Want to Treat Your Taste Buds? Learn How to Make Homemade Mac and Cheese In 3 Easy Methods

    There are days when you can conquer the world with your spatula, and there are days when you don’t want to hold your spatula for once. We understand both the scenarios and have thus brought to you an easy recipe of how to make homemade mac and cheese for those sloth days.

    If you have never made Mac and cheese before, then it can be a little hard. But, you do not need to worry. Here, you will get to know about it step by step how to make homemade mac and cheese by scrolling through this article.

    How to Make Homemade Maac annd Cheese

    Step 1: Firstly, you need to gather the ingredients and measure them as the recipe is easy and quick.

    Step 2: Secondly, you need to boil the macaroni, and remember to add ½ to ¼ tsp of salt to boiling water. This step helps in making a difference in taste.

    Step 3: Mac and cheese without sauce, not possible! So, now you need to make the cheese sauce. The cheese sauce is made by combining butter, flour, and then mixing in products of milk. Cook the sauce till it becomes nice and thick. Add cheese and mix till the sauce becomes smooth and all cheese is melted.

    Step 4: When the cheese sauce becomes smooth, turn off the stove, and add cooked macaroni and mix it so that it combines well.

    Step 5: The recipe is ready, now you can serve Mac and cheese recipes for dinner. Enjoy the quick and cheese recipe.

    How to make homemade mac and cheese – Things to add

    Mac and Cheese toppings

    Are you looking for some extra toppings in your homemade mac and cheese? If yes, then here is some advice to add some extra things and will help in making the dish more delicious. Let’s have a look at the add-ups.

    • Crumpled and cooked bacon.
    • Hot dogs, kids love this item very much.
    • Vegetables like peas, carrots, etc.
    • Garlic and onions, you need to cook these things in butter to get some extra flavor.
    • Hot sauce.
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    Cooking tips on how to make homemade mac and cheese (baked)

    If you want to know how to make homemade mac and cheese recipes, then you need to follow some tips provided by Dassana’s Veg Recipes. during the making of Mac and cheese. If properly followed the tips, the recipe will be the most delicious one.

    Boiling Macaroni

    The cooking of pasta – Boil pasta for less time than usual. Pasta will boil in the oven so that it does not become mushy. Select small pasta so that it holds the cheesy sauce. The perfect pasta for Mac and cheese recipe is elbow pasta.

    Addition of salt – The first and foremost thing to make perfect Mac and cheese is to make pasta correct. To solve this problem, the addition of salt is done to the pot of boiling water, which will make pasta perfect.

    Selection of cheese – be choosy with the type of cheese, prefer the best cheese for making Mac and cheese. You can stick to cheddar cheese to make Mac and cheese more delicious. If you want the dish to be cheesy then extra cheese is the way for it. Don’t give up on the cheese as the dish is based on the type of cheese.

    Addition of extra toppings – make the Mac and cheese more charming by adding some extra items according to your taste like bacon, onions, etc.

    Adding crunch – want a crunchiness in Mac and cheese? Add breadcrumb below the cheese, try to mix them with melted butter to get extra aroma and flavor.

    Usage of room temperature liquids – set the liquid at room temperature, as the warm liquid will make the sauce thicker quickly than cold liquid.

    Variations of how to make homemade Mac and Cheese

    Did you know that there are multiple types and variations of cooking when it comes to mac and cheese? These are:

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    Bacon – if you are in love with bacon, you can add some crumbled, crispy bacon as a topping to enhance the texture of the dish. You can even add it inside a Mac and cheese dish.

    Stovetop – the dish can be made without baking also, but make sure the pasta is boiled properly. Add all cheese with sauce and combine with pasta.

    Various types of toppings – different kinds of toppings are loved by all, as this gives the dish the next level of attractiveness. On the top of the dish, a layer of cheese will act like magic, a small amount of melted butter as the topping will make the dish amazing.

    Baking time – mac and cheese recipe requires low baking time and temperature, but it needs to be adjusted with the taste of different people.

    How to Make Homemade Mac and cheese in Batches

    Cheese and macaroni are some of the essential comfort foods that are loved by all. Are you also the one who enjoys this dish? Of course! I am in search of a small batch Mac and cheese recipe, which proves perfect for small families. Get to know about this here.

    This small-batch recipe is so good and doesn’t need many ingredients, and also not much time. If you want to make Mac and cheese in large quantities then head towards a large batch. Let’s check with the recipe of a small batch of Mac and cheese.


    To know how to make homemade mac and cheese, you will need these requirements.

    ½ cup of elbow macaroni which is uncooked.

    3 tbsp butter.

    3 tbsp flour for all-purpose.

    1 tsp salt and pepper.

    2 cups shredded cheddar cheese.

    2 cups milk.

    If you want to make it in a large batch then the ingredients required are doubled from the small batch. The recipe is so easy that it can be whipped even during school time.

    How to make homemade mac and cheese in no time

    If you want to make Mac and cheese ahead of time, then you can make it but the dish will lose some creaminess if made ahead of time. The dish tastes delicious when it is made right away. But, what will be done if the dish is needed in no time? Let’s have a look.

    • Make the dish according to the procedure, transfer it to a baking dish, allow it to cool. Cover the dish tightly with foil and keep it in the refrigerator for 1-2 days ahead.
    • Allow the dish to sit on the counter around 30 minutes before baking.
    • Bake the Mac and cheese recipe for around 35 minutes till Mac and cheese become hot and cheesy.
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    How to store homemade Mac and Cheese?

    If the dish is left and you generate a feeling of tasting it after some time then you can store the dish. Mac and cheese can be stored in an airtight container in a refrigerator. But, as you know things get thick after cooling and Mac and cheese will also get thicker. So, to make it smooth and creamy you need to add some milk with the process of reheating. During reheating you need to stir it continuously.

    And to your surprise, Mac and cheese can be stored for 3 to 4days.

    Substituents in Mac and Cheese recipe

    Some substituents of Mac and cheese are described which makes the dish tastier.

    Macaroni – use any variety of noodles, the dish, in the end, comes out to be delicious. A specific shape of noodles is suggested to make Mac and cheese in place of spaghetti noodles. You can even use chickpea pasta, gluten-free pasta, etc.

    Butter – no substitute is there for butter in making Mac and cheese. But, you can use salted or unsalted ones.

    Flour – corn starch, tapioca starch are some of the substituents which go well for flour, but whole wheat flour is suggested to provide Mac and cheese a taste of wheat.

    Milk – any type of liquid dairy product fits in the making of Mac and cheese. But, remember the content of fat should be high so that the mac and cheese recipe becomes more creamy. Whole milk is the perfect item to make Mac and cheese more creamy.

    Cheese – the quality of cheese really matters in making Mac and cheese as the whole dish is dependent on that only. According to my, the use of cheddar cheese should be done to get the flavor.

    Pepper and salt – add these items according to taste.

    Garlic powder – this item is optional, but if added raises the flavor of the dish. Adjust it according to the taste.

    Now that you know how to make homemade mac and cheese, it’s time for you to treat your taste buds with comfort food!


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