8 Best Fanny Pack for your Comfort Trip [Buyer’s Guide]

    Best Fanny Packs – Who likes having to continuously carry around a purse in their hands? Think about when you have to carry a couple of small articles with you along with money. Your lip balm, wet wipes, maybe a small moisturizer, and especially in these Covid times, a bottle of sanitizer. Your purse will not usually hold these items. This again means you have to go through the hassle of carrying another small bag to take all these articles with you. All these different bags or pouches might be an impediment to your daily activities or might slow down your work. What if we told you that there is a one-stop solution to this? Implausible, right?

    Actually, it is possible. You just need to get a fanny pack. Yes, you read that right. Fanny bags are back in fashion! If you haven’t used a fanny pack before, you must be wondering what exactly a fanny bag is. Well, a fanny pack is essentially a small bag with a strap. The strap plays a very important role in making the fanny pack as convenient as it is.

    You can make use of the strap to hang the fanny pack around your waist, so it stays safely and securely against your body. Nowadays there is also a new trend of hanging the fanny bag like a sling bag across one side of your body by your neck. If that is more your style, you can use the fanny pack in that way too.

    One of the most important advantages of a fanny bag is that it allows you to keep a pack of small articles in it. From clips to hairpins to sanitizers to a small bar of chocolate- you name it and the fanny pack will let you carry. Another reason for using a Fanny pack is that you will be much less vulnerable to snatch-and-run. If the bag is placed securely around your waist or across your shoulder, there are chances of someone being able to grab it suddenly. Fanny packs are not only useful but also trending nowadays! So it is absolutely necessary for you to have a fanny pack if you want convenience and style combined.

    Also, contrary to what you might think, fanny packs are not at all boring. They are traditionally black in color but nowadays there is no restraint and you can take your pick of colors among a plethora of hues. There are also separately designed fanny packs for men and fanny packs for women. In this article, we have included different fanny packs and their specifications, along with information about the best fanny pack 2021. So, follow the article till the end to understand how to choose the best fanny pack for yourself.

    Buyer’s Guide – Best Fanny Pack

    When one thinks of a fanny pack, you immediately associate them as a travel accessory. Gone are the days when one would wear a fanny pack only when they are taking a trip out of town. Fanny packs have rebranded their identity to be the bag of choice no matter what the occasion is. Today, you can carry a fanny pack almost everywhere- be it to a party or for your weekly grocery run!

    A lot of factors need to be considered before buying a fanny pack for men or for women. The bag has to cater to all your needs and should be of good quality at the same time.

    Here is a buyer’s guide mentioning all prerequisites one should keep in mind before selecting the perfect fanny pack for their needs.

    #1 Material

    Fanny packs are available in a wide variety of materials. These fabrics range from nylon to polyester to canvas materials. Choosing the right material bag is important since it governs how sturdy the bag will be. Also, the material of the bag influences whether the bag would be washable or not.

    #2 Waterproof

    One generally associates fanny packs with outdoor adventure activities. In such a case, whether the bag is water-proof and water-resistant or not plays a role in the purchase decision. If the purpose behind buying a fanny pack is an extensive activity, it is always desirable to invest in a bag that is waterproof and water-resistant.

    #3 Scratch-Resistant

    The fanny packs 2021 generally are of highly abrasive material which makes them scratch resistant as well. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose a heavy-duty fanny pack that comes with such a feature.

    #4 Colors

    Fanny Packs are available in the market in a wide range of colors. Given the fact that these bags are used by both men and women, brands manufacture them in all kinds of colors possible. Choose a color that best suits your tastes and preferences.

    #5 Compartments

    The very utility of the bag is derived from the number of pockets and compartments the pack has. Most fanny packs have multiple compartments to store all your belongings conveniently. Ranging from one compartment bag to even six or seven, fanny packs are available in all dimensions and capacities to cater to your needs.

    #6 Strap Type

    Since you have to carry the bag on your waist or on the back eventually, the strap and buckle type play a major role. Choosing a bag that comes with a broad strap ensures maximum comfort to the user. Also, there are a lot of varieties in the buckles-ranging from clips to belt-styled ones. Select the kind that is the most convenient to fasten.

    #7 Warranty

    Since you plan on investing a sum of money in these bags, it is always advisable to buy a fanny pack that comes with a warranty and guarantee policy. Understand the policies of the manufacturer when it comes to its warranty and guarantee. Also, carefully study the refund policy of the brand before buying the product.

    Who all can use the product?

    • Fanny packs are extremely versatile. They are widely used by both men and women, irrespective of their age. Whether you are 7 or 70, you can still carry the fanny pack around and that too with maximum comfort.
    • The fanny pack can be used by individuals who are into adventure sports to compliment them on their next adventures. They can also be easily sported to parties and to run your everyday errands.

    Why choose a fanny pack over any other bag?

    • Unlike other bags, you do not have to carry the fanny pack on your shoulders. You can simply fasten it on your waist and move around freely. This is a great relief for people who suffer from back problems as a result of carrying a heavy load on their shoulders everywhere.
    • There are a lot of instances where one does not have a lot of essentials to carry but they still end up carrying a purse bag because of a lack of an option. Fanny packs are the best alternatives to big bags when you want to travel with a limited number of things.
    • Apart from the myriad functional benefits the bag provides, they also now have made a comeback on the fashion front. More and more celebrities are now seen carrying a fanny pack around in their daily lives. Hence, the fanny pack makes your life convenient and at the same time helps you stay in vogue too!
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    8 Best Fanny Packs – Reviews

    #1 Fanny Packs by JanSport


    JanSport Fifth Ave Fanny Pack
    Product Color Black
    Product Brand/Manufacturer The JanSport Fifth Ave
    Product Material 600 Denier Polyester
    Product Capacity 2.5L
    Product Dimensions 0.01 X 0.01 X 0.01 Inches
    Amazon Ratings 4.8/5.0

    The JanSport Fanny packs 2021 is the perfect example of style meets comfort. The fanny packs are manufactured by the renowned manufacturer JanSport since the year 2010. The fanny packs from the brand are available at the most affordable price possible in the market. This value-for-money best fanny pack makes a great addition to all your wardrobes.

    This functional belt bag comes with a capacity of 2.5L. This makes it the perfect choice for you to store all your essentials in them conveniently. The Denier Polyester material ensures that the bag is durable and can withstand prolonged use.

    The fanny pack is equipped with a main compartment that has a zip enclosure. Apart from this, the bag also has a zip-closing front pocket. The bag allows you the much-needed flexibility since the fanny pack comes with an adjustable belt and buckle.

    Being unisex in nature, the best fanny pack can be widely used by individuals of both the gender. The strap allows you to wear the bag as per your convenience and style- either as a belt bag or over the shoulder as a sling. If adventure is what you live for, then the JanSport fanny pack is a must-have for you!


    #1 The JanSport Fifth Ave fanny pack 2021 is a high-quality product that comes with an unbelievably affordable price tag.

    #2 The fanny pack is tailored using superior quality 100% denier polyester making the bags extremely durable.

    #3 The fanny pack is black in color, making it a neutral product. This means you can pair it up with any of your outfits without putting in too much thought.

    #4 JanSport identifies itself as an outdoor brand-this means that the products are made for adventure and can last in extreme situations

    #5 The adjustable strap and buckle ensure that one bag can cater to all sizes without any hassle.


    #1 The buckle of the bag could have been more sturdy.

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    #2 The Ash Rose Fourteen Waist Pack by Herschel


    Herschel Fourteen Waist Pack
    Product Color Ash Rose
    Product Brand Herschel Luggage Child Code
    Product Material High-quality canvas
    Product Dimensions 5.5”(H) X 8”(W) X 2.5”(D)
    Product Capacity 1.0 L
    Amazon Ratings 4.8/5.0

    The Best Fanny Pack by the brand Herschel is popularly known as the hip bag. Though the bag is unisex in nature, the ash rose color makes it the best fanny pack for women. The bag is lightweight-weighing only 4.8 ounces, making it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.

    It is an extremely stylish model. The bag comes with its signature striped fabric liner interiors. The zipper has a pebbled leather finish at the ends, making it of superior quality. The strap is adjustable and comes with a clip fastener instead of the usual buckle styles.

    The bag is wide in size and makes for a good choice to store all your essentials whether you’re traveling to another city, heading to a party, or just out for an errand!


    #1 The extremely stylish Herschel Fourteen waist pack is priced at an extremely affordable price for the quality it delivers. It is a complete value-for-money product.

    #2 The product is appropriately sized- this means you can keep all of your belongings in one place without any hassle.

    #3 Unlike other waist bags, the best fanny pack has a very high-quality zipper with pebbled leather installed. This means you do not have to worry about the zipper falling apart any time soon.

    #4 The ash rose color makes it a go-to accessorizing choice for all your outfits and occasions.

    #5 It is easy to carry and can be buckled either on the waist or can be slung on the back as per your convenience.


    #1 The bag being of canvas fabric is not easily washable. This makes its maintenance a little difficult.


    #3 The Tinyat Travel Fanny Bag

    Best Fanny Pack

    Product Color Orange
    Product Manufacturer Tinyat
    Product Material Nylon
    Product Capacity Not mentioned by the seller
    Product Dimensions 12.2” X 4.7” X 4.7”
    Amazon Ratings 4.6/5.0

    The Tinyat fanny pack 2021, as the manufacturer claims, makes for the perfect companion for all your activities. Whether you are out running, walking your dog, or at work- the Tinyat fanny pack has all your needs sorted!

    The bag is made from high-quality, waterproof nylon material. This makes the bag a go-to choice for all types of outdoor adventure sports. Also, the material of the bag is scratch-resistant, making it all the more durable.

    The bag comes with multi-layer compartments. The fanny pack also has a hidden pocket in the bag to store valuables. The best part about the bag is that all of these features are available at an extremely affordable price.


    #1 The bag has an adjustable and flexible strap attached to it. This makes the process of carrying it extremely easy. The adjustable strap allows room to wear the bag at your convenience.

    #2 The fanny pack has a hidden zipper pocket to keep all your valuables safe. This pocket is installed to keep money and other important documents in a secure manner.

    #3 The nylon material of the bag is both waterproof and scratch-resistant. This means that the bag requires very little maintenance for the durability it delivers in return.

    #4 Unlike other fanny packs, the Tinyat fanny pack comes with multiple compartments allowing you the room to keep more of your essentials in the bag than any other bag.

    #5 The manufacturer provides customers with the benefit of a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. The policy states that, if for whatever reason, a consumer is no happy with the product, they can claim a full refund against the same.


    #1 Only individuals with a waist size between 16-40 inches can use this fanny pack.


    #4 The Waterfly Fanny Pack for Men and Women


    Waterfly Fanny Pack
    Product Color Grey
    Product Material Nylon and Polyester
    Product Brand Waterfly
    Product Capacity 5.7L
    Product Dimensions 9.44” X 4.3” X 2.1”
    Amazon ratings 4.5/5.0

    The fanny pack by Waterfly is slim and compact in style. The bag is grey in color and is unisex in nature-making it perfect for use by both men and women. You can carry the bag in whichever way you can. Either buckled at the waist or slung at the back. They are convenient to use either way.

    The bag is light-weight and water-proof making it a good option to be used in all kinds of weather. The fabric is of high-quality making the bag durable. The best part about the bag is that all of this is available for a very economical price and is from a reputable seller.


    #1 It is big enough to fit all sizes of smartphones easily in the main pocket. At the same time, the front pocket is spacious enough to store other belongings like keys, cards and money.

    #2 The bag has a slim built. This allows the circulation of air between the bag and the waist, making the bag breathable and comfortable.

    #3 The fanny pack is tailored using top-quality nylon and canvas webbing belts. This gives the bag an overall soft feel but keeps it extremely sturdy at the same time.

    #4 The straps are adjustable and can be worn by individuals that have a waist size between 24”-43″

    #5 The multiple pockets help you to organize your belongings in a better manner and allow you ample space to keep things properly in the bag.


    #1 The fit of the bag is suitable only for individuals with a petite figure.


    #5 Fanny Pack by FREETOO


    Product Color Black
    Product Brand Freetoo
    Product Material 1000D Polyester
    Product Capacity Not mentioned by the seller
    Product Dimensions 7.87” X 5.11” X 3.94”
    Amazon Ratings 4.6/5.0

    The waist pack by Freetoo is known for its exquisite craftsmanship. It is the best fanny pack for men who indulge extensively in adventure sports. The bag is in black color and can be used by both men and women for a wide variety of needs.

    What separates this particular fanny pack from the rest that is available in the market are its features. The Freetoo fanny pack comes with a total of Six zipper pockets making it extremely spacious and convenient to use.

    The bag comprises a coin pocket, front pocket, middle pocket, bake pocket and a secret pocket. To put it shortly, the fanny pack has a pocket for all your needs and is sized in such a way that it fits almost everything.

    The polyester material is of premium quality and is water-resistant. This makes the bag perfect for use in all kinds of scenarios. This extremely spacious bag is priced economically making it affordable for one and all.


    #1 The bag comes with a durable plug buckle. This ensures that the bag remains firm on the waist and allows you the freedom to move as you want to.

    #2 The waist circumference of the bag is 23.6” to 45.3”. This makes it appropriate for all sizes of individuals.

    #3 The highly abrasive material is water-resistant, sturdy and pliable. The double seams ensure that the bag lasts you for a long period of time.

    #4 The largest pocket comes with such a good capacity that you can fit a standard-sized water bottle in it. This makes using the bag a perfect choice for your morning runs and hikes.

    #5 The manufacturer gives buyers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the bag. The bag comes with an 18-month long warranty making it a complete value for money product.


    #1 The quality of the zipper is sub-standard according to amazon ratings, making them difficult to work around.


    #6 Veckle Clear Fanny Pack


    Veckle Clear Fanny Pack
    Product Color White
    Product Brand Veckle
    Product Material 0.6mm PVC
    Amazon Rating 4.6 / 5.0
    Product Dimensions 11.57 x 5.28 x 1.65
    Product Capacity NA

    A Fanny pack is the most comfortable and convenient way to carry things with you. In the 1990s, it was a bit doubtful for fashion, but now in the 20s era, you can show your affection towards fanny packs easily. The wider crowd go for Fanny pack, as it doesn’t make your back complete with sweat, nor twist your spine and hurt on your bag,

    Veckle clear fanny packs are one of the best fanny packs in 2021; they are durable and comfortable to carry not only for hiking but also you can take them to a shopping mall, when you’re traveling, everywhere without thinking for a beat.

    The Veckle fanny pack is a transparent one zip pack, which saves your time and lets you quickly pass security checks when you are in the mall for shopping or in a concert of your favorite artist, like BTS, Justin Beiber.

    The fanny pack has a simple design, meets all the transparent shopping pack policies, has an approved size of 11 x 6.5x 5.9 inches allow you to keep your big enormous phone and essential item in one place and safe.


    • The material used to make this fanny pack is sturdy and durable, best for long-lasting
    • The adjustable buckle belt allows you to adjust the strap from 19” to 47”. You quickly wear it on your waist and also can wrap it around your chest, or like a mini backpack over your shoulder.
    • You can take it with you everywhere and use it for hiking and also for day-to-day life, like taking it for shopping or college, or while you are going to hang out with your friends.
    • The pack measures 11 x 6.5 x 5.9, which is under the approved size of transparent pack policy, no waiting in security checking points.
    • The packman carries your enormous big latest phones and essential items easily, making you accessible and comfortable to do any task.
    • The fine fanny has a simple design, easily matches up with your style.


    • The Veckle Fanny pack is too bulky and stiff.
    • The Veckle Fanny Pack doesn’t have a good strap; after some days of use, the belt starts to tear off from the plastic.
    • The white plastic gets yellowish and dirty quickly.

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    #7 Nike Heritage Hip Pack


    Nike Heritage Hip Pack
    Product Color Black/Airmax, Black/Black/White, Canyon Pink/Pale Ivory, Fuchsia/Black, Olive Green/Black, Palest Purple/Black, Red/Black/Yellow/Blue,Thunder Grey/White, Canyon Pink, Pink Blast, Volt/Black
    Product Brand Nike Equiment (Sporting Goods)
    Product Material Na
    Amazon Rating 4.0/ 5.0
    Product Dimensions 12x9x4 inches
    Product Capacity NA

    Nike is one of the most renowned brands, especially popular in the sports industry for their finest high-quality sports accessories. Nike heritage hip bag is very sleek and has a minimalistic, sporty look.

    The pack’s design is very stylish, and it is available in various color combos, so buy according to your desire. The pack has an excellent adjustable belt that wraps around your hip, and you can keep anything inside the pack like your train ticket, keys cards, or your vast 6.1-inch smartphone inside it carry with you securely without any issue.

    The pack has a comfortable interior and a cushioned exterior, and the pack is very light in weight nothing feels when you carry it with you for the hike, shopping, or for just hanging out with your friends.


    • The pack is branded and made up of high-quality material.
    • The pack can handle all the day-to-day activities with you.
    • Be your own stylish; as the fanny pack is available in many colors, so choose any fanny pack color to pair up with your clothes and for your fashion streak.
    • The pack is comfortable and very lightweight to hold around your hip for a longer duration.
    • The pack is not bulky in style. It has a simple and minimalistic design.
    • The pack is unisex so that both genders can use it.


    • The pack is a bit expensive.
    • They pack adjustable strap comes off after some months of usage
    • The pack is small in size, comparable to other fanny packs.
    • The pack doesn’t protect you from water, so if it’s a rainy day, you have to take something else or wait for the rain to stop.
    • You can’t adjust the strap and wear it on one side of your shoulder like a mini bag , nor can you wrap it around the chest.

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    #8 Tumi Voyageur Madison Hip Bag


    Tumi Voyageur Madison Hip Bag
    Product Color Na
    Product Brand TUMI
    Product Material Nylon
    Amazon Rating 4.8 / 5.0
    Product Dimensions 6” x 9” x 2.5”
    Product Capacity NA

    TUMI Voyageur Madison hip pack is an imported premium bag made up of the finest nylon, making you feel that you are carrying the best fanny pack of 2021 with you. The Tumi Voyageur Madison hip pack is the best equipment for traveling. Its exterior features have a double zip entry for the main compartment, then again double zip to U-zip pocket, quick-access back pocket with a magnetic strap with metal clip.

    The hip pack also has an excellent interior like a zip pocket, an open pocket, card pocket, and key leash, TUMI tracer, you can use to keep your things organize and safe. You can fit anything you want. The pack can handle all of them with ease.

    The pack is large, but still, it’s very charming, and you can style it with any outfit of yours. It was purposely made like that so that the consumer doesn’t have to comprise on their appearance. The pack is very cushioned to keep the belongings safe, and the pack so lightweight you don’t feel anything while carrying with yourself, especially for the women.

    The product is more focused on women’s use as they have to carry a lot of the stuff with them daily. This pack will give their shoulder some rest from those bulky, heavy handbags or purses they have to take while traveling.


    • The pack is made up of the finest nylon, so looks very beautiful
    • The pack has a simple and elegant design, which gives it a modern look.
    • The pack have many compartments, you fit anything in the pack and carry it with you, without any problem.
    • The packs have a nice cushion inside them, so no worry about the safety of your belongings.
    • You can pair it with any outfit. You won’t find any issue carrying it with you every day.
    • The pack strap quality is great
    • The pack can be the idle present you can think of for your mother or sister.
    • This pack can be the idle partner for your concerts and for your hiking.


    • The pack looks very bulky and heavy.
    • The package doesn’t clear the approved size for the shopping pack policy, so you have to wait in the security check post for a while.

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    Comparison between Other Bags and Fanny Packs

    While there are many varieties of bags available in the market, the best fanny packs still remain very popular. Let us look into a comparison and the advantages that the best fanny packs have over other bags


    Very popular among school and college-going people. Useful for carrying books, laptops, etc. this bag has double straps that make the bag hang across one’s shoulders. This bag puts undue strain on the back of the person carrying it as the weight directly falls on the shoulders.

    The best fanny packs are way better as they do not put any strain on the shoulders because they are worn on the hip.


    Primarily meant for women, this bag is generally small in size and is wide from side to side. It is very handy. It has a small handle/strap to hand on your shoulders.

    The best fanny packs are unisexual, having much greater space, and are handier when it comes to carrying them.


    As the name suggests, these bags are flat with a triangular flap at the front, just like an envelope. These have become a hit fashion accessory among young women. It usually comes with a sling attached to it.

    Being flat, it does not hold many things inside it. This is where a fanny pack becomes more useful.


    A clutch bag is a small handbag with a clutch. It is usually compartmentless and has limited space. It is a multi-use two-way bag basically serving two purposes. It’s a clutch that can be folded and can also be unfolded to be used as a bag.

    The best fanny packs for women are usually very spacious, unlike these bags. They have various compartments to store many things.


    A clutch is a small rectangular bag, without a handle. As the name suggests, we have to clutch the bag. It is very small, flat and can accommodate very few items. Mostly carried by women to parties, weddings, etc.

    The best fanny packs are not flat and can accommodate many things, because of their compartments. These days the best fanny packs are being used by women at parties too.


    Bucket bags are hollow from the top and circular in shape just like a bucket. These bags are spacious and have good capacity space. They are mostly used for casual settings.

    The best fanny packs are irreplaceable as no accessory can make up for the space offered by them.


    As the name suggests, athletic bags are used for keeping sports-related and gym equipment. Athletic bags are designed like horizontal cylinders. It has many compartments and is highly spacious. They are collapsible and at the same time expandable too.

    Fanny packs are not that huge. Despite providing for good capacity and space it is not meant for carrying heavy or big sports and gym equipment. A fanny pack maintains its standard shape and size. It cannot be collapsed nor is it expandable.


    Initially, these were created to keep bowling balls but have now become a wonderful style accessory among women. These bags are pretty, stylish, and make for good handy cabin luggage too. It is very suitable for use as a short-travel bag too.

    A fanny pack is usually not that spacious in comparison with a bowling bag and does not carry many items. It is only suitable for carrying essential utilities like money, wallet, passport, keys, etc.


    Duffel bags get their name from Duffel, a place in Belgium, from where the cloth was exported to make these. They are very popular as a travel and cabin bag. Just like an athletic bag this also comes in a round horizontal cylindrical shape. Since it is mainly used as a travel accessory for long trips (more often, than short ones) it is highly spacious. They are mainly used for carrying bare minimums and essentials like food, clothes, etc during short trips.

    The best fanny packs are also made for traveling purposes but are primarily used for carrying immediate essentials like wallet, money, keys, credit cards, etc. they are less spacious in comparison to a duffel bag.


    Laptop bags, as the name suggests are primarily meant for carrying laptops. It has some compartments for other utilities like files, books, papers, etc. It is generally made of leather and is squarish rectangular in shape. Laptop bags are equipped with handles to carry as well as straps to place them across one’s shoulders. It is primarily used for offices and work purposes.

    A laptop sleeve is only meant for keeping a laptop. It neither has a handle nor a strap. It is available in different materials.

    A fanny pack can carry only small electronics like mobile phones, chargers, radio, pen drives, pocket calculators. Although available in varying sizes and designs it simply cannot carry a laptop.


    A minaudiere is considered usually an evening accessory used by women. It is very expensive as it is embellished with jewels and stones. It is a little heavy because it is made of metal. The minaudiere is designed like a rectangular box opening from the middle like a purse. It is very less spacious. It is used for formal luxury occasions, parties, and weddings.

    The best fanny packs are extremely versatile even as a party accessory. They are less expensive and definitely have more space than a minaudiere. Available in varying sizes, shapes, custom-made ones available for weddings and parties too.

    #12 TOTE BAGS

    A tote bag is a large shopping bag. It is a large bag with two long handles and has good capacity space. A tote bag is open from the top and does not usually have compartments. However, the ones being made available in the market these days also offer a pocket on the sides, providing for a small extra space to keep money or the change. They can be made of different fabrics like leather, faux leather, rexine, cotton blend, polyester jute, etc.

    A fanny pack is not meant for shopping. It is meant for storing one’s essential goods. The biggest advantage is that the user does not have to carry it on their shoulders. It is safe and securely fastened to the hips of the user.


    Having a fanny pack is all about comfort. With a fanny pack you will be comfortable enough to roam around with all your goodies in the bag. Apart from it, you don’t have to worry about carrying all the weight on your shoulder. Well, that’s just the best part of having a fanny pack.

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