors that may bring ill-health to the dogs. Let’s know about them. Firstly, this food is high in fat. It is not recommended if your dog is on diet. So, if you do not want your dog to gain excessive weight, avoid giving it. Secondly, some of the shrimps may cause allergic reactions. Well, it depends on your dog’s allergic tendency. So, it is better to consult the veterinarian before adding it to the dog’s meal.

    Thirdly, shrimp can bring the risk of intestinal blockage for the dogs. It is important to take certain precautions to avoid this risk. We will get into that later on. Fourthly, it may cause choking trouble. And finally, if it is not cooked properly, bacterial infection may take place. Fatal bacterias like salmonella and listeria can cause trouble. So, keep these things in mind before giving shrimp to your pet dog. Now, let’s discuss what precautions can be taken to prevent these risks.

    Can Dogs Eat Shrimp: Precautions to take

    If there are risks, solutions are there too. To avoid the risks we must take proper precautions so that you can give shrimp to your canine friend safely.

    So, here, we have mentioned how to take precautions for giving shrimp to the dogs.

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    First of all, fix an appointment with your veterinarian. I am sure you already have planned a regular visiting schedule with him. Ask him about the particular nature of your dog. If he is the regular physician for your dog, he can assist you regarding its consumption of shrimp considering the nature and behavior of the dog.

    Secondly, keep aside shrimp shells and tails. These are the reasons for their intestinal blockage. Dogs usually cannot digest these due to the presence of chitosan in it. These parts of shrimp often get stuck in the digestive tract or intestinal wall. Also, as it is large and difficult to pass through the food duct, it may cause choking. So, it is always better to avoid the shells and tails while adding shrimp to your dog’s meal.

    can dogs eat shrimp

    Thirdly, cook it properly. As we said, shrimps may cause bacterial infection if it is not cooked properly. So, say ‘no’ to raw or undercooked shrimp, when it comes to preparing a shrimp-added meal for your dog.

    Some Frequently asked Questions

    You surely have abundant questions related to the major questions like “can dogs eat shrimp”. And it is justified when you are parenting a pet dog. Here, we have tried to answer some of the questions. Hope this will help to clear your doubts to some extent.

    1. How much shrimp should I give to my dog?

    Anything excess is harmful. So, add it moderately. Usually, one or two shrimp are enough for one time meal. However, consult with the specialist doctor for your dog to know the right dosage of shrimp for you.

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    2. Can shrimp cause any health issues?

    If you do not take precautions, the risks for ill health increase. Except that, some dogs have allergic reactions to it. So, it may cause health risks. Give it to the pet wisely.

    can dogs eat shrimp
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    3. Is there any alternative for shrimp?

    Yes, there are plenty of them. If you are skeptical about shrimp, you can try other alternatives. They are also more or less enriched with the same kinds of nutrients. The alternatives are sardines, salmon, mussels, etc. Click here to know about the benefits of salmon for dogs. Except for these occasional treats, do not forget to provide the regular meal in an adequate amount.

    Bottom the Line

    So, here we have answered the question” can dogs eat shrimp”. Hope you have enjoyed it. If you have some more spare time, click here to know more about the foods for dogs and puppies.


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