60 Best Pet Bird Names – Find the right name!

    Like with any other person or living being, finding the right pet bird names is a very difficult task. Sometimes when you have multiple pet birds, the task becomes much more difficult because then, the birds will find it hard to distinguish which name is for whom.

    Choosing a name for your bird might both be a fun as well as a difficult task. When it comes to the pet bird names, these names can literally be anything, from the name of a star to the name of a food. People even make up words that have no meaning for their pets just because they sound good.

    Which is exactly what you have to keep in mind. When you are choosing pet bird names, you have the complete freedom to choose literally any name that comes to your mind. The only thing that you should remember is that whatever name you choose, the pet should take a liking to it.

    Does Naming Your Birds Affect Their Personality Like With Dogs?

    Sometimes you might wonder that whatever name you are choosing should have a beautiful meaning because whatever pet bird names you choose might have an impact on the personality of the birds, which is something that happens with certain animals like dogs and cats.

    But you should know that this does not affect your bird. Whatever pet bird names you choose, it will just be for you to call your birds. Not all birds recognize you calling their names but the majority of the birds like parrots, parakeets, and love birds would definitely pick up the names.

    pet bird names

    The pet bird names that you choose for your pet would only affect how your family and friends feel about the birds because if they like the name, they will definitely find the bird sweet and good because all birds are so very beautiful. But if for some reason they find the name weird or do not like it, then they might not like the bird.

    The reason behind that is that they will make a perception about the name and its meaning and they reflect that on the birds or the bearer of the names. That is why you would want to be a bit careful with the pet bird names as some people misjudge the bird’s personality based on the names.

    How To Choose Pet Bird Names?

    One other thing that you have to keep in mind while choosing pet bird names is the age of the birds or rather how long they live. Certain birds can live up to 2-3 decades while some of the larger species can even live to 100 years of age.

    So when you are choosing pet bird names for such birds, you will have to keep in mind the fact that these names would have to be suitable even decades in the future. You do not want to have a bird named Harold in 2040. Hence you should choose a name that would last long as well.

    pet bird names

    Something else you have to make sure of when choosing pet bird names is that you will have to pick names that are acceptable publicly. You do not want to be telling your relatives or friends that you have named your bird Poop or something along those lines. That is just gross and will make them feel weird.

    Another thing you could do is to pick a small name with a maximum of 2 syllables and a name that has a vowel at the end of the word. Such names would make it easier for your pet birds to recognize their names. The shorter and less complex a name is, the better it would be for both you and your bird.

    All that matters, in the end, is that you choose a name that both you and your bird like, and if it is something cool then that would just make it a much better name. More often than not people go for cute names like Rio or Cleo and you just instantly fall in love with such pet birds.

    Where Can You Find Inspiration For Pet Bird Names?

    Almost half the people choose a name for their birds that are human names while around 1/3rd people choose pet bird names based on their personalities or some action and about a quarter of them to choose names based on physical appearances.

    A lot of people have been known to pick names that they share with some celebrities or fictional characters or mythological characters. Choosing pet names from a TV show that you like or a novel or movie series that you read or saw has become the norm.

    The names like Khaleesi and Frodo have been used by so many people to name their pets. And why should you keep yourself from that? These are totally great names with beautiful meanings as well as great characters.

    It also gives you an opportunity to make friends. If you are with your pet and someone saw you with them and they ask you the pet’s name and when you reply that your bird is called Fawkes, they will instantly recognize it if they are a Harry Potter fan and you would have made a friend.

    You can take advice from people and other bird owners about what pet bird names they chose and then make a decision based on that.

    You can research the history or origin of the birds or look up their species etymology or just do a lot of research on them and then see if you can find any kind of inspiration for a name. You can browse through bird encyclopedias or through a baby name book and find something that would suit your pet bird.

    I am going to be listing some pet bird names for you and will tell you why you can choose those pet bird names for your bird. I hope you can find those names helpful and if not, then I would have hopefully helped you in figuring out the best way to choose a name for your pet. So let us start with the names.

    The Best Pet Bird Names

    1. Amber

    Amber is a word that originated from the Arabic word Anbar, which got turned into the Old French word Ambre. Amber would be one of the best pet bird names for birds with yellow feathers. Amber is a name that is related to fire as it is very close to the word ember, which

    2. Angie

    Angie is basically a name suitable for females but it can be used for male birds as well. Angie could be a shortened form of the names like Angelina or Angel. Angie is one of those pet bird names that has Greek origin.

    The name means the messenger of gods. It is also very closely related to the name Angela and this name is one of my personal favorites. This name is a very popular nickname in the whole world.

    3. Ash

    Ash might mean a powdery substance that is left behind after something has burned might not seem like a good idea for a name but as you might be aware, the name Ash is used by millions of people on the planet and you can use this for your bird as well and if the bird has black and grey feathers then this name would fit it perfectly.

    This name can be a shortened form of a lot of different names like Ashley or Aishwarya. The word ash has Germanic origins. Ash is another word that is related to fire and a bird that is full of fire within would love this name.

    4. Astra

    Astra is a name that was derived from the Latin word Astrum and the Greek word Astron. Both these words mean a star. And any bird that is tiny or has white feathers could be named this. Astra is a very good name for any female bird. It also sounds very cool and hence, would be a great option for your bird.

    5. Auburn

    Auburn is another name in this list of pet bird names that would be very suitable for red or brown birds. Auburn is a word derived from the Latin word Albus that means white and English turned it into a word meaning brown.

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    You can use this name for male birds. The name has also been growing in popularity so you can be assured that this name is not going to go out of fashion any time soon.

    6. Aurora

    Aurora is a name that was derived from the ancient Roman goddess of dawn, who was named Aurora and that is why the word also means dawn. Aurore is another name that is related to this one.

    You can choose these as one of the pet bird names if you have a bird that has the colors of dawn, that is orange, yellow, or red. The origin of this name is Italian and it is a very popular name all around the world because of how classy it sounds.

    7. Azul

    You just love how this word rolls off your tongue, don’t you? Azul is a word that has Arabic origins and this word means sky blue.

    So this would be a great name for your bird if they have sky blue feathers. You can use this name regardless of the fact that it means blue because it is one of those pet bird names that have a very regal and classic sound to them.

    8. Beaky

    Beaky is one of those pet bird names that you can give to literally any bird. But if you want the name to suit the personality or the look of a bird then this name would have to be given to the bird that loves to use its beak to poke at things a lot.

    If your bird has a larger beak than most birds or larger than what is normal, this name would suit it even then. It is very easy to pronounce and you can shorten it to just Beak.

    9. Beryl

    Beryl is a unique name and this is a name that is used by some people to name their kids as well. Beryl is a British name that was inspired by a green stone and it would be a great name for a bird with green feathers and a definite favorite for parrots.

    Beryl is a name that has not been on the list of best names for a long time now and that is why you can be sure that when people hear this name, they would find it unique. The name sounds cool as well as easy to pronounce. The word beak originated from the Celtic and Latin languages before being adopted by French and English.

    10. Blaze

    Blaze is another name related to fire as it means an intensely burning fire or an intense direct light that is followed by heat. A red and yellow bird can be named Blaze and it would suit it very well.

    Another related name that you can use is Blaise. Blaise sounds almost the same as Blaze but it has a different meaning. Blaise is a French and English name that means distorted or crooked. People use the name just because it is one of the best pet bird names in terms of coolness.

    11. Blue

    I do not feel like I even need to explain this name. If you have a bird with blue feathers then there is no other name that would fit better than this.

    The word blue has a Germanic and french origin and it later got used in some Old English texts as well. This is another one of those names that get used all around the world as pet bird names or even as names for other pets because it is very short and sweet.

    12. Blueberry

    Blueberry is a blue-black edible berry that is usually found in North America. If you are a person who loves anything made from blueberries then this is a name you should definitely go for.

    Blueberry would also be one of the suitable pet bird names for any bird that has blue feathers. If you care about symbolism then blueberry is a berry that symbolizes a weakening of vitality which is followed directly by a recovery.

    13. Brown

    Now, this might be one of the less popular pet bird names but that does not mean you cannot use this as your bird’s name. If you think the word suits your bird, which it will if the bird has brown feathers, then you can totally go for it.

    You can even use variations of this name like Browny or Brownie. Now Brownie might not have the same meaning but the words are very similar. And even then, a name that means a chocolate rich cake made from nuts is a great choice for a bird.

    14. Buckbeak

    Recognize this name? If you are a Potterhead, you definitely should. Buckbeak was the Hippogriff that Hagrid brought up in the Forbidden Forest, whom we first saw in the Prisoner of Azkaban and on whom Sirius escaped at the end.

    If you are not leaning towards the name Buckbeak because it is too long, you can just shorten it and use Buck or beak or even Bucky or Beaky. Bucky would be another reference to the Marvel character and that is why this name makes it to the list of best pet bird names.

    15. Cleo

    Cleo is a name that might be considered a short form of the names Cleopatra or Cleophus. This is one of the best unisex pet bird names and thus, you can use it for any bird.

    The alternate spelling for Cleo is Clio and you can use either one of them. Cleo is a word that has Greek origin and it is often used as a prefix that means pride or fame or glory.

    16. Cher

    Cher would be probably one of the most beautiful pet bird names on this list because of what it means. In French, cher is used to refer to a person, mostly males, that is very dear to you or your beloved.

    When you pronounce the name, it sounds so good rolling off your tongue because of the French accent. Because of how short the name is, any bird would take a liking to it pretty soon.

    17. Chirpy

    The name Chirpy is next in the list of pet bird names that is derived from an action rather than an appearance trait or personality. Chirpy is the name given to a bird of any gender, who is very chirpy, i.e. chirps a lot and is very lively and cheerful.

    It is speculated that chirpy was derived by combining the phrase cheerfully perky and means a bird full of chirping.

    18. Coal

    Coal or Cole is a word that originated from Old English from the word cola. The name means coal-black and this is amongst those names on this list that you can use for your bird that has black feathers.

    Coal is actually a very stylish name and it is used a lot in Mexico and some nations of South America and Europe.

    19. Coco

    Coco can be a shortened form of any pet bird names like Coconut or Chocolate beans. Coco is an American name that is mostly used for females and it would be a popular pet bird name because of how short and sweet it sounds.

    For the Disney fans, you might also recognize Coco as the name of the grandmother from the movie Coco. So it would be a good choice for the Disney fans as well.

    20. Cory

    Cory is one of those rare pet bird names which can be used for both male and female birds. Cory is the variation of the name Cora and you can use either one of these names.

    The name Cora has Greek origins as it was the maiden name of the goddess Persephone. The name also has Gaelic origins and it was derived from the word Corie, which means in a cauldron or in a hollow.

    21. Cyan

    Cyan is a color as unique as the word. It is a name suitable for blue-green words. The word Cyan is a name that is close to the words Cerulean, which means the sky blue color as well as with Celadon.

    You can shorten this name to Cy. Cyan is a suitable name for male birds but if you want to use it for female birds, you can tweak the spelling a bit and change it to Cyane and use that for female birds. Although both Cyan and Cyane are pronounced the same way.

    22. Dany

    Dany has become a very popular name for girls in the last decade. It is short and it sounds sweet as well. It has American and Old English origins. The meaning of the name Dany is God is my judge.

    Dany is a shortened form of the pet bird names like Daenerys, Danielle, Naiel, Danna, etc. The reason why Dany has become such a popular name is because of the portrayal of the character Daenerys by the actress Emelia Clark.

    23. Evie

    Evie is a name that can be used by you for female birds but then again, who is coming to see if you have named a bird correctly, right? As long as you like the name and it is a decent name, anything goes.

    Evie is another one of those pet bird names who have been derived from Latin and also has Hebrew and Norman origins. The name Evie means life and any bird who is full of life would love this name because of its beautiful meaning as well as it being a rather short and sweet name.

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    24. Fawkes

    Fawkes is a name that the Harry Potter fans would recognize as Dumbledore’s pet Phoenix’s name. This is one of the coolest pet bird names on this list because it is the name of a magical creature that is so pure that even its tears are believed to have magical healing powers.

    The name might sound a lot like fox but it is pronounced differently by giving the ‘aw’ sound a bit more depth. Fawkes is a surname that has Norman-French origins and it first appeared in the British isles after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

    The name Fawkes means Valley of Falcon, which is a predator bird that can fly high and see its prey from miles away. A name that is related to a falcon would be a very suitable name for any bird.

    25. Flame

    I don’t think I need to explain to you what the name Flame means. This is another one of those pet bird names that is associated with fire and flames are literally fire.

    If your bird has flame-like feathers, as in, red and yellow feathers in the shape of a flame or just red or yellow feathers, then you can choose this name without any hesitation. The word flame has Latin and Old French origin.

    26. Flora

    Flora would be one of the best pet bird names because of how beautiful it sounds as well as because of its meanings. Flora means the plants of a particular region or geological period. Flora is also similar to the word flower, which you can also use as a name for your bird.

    27. Goldie

    Goldie is one of those pet bird names that is going to fit a lot of birds because a very large number of bird species have yellow and similar feather hues that would make this name fit.

    Goldie can fit for a person that has golden or yellowish irises and that is how the word originates, from a combination of gold and eye. This is a nickname first used in Scotland.

    28. Gray

    Gray is another name that is directly taken from a color. Gray can be used for all the bird genders and it is suitable obviously for birds with gray feathers but you can use the name for any kind of bird. The word is derived from Old English and it has Proto-Germanic origins as well. The name can be spelled Grey as well. You can go with anything that you like.

    29. Hazel

    The name Hazel is one of those pet bird names that has two meanings. Hazel is a temperate shrub that has broad leaves that bear male catkins in the spring and some sort of nuts in the autumn.

    Hazel also means a reddish-brown or greenish-brown color which are mostly seen as someone’s eye color. If your bird has feathers of these colors then this would be a great name for it. Hazel is mostly used as a female name all around the world.

    pet bird names

    30. Hedwig

    A list about the best pet bird names, and we don’t include Hedwig in it? Impossible. Every one of you must know the beautiful white snowy owl, Hedwig, from the Harry Potter series. Just like the name, that owl was insanely pretty as well. Pity she had to die.

    The word Hedwig is derived from the Old High Germanic name Hadwig, which had the variations, Hadewig and Haduwig. Hadu means to battle or combat and wig means to fight or duel in Germanic. This would be a perfect name if you have a snowy owl but it can be used for any female bird as well.

    31. Hootie

    Hootie is another one of those pet bird names that means an action instead of a physical trait. Hootie is often used as a nickname for people but with birds, it would mean a bird that hoots a lot. This name would be a perfect match for any pet owl that you own.

    Hootie is obviously a name derived from the word Hoot which was a word used in Middle English to describe a sound that was used to show contempt.

    32. Indigo

    Now any bird who has indigo, purple or bluish feathers is going to look absolutely gorgeous and you can use this name on both male and female birds.

    And if you choose Indigo as that bird’s name, it would be like a match made in heaven as this is amongst the best pet bird names if not the best in terms of naming a bird with purple feathers.

    33. Ivory

    Ivory is one of those pet bird names that would be a great option for white birds. You can give this name to white parrots, doves, etc. This name is very popular in America for African-American parents.

    Ivory is a name that has been a popular choice for centuries but recently people have started using it more and more. Ivory is the hard substance that makes the tusks of elephants and you might know the beautiful ornaments and things that are made from it. We are strictly against the use of Ivory smuggling and using it illegally.

    34. Jade

    Jade is a bright green gemstone and it is a color that looks very lovely and the word sounds great as well. The word Jade was derived from the word ijada which means a stone of colic.

    Jade has been a very popular name for girls and hence it can be used for female birds but you can also use it for male birds. The word jade has Spanish and French origin.

    35. Jett

    Another name on the list of pet bird names that can fit into various categories like a color or a substance. You can interpret this name in whatever way you like. Jett can be used as a name that has been derived from the word jet which means a rapid stream of airflow and that is why it would suit your bird.

    Jett is also a name that comes from the Latin word Gagitis. Jett is also a word used to describe the black mineral jet, so if you have a black bird, this name would fit it perfectly. It can be used for any gender.

    36. Kiwi

    If you have a Kiwi bird, you can name it Kiwi but that would be either too hilarious or very boring. Kiwi is literally a bird so you might want to give this name to birds of another species.

    Kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand and perhaps that is why they are called the Kiwis. It is also their unofficial national emblem and national icon. So you can be assured that this is one of the cutest pet bird names for your bird.

    37. Lavender

    Lavender is one of the best pet bird names options for a female bird that is purple in color. Lavender is a purple flower that is known for its fragrance and mind-soothing properties.

    This name used to be used for men in the 18th century but has now become a popular female name. The word lavender has Latin origins and was derived from Lavandula which got turned into lavendre in Anglo-Norman French and English derived the word lavender from that.

    38. Louie

    Louie is a name that has French origins and it is another one of those pet bird names that has a name variant. Louis is the variant of this name and the name means a Warrior or a Knight.

    If you think your bird has fighting tendencies or if you just like the sound of the name, you can go for it. Louie or Louis is a very popular French name and it is also used quite a lot in the whole of Europe.

    39. Morado

    Morado is another name in this list of pet bird names that would be suitable for a bird with purple or deep violet feathers.

    The name literally means deep violet in Spanish and Portuguese languages and as you can guess, it is a popular name in the whole of Europe as well in South America because of that very reason. This name can be used mainly for male birds.

    40. Nyx

    In the Greek and Roman mythologies, Nyx is the primordial goddess of the night. So any bird that is black in color can have this name as it literally means night.

    This is one of the shortest, unique, and classiest names on this list. As I told you, Nyx has Greek origins and it is a name very popular around the European nations.

    41. Ocean

    Ocean is a name that I personally love a lot. It is such a common word and still, when you use this word as one of the pet bird names, it sounds so much cooler. Ocean obviously means a very large expanse of sea.

    Ocean is derived from the Latin word ōkeanos which means a great stream encircling the Earth’s disc. The name was first used by the Greeks to define the huge water body that surrounded the Earth. If your bird has any color like blue or green that resembles a color of the Ocean, then you can use this name.

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    42. Ollie

    Ollie is one of those pet bird names that have been derived from another name and shortened. The name Oliver, which is a name derived from the French name Olivier, is shortened and made ollie which is a very popular nickname these days.

    Ollie can be considered as the short of Olive as well. Ollie is a beautiful name because the olive tree is referred to as that sometimes. It has another meaning as well. A jump that is performed without the aid of a take-off ramp in skateboarding is called Ollie and birds are known to fly without any help when they have grown so that is why this name would suit any bird.

    43. Peachy

    Peachy is another one of those pet bird names on this list that is taken from a color. Peaches can be a lot of things like the fruit or the color of the interior of a peach fruit which is a bit close to pink.

    Peachy is just a variation of peaches and it is used as nicknames for people and it would also be a great name for a bird because of the sweetness of its sound.

    44. Phoenix

    Now, this creature might be mythical but that does not stop you from choosing it as your bird’s name and making it one of the coolest pet bird names. Phoenix is a creature of fire. It burns and rises from the ashes again.

    Phoenix would be a very good name for your bird if it has yellow and red feathers. Any bird is a magical bird because of their beauty and grace but when you name it Phoenix, the meaning or symbolism behind the name goes tenfold.

    45. Pikachu

    Pikachu might be one of the cutest pet bird names. Although Pikachu was mouse-like or squirrel-like pokemon, that should not stop you from making use of an exceptionally cute name for your pet bird.

    If your bird has yellow feathers then this name would suit perfectly. If by some miracle the bird has 2 red circles on the sides of its beak then there should be no doubt about what you are naming it. Pikachu is a name that has become popular all around the world very quickly.

    46. Raven

    Raven might not sound like a name some of you would prefer to use because a raven means a large and heavily built crow that has lack plumage and feeds on carrion. Even though it might be one of those pet bird names that is the name of a bird species like with Kiwis, that should not stop you from using the name.

    Raven is also used to refer to the color glossy black and that is why it would suit any bird that has black feathers or if you have a crow as a pet, then this would be a great name for it. The name Raven has Germanic origins.

    47. Rico

    Rico is another name on this list that ends in a vowel and hence would be a very suitable name for your pet. Rico means a brave ruler in spanish and any bird can be the brave ruler of the skies.

    48. Rio

    Rio is another one of those pet bird names that is related to nature. Rio means a river in the Spanish language and it was derived from the Latin word rivus, which means a brook or a stream.

    pet bird names

    The name Rio can have different variations like Reo or Reio but the meaning remains the same. And if you have a blue bird then this would be a perfect name for such a bird.

    49. Rory

    Rory is another name that would fit for a red bird as the name literally means red-haired king. So if you have a male bird that has red feathers then this would be a great fit.

    You can even choose this name if the crown of your bird’s head has red feathers around it. The origin of this name is Goidelic and it originated from Ireland and Scotland in the UK.

    50. Rose

    Roses can be of white, yellow, pink, red, etc. So if you want to name a bird that has feathers with any of these colors, you can go for it. Rose is a very beautiful flower and that makes it one of the best pet bird names.

    Rose is generally used for females and this is a name that is never going to go out of trend. I am sure you all remember the character Rose from Titanic that Kate Winslet played.

    51. Rusty

    You might obviously be familiar with the word rusty which means something that has contracted rust on it. Rusty is a word derived from the Old French word Rousel, which is a word derived from the Latin word Russus.

    Russia means red in Latin and that is why the oxidation of iron is called rust. This would be a pretty name for any bird which is red in color.

    52. Scarlett

    Who does not know the name Scarlett? It is one of the most popular pet bird names and even for human kids. The name was famous before but the actress Scarlett Johansson has taken the popularity of the name to newer levels.

    Scarlett would be a perfect name for a bird that has red feathers. The word scarlett symbolizes courage, passion, force, joy, and heat. This is a name with a beautiful name because of what it symbolizes and how the color looks.

    53. Shadow

    Shadow is a name that can fit in a lot of categories. One of which is the color category. If you have a black bird or a bird with grey feathers that are on the darker side then there is no better name than Shadow for it.

    The name Shadow can also be used for those birds that are big and fly high, so much so that you can only see their shadow passing you by. A bird named Shadow has got to be swift in nature and hence this is one of those pet bird names that can be given to almost any bird. The word shadow has Germanic and English origins as well.

    54. Skye

    We are naming birds and we haven’t thought of a name related to the sky yet? Couldn’t be happening. Skye is a variation of the name Sky and you can use whichever you feel like. If you are a Marvel nerd then you would like using Skye because of the inhuman superhero Skye known as Quake.

    Skye is also one of the best pet bird names because it can be a bit deceiving. Skye was taken from the Norse word sky which actually means the clouds and not the literal sky. Skye is also an isle in Scotland.

    55. Sparky

    Sparky is a name that would suit a bird that has a spark in it as in, a bird full of life and joy and excitement. Sparky means to light or to kindle. It can also mean to trigger something.

    If you name your bird Sparky, anyone who lays their eye on the bird would get a spark of love and joy in them as well. Sparky is a word derived from spark which is a word of Old English origins.

    56. Sunny

    Another name related to nature, that can be a good fit for a lot of birds. Any bird with yellow feathers, even if they have additional hues like orange or red, can be named Sunny because the name means full of sun.

    Any bird species that likes to fly high or always loves to be under the sun would make this name fit on them as well. It is a tiny name and ends with a vowel as well.

    57. Tiki

    Tiki is one of those pet bird names that is very short and cute. Tiki denotes something that is imitative of objects or customs that are associated with the tropical islands of the South Pacific regions.

    Tiki is also something that means a large wooden or small greenstone image of a human figure in New Zealand and if you have a bird with brown or green feathers, this name would suit it very nicely.

    58. Tori

    Tori is a shortened form of the name Astoria or Victoria. It is a name of the english origin. Tori means a winner or conqueror. Tori would be a great name for any pet bird because of its short form and as it ends in a vowel.

    59. Tweety

    I am sure you all know about Tweety right? The yellow canary that was in the Looney Tunes show? Tweety is a very sweet name and quite literally so because it originally meant sweetie. Tweety is obviously derived from the word tweet which is a sound that birds make.

    You can use variations of this name like Tweet, Twitter, etc. All these are good pet bird names and they are very short and sweet as well.

    pet bird names

    60. Zeus

    Zeus is the literal god of the sky and the king of gods in the Greek myths. A name that means the lord of the sky, can there be a name better than that for birds? I think not.

    Even though this is the last name in this list, Zeus is one of the best pet bird names that you can choose. A bird named lord of the skies would definitely love flying and I bet you can’t think of a better name than this for them.


    Choosing a pet bird name can be a very difficult and tiring task. So it becomes important that you do not just give up in the middle of your search for a good name and just choose any name that comes to your mind.

    The name that you give to your pet would be permanent. The bird would carry it for life. So do your research thoroughly. Whether you go for a sound or for a color or for an action that the birds do or for a name that is human, all that matters in the end is that you choose a name that you love.


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