The Best Massage Gun on Amazon – Review

    Sore muscles are the most painful when you are experiencing them. As it is not a big issue considering other problems related to the human body, but when you have soreness somewhere on your body, you can’t bear it.

    During such pain, a person can’t move their sore body part. At such a moment, you will definitely think of having such a machine or medicine which will relieve your discomfort instantly. This need of yours can be easily fulfilled by a massage gun! Yes, Massage Gun.

    Today I’ll present an unbiased review on Sonic Massage Gun. This product is mostly useful for everyone as soreness doesn’t see age and gender, but majorly Gym freaks and elders get sore muscle problems quickly.

    Let’s quickly go through this product and figure out its pros and cons. I will try to cover most of the stuff through this article. If I miss out on any of it, please do mention it in the comment section.

    Sonic Handled Percussion Massage Gun – Review

    In today’s day to day life buying a massage gun is quite an expensive product to purchase, and sometimes it’s worth buying it if the company is offering a quality product. But in the market, massage guns are expensive, and the quality gives you a setback, and you will never try to buy any such products in the future.

    Massage Gun

    I’ve expected the same from lift pros Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage gun; I know the name is too long, but the features will blow your mind. There are very few flaws in this product. As I compared it with many massage guns and observed that the company is offering the same what they have promised.

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    In terms of noise reduction, this product is the best massage gun. Sonic Massage gun comes with five different docks, one round dock for muscle soreness, one thumb dock to dig deeper, a Flat port to penetrate deep tissues, a Dual stick for the back massage, and a bullet dock for releasing muscle knots.

    The product comes at a very reasonable price with acceptable quality standards, and the company claims a lot from this product as it reduces many mental and physical issues. I will recommend you to consult your doctor first because blindly believing it will cause more problems.

    In my view, the product is really good and will help you to get rid of pain and inflammation. It will solve your soreness problems and will increase your muscle flexibility. Apart from that, it will definitely put you into a deep sleep!

    Let me showcase to you the features and other facts about the product.

    Sonic Handled Percussion Massage Gun – Features

    Sonic Massage at this price range can be considered as value for money. At, you will get at $119.99, and usually, massage guns are not that cheaper. Cheap massage guns are very few to find on amazon.

    massage gun

    Features of the Sonic massage gun are listed below.

    • It does not make much noise, as it uses a brushless motor and the noise level is 60 – 75 dB.
    • It has five levels of intensity, with five massage heads for different body parts.
    • Low-pressure 20Hz
    • Moderate – 30 Hz
    • Strong – 35 Hz
    • Intense – 40 Hz
    • Powerful – 45 Hz
    • It is easy to use and portable as you can carry it where you want.
    • It comes with a nice carry bag of good quality.
    • It has a lithium-ion battery of 24 volts DC, which is rechargeable and has a run time of 3 – 6 hours.
    • Battery power is 600 mah.
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    Public Opinion on Massage Gun

    Here, I’ll share some of the reviews from Amazon as well as from the lift pro’s official website. So this will provide you with a better understanding of the product.

    massage gun

    • Sheri G says on their official website that the product was effective for her and the service was excellent. She also said, “ The Video Library is very helpful! I have used the massage gun and video instructions to relieve pain in two areas”.
    • Kaitlin C had some complaints regarding this product, as she mentioned she used it for a long period of time and everything is good, but the noise is increasing ridiculously. After every use, the noise gets more pitched, and it’s not bearable now. She liked the product, but the main concern was the increase in noise.

    Now here I’ll mention some flaws and one-star reviews of customers from amazon who used it for a long time and now they are facing some major problems.

    massage gun

    • Some Amazon customer named Andrea rated it for one star because the product never worked properly, as quality and standard are good but she always faced some technical issues. She used to charge the massage gun fully, and when she started it, the LED would light up but the massager never worked on the first instance. A weird grinding sound used to come before the start.
    • One of the customers has posted a video of the problem and described it briefly so you can just check it out on


    Q. How long does it take to get fully charged?

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    Ans. It takes at least 2hrs to get fully charged.

    Q. How many varieties of colors does the company provide?

    Ans. You can get this product in 4 different colors, red, blue, black and grey.

    Q. How to select different speed levels?

    Ans. The speed control is done by pressing the control button once to set the speed to level 1, twice for level 2, and so on.

    Q. How do I know what speed level is selected?

    Ans. The green LED lights on the left side will indicate the speed, and you will get to know the intensity and level through it.

    Q. How many times should I use the massage?

    Ans. You should use the massage gun for 15 minutes per session, and you can use it three times a day. Please see that you are not using a massage head in one place for more than 3 minutes.


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