How To Record Google Meet – Basic Guide for You

    Due to the pandemic, the majority of people are working from home now. As a result, each and all office conferences are needed to be done with the help of video calling. In this scenario, it is crucial to record the same as proof for future use. As Google Meet is the most popular meeting platform, it is better to have knowledge on how to record Google Meet.

    Video calling with friends and family is real fun for almost everyone. There is no particular reason to record those. In this remote work culture, the video calling process is the best to be online with all the employees together. Even the schools and colleges have decided to continue the learning process online with the help of video meetings.

    Google Meet is basically made for business enterprise customers. Each and everyone are using the free Google Meet service in their need now a day. As it can be installed on desktop, laptop, and even on mobile, it is quite acceptable for people of every category. The flexibility of this app makes it attractive for them.

    Installation of Google Meet on your PC:

    By following these steps, you can install Google Meet on your PC without making any mistakes.

    Step 1: Firstly, open the app store on your PC.

    Step 2: Click on the search button.

    Step 3: Then, write Google Meet in the text bar.

    Step 4: After that, find out the app and click on the install option immediately.

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    Step 5: Finally, sign in with the help of your mail id and password.

    how to record Google Meet

    You are all done with the task of installing Google Meet instantly. It will be now easier for you to understand how to record Google Meet.

    The needful tools for Google Meet voice calling:

    These are the crucial things that you have to ensure at the time of connecting a Meet video call. Such as,

    • An operating system with a reasonable support.
    • The Meet mobile app or the Gmail mobile app.
    • A web camera or an external USB camera.
    • A minimum systematic device.
    • An internet connection is a must.

    To record a meeting on another platform, you have to be the host of the meeting. Alternatively, in Google Meet, any participant can record the meeting. Professionals usually prefer Google for any official work nowadays. Before you proceed to the system, you need to know how to record Google Meet. Like any other process, you can do the same by the below-mentioned methods.

    How to record Google Meet: Method 1:

    By following these steps, you can easily record the meeting after asking permission from the host.

    Step 1: Log on to Google first.

    Step 2: After joining the meeting, click on the three dots on the top-right side of the screen.

    Step 3: You can notice a pop-up window on your screen.

    Step 4: Click on Record Meeting.

    Step 5: Immediately, another pop-up window will appear. Select the Ask for Consent option.

    Step 6: Ask permission from the host to allow you to record the meeting.

    Step 7: Finally, click on Accept to do the task accurately.

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    If you do not want to ask for permission from the host, Google Meet provides you that facility too. In the below-mentioned method, you can definitely accumulate an idea on how to record Google Meet without the permission of your admin. These steps will help you in the way of recording the meeting surely. Downloading the OBS application is a must for using this particular method.

    How to record Google Meet: Method 2:

    Step 1: Download the OBS application at first.

    Step 2: Install the same on your PC or laptop.

    Step 3: Select the Google Meet application from the source section.

    Step 4: You can now set the size of your screen according to you.

    Step 5: After adjusting the size of your screen properly, click on the start recording button.

    Step 6: Similarly, when you are done with the recording task, you can stop the recording by clicking the same button.

    Hopefully, the above-mentioned methods will help a lot to record the office meeting or the online classes in a smarter way. Now it is important to be known to you the procedure of enabling the Recording Option perfectly. If you are the admin of the meeting or the video class, it is your duty to provide permission for recording the meeting or conversation to the other members of your organization.


    When you are done with the meeting, you can leave it with the help of different features. Suppose you are the admin of the meeting. After finishing the meeting, you can now leave the meeting by easily chose the option Leave the Call and then choose the Remove the Host option.

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    Google Meet use to give this specific feature to some limited sectors. Business standard, enterprise, teaching, and learning upgrade are the most popular ones. The accounts with no admin are not allowed to enable the recording option. Here is the list of some limited editions.

    • Essential
    • Business Standards
    • Enterprise Plus
    • Education Plus
    • Education Fundamental

    The above-mentioned accounts are allowed to record the meetings by their employees. Before creating your own business account in Google you should be careful about the edition.

    The Google Meet is a conference call connector that keeps helping millions of people every day to help them grow by connecting with each other in few seconds. Apart from this, Google Meet allows you to connect with a meeting without being a Google account holder. However, you should be granted by some of the participants of the meeting for sure.

    Google offers free calls for 24 hours for the Gmail account holder. This particular offer attracts most of the people towards it. Besides, you can add up to 100 people to those calls for free. By gaining a clear idea of how to record Google Meet, you can connect with your business partners in an easy way.


    This app can amazingly secure connected video calls at a very low cost. People around the world are installing this app at a high speed. With a minimum set up of a group of electronics equipment, anyone can grab the opportunity to connect with world by installing Google Meet. When you know how to record Google Meet conversations, it becomes meaningful to use the platform for official purposes as well.

    Google provides us with several functional features. Using the features and applications of Google can be easy when you know the right ways of use. This blog on How to make best use of Google input tools will help you understand the Google input tools.


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