Best Poultry Watering Cups (Approved Products for 2021)

    Best Poultry Watering Cups – If you own a poultry farm, you must have faced several problems with your chickens. Well, managing a few is easy but when there is a huge flock dealing with it is a disaster.

    Especially if you’re a newbie, you will feel like quitting the first day itself. Therefore, to make your first experience better and memorable, companies come up with different tools as it eases the management.

    One of the most important tools is the poultry watering cups. A huge number of population suffers in the USA due to a lack of hygiene in poultry farming. Among all this, the most convincing problem is the use of unhygienic water.

    If the water is not consumable by humans, then it shouldn’t be offered to any of the poultry birds. This knowledge is missed out by most of us, which causes a huge issue when it comes to human health. We must understand that the microbial bacteria will eventually be passed on to the consumers.

    Imagine a tub kept for days in the poultry farm and every bird consuming water from it. The thought itself ruins the day for many. We all know that keeping water stagnant for several days can cause a huge problem when it comes to hygiene.

    Therefore, we have come up with some of the best poultry watering cups for birds. With an extensive collection, you will have the freedom to select the product as per your needs, whether it be the budget or the type everything will be covered by us.

    On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about the selection procedure as we come up with the buyer’s guide every time. Therefore, feel relaxed and grab the best poultry watering cups 2021 for your farm.

    Let’s know more about the different poultry watering cups available on amazon.

    Different Types of Best Poultry Watering Cups

    There are a bunch of different watering cups available in the market; you are free to select the product as per your flock size and the structure of your poultry farm.

    Gravity-Style Watering Cups

    One of the most effective poultry watering cups in the market is the gravity-style. Fitting the needs of all farms, this tank can be filled from both the bottom and top. The tank can be of plastic or metal, depending on the product you choose.

    To make it easier for all to carry the watering cup around the farm, the gravity-style comes in with an integrated handle. Apart from that, the users won’t have to worry about the dirt in the tank. With the special dish space, the water never gets polluted. It is always the dish that captures all the dirt.

    Container, Trough, or Bucket

    Most of us lookout for an easier way whenever it comes to getting the work done. Buckets are the easiest one when it comes to poultry watering cups, Open containers are fine to use for chickens and other poultry birds to drink from.

    However, the easiest way is not always the best way to go for. Having a bucket to provide water to the birds can turn out to be risky. Reaching out to the bucket might get difficult for the birds as it isn’t shallow.

    On the other hand, keeping the bucket clean will be a great issue for all of us as there is no disk to separate the dust. When the water level decreases, it becomes impossible for them to access water. Sometimes they even end up in the bucket if it is a large one.

    Dealing with the situation is hard as there is no way we can keep the water clean for long hours. However, using a shallow bucket will make it convenient for the birds to have water.

    Standard Water Dispensers

    The most common type of poultry watering cup is the standard dispenser. It is widely used across the USA as it is available easily.

    This is a great tool as it can hold up to 10 litres of water and disperse water when the bird needs it. As the top of the dispenser is closed, it becomes convenient to hang it from the roof. This way, we can ensure that the water is protected from the dust in the air.

    If you have a small flock and don’t want to waste time figuring out the water cycle for your birds, then going for the standard water dispensers will be the right decision.

    Automatic Poultry Watering Cups

    The last one on our list is the best poultry watering cup available in the town. It includes all the high-tech features that one can expect from a watering device. Depending on the size of your flock, you can select the automatic watering cup from two categories.

    • Water supplied directly from the main source like a big storage tank, or
    • Water supplied from a personal water source like a drum

    Obviously, using the 2nd category fits the best for all of us. It won’t include any extra cost for fittings, and neither hooking up your birds to the main source of water is a great idea.

    Just imagine the amount of money that you will be saving on components like pipe blowouts, leaks, pipes, pressure reducers, and several other parts that are required to set up a massive project.

    We always recommend using the best of the products available in the market. There are cheaper alternatives, but the stability in the water flow must be maintained. This can only be possible if you pick up the right poultry watering cups.

    There will be a huge pressure of water if you connect it from the direct supply. The area will be flooded if a pressure reducer is not installed.

    Since we know the different types of cups available on amazon, we can get into the best poultry watering cups.

    We have managed to find 9 of the best chicken waterers and come up with a brief review to help you out pick one. In the end, with the help of the buyer’s guide, you can figure out which watering cup will suit you the best.

    Best Poultry Watering Cups for 2021 – Reviews

    #1 Chicken Feeder by Royal Rooster

    Best Poultry Watering Cups
    Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder
    Item Number DFRC
    Item Weight 4.06 pounds
    Product Dimension 9 x 10 x 20 inches
    Storage Capacity 6.5 lbs/ 1 gallon
    Material ABS Plastic
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    Imagine having a tool that will solve your problem of both hunger and thirst. Well, handling a huge flock will always be a problem. But the Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder is the best deal to save you from all the hustle.

    This is the best poultry watering cup on amazon that will come in with rain covers and a valve-cup to stop the water. The feeder comes in like a 20-inch tall, 5-inch wide, and 5-inch deep in size. If you include the rain cover, the depth will increase to 9-inches.

    With high build quality, it is durable, and the ABS plastic and PVC makes sure to provide the UV-resistance we have been looking for. Dealing with a small flock will be easier as the feeder will hold up to 6.5 lbs of feed, and the water tube will hold 1-gallon of water.

    If you have around 10-12 chickens, then we recommend you install two of these.

    Well, its slim design makes it perfect for coops with limited spacing. With the special aluminium brackets, users are free to fix the chicken feeder on the wall. It will not only save a lot of time but also ensure that none of you faces any problem in the long run.

    Just remember how irritating it was to find poo in the feeding tray. Cleaning it was a total disaster. To deal with the situation, Royal Rooster has invented the design in a special manner, which will reduce the food wastage and won’t allow the chicken from dropping the feed onto the ground.

    As you observe the design, you understand that the structure is so complex that no sparrow can access the food available in the tray. Apart from it, as a small amount of water is passed on to the shallow cup, there will be no risk of evaporation, dirtied water, or algae growth. Users won’t even have to worry about the sun-perished buckets anymore.

    On using it with different feeds, we found that it won’t be the perfect match for loose feeds like moist crumbles or wheat. Apart from this, we recommend users avoid all the feeds which come in high in molasses.

    All the different hardware required for setting up the Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder will be available with the component itself.


    • Good Quality
    • Value for Money
    • Slim-line design
    • UV-resistant and ABS plastics
    • Four Aluminum brackets available


    • Costly
    • Not effective in harsh weather
    • Only one cup available for both feed and water
    Check Price on Amazon 

    #2 Plastic Poultry Watering Cup by Farm Tuff

    Best Poultry Watering Cups
    Farm Tuff Poultry Waterer Specification
    Item Number TF92
    Item Weight 8 ounces
    Product Dimension 9 x 9 x 10 inches
    Storage Capacity 1 Gallon
    Material ABS Plastic

    The Farm Tuff has always been aggressive when it comes to bringing new models into the market. They have an extensive range of collection which anyone would love to admire. However, this product is strictly limited to the small flocks, especially for a group of 3 to 4 chickens.

    This is the best gravity-style poultry watering cup, which has good durability. It is the transparent polyethene tank which never gets overheated and also allows user to monitor the water level from a great distance. To attract the chickens to freshwater, the base container of the cup is coloured red. Red has been found to attract birds like never before.

    It comes in a compact size of 9 x 10.25 inches. Since it is price efficient, users won’t have to worry about their budget if they have a large flock. They can simply buy 10-12 pieces of this cup and be happy about the money they spend.

    With the screw-top lid, refilling the tank is very easy and convenient for users. There is no possibility of leaks due to high-quality material. Even if the tank or base goes out of maintenance, you can pick them up separately from the market.

    Whatsoever, if you are looking to buy a single piece of the Farm Tuff Plastic Poultry Watering, then it will not be possible. They always sell it in a pack of 2.


    • High Quality.
    • Affordable pricing
    • Best for the small flock
    • Resists heat
    • Available in the pack of 2


    • Not perfect for large chickens
    • It won’t last in rough conditions
    Know More About it on Amazon 

    #3 Little Giant Galvanized Double Wall Founts

    Best Poultry Watering Cups
    Little Giant Galvanized Watering Cups Specification
    Item Number 466021
    Item Weight 3..36 Ounces
    Product Dimension 12.25 x 10.75 x 12.25 inches
    Storage Capacity 1 Gallon
    Material Heavy-Duty Steel

    This is the best poultry watering cups irrespective of the kind of bird you have. If you are looking for an all-year-best poultry hydration system, then this is your pick.

    It is crafted in the USA and comes in a size of 12.25 x 10.75 x 15.25 inches. This is a gravity-style waterer and will always contain water level for 5-6 chickens.

    To enhance the longevity of the product, it is crafted out of heavy-duty steel. The steel used is both sturdy and strong. We can realize it while we hold it in our hands. Carrying the watering cup around the coop will be easy as it comes with a handle of its own.

    We can find out that there are two tubes in the watering cup along with a copper spring and neoprene seal, which creates a vacuum. This vacuum is highly efficient when the outer tube is being put over the inner tube.

    It helps to maintain the water level in the drinking pan for the birds. Similarly, the locking pin is used well to hold the outer tube in position. If the tube is not locked properly, then it may create noise, which will scare the birds away.

    With the rolled edges, we can be assured that no bird will climb the top of the tank. The high quality of this watering cup makes sure that there is no water loss and, thus, 100% utilization.

    Coming to the best part, the galvanized double-wall fount is compatible with a base heater (electrical). This makes sure that the birds can have water in the winter as well.


    • Best Quality
    • Worth every penny invested
    • Ideal for all the birds
    • Galvanization makes it sturdy and strong
    • Special rolled edges for safety


    • Overfill tanks can leak
    • The Lid can dent
    Check Price on Amazon 

    #4 Best Poultry Watering Cup by RentACoop

    Best Poultry Watering Cups
    RentACoop Watering Cups Specification
    Item Number NA
    Item Weight 2.1 pounds
    Product Dimension 13.6 x 11.8 x 10.3 inches
    Storage Capacity 5 Gallon
    Material Plastic

    RentACoop is famous for the different types of hydration cups they come up with. Even this one has two different models. This model is perfect as it feeds to a huge group and can be placed wherever needed.

    RentACoop has always looked out for the quality of the product they offer. This chicken waterer comes in with BPA-free plastic, which ensures that no harmful chemical is being served to the birds unintentionally. Apart from that, it can hold up to 10 gallons of water. Therefore, this will easily supply water to a flock of 35-40 chickens.

    The best part about this product is that there is no need for assembly. Users can be free about the tank. To make efficient use of this tank, we need to place it on an elevated surface like a brick or low tables.

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    Now, by removing the cap on the bright red lid, we can fill in the freshwater using a jug. We can find 4 bright plastic horizontal nipples on the sides of the tank. These are efficient in providing the right quantity of water to the chickens.

    The handle present at the top of this bucket helps the user to carry it around safely. There is a different version of this model, which will provide you with the feeding capability. This means you can keep the buckets together and supply the birds with both feed and water at the same time.


    • Good Price
    • 10 gallons of water at a time
    • No Assembly required
    • Easy to fill
    • Bright color to attract the birds
    • BPA-free plastic


    • Can’t handle harsh conditions
    Know More About It on Amazon 

    #5 Make Your Own Watering Cup by RentACoop

    Best Poultry Watering Cups 2021
    RentACoop Make Your Own Cup Specification
    Item Number NA
    Item Weight 4.2 ounces
    Product Dimension 6 x 4 x 1 inches
    Storage Capacity Automatic Flow
    Material Plastic

    As mentioned earlier, the extensive range of products by RentACoop has no stop. We all love to have authority over our gadgets, and this is the one motto that RentACoop is focusing on following at the moment.

    The image makes it clear that it is a product that requires assembly by the buyer. Therefore, we advise you not to pick up this set if you are a newbie. The packaging comes in with 12 sturdy bright red nipples, which will feed 4 chicken each. The manufacturers have exceptionally explained how it will be best to use for chickens who are 2 weeks + aged.

    The nips can be placed all across the coop so that the chickens find it easier to locate them. The bright red color makes it even better. Within minutes you can attach the nipples to the main water supply. To deal with a big flock, the right thing to do will be to go with a 55-gallon of rain barrel, which will supply fresh water for a long period of time.

    However, we can make the system even efficient by using sturdy PVC pipes. We can elevate the tank to a different height and, thus, connect the tank and nips using the pipe.

    Whatsoever, if you find it tough to assemble the product, using the installation helper will change the scenario for you. It is really effective and has helped many out.

    Overall, this is a nice fit for a large coop. If a set of 12 is not enough for your farm, then going for a different set of 10, 20, 50, or 100 will help your needs. If this isn’t the best poultry watering cups for 2021, then finding one will be the hardest.


    • Value for Money
    • Comes with installation guide
    • Packs of different quantities


    • It can leak
    • Not perfect for newborn chicks
    Check the Price on Amazon 

    #5 Automatic Poultry Watering Cup Kit by RentACoop

    Chicken Waterer
    RentACoop Poultry watering Cup Specification
    Item Number NA
    Item Weight 9.9 ounces
    Product Dimension 9 x 8 x 4 inches
    Storage Capacity Automatic Flow
    Material Plastic

    We might get tired by mentioning the different lines of best poultry watering cups offered by RentACoop, but the numbers will keep going on.

    As we know, this is the 3rd product by RentACoop on our list and works out perfectly for all the users who have been looking out for a way to handle the huge crowd of chickens. The name says a lot about the product. We can see that the user has to work hard to fit the cup.

    But after getting done with it, they won’t have to worry about checking all the cups as they will be filled automatically. It is the best poultry watering cups in the market as it can feed all the birds like turkeys, ducks, quail, and even chickens.

    As amazing as this automatic watering cup sounds, setting up the cup around the coop depends on the user. They have the freedom to set it according to the design of the coop.

    The best part is that the hustle of cleaning the cups from all the dirt from stagnant water is dealt with. With this, you can feed your chicken with fresh water for 80 days and more.

    Installing the product might get hard as it involves a drill size of 8.5 mm, 21/64 inch, or 11/32 inch. You get the flexibility to choose between a 5-gallon of the plastic container and a PVC pipe. There is no tension in filling up the plastic water tank as all of it is being controlled by the machine itself.

    As the water runs low in the cup, the opening will fill the water asap. The cups will always be ready to feed your chicken, and they don’t have to waste a minute waiting.

    We recommend our viewers to use the 2-year warranty by registering as a customer on the official website of RentACoop.


    1. Strong Cups
    2. Value for Money
    3. Store water for 80 days
    4. Available in both the pack of 2 and 4


    1. Costly
    2. Not ideal for cold weather
    Know more about the product on Amazon 

    #6 Olba B.V Poultry Watering Bottle

    Best Poultry Watering Cups
    Olba B.V Plastic Drinking Bottle Specification
    Item Number 2075369
    Item Weight 4.8 ounces
    Product Dimension 6.69 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches
    Storage Capacity 1 litre
    Material Plastic

    Specially equipped for baby cheeks, we have the Olba B.V Plastic Poultry Watering Bottle. It will help the farm owner provide the right hydration to the baby chicks to help them grow healthy.

    It comes in a 6.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inch UV/frost-resistant plastic bottle. Being sturdy and strong, it has a stainless-steel nipple that can feed up to 20 baby chicks. It can be stored up to 1 liter of water and, therefore, can feed 4 fully grown chickens as well.

    To save space in the coop, this water supplier comes in with a galvanized mounting bracket. This will allow you to attach the watering bottle to the walls or to a cage if available.

    The bottle is accompanied by a hinged lid, which makes sure that the water is both fresh and clean. The integrated cap on top of the lid will help you fill-up the bottle easily.

    Unlike other watering cans, the Olba B.V can feed other animals as well and isn’t suited for birds exceptionally.

    It is indeed the best poultry watering cups in the market.


    • Great quality
    • UV-resistant plastic
    • Perfect for 15-20 baby chicks
    • Stainless steel nipple for longer durability


    • The bracket is not durable
    • Nipples can leak
    Check the Price on Amazon 

    Since we have come across all the best poultry watering cups available, it is time to know about the buyer’s guide. This buyer guide will help you with an extensive overview of all the different factors to consider.

    #7 Plastic Poultry Drinker by Harris Farms

    Best Poultry Watering Cups
    Harris Farms Plastic Poultry Cup Specification
    Item Number 1000261
    Item Weight 15 ounces
    Product Dimension 10.9 x 9.7 x 10.9 inches
    Storage Capacity 5 Quart
    Material Plastic

    Harris Farms has been a renowned producer of coop tools for almost a decade now. They have a great collection for all your farming needs. Speaking of the Harris Farms Plastic Poultry Drinker, it can serve up to 32 adult chickens with a storage capacity of 5 quarts.

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    The semi-opaque design helps the farmer to understand the water level from a far distance, which helps him keep the chickens hydrated. On the other hand, the moulded plastic ensures the quality of the product.

    The shape of the watering cup has been specially designed to make sure that the water doesn’t overflow in the cup. Apart from it, farmers can make sure that the tank is sturdy and doesn’t fall off using the twist-lock system available.


    • Good Quality
    • Easy to Use
    • Twist-lock System
    • Sturdy metal prevents any spillage


    • Plastic can crack
    Buy It from Amazon 

    Best Poultry Watering Cups – Buyer’s Guide

    With this buyer guide, you will finally be able to find a suitable product. The wait must have been long, so let’s not delay it any further.

    There are a lot of things to consider while you are dealing with the poultry watering cups. The most important aspect is the duration after which you need to refill the tank. Well, the best way to deal with this is by connecting the cups to the main water supply.

    However, it might not be possible for everyone, and other ways are needed.

    Apart from it, we all will agree that the location of the watering cups matters a lot. Water is crucial for all livestock. Birds require water in a huge quantity, which we miss out on as a human being. It is due to the hot and humid water which makes them restless.

    A strategic solution for the placement of watering cups is finding a place under the shades. In hot conditions, birds usually find shelters under the tree, and therefore, placing the cups there will be a great help.

    Well, you know a lot of the best poultry watering cups already; let’s discuss the other factors which affect the decision of a user.

    Size and Dimensions

    Everyone will agree to the fact that the size of the poultry cup matters a lot. It is the most important thing to consider as you don’t want to run out of water for your flock.

    On the other hand, the dimension is very critical as well. You can’t expect to work with the flock is the bucket or cup is not shallow enough. As an owner, you won’t want your chicks to mess with the watering cup.

    Imagine finding yourself a watering tank that will not pass through the gates of your coop. Having huge water storage for the birds is the right decision, but it might harm the open space available for the birds. They must be set free to let them grow bigger than usual.

    It is obviously convenient for users to have a large watering tank as it cuts down the number of refills every day. But, this shouldn’t mess with the space available. An effective solution will be to hook it up on the wall so that the ground space is secured for your chickens.

    Quality and Design

    The quality and the material of the product will depend greatly on the type of weather condition your coop has to go through. If the temperature is very high at your place, then buying a galvanized product might not sound right.

    The water in the tank will heat up and won’t be edible for the chickens. On the other hand, while you opt for plastic material, look out for the quality they are using. Many poultry watering cups come in with UV-resistant plastic material, which makes it even better.

    Also, look out for the design of the product. If it shakes or makes noise, then it won’t be the best for your chickens. This will just scare them away.

    In the end, look out for the material used to make the watering cups. It can be plastic or stainless steel, but there should be a regular flow of water to the same. This is possible with the help of a vacuum, which provides sturdy and strong support.

    Poultry Size

    You don’t want to run out of water every 2 hours. This will just make your life worse. On the other hand, you won’t want to waste water by keeping them stagnant in the tank for months.

    This is where the size of your poultry comes in. As a poultry farmer, picking up the best poultry watering cups is your decision. For every product mentioned above, we have strictly provided the number of chickens it can feed. Therefore, take that into account while picking up a product.

    Remember to take the chicks into account; all the watering cups don’t fit right for chicks. Therefore, you would want to attach a different model for them.

    Heating Capability

    Well, the summers are easy to deal with, but what about the harsh weather condition during the winters. The supply of water needs to be cut down, and you will need to make sure that the water is not too cold.

    But you can’t run around the flock every two hours to provide warm water? Then, what is the best way to deal with the situation? Using a poultry watering cup which will provide heat to the water is the right solution. This is possible, and Little Giant Galvanized Double Wall Founts comes in with the same.

    Well, all the necessary features have been mentioned here. Make a wise choice while picking up the best poultry watering cups. A huge choice of material is available and pick up the best one suitable for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    #1 What is the optimum quantity of water a chicken consume?

    The answer to this question is as important as finding the best poultry watering cups in the market. If you want your flocks to be healthy and productive, there must be the right supply of water for them. Although they just take sips throughout the day, it is weird to know that they can consume up to half a litre every day.

    During hot weather conditions, this can go up to a litre. Therefore, the ideal quantity to go with must be 1 litre of water for each chicken. You should not forget about the cleanliness and the ambience of the coop.

    Apart from it, place the cups in a strategical position so that the chickens don’t get stranded while finding the watering cups.

    #2 Where should one place the watering cups?

    Finding out the best poultry watering cups is not the only thing that you must know about. A good farmer knows the movement of his chicks. He will always find ways to look out to help the chicken when it comes to providing them with water.

    Therefore, as a good farmer, you must be aware of the different places to place the watering cups. If you have a large flock, then placing the watering cups at different locations will be the best decision. This way, all of the chickens won’t be accommodated in a single place.

    Apart from it, finding a place with shade and away from chicken poop is necessary. You can’t just place the watering cups in a dirty and filthy place as it takes a toll on the health of your chickens.


    By now, you must have come across a lot of stuff about the best poultry watering cups which weren’t known by you. The healthy and productive growth of chickens is very important for the consumers.

    It is the duty of the farmers to look out for the healthy upbringing of these birds as they are ultimately consumed by a human being. Any faulty decision by the farmer can lead to huge problems for the consumers in the city.

    Therefore, we recommend using the best poultry watering cups in the market, which is away from all the filthy dirt and poop in the fields.

    A wise choice will help you out as a farmer in the long run.

    Make a wise decision!


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