25 Friendliest Dog Breeds That Bring Delight And Warmth

    friendliest dog breeds

    In a world, where loyalty has become rare and not in vogue anymore, dogs bring old values of love, loyalty, and companionship in our lives. In every waking moment, they make you feel loved and cared for. A man’s best friend forever, friendliest dog breeds are more adorable than aggressive. They get along with strangers and other pets.

    Playful, active, balls of fur bring joy and warmth to our lives. Their sociable personalities make them a popular breed for small condos, apartments, and suitable for all age groups.

    Shih Tzu

    friendliest dog breeds

    Don’t they look super adorable, playful, and happy? Cheerful, non-aggressive, cute, and childlike, Shih Tzu is one of the most adorable and friendliest dog breeds. Cherubic eyes, and mild temperament, they are great with children and senior citizens.

    Snuggle up with them watching movies, listening to music, or relaxing. They love to snuggle and be in the company of people. A sweet and cuddle-some breed with aristocratic personality. This tiny breed is affectionate, easy to live with, and lively with a happy temperament.

    Bischon Frise

    friendliest dog breeds

    The goofball with happy and merry temperament. Loves attention, and is easy to train and live with. A playful and gentle breed that gets along well with people of all age groups and other animals. They bark very less and are ideal to live peacefully with city dwellers in apartments. They love snuggling and socializing. A peaceful and lovable breed that loves company and does not like to fight.


    friendliest dog breeds

    A playful breed that loves human company. Easy to house train and teach tricks. This is an intelligent breed that loves attention. They prefer company of humans than dogs and love hanging out with their humans. They are in-tune with human emotions and do well in peaceful homes as they have high emotional sensitivity.


    friendliest dog breeds

    Hyperactive, mischievous, playful, and friendliest dog breeds. Mild tempered, friendly, charming, and cute, they are usually not aggressive. They are emotional and affectionate by nature. Loving and caring towards others and usually jovial. They love cuddling and can be one of the best emotional supports for humans.


    friendliest dog breeds

    Curious, friendly, and easy going breed that makes the most ideal family pet. Known to have the best sense of smell; were originally hunting dog breeds in Great Britain. They are happy-go-lucky, gentle, and expressive. They love company and outdoor time. When not scent tracing, they love play time and exploring.

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    Coton de Tulear

    friendliest dog breeds

    Sweet looking clowns love getting attention from people. They are people pleasers and perform comical activities to make you laugh. These fluff balls from strong bonds with people. With little exercise and more socializing they do well. Child-friendly and easy to train, they should not be left alone for longer periods as they love company.

    Yorkshire Terrier

    friendliest dog breeds

    Intelligent, fiesty, affectionate fluff balls have a unique personality. Loving, watchdogs suitable for all kinds of homes. They love to bark, and is not a calm dog breed. They are active, prefer moderate exercise, and make good pets, especially, for older people. They need proper training to get along with family and other pets.


    friendliest dog breeds

    A fluffy, affectionate, responsive lap dog breed. Their coat is pure white. They have an elegant gait. Lively, lovable, and love learning new tricks. Courageous, brave, alert, athletic, and charming watchdogs. They love giving and receiving affection from anyone. They are good to strangers. A toy dog breed with good manners.

    Japanese Chin

    friendliest dog breeds

    An intelligent and sensitive dog with an independent streak. Friendly with those they love and reserved with strangers. Silly, comical, dignified, and emotionally sensitive are the personality traits of this dog breed. A smart dog breed with a bouncy gait. They are sensitive to the environment they live in. They personality changes with the surroundings. For instance, they are quiet in quiet homes.


    friendliest dog breeds

    They are native to Cuba and are active, affectionate and friendliest dog breeds. They prefer human company and are not kernel dogs. They have a sweet temperament and do not like to quarrel. They are watchdogs are best play companions for kids.

    Emotionally sensitive dog breed are fine-tuned into their owners emotions. Havanese have a higher emotional intelligence and love pleasing humans. When you are feeling sad, this dog breed comforts you.


    friendliest dog breeds

    A unique dog breed in large, medium, and miniature size with a rectangular head are devoted and tuned into the feelings of the family members. They love being with their humans physically and are great family pets. Take them along with you for excursions as they love being part of family activities.

    This is unique, good-natured, smart, and friendliest dog breeds. Playful, emotional, and loyal dog breeds that enjoy daily brisk walking. They usually love spending time indoors with their favorite humans.

    Bergamasco Sheepdog

    friendliest dog breeds

    This gentle fluff ball has a peaceful temperament and well-balanced emotional nature. A dog breed from the ancient times, is a popular house pet for its affectionate nature and alertness. A guard dog that forms strong bonds with its owners. A brave, watchful, gentle, and a friendliest dog breeds that gets along well easily with other dogs and humans.

    Loyal, gets along well with kids and people of all ages, they are protective of the family they stay with. Training them is easy as they are patient and intelligent.

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    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    friendliest dog breeds

    An affectionate, royal, sporting dog breed popular since the 17th century. Get along with pets, strangers, and everyone else. They make a great companion and therapy dogs. They are not an ideal breed for watchdogs and have variable personalities. They make active, devoted, and obedient pets. Proper training is needed for this breed.


    friendliest dog breeds

    Loyal and friendliest dog breeds that make perfect family pets. Highly affectionate dog breed that form close bonds with family members. They are intelligent and quick to understand when you train them. As much as they enjoy your company, they love spending time all by themselves as well. They have a possessive nature and are not great with kids. They are suitable for older people who can give them time and attention.


    friendliest dog breeds

    Dachshunds are people-oriented as well as independent. They are affectionate and stubborn. They love human company and getting attention from them. They are usually cheerful and friendly. Not one of the friendliest dog breeds as they can be stubborn and throw tantrums. An intuitive dog breed that can become aggressive depending on the surrounding conditions. They are outgoing and playful sausage dogs.

    They do not get along well with other pets or strangers so you need to be patient with them. They can get jealous and possessive, and need your attention.

    Great Danes

    friendliest dog breeds

    These gentle giant dog breeds are mild-mannered, loving, and good with children. Their size can be daunting but their personality is lovable. Friendliest dog breeds make for good lapdogs. They love to give you hugs and spending time with you. They can get anxious if not properly socialized. They are people pleasers and easy to train.

    They are easy to train. They are sensitive so training them into obedience is a must. Taking them outdoors for brisk walks is essential.

    Labrador Retrievers

    friendliest dog breeds

    They are the most popular breeds for their sweet temper as they are not easy to provoke. They are easy-going and friendliest dog breeds. They make perfect pets for a family of any size. These goofballs love attention and are playful. Athletic, active, and loyal dog breeds loved all over the world.

    Old English Sheepdogs

    friendliest dog breeds

    Sheepdogs are adorable, goofy, affectionate, and clownish. They love company and must not be left alone. Bouncy, playful, enthusiastic, and friendly, they make ideal family pets. They have a sense of humor and love to make you laugh with their comical antics. Amicable, playful, sweet-natured, and full of zeal, they do not like to be alone. Their face remains puppy-like even when they grow old.

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    friendliest dog breeds

    Protective and friendly watchdogs known for their affectionate and loving nature. Their coat makes them appear elegant and graceful. Quick learners, they are easy to train. Emotionally sensitive dog breed can be shy and clingy. They are moderately active and love to relax. They are easy to socialize and can become neurotic in stressful environment.


    friendliest dog breeds

    This dog breed is a big, adorable, fluff ball. Known for its gentle and calm nature, this breed is affectionate, caring, and protective. They are sweet-tempered and loved as family pets. They are easily trainable Like the Labradors, they are water dogs and great swimmers.

    Not suitable for small space because of their size. They are shy for their huge size and non-aggressive. They are good with kids, strangers, babies, and other pets. They are docile and laid-back by nature but obedience training is needed at an early stage.


    friendliest dog breeds

    A unique personality that is a nice blend of obedience, playfulness, and sweet nature. They love the company of people and do well with all age groups. They are agile, tolerant, and adaptable. They are love to be indoors as well as outdoors. Your best trusty-sidekick in all the activities you want to do.

    Lhasa Apso

    friendliest dog breeds

    A beautiful dog breed with silky long coat. They have a cute face and are friendly watchdogs. Usually bulky in size, they have been used as guard dogs since centuries in monasteries. They are extremely affectionate and friendly towards family members and aloof towards strangers. They love socializing and human company. Playful, curious, gentle, and energetic, they can be stubborn at times.

    Japanese Spitz

    friendliest dog breeds

    A happy, alert, and friendly dog breed with a soft and white coat. They are sociable and enjoy getting attention from people. Active and affectionate by nature, they make good family pets and ideal companions. They get along well with kids and are playful in their company.


    friendliest dog breeds

    A dog breed with long, silky, and flowing coat is friendly and playful. Obedient and easily house trained they could challenge bigger dogs. They are good with kids and other pets which are not dog species. They guard and protect families intensely. They love being dressed up and are good-natured. They are energetic and usually in a good mood. Fearless and outgoing, they get deeply attached towards their owners.


    friendliest dog breeds

    Gentle, beautiful, ancient work dogs are popular breeds for loyalty and companionship. Curious, mischievous, playful, and happy, they wear a smile. Easily adaptable to any environment and suitable for people of all age groups. An expressive dog who can be encouraged to talk to display likes and dislikes. If you like talking to dogs, this is your best choice.


    A list of friendliest dog breeds, their personality, and natural behavior gives you an idea which one to choose. Most of them are child-friendly and have a sweet temperament. Giving you cuddles, love, and protecting you from intruders, they are truly man’s best friend.


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