Polysexual And Polysexuality- Some Amazing Things You Must Know!

    Polysexual- What is it?

    Polysexual, also spelled and referred to as plysexual or polisexual, is simply the sexual inclination or attraction to many as the name suggests, but not certainly all the genders out there.

    For example, if a person is plysexual, he or she could be drawn towards or interested in all genders besides men. Or a polysexual person may be attracted only to male-aligned people, genderfluid people, or non-binary people. In simpler words, a plysexual person is someone who is either romantically or sexually drawn to some genders but not all.

    In this piece of article, you will know everything about plysexual people and what polysexuality means. let’s get started and clear all that you have in mind regarding polysexuality.

    Definition of Polysexual

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    Plysexual people are simply humans inclined to more than one gender. Polysexuality cannot be confused with bisexuality. For instance, if a person is plysexual, he or she could be attracted to men, non-binary, and genderqueer humans but they may not feel the same inclination or attraction to women.

    Polysexuality is primarily notable for shunning the notion of a particularly binary gender system that has been associated traditionally with bisexuality (although the definition of bi- has evolved a lot in modern years as a broader umbrella term).

    If you consider it in that sense, polysexuality is among other diverse sexual orientations, adequately acknowledging different genders as a spectrum and at the same time expressing neither an all-encompassing preference nor a hyper-specific preference.

    Origin and history of polysexuality

    Adopting the Greek prefix poly which refers to “many”, the word or title plysexual first emerged in the late 1920s. Before its gained traction as accepted sexuality, it was applied in the meaning of polyamory, which refers to the practice of having more than one sentimental and/or sexual involvement or connection with someone.

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    As the term grew more established and publicly acknowledged in the last few decades, that meaning or misconception regarding the term became outdated as the plysexual term is now perceived to be entirely different from people who follow non-monogamy.

    People who recognize as plysexual usually use that word because it implies a greater diversity of sexual orientations as compared to traditional gender binaries of female and male, or homo- and heterosexual. Each individual will have their personal specific choices when it comes to who they are drawn to romantically and sexually.

    Difference between Polysexuality, Pansexuality, Bisexuality, Polyamory, and pomosexuality

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    Polysexuality, Pansexuality, Bisexuality, and pomosexuality all indicate the same kind of sexual orientation which means a person is included towards two genders at least. The umbrella term used for all these kinds of attraction is multisexual. While all these terms indicate the same kind of attraction, the term polyamory terms refer to having more than one romantic or sexual relationship at one time.

    Bisexual people are inclined or attracted towards people of the same gender as their own and one other gender different from theirs. Pansexual people are slightly different as they do not take into account the gender of a person when being attracted toward them.

    Pomosexual individuals prefer to counter traditional categories of sexual recognition including those that put a tag on genders at all.

    Polyamory refers to being involved in multiple romantic relationships at one time. People of all orientations or any orientation can be in a polyamorous connection.

    Pansexual people are those that are inclined to people careless of their gender. Gender may or may not play a part in polysexuality. And although they might be drawn to people of various genders, they’re not interested in people of all genders.

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    There are exceptions based on the individual’s choice. For instance, one pansexual person may be interested in all the genders except bisexual or male while others may be attracted to these genders but not female.

    Because bisexuality refers to a person who is drawn to more than one specific gender, it can also be understood as a class of polysexuality. Some people may even use the titles reciprocally.

    While bisexual people may not necessarily be drawn to both cis women and cis men, the term “bisexual” is historically affiliated with this gender binary. For such reason, some people favor the usage of the term polysexual because it overlooks gender binaries completely.

    People may also indicate to the “bisexuality umbrella,” this is a term for all combinations of orientations that are interested in more than one gender.

    Pansexuality might not be among subsets of bisexuality, but both the classes bisexuality and pansexuality are essentially subsets of polysexuality. Polysexuality is determined as an attraction to multiple genders. You might have never met someone who recognizes you as polysexual, usually, this term is only used as an umbrella term for other terms like the bisexual and pansexuality community.

    Now that you know what polysexuality refers to and how it is different from other similar-looking terms. Let’s also go through some myths regarding people and polysexuality groups.

    Myths and misconceptions

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    There are a few misconceptions that have some impact on polysexual readers. These myths may hurt a pansexual or bisexual individual.

    1. A polysexual person cannot be faithful to one partner– Having such thoughts about other people regarding their sexual orientation is bizarre. People of all sexual orientations form a connection with someone the same way other people do. If they stay in a monogamous relationship with someone, they are no more likely to cheat don’t the person than anyone else being in the same kind of relationship including the people who assume so.
    2. A polysexual person is hypersexual and they want attention- Polysexualty or other sexual orientation of a person has nothing to do with a person’s libido. Like all other people, they also have their choices with whom and when they want to talk or have sex. Consent is always important when you approach a person as it is for everyone else.
    3. A polysexual individual is unsure or experimenting and will pick a side eventually- Know that like all other sexual orientations and genders, polysexuality is a known and valid identification of a person, not a choice.
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    If these myths are left unchecked and untalked about, they may lead to dismissive or abusive behavior.

    If you are also a polysexual individual, it is your option whether or not to share with others that learning. Reaching out and coming out as one can be traumatic. However, it will most certainly reduce tension or stress, help self-esteem, and unite you with a community.

    If you do choose to come out, know that you are not alone. Many establishments provide free counseling, advice, and guidance. The Human Rights Campaign has a helpful booklet of available resources.

    The Trevor Project has a design to coming out precisely tailored to young people as well as a great support hotline and other resources. You can also visit online forums and join Facebook groups that spread awareness reading LGBTQ+ to meet more people and share your story with them.

    You will definitely meet many people having similar stories and feel a lot better about yourself and your orientation. Know that it is completely fine to feel what you are feeling right now.

    Do you know what heteroflexible refers to? If not, find out using this precise piece of information and know who identifies as one.


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