Buccal Fat Removal Cost- All The Important Details

    Buccal Fat Removal Cost- How Much Is It?

    Cheek reduction cost or buccal fat removal cost varies based on many factors. This article provides you all the information on the procedure, complications, and buccal fat removal cost.

    Cheek reduction surgery or removal of buccal fat is performed to provide you your desired cheekbones.

    Average Buccal fat Removal Cost

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    The average buccal fat removal cost is nearly 2000 USD to 5000 USD. This is the normal cost involved but there are additional expenses that need to be considered when you are planning to go for cheek reduction surgery.

    There are two sets of costs, take a look at each of them:

    • The average cost involved in removing buccal fat is $3500.
    • The price range for buccal fat removal cost is between $2000 to $5000.

    For all the candidates who want to go for buccal fat removal, it is always a good option to get familiar with different factors that contribute to the price range of buccal fat removal cost or any other plastic surgery process you want to go for. Here is a brief detail on cost factors and an explanation regarding the cost factors:

    • Cost factors that lead to this price range based on the provider are their training, specialty, and experience in the procedure. Surgeons who sold prior experience are more likely to charge more fees.
    • Consultation fee is also included in the price range. It differs based on the surgeons and it may or may not be involved in the overall cost.
    • Anesthesiologist fee is there which totally depends on experience and training of the doctor you have planned to go to.
    • The facility fee is included depending on location.
    • Recovery expenses involved vary depending on follow-ups, special equipment used, etc.

    Let’s go to the specifics to get a brief idea of the buccal fat removal cost.

    What is buccal fat?

    For those people who still don’t know what buccal fat is anyway, there are pads of fat on both sides of your face in your cheek areas. These are known as buccal fat pads. These fat pads are removed to refine and contour your cheeks to get improved angularity and definition. It provides your face a strong definition this enhancing your facial features.

    This procedure or the surgery is only good for people who have a healthy weight. Also, your cheeks should possess undesirable fullness or stubborn fat must be there to qualify for this surgery. Buccal fat removal surgery is a minimally invasive kind of procedure that can be done under general or local anesthesia. Know that small incisions will be made within your face and no visible scarring will be left out once the procedure is completed.

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    The surgery can be done with other forms of plastic surgeries like facelifting, chin implants, botox injections, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, etc

    Candidate for buccal fat removal

    You might be a feasible candidate or appropriate candidate for a buccal fat removal surgery is all these factors or some among these applies to you:

    • You are in a good health physically.
    • You do not smoke
    • You have realistic expectations
    • You are opting fr a facial feminization surgery
    • You do not like the fullness of your cheeks
    • Your face is round and fuller
    • You have a healthy weight.

    Know that buccal fat removal surgery is not meant for everyone, it is not recommended for you in case of the following:

    • You have a narrow face then you cannot opt for surgery most likely. People having thin faces naturally are advised not to go for surgery as this surgery may read to sunken cheeks as aging goes on.
    • Your age also determines having the surgery or not. As you age, the face fat also loses. It may add up to more signs of aging.
    • If you have progressive hemifacial atrophy or parry-Romberg syndrome this surgery is not recommended. This is a rare disorder that causes the skin on your face to shrink. It affects the buccal fat pad in your cheeks.

    Factors affecting the buccal fat removal cost in surgery

    If you are planning to go for surgery or you think the surgery will be right for your face, it is time when you start thinking about the financial aspects and cost involved in the procedure as these surgeries are costly. You can always visit a consultant before going for surgery to know the cost and procedure in detail. Here s a general guide for buccal fat removal cost:

    This general outline might help you have a better conversation and questions between you and your consultant if you are preparing to see one:

    • Provider: More experienced boards of specialized and certified providers will take higher consultation fees along with higher procedure rates. Know that these are a good option as they have incentive options.
    • Anesthesiologists: With the plastic surgeon involved, training and experience fees will also affect the buccal fat removal cost. As already mentioned, the surgery involving the reduction of stubborn cheeks can be performed under general or local anesthesia. General anesthetics are more likely to be expensive than local anesthetics that do not need a specialized anesthesiologist for administration.
    • Location: This is a point of debate as no specific data on the buccal fat removal cost is there is American society of plastic surgeon report from 2019, but still procedures of plastic surgery occur more frequently on the coasts which lead to high cost overall.
    • Recovery: Recovery following the buccal fat removal surgery varies on every individual but it includes follow-ups, prescription, time off from work, etc

    Buccal fat removal cost includes:

    Now you might be thinking what does the price of buccal fat removal cost comprises? The hourly rate of a surgeon performing the buccal fat removal is what we term as “surgeon fee” or “average price” of the surgeon and hence the cost of removal. Hourly rate of surgeon may sound a bit strange for medical providers but the plastic surgeon also has business expenses including medical supplies, rent, staff payroll, insurance, etc in addition to their salary which decides the cost.

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    When all the additional factors are added and taken into consideration, the overall buccal fat removal cost also increases. Other medical staff involved iht the surgeon like surgical assistants, nurses, anesthesiologists if needed and medical supplies or tools lie gauze, gowns, needles, gloves, etc also decide the cost. Note that medications are given before the surgery, during the surgery and after the surgery like sedatives, antibiotics, painkillers also comes under the buccal fat removal cost. The fee for using the clinic’s facility programs while you are admitted may add up to the overall cost.

    On top of all these expenses, you will encounter many personal costs during your buccal fat removal. This may include consultation fees if you have considered a consultation, travel expenses, missed time from your work, recovery supplies, pre-operative care, etc.

    How much does buccal fat removal cost?

    Now you might be wondering what the actual numbers are or where the actual numbers may reach? Do not worry, this will get your questions answered. After including all the variables mentioned above, the total expenses may reach anywhere between $2000 to $5000. The lower cost reflects a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia and the facilities may be outpatient whereas the higher cost indicates cheek reduction performed under general this in a larger faculty or practice.

    Buccal fat removal cost across the United States

    As already mentioned above, another factor that determines the bucca fat removal cost is Location! Special data for buccal fat removal is not available but as per the ASPS report from 2019, the majority of the plastic surgeries take place on coasts.

    As per the data, the average cost of buccal fat removal in New York is 3000 dollars to 5000 dollars, in Chicago, it is 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars, whereas in Los Angeles it is between 2000 dollars to 6000 dollars. In places like Los Angeles and Miami, it may reach 6000 dollars or more.

    In some places around the world like Colombia and Mexico, the buccal fat removal cost is just 3900 dollars to 1500 dollars.

    Is buccal fat removal cost covered by insurance?

    If you are wondering where insurance will be able to cover the buccal fat removal cost, the answer is MAYBE! Americal medical Association may answer these questions with more detail, as per AMA:

    • A domestic surgery includes the procedure for reshaping normal structures of the body with improved self-esteem and appearance.
    • Reconstructive surgery includes the procedures performed on any abnormal part of the body structures after a congenital defect, trauma, infection, tumors, or development abnormality.
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    It indicates that plastic surgical procedures are not covered by any insurance but reconstitute surgeries are. Hubud procedures in which anesthetic and functional benefits can be combined may not be covered by insurance despite their fictional indication. To be precise, cheek reduction surgery falls under plastic surgery to improve appearance and self-esteem and it is most likely not covered by insurance.

    A plastic surgeon may help you determine if surgery is perfectly fit for you or not.

    Complications in the surgery

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    Buccal fat removal surgery is generally a safe surgery to go for, However, like all other medical procedures and surgeries, there may be the risk of some side effects like the following:

    • Excessive bleeding
    • facial nerve damage
    • salivary gland damage
    • hematoma
    • lockjaw
    • seroma
    • negative reaction to anesthesia give
    • Infections
    • Excess removal of fat
    • poor results
    • facial asymmetry

    Some of these side effects may require additional surgery to cover the damage done.

    How to find certified plastic surgeons for the procedure?

    You must seek help and surgery from a certified plastic surgeon who already holds experience in the removal of buccal fat. This ensures that the surgery performed is entirely safe and free of most risk factors.

    To find a quality surgeon for your surgery, you can visit the official website of the American society of plastic surgeons. You will find plastic surgeons who are highly qualified based on the city, state, and country you reside in.

    Choose any surgeon that is certified by the American board of plastic surgeons. This indicates that the surgeon has received training and complete education according to all eh professional standards set for them.

    Here are some questions you can ask during your initial consultation to have a good knowledge of the buccal fat removal cost and surgeon involved:

    • Is the surgeon trained specifically in plastic surgery?
    • How many years of experience do the surgeon hold?
    • Have they performed buccal fat removal in the past few years?
    • Ask for before and after photos of the previous patients who went through plastic surgeries
    • How should you prepare yourself before the surgery
    • Where and how the surgery will be performed?
    • Are there any risks for complications in the surgery and how will the risks be handled?
    • What can be expected during the healing procedures?

    The Bottom Line

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    Buccal fat removal cost varies depending on several factors including the location you reside in. This is a special plastic surgery to reduce or decrease the size of cheeks. Surgeons remove the buccal fat pads in this surgery to give your face a slimmer appearance.

    To be suitable for this surgery, you must pass the requirements of certain health criteria and face size criteria. You must be an ideal candidate for the surgery to be completed.

    The procedure is usually safe and the recovery takes a few weeks to be completed. It does not leave any scar mark doesn’t the face unless there are complications.

    Like all other surgeries and medical procedures, it also includes certain risks. To achieve the best result, work with a surgeon who is certified with previous experience. It may cost more (4 to 5000 dollars) but the results will be impressive as per your desire.

    You must know that there is nothing wrong with having bigger cheeks but if you feel less confident due to your cheeks appearance or your desire for small cheeks, you may proceed with cheek reduction surgery.


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