3 Unique Ways To Create Fun DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

    Kids, love chalk. It’s a kid thing. Did you find them writing on the walls, furniture, and show off their painting skills everywhere else where they shouldn’t? So, it times to get the DIY outdoor chalkboard and let them unleash their creativity and imagination. What more? you can spend time with your kids in fun and learning activities when you have the chalkboard wall created in the patio or the backyard.

    Also, do you love to have an outdoor bar? You can use these ideas to create a DIY outdoor chalkboard to display fun messages for your guests. Entertain with outdoors parties with this added element in your outdoor bar.

    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard For Kids

    It is easy to create a DIY chalkboard for kids in the patio or backyard. You need a large plywood or wooden board. Use a finished one for better results. You could as well use an old, unused furniture, like a bed or a cupboard. Take it apart and cut it in the dimension and shape of your choice. Who said a chalkboard has to be in a rectangular shape.

    Choose the shape and dimension of your choice, smoothen the surface with sandpaper before you get started. Here is what you need.

    Supplies To Create A DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard DIY outdoor chalkboard

    diy outdoor chalkboard
    • plywood or wooden plank
    • drill, screwdriver, screws
    • Chalkboard paint
    • Tray for paint and roller brush
    • Any other decorative items such as baskets, flower vases, etc
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    Make the placement of screws to attach the plywood or wooden board to the wall, fence, or any flat surface. If you are using fences, drill them into the rails not the pickets. Level the wooden board so its straight.

    Several chalkboard paint colors are available. You can go with the traditional black if you wish. Pour the chalkboard paint in the paint tray. Use a roller brush to paint the plywood or wooden board. Apply two coats and leave a good amount of drying time between the two coats of paint. Use a coat of primer before you apply the coat of chalkboard paint.

    Attach decorative containers, baskets, pots to either side of the chalkboard with screws. The baskets are good to hold paint or any stationery material that kids use for painting or writing.

    Place citronella plant to repel mosquitoes and let kids have fun outdoors painting their imagination and having fun learning in the backyard.

    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard With Cement Sheets

    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard
    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

    You can use available cement sheets which are sleek and in the dimensions of your choice. Create a frame using wooden panels. Use a drill to fix it to the backyard wall or fence. Paint it with chalkboard paint. Let it dry. Fix the wooden frame to this board. Cement sheets are weather-friendly unlike the plywood and the metallic sheets and are durable.

    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard With Metal Sheets

    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard
    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

    Use metal sheets and give it a coat using chalkboard spray paint or roller brush. Let it dry. Hang it in the backyard as a décor accessory in your backyard bar. Use a chalk to create a coat to make it useable and rub it off. Fix a frame of your choice once you attach it to the wall or fence of your backyard. Not suitable during the rains. DIY outdoor accessories for backyard are fun to make.

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    DIY Outdoor Chalkboard With Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

    These sheets are available in all dimensions. Chalkboard paint is not needed. They can be glued to the fence and removed as and when needed. They are weather-friendly. They are suitable indoors as well as outdoors and are easy to install. You can attach them and create a decorative border.


    It is easy and fun to create a DIY outdoor chalkboard with kids. You can use them for kids or as a backyard décor for bar or garden seating. Choose from a variety of materials and smoothen the surface before you use the chalkboard paint. Have fun with kids and throwing garden parties with this vintage element in the backyard.



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