11 Daily Habits That Will Immensely Enhance Your Life In 2021

    “Your habits will define your future.” ~ Jack Canfield

    This quote by Jack is enough to define the importance of our daily habits. In today’s era, most people devote their time to their work and they forget a few basic and most important habits of our life. Ignoring these habits could be a huge disadvantage in our life.

    So, which are the habits that we are missing in our daily life? Well, there is not one habit that we are missing, there are many and for your convenience, I am going to tell you those habits that will help you to level up your life and to reach your goals. Now without wasting any time, let’s jump right into the article.

    Daily Habits To Include In Your Life

    1. Create And Follow a Morning Routine

    morning routine is one of the best daily habits

    Following a good morning routine is one of the best daily habits that you can adopt in your life. The majority of people don’t even give importance to this. If you are one of them, now is the time to fix a routine that you can follow in the morning. Keep it very simple and specific. Here are a few things that should be compulsory in your morning routine.

    • Wake Up at least before 7 AM.
    • Do Gratitude and Drink water just after waking up in the morning.
    • After getting fresh, do exercise or yoga.
    • Consume valuable knowledge like read books, listen to podcasts, or book summaries as you prefer.

    2. Plan How You Will Spend Your Day

    planning your day could be one of the best daily habits for you

    Planning your day is one of the most important habits to include in your daily life. It will bring accountability to your life. So, How can you plan your day effectively? Let me give you two simple steps for planning.

    Step 1. Take a pen and paper. Write up the tasks you want to do and prioritize them.

    Step 2. Set a time for all the tasks (when you will start and finish the tasks.)

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    That’s how you will be deciding how you want to spend your day.

    One more thing: Try to plan your day the night before or do it just after waking up.

    3. Meditate Everyday

    daily habits

    This is the habit that should be included in everyone’s daily habits routine. Meditation will make you calmer and Mr. cool just like M.S Dhoni, it will give you the ability to handle a heated situation in a very gentle way. Now a question arises, How and When to do it.

    Well, meditating is not very complicated at all. You have to follow the three simple steps given below.

    Step 1. Sit in a comfortable place.

    Step 2. Keep your back straight and eyes close.

    Step 3. Focus only on your breath.

    Do it at least for 10 minutes in the initial and gradually increase the minutes. Meditation for 20 minutes will a perfect fit.

    Watch this video to know more about meditation.

    4. Spend Some Time With Your Self

    Spending time with yourself is one of the most beneficial daily habits for introspecting yourself. This habit can help you with knowing yourself. While doing this, I will recommend you to solve your problems that are bothering you every day on a mental level.

    This daily habit will give you inner and long-term happiness.

    5. Reduce The Consumption Of Ultra-Processfood

    reducing processed food in your diet is one of the best daily habits

    Ultra-Processed food is a disaster for our health. Almost every packet closed food items are ultra-processed, people still eat it while knowing that it is extremely harmful to them. I am not saying that cut off this type of food completely but reduce consumption, eat it at least once a month. Don’t eat it on a daily basis.

    This is one of the best daily habits for being a fit and healthy person.

    6. Drink More Water

    daily habits

    Most people drink very less water than their body demands. Our body demands at least 2-3 liter water per day. Yes, I know it is quite difficult to remember to drink this much water. That’s why for your convenience, I am giving you a pretty simple technique.

    • Buy a bottle of 1L or maybe you have it already in your house. Set a target for finishing it three times in a whole day.
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    This is one of those daily habits that can give you numerous benefits.

    One more important thing: Don’t Waste Water. I know you have heard this a lot of times but still, I wanted to consider it because it is necessary for our future.

    7. Learn Daily.

    daily habits

    ‘Learning’ one of the best daily habits that everyone should include in their life. Learning is a thing that boosts the growth of our life. So, which platforms are appropriate for learning?

    Well, there are many free and paid platforms. You can get valuable knowledge regarding many topics on youtube for free. If you want paid courses to learn, Udemy would be a perfect fit for you.

    You should definitely include this in your daily habits.

    “The wonderful thing regarding learning is that no one can take it away from you.”~ B.B. King

    8. Exercise Regularly

    exercise is one of the best daily habits that you can adopt

    Exercise is the most important element for humans and is mostly ignored by humans also. It should be included in everyone’s daily habits, sadly only a few people give attention to it. So, make sure to include this habit to have a better life ahead.

    In the initial stage, 30 minutes of exercise will be ideal for you. You can do skipping, running, or hit the gym for at least 45 minutes.

    “Once you are performing exercise daily, the toughest task is to stop it.” ~ Erin Gray

    Watch this 20 minutes workout tutorial for beginners. It will help you for sure.

    9. Spend Time In Nature

    daily habits

    Nowadays, we are working on electronic devices and most of the time spend on them. We are forgetting the beautiful world outside. There are only a few people who spend time in nature.

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    In a study, researchers discovered that people who spend 2 hours a week in nature have better physical and mental health than those who don’t.

    So, spend at least 2 hours in nature every week. This is one of the fantastic daily habits that can make fit from inside.

    10. Go To Bed Early

    Well, this is a habit that is slightly hard to adopt, right? It is hard because of our mobile phones. If you regularly sleep late, there is a possibility that the chances of getting depressed and stressed are increasing. Maybe it can cause lower self-esteem also. While going to sleep, keep your phone away from you take deep breaths while lying on the bed.

    This one of the best daily habits that you can adapt to level up your life.

    11. Spend Quality Time With Your Parents

    daily habits

    This is one of the most crucial daily habits that definitely should be included in your life. Parents are the only humans who truly loves us. So, why not spend some quality time with them. Express your love towards them, tell them how much you care about them.

    It will make your parents happier, that would be a great thing for their health. Try to do this every day and see how inner peace you will get.


    These were the daily habits that should be included in your daily life. If you include these habits in your life, I am sure you are going to have a peaceful and blissful life. Now I hope this article was helpful. If you want to recommend any other habit or you have any suggestions, leave them in the comment section, I would love to hear that.


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