7 Plumbing Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know

    Behind every clean house goes a lot of hard work in maintenance.

    If you can relate to this, then this article is for you. Being a good homeowner requires understanding how your home functions and ensuring everything works efficiently. While everything works perfectly in starting, with time comes an end number of repairs that might need your attention. Hence, to avoid last-minute panic and end the number of expenditures, own up for your house maintenance and minimize the problem when it pops up.

    It’s time to stay aware of every corner of your house. Ensure that maximum attention is given to your household plumbing. It’s pertinent to keep a regular check on this site because if anything goes wrong, it can lead to a messier house, non-stop complications, and a lot of spending. Hence, it’s time to master your household plumbing problems before you end up in this convoluted situation. Wondering where all to keep a check on? Here’s a quick guide for you

    1. Water-based appliances

    For easy access, we all prefer to have taps in every necessary corner of the room- washroom, backyard, terrace, kitchen, bathroom, etc. However, fixing a water tap isn’t enough. Ensure that you keep a regular check on it.

    Identify where the water is coming from in these taps, where is the main pipe, how to shut it off etc. Ensure that you regularly check the screws and other dials as they can loosen up with time, leading to water leakage.

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    2. It’s a Sink Trap!

    There’s a chance that sewer gases can rise in your drain pipes, leading to an unpleasant smell. However, Sink Trap that comes in U or J-shape helps to block the gases from entering your home sweet home. However, it can get clogged with time, and it’s essential to clean it timely. Identify the U or J-shape pipes in your house and follow these easy steps to get rid of clogged pores-

    • Identify the U or J- shaped pipe that also resembles a waste arm.
    • Ensure not to use any tap while opening the pipe.
    • Loosen up the nuts clockwise to detach one pipe from the other.
    • Once it opens, let the water drain and clean it properly with an old brush or knife.
    • Clean the trap gently with a water hose and enclose it by twisting the nuts tightly.

    plumbing repairs

    3. Get your Shower Fixed

    We all love it when a powerful stream of water runs through your shower and makes your morning. Imagine a situation with no shower pressure, and the water is slowly dripping down. We know how irritating it can be. However, keep your shower holes clean to work effectively to avoid falling into this situation. How can you do it? Here are some steps for you-

    1. Remove the showerhead with a set of locking pliers.
    2. Clean the sides of it gently and soak it in vinegar water overnight.
    3. Clean the shower holes with a pin or a sharp and sleek accessory.
    4. Once done, attach it back and check if the water is coming from all the holes with pressure.
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    4. Unclog the clogged areas

    It’s okay for toilets and sinks to get clogged. If it keeps happening, take it as a gentle reminder to clean it promptly. Keep plungers, vinegar, and bathroom cleaners available. You can fix it every weekend to clean your toilets and Sink.

    plumbing repairs

    5. Water Heater

    Due to an enclosed piece, we forgot that our heater might require cleaning too. Mineral and dirt deposits can reduce the efficiency of the heater. It is recommended to clean the heater every six months. Not sure how to clean it? Follow these easy steps-

    • Turn the gas off and the breaker (if it’s electric).
    • If you have a hot water faucet elsewhere, turn it on to let the hot water run out.
    • Bring the garden hose and attach it to the bottom of the water heater and the other end to the bucket.
    • Let the water drain through the drain valve after opening it with the screwdriver.
    • Once the water drains, clean the skeleton properly and attach it back.

    6. Your Sink Aerators need attention too!

    Sink Aerators help save water, soften the harsh water, and also helps in filtering out the clean water. However, with time the aerator gets worn out and needs cleaning and replacement. Replacing an aerator is as easy as removing a bottle cap. So this task won’t require much time of yours and is a hassle-free process.

    7. Vanity Sink

    Caulk is applied around the Sink’s edges to prevent water from seeping between the wash basin and countertop. However, with time the Caulk can crumble down or be ruined. This can lead to water seeping into the cabin, destroying the stored items. Clean it easily by following these simple steps-

    • Buy a small tube of 100% silicone transparent caulking.
    • Scrap out the old Caulk with a metal or plastic knife.
    • Use denatured alcohol to wipe away the seam between the sink and countertop.
    • Let it dry completely. Apply the small bead of Caulk around the Sink to keep the consistent pressure on the tube.
    • Run around your wet hands with the bead of Caulk.
    • Let the Caulk smoothen down into a crease and curate a smooth groove.
    • Let the Caulk dry out before you start using the Sink again.
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    plumbing repairs

    In Conclusion, House maintenance might sound like a tedious task, but it’s something that your home sweet home needs regularly. Household Plumbing can be challenging with so many technicalities involved. However, getting the hang of it will make it easier for you. If you aren’t sure about experimenting with plumbing immediately- you can start small by calling in your plumber and understanding the complete process. There are several books available as well that can help you guide you through the DIY Process.

    In the initial stage, you might also miss your significant expenditure. However, with the plumbing estimating and invoicing app, you don’t need to worry about anything. Maintaining the house on your own lets you understand your home language better. It aids in preparing you for future challenges and keeps you away from major repairs as well.


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