All-inclusive Facts about Pitbull Husky mix (Pitsky)

    Do you know? Dogs are used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals and counsellings. The bond between the dog and therefore the owner is divine like love. Fortunately, there isn’t only one but a number of different breeds of dogs, among which you can choose your favorite.

    However, there are things that ought to be known by the seeker mandatorily, before getting a dog. It is because not all dogs are the same. Some breeds are friendly and quite easy to handle while some are very obstinate at the start.

    One of the foremost famous breeds of all time is the “Pitsky” (pitbull husky mix), the breed which has gained popularity over the last 15 to 20 years. This friendly breed is completely adorable and is understood for its intelligence. Pitskies are very playful and energetic and may easily win hearts just by their blazing eyes. This article tells you about specific things (origin, behavior, health, etc) that you should definitely gather information about before getting yourself a “Pitsky”.

    Things you need to know before getting yourself a Pitbull Husky Mix

    Pitbull Husky mix
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    • Origin: It is true that Pitbulls are known for their aggressive past but this fact has nothing to do with the pitbull husky mix. The origin of the pitskies is unknown. This crossbred dog started gaining popularity as soon as people began to buy mixed breed dogs within the ’90s.

    What exactly does “Pitsky” mean?

    Pitsky is nothing but the crossbreed that resulted from crossing the American Pitbull Terrier and Alaskan (sometimes Siberian) Husky. It is commonly referred to as the “Pitbull Husky mix”.

    • Appearance: Since it’s the product of crossing one breed with another, growth cannot be exactly guaranteed. It inherits the pattern from both and so the size is similar to that of either the American bull terriers or the Husky. The most appealing feature found among the pitskies is their blue glowing eyes, which is one of the features that they inherit from the Huskies.
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    Pitskies can grow up to a height of around 24 inches and an average pitsky can weigh around 60 to 65lbs. When it comes to the coat color of the pitskies, it is unpredictable. Anyways, the common fur colors include Black and White, Black and Agouti grey, White and Grey, etc. Also, the length of the fur also differs from each other. Sometimes, they are as lengthy as Husky’s while some are just like the Pitbull’s.

    • Behavioral pattern: Of all the things that need to be known about the dog, beforehand, knowledge about the temperament of the particular breed is the most important. Like all animals and humans, dogs need a favorable environment too.

    The pitbull husky mixes are loyal and playful. They usually inherit the behavioral pattern from both their parents and so the temperament is an unpredictable mix of both. The most interesting fact is that the pitskies are way too friendly than their parents and may easily interact with strangers and toddlers too.

    They always crave attention and nurturing. They are active most of the time and so can become great frisbee partners. This family-friendly breed needs constant attention. So, make sure you can give that, or else it can directly affect their temperament.

    Pitbull Husky mix
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    • Diet: As mentioned above, Pitskies are really active and so their energy is easily drained. They eat well and play well. They usually prefer dry pet food. They are supposed to be fed according to their age. Feed them regularly with protein-rich dog food like ground bone, vitamin-rich vegetables, etc. Also, try feeding them in smaller quantities as they have smaller stomachs (feed them thrice or four times a day).
    • Health hazards: Their system is prone to numerous diseases like Hypothyroidism, Hip dysplasia, certain allergies, eye, and heart ailments, etc. Take good care of their system by feeding them properly, brushing their canines daily, brushing their coats, etc. Also, keep in mind that they gain weight way too fast if you feed them with grains ( which is hazardous to their health as well).
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    Other Things To Know About Pitbull Husky Mix

    There are often a lot of questions that get asked about pitbull husky mixes, which is completely normal by the way, and the reason behind this can be the curiosity to know more about these dogs or just to get educated on the topic. Let us tackle some of these inquiries.


    Pitbull Husky mix
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    People often ask if it is hard to train a pitbull husky mix which is a very common question. You should know that these dogs can be trained pretty easily and it only takes around 5 to 7 weeks to train them. That is just a general estimation though. Pitskies can sometimes get a bit stubborn about things and also it often becomes hard to break some of their bad habits.

    Pitskies are known for their intelligence and they learn new things pretty quickly and that is what makes them easy to train. They also have this curiosity about the world that almost every creature has, their wanderlust level is pretty healthy as well.

    You should also know that these dogs are not known to bark or bite unnecessarily and they also do not chew and destroy things in general, which is a tendency generally found in dogs. So all in all, you can easily train these dogs.


    The lifespan of a pitbull husky mix is around 15 years, which is just an average and they can sometimes live for a few years more. If you take good care of them and keep them healthy, then you can be assured that they will live a long and happy life.

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    People also ask questions like how long do pitbull husky mix grow for, the answer to which is a bit tricky because these dogs don’t usually stop growing after they become adults. They grow until they have grown old, although the growth rate is a bit less. They are known to grow till the age of 12 to 15 years old.

    Other Inquiries

    Pitbull Husky mix
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    There are some minor questions related to pitskies like what their cost is if you want to adopt or buy them. In the United States, Pitckies can be adopted for about $500 to $1500 based on their age and breeder.

    Some also ask if these dogs can have different eye colors. Generally, pitskies have blue-colored eyes but sometimes they can differ as well. Pitbull Husky mixes are also often known to have heterochromatic eyes, which are caused by a genetic mutation, which causes both the eye colors of the same dog to be different in color.

    Cessation | Pitbull Husky mix

    Pitskies are a lovely dog species and they take all the best features from both their parents. Huskies and Pitbulls are generally loved so much all around the world and petskies are no different from that.

    Pitskies might have some different qualities or even qualities that are a mix of both huskies and Pitbulls but that just makes them more adorable and lovable. If you are about to adopt a petsky, then I am sure this article would be a huge help for you and it surely would have cleared some doubts that you might have had before reading this.


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