What is Pokimane Net Worth and Success Story?

    Pokimane Net Worth – Pokimane, the eminent Moroccan Canadian streamer, is popularly known for her famous League of Legends and Fortnite streams which increased Pokimane net worth. For engagement with her followers outside of this versatile gaming works she is an active user of Just chatting and IRL categories. She has three channels on Youtube and all of them have a huge number of subscribers due to quality content.

    Pokimane Net Worth
    Source – The Verge

    Being a 24 year old she has immense knowledge about the gaming world which she posts on her normal channel, she knows a lot about ASMR, so she posts ASMR related content on her second channel, and her weekly vlogs on the third channel which plays a great role in Pokimane net worth.

    Despite not picking up with any of the accolades, her partnership with Twitch on various occasions has now made a place in the top 10 highest following channels on the platform.

    She is a part of entertaining offline Tv shows which include Pokimane, Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang, William ‘Scarra’ Li, Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki, and Michael Reeves these supremely talented content creators. Being a member of the collective, she made her way out of the Offline TV house.

    Although Pokimane started streaming in the year 2013 still it quickly made its place in one of the topmost 100 huge followings on the platform. In the Shorty Awards of 2018, she was felicitated with the title of Best streamer of the year.

    Though she is one of the most successful streamers still she never fails to break the mold in comparison to others who have made a place on Twitch. Recently Pokimane does revelation of the fact that she doesn’t find living in Los Angeles suitable. Since she is surrounded by various content creators and streamers and she also stated that a huge sponsorship worth $3 million was turned down by her.

    Pokimane: Struggle to Shine Story

    Pokimane completed her Chemical Engineering from McMaster University in Ontario. She started streaming at that time and currently she is one of the biggest streamers in the world. Pokimane net worth is incredibly highest. As soon as she started streaming League of Legends in 2017 she gained approximately 450,000 million followers on Twitch.

    Through this, she made a place on the top 100 highest followed streamers and Pokimane net worth knew no bounds after her huge success. Ever since then Pokimane is striving hard, recently in a partnership with Fortnite she was a participant in different TwitchCons and as a result, she won umpteenth awards. Her most recent Among us was launched by versatile personalities and creators which became the highest streaming game and escalated Pokimane net worth more.

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    Soon Pokimane got the recognition as world’s biggest female streamer. Pokimane has an exceptional sense of humor. Beginning his streaming career in 2013, she was incredible at League of Legends she easily managed to destroy opponents while cracking a joke on a pumpkin patch with a parrot.

    Pokimane: Youtube Content and Subscriber Count

    Pokimane Net Worth
    Source – EssentiallySports

    Pokimane is being paid $4.99 every month having a subscriber count of 8000 on Twitch, which made her top streamer. In 2019 she gained 2.7 million followers and became the world’s 14th most followed user on the particular platform and Pokimane net worth at such a young age is nothing but an inspiration.

    From an optimistic point of view, it is believed that she would be bestowed with the same success if she kept her follower engagement to the highest like this. And more importantly, if her follower kept supporting and encouraging like her.

    Although if you cannot access Pokimane’s stream on Twitch, they still can see her quality content on Youtube which has gained over 3.6 million subscribers and is still in count. Excluding streaming, content subscribers can enjoy various vlogs and another form of content which are available in her Youtube Channel.

    She collaborated with many streamers, one of them was Fedmyster. She shot a makeup video with the help of an eyeshadow palette with Winky Lux in partnership. As the video marked an end Fedmyster looked stunning. Pokimane net worth doesn’t result out of only gaming videos but also from her other additional talent.

    However, the short videos which show interesting highlights taken from Twitch streams do the maximum engagement of subscribers. Some of the quality content includes 21 questions in association with TSM myth, fired due to an assault by Fortnite duo, and her phenomenal experience with a pro player who won $250,000 after playing on Fortnite. These are some highlights of her super engaging quality content. However, she posts regularly to keep up the content count and to keep her subscribes count intact.

    Pokimane: Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response (ASMR)

    Streamers are often known for their gaming-related content. Although that’s true to some extent with Pokimane well still managed to maintain a niche being a part of the ASMR community with the proper management of her YouTube channel.

    ASMR which stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response is used to dig out the fact behind some tingling sensations which are caused by headphones when the music or some certain sound is played at a lower volume.

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    You might feel that this is such a weird thing to be part of but there exists a huge ASMR community on Youtube for the same. There are various Youtube that are successful in managing this market.

    Although ASMR is not her mainstream interest still has a pretty large number of subscribers which is 600k, appreciable from the fact that gaining subscribers on Youtube is a daunting task.

    Ranging from jasmine rice to different spa tools with her voice being heard in a whisper she creates ASMR videos with such various tools.

    If you are not much a fan of ASMR, you should head over to her channel and give ASMR a shot. The ones who already have used ASMR their opinion is extremely pleasing since this tool serves as the best help to fall asleep.

    Despite her young age she has already launched many merchandising deals these would keep taking place with her active presence and proper engagement in the gaming world. She has made a lot of profitable deals.

    At such a young age she is earning more than ones who are at the top charts in case of streaming, if you are more curious about her journey you should head over to her Youtube channel and ASMR channel which includes high-quality content that would keep you hooked up and make you more aware of her and what she possesses.

    Pokimane Net Worth

    Who is Pokimane? Net worth, earnings, streaming setup, and more | The Loadout
    Source – The Loadout

    Each month Pokimane earns proximate 20 million from her high-quality typical Youtube videos. According to RPM, she earns $50,000 from Ad revenue of Youtube alone.

    After considering half of the amount that is 50% of the amount channeling towards as sponsorship on both Youtube and Twitch there’s a mark of another $50k which brings the total amount to $100,000 approximately per month.

    Pokimane has never been the streaming business for monetary purposes only since she has once neglected a $3 million worth of deal since it was going out of her comfort ways, which she is not a supporter of even though she gets paid a high amount for that.

    According to her, after making more than $100,000 a year, there has not been any difference since after that she probably saves for investment.

    In a recent Graham Stephan’s interview of Imane, she stated that she is extremely good at saving and later investing her money purposefully. She told me she does a saving of 70% of her income by keeping 40% in a tax savings account and 30% of the savings in the bank.

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    Pokimane’s philosophy is the same in every platform be it on Youtube or Twitch, her every philosophy is similar to Graham’s. But due to her huge saving at such a young age she can easily do maintenance of her life as per her desire for a long time without any earning.

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    She is very passionate about what she does and pays no tension to business failure. She keeps thinking about investing her saving in new emerging startups. Currently, her network accounted for approximately $2 million.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. What was Pokimane’s life like before streaming?

    A: She was a Chemical Engineer student at McMaster University. After that, she dropped out from there to further pursue a full-time career in the streaming and gaming world. In 2015, after shifting to Los Angeles, she made a transition as a flourishing social media influencer on Twitch.

    Q2. Is Pokimane’s relationship status single?

    A: Pokimane’s relationship status has always been in speculation and drew a lot of controversies. Fans keep finding out whether this hot streamer has a boyfriend or not. And now the controversies have taken aback after she officially did the announcement of her relationship status.

    Q3. Did Pokimane leave Twitch?

    A: Pokimane recently announced after her last stream stating her reason for being offline on Twitch was that she would part her ways with Offline Tv which is a rust server to move forward. She made this decision since she was not enjoying the company of the rest of the stars.

    Q4. Is Pokimane known to be a millionaire?

    A: Pokimane whose real name is Imane is one of the most famous streamers and gamer on Youtube. Her network is estimated at $5 million. Currently staying in Canada her hometown is in Morocco.

    Q5. Did Fed and Pokimane break up?

    A: Sometime back Pokimane spoke about his relationship with Fed and even remarked that Fed’s behavior was the main reason to left the OTV house. According to her, she remarked that due to Fed her relationships and friendships were getting sabotaged with other people due to him.


    This Moroccan superstar, Pokimane, is known to be a prodigy. From being a Chemical Engineer student to now being one of the most successful gamers in the world she has proved her passion for the gaming world. Starting from Twitch with few followers to now having millions of followers from there, and then managing two separate channels on Youtube with ASMR, vlog, gaming content she is excelling at her field incredibly. Both of her

    YouTube channels are a massive hit. Her mainstream interest includes interesting gaming clips from vlogs and streams and all these served as an addition to Pokimane net worth. The second channel is concentrated towards ASMR content with whispering videos. Both channels have a solid engagement of millions of subscribers. This all has added success and revenue to Pokimane’s growing operation.


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