10 Best Memory Foam Dog Bed with Buyer’s Guide

    Best Memory Foam Dog Bed

    Are you looking for the Best Memory Foam Dog Bed to make your dog feel right at home? Look no more. In this article, we outline everything from what to look for in a dog bed, the different types of dog beds available, why do you need memory foam to our top 10 picks of orthopedic dog beds for your pet.

    Most dogs spend up to 16 hours sleeping or relaxing in their beds. It’s their go-to spot when they want to gobble up a treat or play with their toys. They also need a good night’s sleep to feel energetic and active the next day. So selecting the right bed for your precious pet is very important.

    If your pet suffers from arthritis or other joint-related issues or is just recovering from surgery, orthopedic dog beds with memory foam should be the go-to option. They provide extra comfort by relaxing the joints and also help in increasing future mobility. Or, if you want the best comfort for your pet, memory foam dog beds should be the decision.

    Getting to know your dog is the key! Understand its sleeping habits- does it like to curl up or stretch out, does it chew excessively, does it shed hair in large amounts. All these will help you make a smarter choice while purchasing the best memory foam dog bed 2021. And our buying guide is there to help you out every step of the way.

    It teaches you how to measure your dog to what kind of material makes the best bed. Also, the type of maintenance that is required. The most important thing to keep in mind is- what does your pet want?

    What is memory foam?

    Why is memory foam preferred over regular foam for dog beds? What do you even mean by it?

    An interesting fact: Memory foam was initially invented for astronauts who fly continuously for extended periods. It used to pad their seats to make their flight more comfortable. NASA designed it in the year 1960.

    Typical foam is made of polyurethane. Though it provides comfort, it doesn’t take the shape of your dog’s relaxed body. Memory foam which is made of viscoelastic comes into play here. The dog bed’s material gets heated when your dog lies down on it due to its body heat. edThis increases the kinetic energy of the molecules in the memory foam, which makes them move freely. The foam softens and can now conform to the shape of your dog’s body.

    The pressure is distributed all over the mattress through this, which increases comfort and support. The dog bed achieves its original form when the dog moves away from it due to its fluid-like quality.

    Buyer’s Guide for the Best Memory Foam Dog Bed

    Each dog is unique, with its preferences. Thus buying the right bed to suit your dog’s requirements is extremely important. It will add to your pet’s quality of life, as the mattress will help it have a comfortable night’s sleep. You need to consider several factors before purchasing the bed, like size and durability. You may even prefer one that requires minimum maintenance due to limited time. So here is a list of factors that can influence your decision to make the perfect choice of the Best memory foam dog bed for your pet.

    Size- measure your dog

    Size is the most fundamental factor that comes into play while purchasing a dog bed. You do not want it to be either too small or too large. The small size will make it uncomfortable for your dog to fit into. A large fit won’t be suitable for dogs that like cosy fits and snuggling in. To make the best choice, measure your dog correctly, i.e., from the tip of its nose to its tail. The measurement will help you in choosing the required size.

    If you are buying the bed online, it can be a little tricky, but various size charts are available to help you select. For a growing pup, we advise you to choose a larger bed so that you won’t have to replace it with a bigger one in the recent future. For dogs that like to stretch out while sleeping, purchase a bed that is 6-12 inches more than their length.

    #1 Small

    • For dogs weighing less than 30 pounds.
    • Diameter of 35 inches if selecting a round bed.
    • 16 X 21 inches approximately in length and width for rectangular beds.
    • Breeds like the pomeranian, Maltese, etc.

    #2 Medium

    • For dogs weighing above 30 pounds but less than 45 pounds.
    • Diameter of at least 42 inches.
    • Approximately 20 x 27 inches if rectangular.
    • Breeds like beagles, Australian Shepard, etc.

    #3 Large

    • For dogs weighing above 45 pounds but less than 80 pounds.
    • A minimum diameter of 53 inches for round beds.
    • 24 x 36 inches approximately in length and width for rectangular beds.
    • Labradors and bulldogs are the dogs that would prefer these beds.

    #4 Extra large

    • For dogs weighing 80 pounds and above.
    • Minimum 60 inches in diameter.
    • Average dimension 28 x 41 inches for rectangular beds
    • Great Danes, Boerboels are the dogs these beds are best suited for.


    Maintenance of dog beds can take up a lot of your time. So it is essential to choose wisely. It is natural for the beds to gather dirt and germs on regular use, leading to a regular wash. Larger dog beds can prove quite challenging to wash. Hence it’s advised to choose one with a removable cover. Smaller dog beds, though easier to clean, offer choices between machine wash and hand wash. The handwash ones cannot be machine washed, so make a careful choice. Select a waterproof bed or a bed with a waterproof cover for dogs with “bathroom issues.”

    Foam thickness

    Comfort provided by the bed only increases with the thickness of the foam. There are no side effects of thick foam. It may cost more but will give your pup a better sleep at night.

    Shredded foam vs. sheet foam

    Shredded memory foam is less desirable in dog beds even though they are cheaper. They can move due to your dog’s body’s movement and gather together in one place, making it less comfortable. In contrast, whole sheets of foam maintain their shape and are thus associated with max comfort. Best quality beds have full foam sheets in them.


    A dog bed that comes with bolsters on multiple sides is advisable. It gives the dog a place to rest its head while lying down or sleeping.

    The dog’s age

    More supportive and comfortable beds will be required as your dog ages to help ease his joints while resting. It is preferable to consult the dog’s veterinarian before purchasing a bed for senior dogs.


    Some beds are designed specifically to keep your pet cool on hot days. They come with elevated designs to allow airflow from all four directions. Such beds are also easy to clean. But if you reside in colder regions or prefer to place the dog bed indoors, then a plush bed is the right choice to make, as they are cozier.

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    The stuffing in a dog bed varies from fleece, foam to soft cotton. These materials provide ample padding to the bed and give them a comfortable place to relax. The age of your dog influences the fabric of the dog bed. It is preferable to select foam-filled orthopedic beds for older dogs. To maintain your dog’s body temperature, choose beds with cooling gel packs—we advise you to choose heavy-duty beds for dogs that love to chew. Or find options with money-back guarantees because the dog may tear apart the bed.

    Chewing resistant

    Chew-resistant or chew-proof beds are also an option for dogs that like to chew. These beds are made of rigid materials like synthetic nylon. These materials are not destroyed even on excessive chewing and also provide superior comfort. You should not consider wooden beds for dogs with a chewing habit, as it will only encourage the chewing practice.


    If you don’t like to leave your dog behind during your business outstation travels, you may also want to consider the dog bed’s portability. Airplanes do come with pet cargo crates, but your dog may not feel very comfortable in them. You can purchase compact beds according to the size of your dog to make travel easier. Or you can go for beds with folding frames to reduce the size of the bed when your precious pet does not occupy it.

    Anti-skid base

    Dog beds can move around your house a lot when your pet simply sits upon them. If your dog is incredibly active, the bed may skid around the house due to the tiles of your home. So it is better to purchase a bed with an anti-skid base to avoid the mattress’s slipping.


    Now, after considering all the severe factors for your pet’s comfort, you cannot overlook the bed’s aesthetics. It will be a part of your carefully decorated house with its interiors selected after hours of consideration. The mattress must complement the color scheme, walls, and flooring to naturally fit in. It must be pleasing to look at.

    What dogs want

    Get to know your pet well. Understand the type of surfaces they prefer, their sleeping habits, any aches in their body. Look for signs. Try placing different kinds of dog beds in other locations of your house. Your dog’s choice will become quite apparent through this process.

    Types of Dog Beds available

    Now let’s take a look into the different types of dog beds available and which might suit your pet best. You can’t just step into the shop and buy anyone. Various factors come into play.

    • Standard beds: These beds are very similar to a cushion and do not have edges. These beds can either have memory foam or are filled with polyester. Purchase it for your dog if it likes to stretch out while sleeping, and don’t forget the removable cover.
    • Corner beds: As the name suggests, these beds can fit into a corner. They are a bit raised to provide more air circulation. If your dog likes to curl up and is small in size, this is the bed to go for.
    • Orthopedic beds: Designed for species suffering from arthritis and other joint problems, these beds are made using thick foam. Elderly dogs also find comfort from such beds.
    • Nest style beds– You may have already got it from the name- a bed designed like a bird’s nest, four raised walls are surrounding a bed. The walls almost meet each other on the top and seem to close up. So it is suitable for small to medium dogs, if and only if they are not claustrophobic.
    • Elevated beds: The bed is built a few feet above the ground and provides wind movement from all four directions. They mostly come with a frame of wood or metal and are also easy to clean. Only purchase it if your dog has no problem climbing on and off things.
    • Kennel beds: These beds can be fitted into a kennel and are also easy to clean. Dogs have to stay inside their kennels for more considerable periods; they will find comfort in these beds.
    • Covered beds: For the dogs who are a little shy, this dog bed that looks like a tent provides the best privacy.
    • Donut dog bed: These beds are preferred for smaller breeds like Chihuahuas and are in the shape of a donut. For extra warmth, the dogs can curl up on the raised sides of the bed.
    • Traveling beds: These beds can be folded to a compact size when not used to make them more comfortable during traveling.
    • Heated beds: It works like an electric blanket for dogs and provides warmth in the colder months. It also relaxes aching joints.
    • Cooling beds: Dogs prefer to lie down on the cold tiles of houses during the summer months to avoid their heated-up beds. The hard tiles cause aches and pains in their body. A cooling bed with a gel-like liquid to keep the bed’s surface cool during summer is preferable.

    10 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds 2021: Curated By Dog Experts

    #1 Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed


    Product Dimensions LxWxH 25 x 33 x 6 inches (Medium)
    Manufactured By Casper Sleep
    Material Nylon
    Size Small, Medium, Large
    Colour Blue, Grey, Sand
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    Both dog experts and dog owners consider the Casper memory foam dog bed to be the best overall. It is advised to go for this bed if you are not confident which bed will suit your pet’s needs the most.

    Casper memory foam dog bed relieves pressure on your pet’s joints and provides durable support to your pet. If your pet likes to dig or scratch, this bed comes with excess material on top. They can dig to their heart’s desire to make the perfect spot.

    The material of the bed is microfiber blended nylon, which makes it rip-resistant. It is available in three sizes-small, medium, and large; and three versatile shades- blue, grey, and sand. It also comes with a removable cover that you can wash in a machine. The body is slobber-resistant and can simply be dried. If stains on the outside prove challenging to get rid of, use an enzyme-based cleaner. All the zippers of the cover are well hidden to reduce the chances of chewing.

    Casper memory foam dog bed also comes with supportive foam bolsters that make the right spot for your dog to lay their head on while sleeping. The mattress will maintain its shape even after continuous abuse from your dog; no sagging in the material and foam is guaranteed. Your dog will prefer to cuddle up in their bed with their treat, making it apparent that it is a perfect choice.


    • Casper’s sleep products engineering team designs them.
    • It is a product catering, especially to canines.
    • It comes in various sizes to suit different dog breeds.
    • Provides the perfect place for your dog to take shelter in.
    • Memory foam is perfect even for orthopedic dogs.


    • It is not flame retardant.


    #2 PetFusion Ultimate Orthopeadic Memory Foam Dog Bed


    Product Dimensions LxWxH 44 x 34 x 10 inches (XL)
    Manufactured By PetFusion
    Material Polyester 65% Cotton 35%
    Size Small, Large, XL, XXL
    Colour Chocolate Brown, Sandstone, Slate Grey
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is manufactured using the best components and guarantees good health for your pet. It comes with 4 inches of orthopedic memory foam that improves your dog’s mobility by reducing joint pains.

    Not only does PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed reduce the anxiety of your pet by calming it down, but it is also made of recycled materials and is entirely durable. The bed is made for larger dogs, weighing above 150 pounds. You can also purchase a matching blanket for the bed.

    The mattress material uses certified memory foam and has no harmful substances like formaldehyde, mercury, or lead. It has passed all European safety standards and is also safe for skin contact. It keeps the indoor air quality safe by having low emissions of VOC.

    The bed is designed to be 100% smart. It is both water and tear-resistant. The base provides ultimate comfort to your pet and suits the aesthetic of your home perfectly. You can even purchase covers for the bed separately.

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    To assemble the bed, you just need to insert the memory foam base and shut the zip. The covers can be machine washed and can be tumbled dry as well. Dog hairs are also easy to remove from the mattress. It is the ultimate dog lounge.


    • Orthopedic memory foam
    • Available in multiple sizes and colors
    • Waterproof liner along with YKK Zippers
    • It comes with a three-year warranty
    • No allergic reactions, safe for skin contact


    • Warranty is only available on manufacturing defects.
    • Size may vary a little.


    #3 Floppy Dawg Just Chllin’ Elevated Dog Bed


    Product Dimensions LxWxH 36 x 30x 36 inches (Large)
    Manufactured By Floppy Dawg
    Material Steel, Fabric
    Size Medium, Large
    Colour Blue, Red
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    Floppy Dawg Just chilling elevated dog bed is one of the best outdoor dog beds available. They keep your pet cool by providing shade during hot summer days. It provides a safe and secure environment and is even available for larger breeds. The tent-like structure has a breathable mesh to ensure airflow from all sides and keep your pet cool.

    The high-quality fabric and steel used to constructFloppy Dawg Just chilling elevated dog bed provide durability to the tent-like dog bed. It is lightweight, easy to carry around as well as assemble. The material can be folded and put together in a carry bag to move around.

    The bed is elevated off the ground so that the pet remains away from the cold flooring. It provides warmth and a place to lounge for your dog. Thus it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors- keeping your pet cool during warm days and providing warmth by elevating the tent off the ground.

    You can also remove the canopy easily to handle both shaded and unshaded places during your outdoor adventures with your pet. It acts like a hammock keeping your dog off the grass and cement. You can easily clean the dog bed just by hosing it down with some soap water.


    • The dog can use it both indoor and outdoor
    • Made of lightweight materials
    • Easy to carry around
    • It fits in with your chic style
    • Available in multiple sizes and colors
    • It is waterproof


    • Canopy replacements can be challenging to find.


    #4 Brindle Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Bed


    Product Dimensions LxWxH 34 x 22 x 4 inches
    Manufactured By Brindle
    Material Memory foam
    Size 34 x 22, 46 x 28, 22 x 16
    Colour Mocha/Blue, Dove grey, Khaki, charcoal
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    Brindle waterproof memory foam dog bed has 4 inches of thick foam- 2 inches each of memory foam and high-density support foam. It is also 100% waterproof that protects the fabric from fluids and other accidents. It has a non-skid bottom that prevents the bed from moving around due to the activities of your hyped-up pet.

    The memory foam is soft and comfortable and supports the joints of dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and arthritis. Brindle waterproof memory foam dog bed also comes with a dirt and hair proof cover. It has zippered velour so that it can be easily removed and washed.

    The mattress also keeps dust mites away and comes with a three-year warranty. It is hypoallergenic and is suitable for smaller dogs (up to 50 pounds). Other size variants are also available to suit the needs of larger dog breeds like the Great Dane. The beds can even fit inside a dog crate, making it portable.

    The dog bed is highly durable and is one of the best-rated products n the market. The entire bed is enclosed in a waterproof cover which provides problem-free usage.


    • 4 inches of memory foam
    • Provides joint relief to orthopedic pets
    • Durable fabric for long-lasting usage.
    • Non-skid bottom
    • Waterproof material to prevent accidents
    • Three-year warranty


    • There have been complaints of dog urine penetrating the cover, but this was due to a particular defective product.


    #5 iComfort Sleeper Sofa Pet Bed with Cooling Effects


    Product Dimensions LxWxH 40 x 14 x 14 inches; 16 pounds
    Manufactured By nVision Marketing, LLC
    Material Memory foam
    Size Large, X- Large, medium
    Colour Tan
    Customer Ratings 4 out of 5 stars


    iComfort Sleeper Sofa Pet Bed has memory foam that provides dual-action cooling and relieves maximum pressure. The cooling microbeds keep your dog school on the warm days of the year. It comes with a backrest that offers extra comfort for the larger dogs. They can rest their heads against it while relaxing.

    iComfort Sleeper Sofa Pet Bed also comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed to increase cleanliness in your home. The bed has a pillow top cover that acts as a comfortable place to lie down. It has been overfilled to provide this feature.

    The beds are also available in multiple sizes to cater to different dog breeds. It is of premium quality that combines extreme comfort with trendy looks. It prevents overheating of your pet’s body.


    • Dual-action cooling with memory foam
    • Regulates your pet’s body temperature
    • Backrest for extra comfort
    • Machine washable, removable cover
    • Multiple sizes
    • Pillow top cover


    • Fewer options in colors of the bed


    #6 Big Barker Orthopaedic Dog Bed


    Product Dimensions LxWxH Giant (60 x 48 x 7)
    Manufactured By Big Barker
    Material Microfiber
    Size Large, Extra Large, Giant
    Colour Burgundy, charcoal grey, chocolate, Khaki
    Customer Ratings 5 out of 5 stars


    Big Barker Orthopaedic Dog Beds have been designed especially for larger breeds of dogs. They are only available in large, extra-large, and giant variants. The bed is also clinically proven by the University of Pennsylvania for dogs suffering from arthritis. Dogs that used this bed showed more mobility after just 28 days of usage and reduced pains.

    The clinical study involved 40 dogs. Minimum age and weight requirements were three years and 70 pounds, respectively. All these dogs’ data were collected and analyzed after using Big Barker Orthopaedic Dog Beds for just 28 days. 21.6 % showed signs of reduced pain, while 17.6 % of them could move their joints more easily. Their ability to walk and run increased drastically while limping was reduced.

    Big Barker Orthopaedic Dog Beds are handmade in the USA in small workshops by the experienced hands of craftsmen. They come with a ten-year warranty and have the best quality, promising to retain top shape without flattening.

    The beds have a microsuede cover that is soft to touch and can easily be cleaned in the machine. It fits in well with your house’s aesthetics as it comes in multiple shades like burgundy and chocolate.

    Big Barker ensures a comfortable and cozy place for your dog for many years, with 7 inches of memory foam. Made in the USA, it has excellent user ratings and customer satisfaction. It has been used and proven by more than a hundred thousand dog owners.

    Big Barker beds are also donated to K9 police units, active as well as retired officers.


    • 7 inches of foam for an orthopedic dog bed
    • Provides headrest, extra comfort
    • Manufactured for larger dog breeds
    • Microfiber cover that can be removed to be washed
    • Clinically proven
    • Ten-year warranty


    • Expensive, not budget-friendly. But it has a ten-year warranty, thus provides better value in the long run.


    #7 Kopecks Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


    Product Dimensions LxWxH 50 x 34 x 7 inches (extra large)
    Manufactured By Kopeks
    Material Polyester, suede, memory foam
    Size Small, Extra large
    Colour Grey, brown, brown (plush top)
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Kopecks Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is designed for dogs with joint and muscle issues. They may even be suffering from arthritis. It has 7 inches of thick memory foam to provide the ultimate comfort to your pet. Additionally, some models are equipped with a 3 inches thick pillow for the pup to rest its head.

    The memory foam used in Kopecks Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is hypoallergenic (similar to those found in high-quality mattresses in stores). It has double layered protection- thick memory foam followed by waterproof fabric. The cover can be zipped up and is quite soft. Made with plush suede, it ensures anti-skidding of the mattress.

    Available in three sizes, but the smaller version may have a few variations from the features discussed here.

    Kopecks will be the best spot for your beloved pet to spend endless nights in- dreaming and relaxing his muscles. It also uses solid sheets of memory foam instead of the shredded version, which adds to its expense.

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    • High grade 7 inches orthopedic memory foam
    • Provided with pillow
    • Removable cover, easy to clean
    • Anti-skid base
    • Double layered protection


    • The only disadvantage- expensive, may be out of your budget.


    #8 Stella All Seasons Pet Bed


    Product Dimensions LxWxH 52 x 34 x 7 inches, 17 pounds
    Manufactured By Stella Beds
    Material Plush, synthetic sheepskin
    Size Medium, Large, Extra large 52 inches
    Colour grey
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    Stella All Seasons Pet Bed has memory foam layers that work for both summers and winters. It is infused with gels to keep your pet cool during summer and has a plush crate layer to keep it warm during the winter months. You just need to flip the bed when the weather gets chilly. The bed now looks like an egg crate (which is made of faux sheepskin). It is designed for your dog to curl into. It provides extra comfort and warmth. The foam also has a waterproof lining.

    Stella All Seasons Pet Bed’s bed cover is washable and provides 100% satisfaction to your pet. It is perfect for your dog if it is susceptible to temperature fluctuations. It provides one year warranty and is available in large sizes for the bigger dogs.


    • Memory foam available for both summer and winter
    • Tri- foam technology
    • Elevated dog bed
    • Removable cover that you can wash
    • 52 inches extra large
    • Waterproof cover lines the foam


    • Price can be a downside.
    • Few customers had problems with the zipper.


    #9 BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Orthopaedic Dog Bed


    Product Dimensions LxWxH 32 x 10 x 22 inches (medium)
    Manufactured By BarksBar
    Material Polyester, rubber, wood, cotton
    Size Small, medium, large
    Colour Grey
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Orthopaedic Dog Bed is made to fit small to medium-sized dogs (approx 50 pounds and 26 inches in length). Multiple smaller-sized dogs can also snuggle in quite comfortably. It has a bed space of 26 x 16 inches.

    Built with the best-curated materials, BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Orthopaedic Dog Bed provides a great sleep experience as well as comfort. Arthritic dogs and older dogs with various aches and pains can relax in this bed. The design of the bed is quite luxurious with a polyester cover. It uses 4 inches of the orthopedic foam base, which improves the mobility of the dogs. It reduces joint pains by providing optimal balance to the pet. It also has a padded rim cushion for neck support, decompressing the ailments.

    The quilted design will add to the decor of your well-decorated house. Non-skid rubber backing is also provided to prevent sliding on tiled floors. The bed’s maintenance is quite simple as the cover can be removed, and machine washed (gentle cycle). Dog hair can be easily spotted and scrubbed off. This bed is a dog’s ultimate guilty pleasure and provides the best spot for snuggling in.


    • Oval shaped bed with Solid orthopedic foam
    • Cotton- padded rim that provides cushion
    • Nonslip bottom
    • Easy maintenance- machine wash
    • Luxurious quilted design


    • Not available in larger sizes for giant breeds


    #10 The Dog’s Balls Orthopaedic Dog Bed

    Best Memory Foam Dog Bed

    Product Dimensions LxWxH 33 x 22 x 4 inches (medium)
    Manufactured By The Dog’s Balls
    Material Plush
    Size Small, large, Xl, XXL (with or without headrest)
    Colour Grey linen, black faux fur, brown linen, etc.
    Customer Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    The Dog’s Balls Orthopaedic Dog Bed provides 2 inches of solid memory foam. The foam is designed for high stability, and the poly-linen design fits in perfectly with your decor. The bed prevents the development of joint pains in younger dogs, ensuring that they remain mobile and healthy even during their old age.

    The bed is therapeutic for dogs suffering from hip and elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, arthritis, osteochondritis, and other joint problems. Your dog may also have a torn ligature for which maximum rest is required. It also prevents the development of bedsores and elbow calluses due to long periods of immobility.

    The Dog’s Balls Orthopaedic Dog Bed keeps your pet younger and active for a longer time and helps them sleep soundly. The covers of the mattress are machine washable and also waterproof to avoid accidents related to incontinence. The quality of the bed has been verified and tested with certification.


    • Made of poly linen
    • Has premium quality memory foam
    • Prevent several joint problems from an early age
    • Provides pain relief from arthritis, post-surgery, lameness
    • Calms anxiety
    • The cover is both waterproof and washable
    • Long-lasting material


    • It does not come with the egg crate feature.


    Which type of dogs should go for memory foam?

    Memory foam has no disadvantages and is highly appreciated by all breeds of dogs. But it benefits some types of dogs more than others. Consider purchasing a memory foam bed if your dog is part of any of the following categories:

    • Overweight dogs: A good quality mattress is not the only thing that your pup needs. The addition of memory foam in the bed can give your pet the extra comfort and padding it needs.
    • Arthritic dogs: Dogs that suffer from various problems like hip, knee, spine, or elbow issues (joint or skeletal pains) benefit from the use of memory foam in their beds. It conforms to their body shape and relaxes their painful joints.
    • Elderly dogs: Like humans, as the dogs age, they begin suffering from various age-related aches. The memory foam cradles the dog and provides peaceful sleep.
    • Dogs suffering from long-term illnesses: The illnesses mean that the dogs spend most of their time in bed, battling the diseases and resting. Memory foam prevents bedsores and other pressure wounds.

    Memory foam benefits almost all kinds of dogs. But for dogs who like to cuddle up and nest while sleeping, a specialized nesting bed (poly-fill bed) might be a better choice.

    For all those who cares about their babies, check out our collection of best baby shampoo.

    FAQ for Dog Beds- Frequently Asked Questions

    Let’s look into the most common queries that dog owners have while purchasing a dog bed. I hope it will clear up some of your doubts too.

    Q1 Is it necessary to purchase a bed for your dog?

    Dogs can indeed nap anywhere and anytime, but it is nice to designate a spot they can call their own and be comfortable in. They can have their toys all around this area without cluttering the entire house. A dog bed serves all of the above purposes and more.

    Q2 What type of memory foam to use?

    Consider shredded memory foam if looking for cheaper options, but their quality is not up to the mark. Whole slabs of memory foam, though expensive, are the way to go for best comfort.

    Q3 What is meant by gel memory foam?

    Here the memory foam is infused with gel to provide comfort on top of cooling features.

    Q4 What is the required number of memory foam for a dog bed?

    If you have a larger dog breed, you can opt for thicker layers of memory foam. But most dogs are comfortable with 2-4 inches of memory foam, as it helps them get a good night’s sleep. Thick memory foam is not required for smaller breeds of dogs.

    Q5 Which is the best bed for your dog?

    Every dog is unique with different habits like sleeping, eating. Some like to sprawl away, while others like to bundle up. So it is necessary to choose the right choice according to your dog’s needs. The above-mentioned buying guide may help you narrow down the options and help you understand your dog better.

    Q6 Can we wash dog beds?

    Yes, most of the beds are washable. But the larger beds can be quite challenging to wash. It’s better to purchase those with a removable cover to make the task easier. The smaller ones can be cleaned easily, and you can also choose between machine wash or hand wash.

    Q7 Can bed bugs infect dog beds?

    Bed bugs are not known to survive in a dog’s fur, but they can surely infest the bed. This infestation can spread throughout your house, so wash the dog bed regularly to prevent this from happening.

    Q8 How to choose a bed for a dog suffering from arthritis?

    For arthritic dogs, we have unique orthopedic dog beds that have memory foam in them. The foam supports the joints and eases pain.

    Q9 Can we recycle dog beds?

    Dog beds do not have to harm the environment. They can be recycled in recycling centers or used for creating something new in your house itself.

    Q10 Can a dog have allergic reactions to the bed’s material?

    The chances of this happening are relatively low. But your dog may be allergic to dust and germs, so wash the bed at regular intervals of time to reduce reactions in your dog.

    Q11 What is the use of a raised dog bed?

    Raised beds are advised for warmer environments, which lead to your dog sweating excessively. They help in increased circulation by allowing wind flow from all four directions.

    Q12 How to decide the size of my dog bed?

    Measure your dog correctly. It is highly influenced by the size of your dog and sleeping preference. Consult online charts if making a purchase online. Leave space for your pet to stretch out. There is a detailed description given in the above buyer’s guide.

    Q13 Which bed to buy?

    Consider all the factors and get to know your dog better before buying. Make the best choice by consulting the buying guide above.


    Consider your dog’s choices before making a purchase. That’s what matters the most. The market is equipped with innumerable options to satisfy your pet’s requirements, irrespective of its age, size, or breed. The best value-for-money option at the moment is Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed. It is best overall and comes highly recommended. It is designed by the best, is durable, and also easy to clean. You can also look into the other choices mentioned to make the best decision.



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