Best Tips Regarding Deep Set Eyes

    If you are someone who always worries about how you look and how you present yourself to the world, then you must always be conscious of your facial features. Or at least, just mindful of your facial features. This would not be an issue for you if you have a perfect face.

    But for you not-so-perfect folks, your facial features sometimes might be the cause of a lot of concerns. One such thing that could make you conscious of yourself would be if you have deep set eyes. Deep-set eyes are one of the types of eye shapes. This is something that comes naturally to people.

    If you are thinking whether you have deep set eyes or not, it could be because you might be concerned about your looks or how certain things like glasses and other fashion choices fit around these types of eyes or even your make up.


    If you are thinking whether these types of eyes have an effect on your ability to see properly then you should be rest assured because that is something that very rarely happens with people. This is just a type of eye shape like any other eye shape, hence you should not worry about it from that perspective.

    There could be a few genetic or hormonal conditions that could get associated with deep set eyes and if you think you did not use to have this eye shape before but you somehow do now, then there could be something that might be changing in your body.

    Besides, deep set eyes are just a type of eye shape. In this article, we will be discussing things like what deep-set eyes are, how you can tell if you have these types of eyes, how you can do make up over these types of eye shapes, and what other things you can or cannot do if you have them. So let us find out each of these things.

    What Are The Various Eye Shapes?

    There are a lot of eye shapes but for the most part, you can divide them into 8 types. These 8 types are:

    • Almond Eyes
    • Close Set Eyes
    • Protruding Eyes
    • Wide Set Eyes
    • Deep Set Eyes
    • Hooded Eyes
    • Small Eyes
    • Down Turned Eyes

    Now that you know the various types of eye shapes, let us find out what exactly are the deep set eyes and how you can figure out if you have them.

    What Are Deep Set Eyes?

    As you read above, deep-set eyes are just an eye shape type. These kinds of eyes look a bit larger than normal and they are set deeper into the socket of the eye, hence the name deep-set eyes. As the eyes are set in deeper, they give an illusion of a prominent brow bone, which is just that, an illusion.

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    If you are an average adult, having these kinds of eyes would not affect you much at all. It would just affect the way you apply makeup on your face. It is rarely ever seen that these eye shapes are responsible for any other issues related to facial features or a health issue.


    Although sometimes, these eye shape types could indicate an underlying issue or be an indicator of a genetic or another such type of medical condition. Most people who have these kinds of eyes only want to find certain ways that would help them in brightening their eyes or making them look bigger and less shadowed.

    Having these eye shapes can make the eyes look like they have dark circles around them or just give them a generally darker look than usual because of shadows and that is why people want ways to brighten them.

    You should keep in mind that these kinds of eyes do not have any kind of impact on whether you are going to need corrective contact lenses or corrective glasses. This is not going to cause any eye-related issue either. People with these eye shapes might experience that their eyes look smaller after they have applied eyeshadow on them.

    Sometimes, that happens because of the brow bone as it casts shadows on the eyelids. If you are not able to figure out what to do with your makeup, I am going to help you with it.

    How To Figure Out Whether You Have Deep Set Eyes Or Not?

    If you are not sure whether you have deep set eyes then let us figure out how you can make sure. You can do the following things to reach a decision and determine which eye shape you have:

    • Get in front of a mirror to inspect your eyes. Make sure you are in a bright space, it is better if you are under natural light but if not, just make sure that there is enough light for you. If you have a mirror that can magnify your face then using that might be the best.
    • The next thing to do would be to determine whether your eyelid has a crease or not. If the upper eyelid is smooth then you have a monolid which is considered one of the most basic eye shapes.
    • After that, look out of the corner of your eyes and picture a straight and horizontal line that is extending from the outer corner of the eye to the pupil. If you see that the line is above your pupil, you have upturned eyes and if the line falls below the pupil then what you have is downturned eyes. Both of these are basic eye shapes as well.
    • If the above methods don’t tell you your eye type, then close one of your eyes and look at the crease on the eyelid and then open your eye and figure out if the crease is hidden under the paper part of the brow bone or not. If it is then you have hooded eyes.
    • The next thing you could do is to look at the whites of your eyes in relation to the iris and if you see the whites being above or below the iris then you have round eyes and if the eyelids cover the whites then you have almond-shaped eyes.
    • After that, you have to look at the spaces across the bridge of your nose and figure out the space between that area and the inside corner of each eye. If this distance is more than the length of one eye then you have wide set eyes and if it is less than one eye then you have close set eyes.
    • Finally, if you think that your upper eyelid appears short or small and make out the crease and the white of the eyes that is visible is less than usual then you have deep set eyes. The opposite of this is bulging eyes which you can determine if your eyes appear larger than the eye socket.
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    If you have deep set eyes then the bags under your eyes might appear larger than usual or you could experience more wrinkles around your eyes. People with this eye shape tend to appear more tired than normal for a person or they might look like they are always squinting their eyes.

    Although deep set eyes do not harm you in any way, they might sometimes be a symptom of some problem. If you figure out that you have this eye shape and if you experience some sort of discomfort in your eyes or in your head, then you might like to go to a doctor to make sure everything is fine because sometimes it could indicate certain genetic issues.

    What Medical Conditions Can Deep Set Eyes Indicate?

    Like I said, deep set eyes can sometimes be an indicator of a medical health issue and that they are the symptoms of some things. Let us find out what health issues could have this eye shape as a symptom.

    Sanjad-Sakati Syndrome

    This is a recessive genetic condition and it is associated with slow growth, physical retardation, intellectual disability, etc. This syndrome is also responsible for deep sets and small eyes in people.

    SHORT Syndrome

    This syndrome stands for Short stature, Hyperextensibility, Hernia, ocular depression, Reiger anomaly, and teething delay. This also causes deep sets and small eyes.


    It is a hormonal disorder and it leads to the pituitary gland producing too many hormones during puberty which causes bones to increase in size. The bones of the face also increase in size leading to deep set eyes.

    Now that you know what all medical conditions the deep set eyes should be indicating, let us move on to how you can do make up over such eyes.

    How To Do Makeup For Deep Set Eyes?


    If you are wondering how you can do make up over your deep set eyes then you should just concentrate on the technique and that is because of the shape of the bones around your eyes and the overall eye shape. This is how to apply eye makeup with this eye shape:

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    Prime the lids

    It does not matter what the shape of your eyes is, the important thing is to make it all look good after everything. Using eye makeup primer will help in creating an even base for seamless application and allow your eyeshadow to really pop. You could dab a tiny amount of makeup primer onto your eyelids. You can even use a dot foundation or concealer.

    Coloring the lids

    The next step in coloring the lids as it makes your eyes look brighter and you can do that by applying a light color shade to the eye contour. After that, you can use a medium brown shadow as a neutral base and make it even later.

    Adding depth to the crease

    After that, you should use a brown shadow from the same palette and blend the color into the crease and the outer corner of the eye and build color as you go for an even blend.

    Adding a pop of shimmer

    Adding shimmer eyeshadow could be a game changer as it helps in bringing your eyes forward and adds a beautiful touch to your look. Use a shimmer and dab a bit on the outer corner of your eyelid and use a small brush to blend the shade towards the middle lid.

    You should focus on giving a dark brown eyeshadow and then shimmering the shade into a seamless transition color. After that, you can use a light shadow again to highlight the brow bone for a subtle gradient.


    The last thing to do would be to apply a few coats of mascara and maybe try lengthened lashes and it gives your eyes a bigger and brighter look.

    Using all these above steps you can easily apply makeup on your face and negate any negative features that the deep set eyes could be giving you. Let us now talk about all the do’s and don’ts with deep set eyes.

    Do’s And Don’ts Regarding Deep Set Eyes

    These are the do’s and don’ts for deep set eyes which could apply to slightly hooded eyes as well.


    • Always keep your eyes open when you are applying eyeshadow.
    • You can lift up the eye by darkening the outer V of the eye.
    • And like I said earlier, you should make the best use of the shimmers.


    • You should not apply dark eyeshadow only on the visible lid of the eye as it could sink the eye even further.
    • Do not just line your lower lid with a dark eyeshadow. Make sure you make use of the lower lid and smoke it out.


    Deep set eyes could be a cause of concern if they are too deep and casting shadows on your eye. That could give you a zombie look and you definitely don’t want that, unless you are celebrating Halloween.

    You do not have to fuss much about making it look good through make up either. You can just follow the steps I mentioned in this article and you can make the deeply set eyes look good. And if you are having certain health issues along with deeply set eyes, make sure you consult a health professional.

    All in all, deep set eyes are just a type of eye shape and you should not freak out about bad face features. Just use a bit of makeup and you will be all good.


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