10 Best Foot Masks 2021 (Dermatologists’ Approved)

    Best Foot Masks for 2021 – Pedicures have become an important part of our life. We all can agree to the fact that legs are the most neglected part of our body. Whenever it comes to preparing ourselves for an outdoor party, we always look out for our face and upper body. Among all this chaos, we miss out on our lower body.

    Well, whatever the situation might be, we should always take care of our feet. However, the busy schedule makes it completely impossible for individuals to find time for pedicures. We understand that you want a way out, but spending hours in the salon is not the right one for you.

    Therefore, with the expert’s help, we have brought in some of the best foot masks 2021 for you all. Irrespective of gender, everyone is free to use the product as both men and women have to take care of their feet.

    Just imagine the huge amount of dead skins and hidden bacteria that might be present in your leg. This is the worst thing to have around you. Therefore, we prefer to get rid of it in the most modern way possible.

    With the advanced-tech, the foot peel mask exfoliates our foot and gives it the perfect treatment that we have been waiting for. On the other hand, it saves a great amount of time which we might have wasted in the salon.

    Therefore, we must be aware of the benefits of the best foot masks on amazon before actually buying one of them.

    10 Best Foot Masks 2021 – Benefit

    #1 Weirdly Satisfying

    Removing all the dead skins from your legs always feel good. If you have always loved to pluck out the chin hair or remove a spot from your face, then you will surely love the idea of how the food masks operate.

    When the peel-off mask is left on the skin for a long period of time, it becomes a part of the outer layer. Therefore, when you peel it off after an hour, all the dead cells come out along with it.

    The foot masks are a great way to peel off the gross dead skin. The process might be gross but finding the good new layer of skin beneath gives a different kind of pleasure, which is difficult to explain.

    If you still didn’t get me, use the #footner hashtag on Instagram and get an idea about it.

    #2 Minimum Efforts

    Have you always found it tedious to hit the salon for a pedicure once every two weeks? Well, you are not alone in this race. There are several people out there who don’t like the idea of waiting for too long or working too hard to maintain their beauty.

    This is why the best foot masks came into existence. Many doctors believe that this is indeed the best way to deal with your problems. To start with the process, users need to wash their feet in warm water for 10 minutes.

    Now, they need to put them into socks filled with gel. Well, don’t forget to strap it up. With this simple process, all of us can get rid of our dead skin problems. There won’t be any issue related to sloughing or elbow grease that we face in every salon.

    It is the special alpha-hydroxy acid solution that baits on the outer layer of dead skin and removes it in an hour or so. Many companies even prefer to use lactic and glycolic acid. If you go for a product from the top basket, you can even find beta hydroxyl salicylic acid in it.

    #3 Works the Best

    We can all agree to the fact that our feet’s skin is the thickest and the toughest one throughout our body. It is indeed necessary as it has to carry all the weight of our body. Just imagine the tough road that our legs have to take to get us to our favorite destination.

    It is definitely going to be a mammoth task to exfoliate it with our own hands. Imagine the physical labor with scrubs and lotions that we might have to engage in. Well, this doesn’t end here. Most of us might have to repeat it every 2-3 days to ensure the skin quality.

    Therefore, the best way to tackle the situation is by leaving the job for a pro tool. Foot masks have a special kind of gel that breaks the hard skin made of dead cells and nourishes our inner layer of skin with glycerin, vitamin E, plant oils, and many more.

    Our body does give away the dead skins naturally in a year or so. But, the amount of build-up in our legs is so huge that it is hard for the skins to get rid of it on a regular basis. This is the major reason to bring in external help to remove the dead cells.

    #4 End Result is worth it

    The whole process might be easy to deal with, but the 1-hour long wait is definitely tough to deal with. The peeling off process is oddly satisfying due to the result hidden beneath it. The gel brings in a different buff to our skin, which makes it difficult for us to identify our legs.

    All those insecurities that you had related to your legs, well, all of those are in the past. Now, all you can think of is the soft, bright, and light feeling legs, which are beautiful as paradise.

    With the best foot mask, you can walk around the corridor in your sandals without being ashamed of your legs. The feeling of having fresh legs around is different. It indeed steps one to start loving yourself.

    #5 Long-lasting Effects

    Well, the one thing that all of us loves is the long-lasting effect of any product. We might not see good results on the first attempt, but the process shows results gradually. Users can feel the change in their legs within 2-3 days of applying the gel.

    Once the skin is peeled off, we can feel the soft new skin and expect it to last for more than a month. Most of the doctors recommend not to use the product more than once a month.

    Many users have also seen the result last for 2-3 months. However, it completely depends on the way we treat ourselves. If we have a harsh daily life, then it might get tedious, and we have to exfoliate the legs every month.

    Since we all are aware of the different benefits that the foot peel masks have for us, let us grab some of the best foot masks in 2021 from the market.

    Best Foot Masks 2021 – Amazon Products

    #1 Sassito Type C Foot Peel Mask

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. It is effective on dead skin, calluses, and cracked heels.
    2. With no chemical or latex, it is made out of natural ingredients.
    3. The exfoliating formula used in this product is rare.
    4. It even helps to deal with the sore and aching feeling.
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    Whenever we talk about the Sassito foot peel mask, we end up talking about the different natural ingredients used in this. Most of us are worried about hampering our skin with harmful chemicals. Well, that is not going to be a problem anymore.

    The Sassito Type C is the best foot mask to be found in the market. It comes with different ingredients like Lavender, vegetable oil, and water. It has a special technology that makes sure to peel off the dead skin rapidly. Apart from that, it even helps to deal with the cracked heels by leaving a soft touch to them.

    This foot mask is ready for a home spa experience. Users can feel how comfortable it is once they wear it. With the easy to use instruction and a universal size, every user can get their delicate skin back.

    Unlike other best foot masks in the market, the Sassito comes in with 2 packed pairs of peel-off masks. The elegant box makes it a perfect present for your friend. Well, if you have been waiting for this opportunity, then grab it now!


    1. 100% skin-friendly
    2. No chemicals
    3. No Latex
    4. Special Lavender scent


    1. Costlier

    Amazon Link – Best Foot Peel Mask 2021 – Sassito Foot Mask

    #2 Bealuz Exfoliant Foot Peel Mask

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. The miraculous solution used in the product makes the exfoliating and peeling off process easier.
    2. It is easy to use.
    3. There is no pain, and it is 100% safe.
    4. Perfect for a gift.

    Bealuz has always been famous when it comes to skin products. Women skincare product has a huge market and Bealuz own half of it. There is no product that Bealuz has not on its list. Well, when we talk about the best foot mask, Bealuz has a great variety to offer.

    Speaking of their favorite, Lavender Foot Mask. It is enriched with a miraculous formula that helps to deal with the dry and callused feet. Users can see the change in a week or two after applying the foot peel mask.

    When it comes to usage, it is very simple to deal with. There is no need to scrub or peel off the skin using your hand. It is a natural process boosted by the best foot masks available. Within a few days, all of the old skin will peel off, and you will be free to see the new skin on your legs.

    Most of us have been worried about how painful losing the dead skins might be. But there is a reason why we call it dead. The process of getting rid of the dead skin is very smooth and has a different touch to it. As human beings, we must all try it once and enjoy the feeling it has to offer.


    1. It comes in with a rejuvenating lavender scent
    2. Works for at least 2 weeks
    3. It comes in a box of 2
    4. Loved by all


    1. No other fragrance.

    Amazon Link – Belluz Foot Mask Lavender Fragrance

    #3 Soft Touch Lavender Fool Peel Mask

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. Have botanical ingredients like apple, aloe vera, and lemon.
    2. Unlike others, it might take 7-14 days to show results.
    3. It is dermatologist tested.
    4. Rejuvenate your legs and make them feel like new.

    One of the major things that we all must look out for is the type of skin; the product is suitable for. Well, most of the product is available for all skin types. However, some products like this one are specified for a single skin type. This foot mask by Soft Touch is best for dry skin.

    Unlike other foot mask companies, this one is being tested by the dermatologist on a prolonged scale to check out if there are any side-effects. Apart from that, it uses a special botanical extract which no other company has. Extracts from apply, aloe vera and lemon make your skin soft and give you the rejuvenate vibe you have been waiting for.

    This product can be used by both men and women. With its large size, any men with a foot size of 11 UK can fit into this. However, researches have shown that men aren’t that comfortable in dealing with these pads for long hours.

    If the users are looking for instant benefits that choosing this product might not be the right decision. After the use, it might take up to 14 days to show the true result. However, once the time is over, every wait will be worth it.

    However, the company recommends not to use the product if you are diabetic, have cuts, or are skin allergic.


    1. Made out of 100% natural ingredients
    2. The best result after 14 days
    3. Provides the right nutrition to your skin


    1. Avoid if you have sensitive skin

    Amazon Link – Soft Touch Lavender Foot Mask

    #4 Dermora Healing Foot Peel Mask

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. It has a special papaya extract, which helps in providing nourishment.
    2. It comes in with 2 pairs of socks, i.e., it can be used twice by users.
    3. Users will get their treatment within 2 weeks of using the product.
    4. It should be stored in a cold place, or the gel will lose its quality.

    Imagine a company dealing in medicines and drugs entering the skin product market. Well, it has happened this time with DERMORA. With its firm decision, they have entered the foot mask industry and comes in with special categorization.

    With the help of this foot mask, you can get rid of the dry skin, calluses, and cracked heels within 2 weeks of using it. Just warm up your feet in water for 10 mins and attached this patch to your legs. That’s all to get done with it.

    Though it has a lavender scent to it, the extracts used in it are different from the regular best foot masks. It uses papaya extracts, which are brought from Africa exclusively. To enhance the quality, the use of natural ingredients has been the first criterion for the company.

    Most of the foot mask can’t help in dealing with deep-set calluses. No matter how many times you use it, the mask works on the exterior itself. But with the special formula, Dermora works differently. Their innovative technic can help you remove the deep-set calluses as well.


    1. Natural Ingredients.
    2. Helps in solving foot-odor problems
    3. Remove deep-set calluses


    1. Expensive

    Amazon Link – DERMORA Papaya Extract Foot Peel Mask

    #5 Plantifique Dermatologically Tested Foot Peel Mask

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. The special ingredients help provide 4x more nourishment and 6.5x deeper exfoliation.
    2. The enriched extract of aloe vera is a healthy antioxidant that helps to make skin texture radiant.
    3. It is being tested by a German lab, which increases reliability.

    To start with, the product is different than most of the best foot masks that we have talked about already. It is indeed the best cooling foot mask available in the market. The track record it has made for itself is huge. Over 300K customers have repeated their orders because of the fragrance and nourishment it got to offer.

    A total of 18 ingredients are put to use in this foot mask to provide the quality we all deserve. Starting from Alcohol and Glycerol, we can find natural ingredients like chamomile, Matricaria, Salvia officinalis leaf extract, and many others.

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    There are chances that you might not get a hand on this product because of the huge demand it has in the market. To provide high-quality material, the company refused to use raw chemicals like lanolin and parabens.

    At any time of the day, compared to other best foot masks in the market, this one will provide 4x powerful performance. Users can actually observe the fast change in their legs. According to the research work, it has been found that the special aloe vera extract helps the skin to regenerate at 151% times.

    The German independent lab has tested the product themselves and found that there is no competition for this one in the market. When you are using this product, you won’t even need to wash your legs in the warm water beforehand.

    It is the job of the power plants to take care of dry and raw skin. All of the impurities will be removed easily with this.


    1. Removes foot odour
    2. Helps with deep calluses
    3. It fits all the different foot sizes
    4. 10x better treatment than others


    1. Sensitive skin might not be able to use it.

    Amazon Link – Plantifique Dermatologically Tested Foot Mask

    #6 Aliceva One Step Foot Mask

    Best Foot Masks 2021

    Key Features –

    1. It has ingredients like Lavender, Aloe Vera, and Melaleuca Plant.
    2. It takes up to 10 days to show results.
    3. It takes 60 minutes for the users to complete the whole process.

    The Aliceva Foot mask deserves to be in our list of best foot masks. With its special cream formula, it works differently compared to the foot mask available in the market.

    While using the best foot masks, we tend to forget about the harsh day that our feet had to go through. Every dermatologist suggests users wash their feet in warm water to open up the pores and release the dirt stored in them.

    Using this product also involves a similar process. Once you are done soaking your feet in the water, clean them with a towel and use the foot mask. On a rough basis, you need to keep your legs inside the bag for 60-90 mins.

    Whatsoever, if your legs have been through a rough ride lately, seeing the right results might take time. Therefore, we recommend everyone to use the product until the desired skin is achieved.

    However, don’t use it more than once a month as it may ruin the quality of your skin and peel off the fresh skin as well.

    Speaking of the ingredients used, we can find that it has glycerine, mandelic aid, sodium dodecyl, lavender extract, trolamine, and many others, which makes it the perfect one for your legs.

    To enhance the quality of exfoliation, we recommend the users to keep their legs in warm water after applying the peel foot mask. Taking off the skin will become easier. The toes can see severe improvement.


    1. Natural Ingredients
    2. Moisture-locking feature
    3. Works on all skin


    1. It has a strong smell

    Amazon Link – Aliceva One-Stop Foot Mask

    #7 Raxurt Foot Mask – Value for Money

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. Special Pomegranate extracts to enrich your legs.
    2. Pack of 4 pairs peeling mask.
    3. Dead skin will peel off by the end of 7 days since the initial stage.
    4. The company asks to keep the feet in water for 20 minutes every day.

    Well, if you found any of the foot masks on the list to be expensive, then this is your best mate. The Raxurt foot mask is available at a very low price as it comes in a pair of 4. This means that one box will last you for 4 months.

    Exfoliating is necessary, but what if your legs are missing the moisture required by all of us. Well, the Raxurt foot mask will take care of the same. With a safe and pain-free way peeling off this mask won’t be a problem for anyone.

    If you are worried about the product quality, then you must know that it is the best foot mask available on amazon. A huge number of audience has reviewed this product as they love what they have received.

    Like every other foot mask, this one also has natural extract. However, the one used by this is different. Its main natural extract is castor oil, witch hazel, and pomegranate. Apart from that, golden camomile extract brings in the right nourishment for the silky smooth legs we are expecting to have.

    To ensure a different touch to their product. The Raxurt foot mask comes in with 2 pairs of exfoliators and 2 pairs of moisturizers. Apart from that, the size is universal; therefore, no one has to worry about missing out on their size. The idea of your painless foot spa is available now.


    1. Universal size.
    2. Value for money
    3. Results in 7 days
    4. Both moisturizer and exfoliator available


    1. Requires cleansing legs on a daily basis for better peeling off.

    Amazon Link – Raxurt Foot Mask – Value for Money

    #8 Ebara Foot Mask – Baby Soft Feet

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
    2. The dead skin will start to peel off within 3-7 days of using the mask.
    3. The natural extract is worth the price you are paying.
    4. Provides feet as soft as a baby.

    Have you always wondered about the softness of a kid’s feet? Well, most of us have. They have these tiny feet and hands which takes our heart away. Well, it might not be possible for us to get you the tininess, but we work on the softness.

    With the Ebara foot mask, you get every penny of your investment right back on your feet. For better results, the company requests every customer to wash their legs in warm water for a good period of time.

    However, something different compared to most of the foot mask is your ability to wear a sock over it. In fact, the company claims that this process will help the mask to work better on your legs.

    Adding the lavender fragrance, it becomes the best one to use in the town. Therefore, don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab a piece of this foot mask.


    1. Arousing fragrance
    2. Best for any foot size
    3. De-tans your leg
    4. Smoother and moisturized legs


    1. Can cause issues like skin flaking

    Amazon Link – Ebara Foot Peel Mask

    #9 Sunatoria Exfoliating Foot Mask

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. Use natural extracts like milk, aloe vera, orange, and papaya.
    2. It has met the US FDA requirements and has the ISO certificate as well.
    3. It is completely non-allergic and doesn’t react with the skin.

    If you are from England and are looking for the best foot mask, then you have found your match. With more than 2000 ratings on Amazon, this product has helped out customers at every stage of life. Whether you have dead skins or rough heels, there is nothing that this foot mask can’t deal with.

    However, one thing that all of you must be aware of is the skin type that it should be used for. The company strictly advises that people with dry skin should use this.

    The gel form of this peel mask makes it even better as it provides extra moisture to the feet. Papaya, aloe vera, and orange are the natural extract, which makes them useful for all people with dry skin.

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    It comes in with an improved formula, which will help the users to peel it off with soft-touch itself. There is no need for nails to interfere in between.

    Sunatoria is a premium brand in the UK. Every person, whether from the upstate or a small town, believes in using it. There is no way one can reject using it because of its moisturizing and exfoliating qualities.


    1. Easy and Safe to Use.
    2. Results visible in 7-10 days
    3. Premium Quality


    1. It can’t be used for sensitive skins

    Amazon Link – Sunatoria Exfoliating Foot Mask

    #10 VASSOUL Foot Peel Mask

    Best Foot Masks

    Key Features –

    1. It comes in with a special lavender scent.
    2. It can deal with aged calluses easily.
    3. The manufacturer is ready to provide 100% money-back if it doesn’t work out for you.

    From the cover itself, we can understand that this foot mask promotes the lavender scent. However, that’s not all that this best foot mask comes in with. Users can feel the milk, aloe vera, and Lavender extract when they will be using the same.

    No matter how rough your calluses and dead skin might be, everything will be covered by using the VASSOUL Foot Mask. The company claims its special 4 step process, which will help one nourish and moisturize their legs – Soak, Open, Apply and Wash Away.

    Unlike other foot mask brands in the market, this one comes in with a 100% money-back guarantee for all the customers who didn’t like the product. They won’t ask any questions neither lookout for any returns. The company is happy to serve you to achieve soft and tender feet as you have always wanted.

    It comes in with extended shelf life, which makes it possible for the users to store it for 2 years at the latest. However, the size might be a problem for many users; therefore, we ask them to go through the different sizes available by the same company. The one provided by us is of size – S1.


    1. Easily heals cracked heels
    2. Softer and smoother feet
    3. Nourishes feet like never before
    4. Works well for dry skin


    1. Just one pair of mask in the box

    Amazon Link – VASSOUL S1 Foot Mask

    Well, I have mentioned all the best foot masks available on amazon. According to your preference, you can pick up the right one for yourself. However, if you are still facing issues with finding the right product for your legs, then using the best foot masks – the buyer’s guide will help you out.

    Best Foot Masks – Buyer’s Guide

    Whatever might be the product, without a proper buyer’s guide purchasing the item always get tedious. You have to go through different websites to look for the right purchasing principle.

    However, we believe in providing you with the right policy at the same place.

    Foot Masks have become kind of essential nowadays for all of us. After the long and tedious day, we are left with no energy to take care of our skin. Well, with great determination, some of us manage to take care of their face but dealing with our legs seems the last job to go for all of us.

    Therefore, the only way other than a day off for the salon is to use the best foot masks.

    There are thousands of brands available on Amazon, and all of them claim to be the best. This is where things get confusing. Users must understand what the company wants to portray and what they are actually offering.

    As a consumer, you have all the rights to pick up your favorite brand in the market. Apart from it, there are several factors that will affect the choice of your brand. When it comes to foot masks, users must be aware of their skin type, and therefore, they shouldn’t neglect things like this in the long run.

    With this, let’s get into the different factors which will affect the choice of your best foot masks.

    Skin Type

    As mentioned earlier, it is important for all the users to look for the different skin types that the foot mask is coming for. Usually, our legs are made up of dry skin as we don’t take care of it much.

    However, if you take care of your legs and it has proper nourishment, then you need to look out for the right product.

    Most of the best foot masks available are for dry skin, but companies have done their work thoroughly and thus, added several different products with nourishment for all skin types.

    It is easier to look out for the product’s compatibility as it is available in the features section. Don’t miss out on it!

    Cream vs. Gel Foot Masks

    Well, the controversies and debate related to the different forms of foot masks are never-ending. Users just can’t get enough of the two types of foot masks on amazon.

    The gel foot mask is available on a large scale on the internet as it focuses on nourishing the underlying layer of skin and, thus, acts as the best cooling foot mask. It even acts as the best foot mask at home, and therefore, customers prefer to use this.

    On the other hand, the cream foot masks are of high-end quality, and users have to pay a greater price for the same. But, I prefer not to mention this as the best one in the industry. However, the cream foot masks are really charming, and people who don’t have dry skin should always opt for this one.

    Pair of Masks

    Most of the customers have been mistaken when it comes to the pair of masks available with the package. The most common packaging is two pairs of masks with the box. It means that a user can use the product twice.

    However, there are other packages as well where you can buy the product in bulk. But we recommend to not go for something like that until and unless you have found the right product for yourself.

    It is essential for each one of us to find our match as it deals with our skin directly.

    Natural Extract

    Every skin has a different touch to it. Some blushes while some are oily to the next level. Natural extracts are a great medium to improve your skin glow and, therefore, acts as the right medium for your skincare needs.

    But what if these natural extracts turned out to be dangerous for you. As scary it sounds, natural extracts are always good for your health. However, different brands use different fruits and plants to extract nourishment.

    A user might have an allergy to papaya. Well, imagine the situation that he has to go through if he ends up using the Dermora Healing Foot Peel Mask. It is going to be terrible for him.

    Therefore, always take a good look at the different extracts being used in the foot mask.


    Most of the best foot masks come in with lavender fragrance. But it is not necessary for you to pick up the same. You can find a bunch of different options in the market which come in with a unique fragrance that will suit your needs.

    Therefore, consider all the factors mentioned above before making a choice. If the first experience goes wrong, then you might not like what the foot masks got to offer.


    Customers are free to choose a product from the best foot masks list. We have picked up some of the best foot masks for dry skin, as most of us are facing problems with the same.

    However, using foot peels requires to know a little more about it. Even using the best foot masks can be dangerous if you have any open wound or have skin irritation. Pregnant women are strictly advised by dermatologists to not go for the foot peel masks.

    This invention is definitely the best one as it saves us a lot of time and money at the same time. Just imagine how much time you are saving by using this product and not going to the salon by taking a day off.


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