12 Best Memory Foam Shoes for 2021 [Approved Reviews]

    Best Memory Foam Shoes – Have you been looking for a pair of shoes that are comfortable on your feet after a long day? Or do not cause joint pain after hours of running? Memory foam shoes for 2021 are the answer to your problem. They are a smart option with comfort as the primary factor.

    Memory foam responds to a person’s heat signature. It shapes itself around the foot, relaxing it. So it is mainly used in orthotic shoes. The technology has been in development since the 1980s and now provides arch support, stops excessive rolling of the foot, and absorbs shock.

    There are many options available nowadays, both in terms of use and design. Here is a compiled list to help you narrow down your choices.

    Buyer’s Guide for Memory Foam Shoes 2021

    Memory foam shoes for 2021 are gaining a lot of popularity these days. But it can be not easy to choose since they’re a lot of options in the market. You need to look for something more than just the looks of the shoes. So here is a list of features that you should consider.


    To ensure quality, check the material used for manufacturing it. Do not just look at the style or the fit of the shoes. Even after a perfect fit, it may get torn in only a few months. You can go for synthetic or rubber fabrics if you are looking for durability. They are also easy to maintain. Choose a runner’s sole for better traction. Shoes with running soles can be worn on any surface and last a long time.


    The footbed or the insole of the shoes has structural elements added to it mainly for the wearer’s comfort. Popular brands provide different layers of construction to increase comfort levels.

    Footbeds can have several features like anti-microbial elements to prevent odour development even after wearing the shoes for a long time. The footbed cradles your feet and is also insulated to keep your feet warm during the winter months.


    Comfort is the main reason behind looking for the best memory foam shoes. So it is the deciding factor. Everyone wants to be comfortable when they put on their shoes, may it be while running, attending parties, or simply walking. We do not want to end up with endless pains and aches in our feet at the end of the day.

    Memory foam shoes are designed so that they allow our foot to spread out properly while walking or running. It even has enough space for the toes to move freely instead of being cramped.

    Feet support

    Understand your own needs before purchasing a pair of shoes. Do you prefer more space around your toes? Do you need more air circulation in your shoes? Are your feet narrow or the broader side of the spectrum? Do you suffer from ankle sprains regularly?

    Memory foams come with ankle support and keep the ankle in level with the base of your feet. It prevents problems like sprains and plantar fasciitis, which could be caused due to the instability of the ankle. The heel of the feet should be stable while walking. It should not move left, right or forward. For this purpose, a heel cup has been provided. The sneakers also come with adjustable straps and laces for a customised and better fit.


    To keep our feet cool in hot weather; allow better air circulation around our feet, memory foam shoes for men and women are made breathable. Anti-microbial technology is also incorporated into the shoes by brands to keep feet fresh and avoid foul odour at the end of the day.

    As the weather changes, we require different conditions for our feet too. We want our feet to remain cool in summer and warm in the winter months. Memory foam covers both aspects. Breathability is also essential because sweaty feet can cause infection in your feet. It will hamper your regular walks and everyday life. Leather is used as a material for making the shoes to adapt breathability. Nylon-made sock liners also ensure fresh and dry feet.

    Shock Absorption

    Long hours of working out or running at the gym or merely being on your feet all day long can be very exhaustive and demanding on your feet. You can suffer from ankle sprains or even plantar fasciitis. The problem is accelerated due to the wrong choice of sneakers. When you run barefoot, all the sudden movements and shocks are absorbed by your foot alone.

    Memory foams in sneakers are equipped with shock-absorbing materials to reduce the risk of injury. It absorbs sudden movements and prevents twisting of the ankle. It also alleviates joint pain and reduces stress on the heels. Thus ultimate support and traction are provided for your running or walking needs.

    12 Best Memory Foam Shoes for 2021

    Here is a list of the 12 best memory foam shoes that work wonders on your feet.

    #1 Skechers Sport Men’s Vigor 2.0 Serpentine Memory Foam Sneaker


    Dimensions 13.5 x 9.7 x 5.5 inches
    Material Synthetic and Leather
    Sole Memory Foam
    Colour Variety of colours
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Skechers Sport’s Vigor 2.0 are made of synthetic and leather. The leather-designed upper section helps increase the shoes’ breathability, keeping your feet fresh and odour free. The upper part is also non-stretch, which adds to the comfort. It also has a midfoot strike zone which makes walking and running easier.

    Skechers Sport’s Vigor 2.0 also come with a rubber outsole to increase the shoe’s traction. The midsole is highly cushioned and ultra-light. The heel counter is designed for a stable fit. The lacing system is also designed to apply minimum possible pressure on the feet. The entire model is made of durable, long-lasting material. Users will find a variety of colors when they get bored of the same old black and white combination.


    • It provides great traction on any surface.
    • The shoes are well-cushioned, providing all-around comfort.
    • The memory foam is responsive to the feet.
    • The leather gives a royal look to the shoes.


    • Size turns out to be smaller than expected. Purchase a larger size.


    #2 Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe


    Dimensions 10 x 15 x 6 inches
    Material 100% leather
    Sole Rubber with memory foam sockliner
    Colour Black and white
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Fila’s Memory Workshift SR Work Shoe is one of the best memory foam shoes for men. It is entirely slip-resistant with memory foam. So they are suitable to be worn in slippery environments like restaurants or hospitals. This model is made of leather, but steel capped and composite toe models are also available.

    Fila’s Memory Workshift SR Work Shoe is available in lengths 6.5 to 16. Order a size larger than what you normally wear, and also consider the thickness of your socks. The lace-up area is also good, which runs the feet’ length and provides a good fit.

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    The memory foam provides great support to your foot. But the shoes need to replaced every six months or so, as the memory foam insoles may wear out. The soles provide great traction and look like a casual sneaker. But you must still exercise caution on a slippery surface.


    • Slip-resistant shoes with great traction.
    • Available in all lengths to suit everyone.
    • Good lace up area.
    • Memory foam provides a good cushion.
    • Good value for money.


    • Less durable as it is budget-friendly.


    #3 Skechers Kids Memory Foam Shoe


    Dimensions 10.5 x 7.4 x 4.3 inches
    Material Fabric
    Sole Memory Foam
    Colour 4 different colours
    Customer Ratings 3.5 out of 5 stars

    If you have looking for the best memory foam shoe for your kid, then this is your stop. The fancy colour of the shoe is what excites most of the children and drive them crazy about fitness as well.

    Skechers kids foam shoe are one of the best athletic shoes for children. They are more suitable for walking than running. They have memory foam inserts to make walking more comfortable. The upper section is made using flexible knitting with no internal seams. It ensures breathability and comfort.

    Standard width, as well as the extra-wide options of Skechers kids foam shoe, is available. Order extra-wide variation if the regular fitting is tight for you. The lacing area is open with eyelet loops. It is not a one-piece design. The lacing system can be difficult for people who like to undo the laces completely but are suitable for people who like their laces relaxed.

    The memory foam insoles make the shoes lightweight and comfortable. Durability can be an issue, but it depends on your usage. It has a rugged-looking feel with a well-cushioned midsole. It absorbs shocks well. It has a range of colors to choose from.


    • Eyelet loops lacing system.
    • Memory foam insoles
    • Well-cushioned midsoles to absorb shocks.
    • Breathable knit upper section.


    • Narrow design, so order wider variation of model.


    #4 Saucony Men’s Liteform Feel Sneaker


    Dimensions 13 x 8 x 4 inches
    Material Textile and synthetic
    Sole Rubber
    Colour Charcoal grey and light grey
    Customer Ratings 4 out of 5 stars

    Saucony Lifeform Feel Sneaker is one of the best budget-friendly sneakers available today. It has a FORM2U memory foam sock liner to provide comfort in everyday use. It is casual looking, and sizes vary from 7 to 15. Upsize your regular size by half a size while purchasing. It also has reinforced lacing closure edges to adapt your instep height. The tongue also has a pull tab to make the shoe easier to put on.

    The litefoam soles are an upgrade to the memory foam as it both comfortable and light-weighted at the same time.

    Saucony Lifeform Feel Sneaker also has memory foam inserts and moulded EVA midsole to absorb shocks. The shoe is lightweight and will fit well into your budget. The shoe is casual looking with an athletic feel which goes well with casual as well as formal styles. Two colour choices are available.


    • They are very comfortable with memory foam insoles.
    • Budget-friendly
    • Variety of sizes available
    • EVA midsole acts as a shock absorber
    • Casual athletic design


    • Available in limited colours.


    #5 Nunn Bush Men’s Cam Moc Toe Casual Lace-up with Comfort Gel and Memory Foam

    Nunn Bush Men's Cam Moc Toe Casual Lace-up with Comfort Gel and Memory Foam | Oxfords -

    Dimensions 13.07 x 7.95 x 4.8 inches
    Material Leather
    Sole Rubber
    Colour Brown tumbled, and others
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Nunn Bush Cam Moc Toe Oxford is suitable for both formal and casual wear. It is one of the best memory foam shoes for men. The upper section is made of leather which gives it a classy look in an office environment. The memory foam sole inserts make it very comfortable. The shoes are available in three fitting- medium, wide and extra-wide. These sizes give you a variety to choose from and find the right fit.

    Nunn Bush Cam Moc Toe Oxford is available even in half sizes till 11 ½. It provides an average fit. You can adjust the lacing system according to your instep, and the shoes are easy to wear or take off. The memory foam used has gel inserts that sit on a foam pad. It provides extra shock absorbance to your foot. The foam is of high quality but a little thinner than desired. It also has an EVA footbed for under-arch support. It has a classic feel making it suitable for all situations.


    • Works for both formal and casual situations
    • Made of 100% leather
    • The laces flow easily through the metal eyelets.
    • Soles are flexible with gel pads under the heel area
    • Multiple sizes and colours available


    • The durability of the memory foam


    #6 Skechers Sport Men’s Flex Advantage 2.0 the Happs Oxford


    Dimensions 13 x 9 x 5 inches
    Material 100% mesh
    Sole Memory foam insole
    Colour Black, light grey, charcoal
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Skechers Sports MEN’S Flex Advantage 2.0 the Happs Oxford is classic looking, comfort being the important factor. The upper body is made of imported textile, which is easy to clean. The outsole is very durable and can withstand abrasion. People with knee pain should go for these shoes as it makes running comfortable.

    Skechers Sports MEN’S Flex Advantage 2.0 the Happs Oxford has a memory foam insole with a tuck board that provides great stability. The shoes can be customised according to your fit using the laces and padded collar. The knit mesh panels allow breathability, the midsole absorbs shock, and the fabric lining makes it very light. They are known for the well-cushioned support. The shoes are worth the money and suitable for all running surfaces.


    • It has a synthetic outsole that provides traction on any surface.
    • The midsole absorbs shock from the foot
    • Knit mesh upper section for airflow and stability
    • Padded tongue for comfort
    • Laces to customise your fit


    • Insoles seem to be harder than desired.


    #7 Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe


    Dimensions 11.5 x 7.4 x 4.3 inches
    Material Synthetic
    Sole Rubber
    Colour Almost 30 colour combinations available
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    Adidas is a world-renowned brand that has already delved into the world of memory foam. The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe combines comfort with class. It is one of the best memory foam shoes for 2021. The outsole of the shoes is made of synthetic, which offers excellent traction. The outsole also absorbs shock, while the midsole is used for a bouncy feel.

    Cloudfoam is a special class of upgrades brought to the memory foam which has been patented by Adidas. Therefore, if you are looking for some exclusivity, then this is a must pick for you.

    The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe has memory foam for comfort. You can adjust the laces for an individual fit. The sock liner also takes the shape of your feet, relaxing them. A raised heel of 1.5 inches provides heel support. A padded insole helps avoid blisters and aches. The shoes fit snugly around the feet as the upper section is made of knit mesh. You can even wear these shoes without socks, and they are entirely lightweight.


    • Memory foam cushion for endless comfort.
    • The upper section is made of knit textile to keep the feet fresh.
    • Numerous colours are available to select from.
    • The synthetic sole is used to increase durability.
    • It fits true to size.


    • The traction of the sole is less compared to other models.


    #8 New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lazr Sport V1 Running Shoe

    New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr Sport - Deals (£45), Facts, Reviews (2021) | RunRepeat

    Dimensions 15 x 8 x 5 inches
    Material Synthetic
    Sole Rubber
    Colour Available in 6 colours
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

    New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lazr V1 Sport Running Shoe is an award-winning shoe from New Balance. The brand has been catering to athletes for hundreds of years, and it has perfected the design for sneakers. This particular sneaker is made to solve all your foot problems with memory foam. It is one of the best memory foam shoes for men. They are highly versatile and trendy looking. You can use it for kickboxing, gym and also yoga.

    New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lazr V1 Sport Running Shoe has excellent cushioning and is a great shock absorber. It also has bootie construction and a knit-mesh upper section. It keeps your feet fresh and odour free during long workouts. The shoes are inexpensive and make an excellent running partner. But, the size can be a problem while purchasing online.

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    • The upper section is mesh knit, making it breathable.
    • A two-way stretch to customise your fit.
    • Budget-friendly and lightweight
    • The midsole is laser engraved and acts as a cushion.


    • Less durability and traction.


    #9 Fila Men’s Memory Speedstride Running Shoe


    Dimensions 14.21 x 9.29 x 4.88 inches
    Material Textile/ synthetic
    Sole Memory foam
    Colour Available in 6 colours
    Customer Ratings 4 out of 5 stars

    Fila has been designing shoes for over a century with the latest technology to ensure quality and comfort. Fila Men’s Memory Speedstride Running Shoe also comes under this category of excellent craftsmanship. The shoes are made beautifully in striking colours to keep up with trends. Synthetic fabric is used for the body, which makes them durable. They also have a glossy finish, and you can wear them anywhere.

    Fila Men’s Memory Speedstride Running Shoe has an athletic look with an EVA sole. It absorbs all kinds of shocks and converts them to heat. The shoes are very comfortable while doing workouts and running. They are lightweight as they are made of nylon mesh. It also makes it easy to clean. Let’s not forget the memory foam, which adds to the shoes endless features. They combine style with performance.


    • Breathable upper mesh
    • Synthetic sole that ensures durability
    • Extremely lightweight with a rubber outsole to provide traction
    • Memory foam insole acts as a cushion.


    • Not suitable for people on a tight budget.


    #10 Saucony Women’s Kineta Relay Running Shoe


    Dimensions 12 x 7 x 4 inches
    Material 100% fabric or textile
    Sole Rubber with memory foam footbed
    Colour 6 white or black shades
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

    The Saucony Women’s Kineta Relay Running Shoe has a sturdy lace system with rubber soles to provide maximum traction. It comes with a raised heel support which makes it suitable for standing on for long hours. The padded collar offers extra support, and the EVA+ midsole cushions the foot.

    The Saucony Women’s Kineta Relay Running Shoe works with any outfit, be it the office or the gym. The memory foam provides stability but is not water-resistant. The upper part of the shoe is knit-mesh with colourful graphics. It has a wide range of colours and is very lightweight to relieve pressure from your feet. Be it running or yoga, these are the shoes for you.


    • Raised heel support for women
    • Rubber sole provides extra traction
    • The upper section has a mesh window to allow airflow
    • Midsole made of EVA+ provides extra cushion


    • Made only for lighter exercises



    #11 Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe


    Dimensions 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
    Material Fabric
    Sole Rubber
    Colour 15 combinations of colours available
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Nothing is better than having more than what we deserve. At the price that this shoe comes in, getting double memory foam is just a pleasure to enjoy.

    Ryka Women’s Carrara Running Shoe is one of the best memory foam shoes for women. They have pivot points, footprint design, fuse layers and flex-foil as additional features. These features, along with the midsole made of dual-density foam, provide more support.

    Ryka Women’s Carrara Running Shoe is made up of multiple fuse layers and has a fashionable lace-up system. They are comfy along with the desired looks. It gives a high return of EVA energy and also provides more excellent shape retention.


    • The shoes are lightweight and durable.
    • They are designed for long distances
    • It provides minimum resistance.


    • You need to buy a size larger than you usually buy.


    #12 Skechers Men’s Classic Fit-Delson-Camden Sneaker


    Dimensions 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
    Material 100% textile and synthetic
    Sole Synthetic with air-cool memory foam
    Colour Multiple shades available
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    Skechers Men’s Classic Fit-Delson-Camden Sneakers are exceptionally well-made for walking and allow space for your toe splay. Skechers has used 100% textile and synthetic in manufacturing them. The memory foam used in these sneakers is air-cooled and relieves pain from your joints. With a classic design that cuddles your feet, the Bungee lace makes the sneakers customised to your feet. You also have nine colours to choose from.

    Well, one of the biggest things that we all fear is to sweat our feet after prolong use of shoes. To tackle the same, Delson-Camden sneakers come in with air-cool memory foam which makes the experience worth the wait.


    • A trendy design
    • Breathable mesh structure
    • Comfortable on your feet


    • Leather loops may not be durable.


    What is a memory foam insole?

    Memory foam insole, or memory foam, is made of high-density polyurethane. It is most prominently used to make sofas and mattresses as it is very comfortable and provides excellent relief to the body. So when memory foam is used in shoes, all the above benefits are guaranteed.

    NASA developed memory foam for the seats of airplanes. It provided comfort to astronauts during long journeys. Using memory foam in shoes brought a revolution in footwear technology. The foam’s chemical makeup is used to decide its density, which then determines the insole’s bounce.


    Detailed criteria to evaluate best memory foam shoes for running


    Memory foam sneakers are gaining popularity due to the increased demand for comfort. There is a wide variety to choose from. You need to consider various factors before purchasing, like- your arch and body type, the type of terrain you want to use it on. Always try on shoes before investing in them. See if it seems to serve the purpose.

    You want your shoes to provide maximum comfort, not only while running but also walking and doing daily chores. The correct shoes can transform your running experience. Consider all factors before purchasing them.

    • The shoes must be easy to put on and remove– you must be able to easily slide your feet into the shoes when the laces are not tied. There must be enough space to wiggle your toes, and the heel of your feet should also be well supported.
    • Design vs Comfort: It can be difficult to decide which shoes to purchase, especially with the endless attractive designs and offers. But it would be best if you always focused on comfort and durability. The correct size of shoes should then follow comfort. It would help if you did not sacrifice comfort for fashion and trends.
    • Level of cushioning– Choose a well-cushioned shoe that absorbs shock from all parts of the feet. Cushions in shoes play the role of springs. The pressure and energy applied by our feet are then are converted to heat, which reduces force on the feet.

    Cushioning is determined by various factors like terrain, speed and weight of the runner, route length. Goo sole material gives a greater spring effect, which protects the knee joints and provides comfort at the same time. Fast runners should go for lightweight cushioning, while athletes who run effective lengths should have moderate cushioning in their soles. Runners who run long but steady can consider extensive cushioning.


    Memory foam has the duality of being your feet. It helps runners who want lightweight shoes but do not want to bruise their feet while running. The shoes are also made of durable both lightweight and flexible while cushioning fabric to last difficult terrains and endless running.

    • Compatibility with additional inserts: You can change the insoles of your shoes according to your need. If you think they are not comfortable enough or need insoles to help with plantar fasciitis, there are available options. The right insoles support your arch and help with muscle tiredness. They are also made to be firm and withstand pressure.
    • Foot type and support needs– you need to determine your toes splay to see if your running shoes need permanent support. To check your toes splay: stand barefoot, roll one foot inward. Then see if the arch of your feet collapses. Weaker arches need to be provided with more support.

    Metatarsal pads are lump-like pads that can fit behind the foot’s ball. They are useful in deciding the need for permanent support. Memory foam distributes your weight, but they need to be inserted correctly in the right location.

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    The style of the shoe must fit your feet and also be comfortable for your toe splay. They have varied benefits depending on their type. There are five types of running sneakers: the cushioned trainers, stability trainers, motion control trainers, lightweight trainers and track trainers.

    The motion control sneakers- These shoes are designed for athletes who suffer from overpronation. The soles of such shoes are very rigid to control the inward rolling of the athletes’ foot. The shoes also reduce pronation and absorb the extra shock on the feet.

    The cushioned running trainers- This particular kind of sneakers is designed to prevent supination, which can occur due to the foot’s excessive outward rolling. It can also be due to the less amount of inward rolling. Rolling of the feet is vital to absorb the shocks from the feet. The cushioning of the sneakers helps in transferring the shock from the feet to the spine or joints. It thus reduces shock by imitating the running process.

    The Stability Running trainers – Just like the above two shoes, it supports the foot while running and is very durable. It assists in the natural movement of the leg to keep it stable and reduce restrictions.

    The lightweight running sneakers – They are very responsive and provide varying levels of cushioning and stability. The lightweight sneakers are also super flexible and help in a springy push-off for fast-paced runners.

    The trail running sneakers – These sneakers are unique to function on any terrain. You can add additional features to such trainers like studs or spikes, the Gore-Tex liners, outer – soles, midfoot wraps, etc.; the shoes offer maximum grip and have very durable upper sections. The shoes ensure stability even on slippery and uneven terrain.

    Heel – Different memory foam running shoes offer various features in the case of heels. Many things need to be considered.

    The heel lift or heel drop of the shoe- Heel lifts are used to remove pressure from a strained Achilles tendon or an injured calf. They determine the type of sneakers to be worn- with or without heel lift. You can also buy heel lifts separately if they do not come in built-in.

    The width of the heel – The width of the shoe should comfortably accommodate your feet width. Your feet should not press against the side or cross its edge. If any of this happens, it can lead to muscle pain while running and cause stress on your feet. Go for wide enough shoes with larger insoles to avoid stress and ensure a comfortable running experience.


    The upper section of the shoe accommodates a large part of the runner’s feet. They should be designed with great care to avoid placing pressure on the runner’s feet. The construction’s aim should be maximum relaxation.

    Do not tighten your shoelaces too much and allow space for natural movement. Consider all critical factors to make an informed choice. The right pair of sneakers can transform your running experience. The memory foam is suitable and comfortable for both walking and running. Make sure to try on the trainers before making a purchase.

    Benefits of Memory Foam Shoes

    Memory foam has unlimited benefits. Here are a few highlighted ones to give you an idea.

    • Increased comfort levels: Memory foam remembers the shape of your feet and moulds itself accordingly. Every part of your feet is cushioned, and the shoes are very comfortable. It gives the feet an extra bounce while distributing the weight of your feet thoroughly. Memory foam takes its initial shape very quickly as no loading time is required. It is developed for instant comfort.
    • Eases foot pain: Uncomfortable shoes can cause pain and other problems with your feet. Extra weight is applied to your feet, which can cause pain. Memory foam is known to ease pains like arch pain, plantar fasciitis pain, heel pain. Spurs, neuroma and corns can also lead to pressure on your foot. Memory foam even relieves these.
    • Increases your daily efficiency: For people that stay on their feet for more extended periods, memory foam is a huge boon. The insoles work like magic and prevent your feet from getting tired quickly. The insoles will give you the boost you need. Memory foam is efficient for all, be it athletes, runners, or common people.
    • Eases pressure on feet- Our feet are pressurized the most by our body weight. The body also exerts pressure on our feet while we walk or run. Most shoes have hard bases, which do not absorb any of this pressure. Memory foam absorbs as well as relieves the stress on your feet. As you lift off your feet, the foam returns to its original shape and releases the stored energy.
    • Absorbs shocks- memory foam comes with arch and heel support. They absorb shocks from our feet as we walk or run and prevents twisting of ankles and tripping, thus improving stability.
    • Minimizes fatigue- The longer you are on your feet, the more will your feet get tired. The tiredness is due to the constant pressure on your feet. Your feet get fatigued and can cause undoable damage to them. Memory foam provides the desired amount of cushioning, reducing fatigue. It boosts your daily efficiency.
    • Provides warmth- Memory foam can also retain body heat. So it helps in keeping your feet warm during winters. The amount of this effect depends primarily on the chemical composition of the foam.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    #1 What is the need for memory foam shoes?

    The right pair of shoes will aid your walking, running or exercising, not hinder you or slow you down. A well-cushioned shoe helps you stay on your feet for hours. It serves to provide a maximum level of comfort and can be attested by athletes and retail workers, or construction workers.

    #2 Are memory foam sneakers washable?

    Memory foam sneakers can be washed in the washing machine or even by hand. But while washing them in the washer, only use gentle cycles and air dry them later to avoid a foul smell. Difficult and challenging to remove stains are also cleaned away. Your shoes will look fresh and just off the shelves of the market.

    Only shoes made of nylon or cotton can be subjected to the machine. Do not put shoes made of suede or leather into the machine, as they might get damaged.

    Check out our collection of Memory foam beds for dogs.

    #3 Should you look into the shoes’ brand while purchasing a pair of memory foam sneakers?

    An endless number of brands are available in the market today. Don’t run after particular shoes just because that’s what everybody is buying or it is trending at the moment. The shoes may not serve your purpose at all. Look for the shoes’ features, like breathability, heel cup, comfort, material, etc., while buying, instead of the brand.

    #4 How to select the right pair of memory foam shoes?

    Understand the needs of your feet and the surface you will be working on. Does your work demand you to be on your feet all day long? Do you specifically want to purchase shoes for running or exercising? These will act as deciding factors in your decision. Picking the correct shoes can be difficult, but you can also consult our buying guide for the Best Memory Foam Shoes mentioned above.

    #5 Can people with flat feet also opt for memory foam shoes?

    Yes, even people with flat feet can opt for memory foam shoes. But they must have arch support. The show’s base should also provide traction on any surface, and the inside should be well-cushioned.

    #6 is it necessary to purchase expensive memory foam shoes?

    A wide range of options of memory foam shoes is present in the market to choose from. While some shoes may be budget-friendly, others can be quite expensive. But the composition of the memory foam insoles remains fixed regardless. The cost can increase if you go for reputed brands. Otherwise, there is no such difference.

    All memory foam shoes lose their bounce after 6-8 months of usage and have to be replaced. So it is not advised to spend a large amount of money on them.

    #7 Where to buy memory foam insoles?

    Most of the shoes nowadays already have memory foam inserted inside them. But if your shoes don’t, and you don’t want to replace them at the moment, you can purchase memory foam insoles separately. They are available in different colours to fit your requirement and can be bought online. Or you can even go to your local shoe shops and buy one.

    #8 Does memory foam cause pain?

    No, memory foam does not cause pain but helps relieve pain and pressure from your feet. But it is advised to consult a doctor if you have already had chronic pain and have a history of it.

    #9 Does memory foam have any side effects?

    No, memory foam has no known side effects. It gives you comfort and reduces daily fatigue. It is a great product.


    The best memory foam shoes relieve the pressure on your feet. We experience pain and stress on our feet while walking, running, or staying on them for too long. It can cause various joint and ankle problems. So we must take care of our feet. Memory foam shoes play a significant role in foot comfort and, thus, a more comfortable lifestyle. The reviews mentioned above and the buyer’s guide for the best memory foam shoes for 2021 will make your work relatively easy. It will help you find a pair of shoes within your budget that suits your requirements.



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