Teacup Pomeranian – 14 Facts And More About This Adorable Dog

    Teacup Pomeranian

    Pomeranians originated in the Arctic Circle and were used as sledge dogs. These cute breeds have a sweet temper. Teacup Pomeranian is the cutest dog to have as a pet. They have been royal pets since the 18th century and adopted by the Royals of the United Kingdom. The mini Pomeranian is known by many names such as, Teddy Bear, Miniature, and Pocket Pomeranian.

    This is not a hybrid breed but a smaller-sized Pomeranian. A soft, furball with a cute, babyface. This adorable pet comes in several colors; from pure white to a chocolate color. They are playful and friendly dog breeds. They love cuddling up and are active dog breeds.

    Their small size makes them fragile and delicate. Accidentally stepping on them might injure or even kill them. They get scared easily when there is a loud sound or any kind of chaos. They are social animals and love to be with their owners. Separation anxiety is a common issue to deal with if you stay away from them for long hours.

    Personality Traits Of Teacup Pomeranian

    Do not get fooled by their cuteness, their bark is louder than their size. They love getting the attention of their favorite person and are possessive enough to bark at anyone else trying to steal the attention of their favorite person. They are loyal to their owners. They should not be left alone in the house for a long time.

    • Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, Gavin Rossdale, and many other celebrities own a teacup Pomeranian
    • They are fragile and extreme care is essential when you have this pet
    • They easily get injured because of fragile bones
    • They are sweet-tempered and love cuddle time with their owners
    • They are companion dogs and not guard dogs
    • They stay fit with short walks outdoors
    • Teacup Pomeranians are indoor dogs
    • They get bored so keep them entertained with toys to play with
    • They live up to 12-16 years
    • They are cocky and love to be the center of attention and in control
    • Extremely possessive and jealous they could diss those who get the attention of their favorite person
    • Do not place it with other pets as this prima donna breed might not like it and lead to behavioral problems
    • They are not friendly with anyone else except their owners or favorite person
    • Socialize them with humans and other animals when they are puppies as it can stop their behavioral problems
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    Is it Appropriate to Own A Teacup Pomeranian

    You have to be very attentive and cautious when you have a Teacup Pomeranian. Unless you are willing to spend time with them and take care of them it is not ethical to own one. They need constant attention, so if you are going to be out for a longer time every day, this is not a pet for you.

    Diet And Nutrition For Teacup Pomeranian

    Unlike Chihuahuas, they do not need a special diet. Include protein, chewy dry food, and treats in their diet. These cute little things are foodies. So, control what they eat as they can as they enjoy overindulgence in their favorite foods. For the tiny stomach of these cute little things, these are the foods suitable.

    • Boiled chicken or cooked meat for protein
    • Dry food to prevent tooth loss
    • Small pieces of food to chew
    • Avoid feeding them large pieces
    • Spicy and salty treats once in a while
    • No chocolates even in small amount as it can be toxic for this tiny dog
    • Make them drink plenty of water

    How To Care For Teacup Pomeranians

    Keep them in shade and avoid getting them in direct sunlight for long. They are tiny in size and need brisk walks. During the cold weather dress them in warm sweaters. They have less tolerance towards cold weather. Do not take them for a walk on the pavement as it can hurt their paws. You can make them walk on the grass or soft terrain so it won’t hurt their paws.

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    Teacup Pomeranians are nervous and excitable. They can get scared of any loud sound or commotion heard from the road. If you own this dog, you have to be sensitive towards its emotional needs, skittish, and anxious behavior.

    Though they love to socialize, they could be shy with strangers. They seek emotional security from their owners or favorite people to overcome anxiety and behavioral issues. These sweet peas need extra care and attention.

    The ideal time to take them for a walk is in the evenings. They are full of energy and enjoy the time in shade when its not sunny. The best way to feed this dog is to leave the food for her to choose when to eat. Choose portions to leave measuring calories so she does not overeat or have lower blood sugar levels.

    Most of the Teacup Pomeranians are known to be choosy about their food. Train her to eat healthy food instead of giving scraps of food from the food you eat. If they get used to eating this way, they might not be ready to eat regular food which is healthy for them. Dry food is the most preferred for this tiny dog. Avoid giving them raw food as it encourages tooth loss.

    Mix it up with small portions of canned food so it is easily edible and enjoyable for the dog. This method of feeding your dog gives them additional nutrients by letting them digest nutrients and protein. Adding small portions of cottage cheese can give them the required Vitamins and calcium.

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    Watch the weight of your dog as these tiny little things tend to gain weight easily. You can also feed this dog with protein supplements. Check your dog’s weight and add less wet food if she is gaining weight.

    Common Problems In Teacup Pomeranians

    • Scratching walls, messing food, water, barking, or chewing furniture out of anxiety
    • Be there for your dog to help her through her emotional problems
    • They put on weight quickly which could lead to health issues such as arthritis, joint pain, etc
    • Teeth and gum problems, so keep their teeth and mouth clean
    • Eye irritation due to the growth of eye-lashes
    • Patellar Luxation which is malformed leg bones
    • Skin and ear infections due to lack of Thyroid hormone


    You have to be cautious and attentive towards this tiny breed of dog as they are fragile and get hurt easily. Adopt this dog as your pet only if you are ready to give it the attention and love it needs.


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