Under Bed Storage: Best Space Saving Ideas 2021

    under bed storage

    The world has tons of problems in it and what are the roots of these problems? Well, humans of course! In our greed and selfishness, we only just want to take from others and never give back. Be it from our friends or family or the society or nature itself.

    The majority, with a few exceptions, tend to do this and in doing so, disregard the needs and wants of others. This issue would be solved if every human became more compassionate and considerate. Something that humans have been constantly taking from nature is, well, nature itself.

    In the search for knowledge, space, material for producing one thing or the other, and a lot of other things, we have been destroying what had been gifted to us when we were born on this planet. One of the most significant things in this is the cutting down of trees to make space for human civilization.

    We are literally taking the lives and homes of the trees and animals that live in these forests and ecosystems. For what? So that WE can have some space to live in. Talk about irony or double standards. If we do not change our ways of living soon, we would not have a place to live in anymore and the sooner we realize that, the better. Well, anyways, we will today talk about under bed storage.


    Why IS Saving Space Necessary And What Are The Best Ways Of Saving Space?

    Due to overpopulation, humans have been finding it hard to accumulate everyone in houses, there is literally so little space that humans have started making plans of living in space. Due to this lack of space to live, we have started looking for ways that will save space or give us more room to make homes for ourselves.

    Because of this, the idea of mini houses has arisen. Mini houses are just homes that are minimized. In such homes, you would not find anything that is a waste of space. You will see the dining tables attached to the walls, beds that you can fold into a couch or again, in the wall, stairs having storage spaces beneath them. I mean, talk about saving space.

    We, humans, do come out with great ideas from time to time. So in this hunt for saving space or having more space, we have made a lot of things smaller in size, like the computers you carry in your hands in the form of a smartphone is the best example of that.

    When it comes to saving space and making things compact, we find that a lot of things in our life occupy a lot of space unnecessarily and that we can get rid of them very easily. The best example of that can be the beds in our bedrooms.

    When we talk about compact homes, the beds in these kinds of houses can be converted into couches or they could be folded up to the wall. But in this article, we will discuss under bed storages and the best space-saving ideas.

    What Is Under Bed Storage?

    under bed storage

    When it comes to a bed in any bedroom, most of the space in it is occupied by the bed and there is little room for other things. If you have a house that does not have much space or it is not too large then you will feel the need to cramp up things together and that can make things messy.

    When you start making use of the space underneath the bed that is just gathering dust, you will have some extra space for other things and your room would not look as messy as before with all the things just lying around. Even if you are in need of a space where you can put away things and you do not need access to them constantly, considering under bed storage would be a good option.

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    There are a number of things that you can use to store things under your bed. You can make use of the cardboard boxes that are just lying around, clean them up, and put in things like toys and other things that do not necessarily have to be in regular use. If you have wooden boxes or even slabs or plates of wood or some other material, you can keep things on them and slide them under the bed.

    If you really want to have a place to store things and you have determined that you definitely want to do something about the untidiness or the disorganization of your room, then you will find one way or the other to help you with it.


    Now that we know what under bed storages are and what you can do with them, it is time to find out all the advantages.

    Advantages Of Under Bed Storage

    Under Bed Storage gives you a lot of advantages and options so that you do not have to worry about things like having less storage space in your house. When you store things under your bed, it solves a lot of other problems as well.

    Problems that you might face because you have a small house or if you have a big family and not enough money to get another home or even if you just have a lot of stuff in your house that needs storage spaces allocated to it. So let us start with the advantages that under bed storages provide:

    You Get More Space

    The most obvious advantage that under bed storages provide is the space-saving option so that you have space for other things. Suppose you have a lot of toys or some photo albums or perhaps some trophies from your childhood that you want to keep safe or maybe a trunk that is not in use anymore, and you store things in any corner of the house that you can find.

    If you could get rid of these things it would relieve you immensely right? But what if you cannot do that for one reason or the other? Maybe your parents or family members do not really want to get rid of them or maybe you have grown attached to them or you might want to keep them safe for old times’ sake and nostalgia.

    Or you might have a whole lot of cash or treasures that you found from somewhere or maybe robbed a jewelry shop or a bank. Just kidding. In such a case, you can put these things in some storage box or a trunk and slide them under the bed and make use of the space that is useless anyway.

    This will help you immensely and you will have some more empty space in your house that you might use to maybe place a stool or a small chair or maybe even cushions for your pets. All in all, under bed storages, are a great space-saving option.

    Object Organization

    Keeping things just lying around in your bedroom might not be that great. For people that are obsessed with organizing things perfectly, that is something that might get grating on their nerves.

    When you keep old clothes just stuffed somewhere in your cupboards, it might disrupt your organization of the other newer clothes. Or maybe you might have extra bed sheets and pillows for when guests come over to your house. You can’t just keep them lying around anywhere or drape them on your already stuffed mattresses. So what can you do in such a case?

    You can cover them up with a sheet and slide them in the under bed storage by keeping them on things like wooden planks or storage boxes. That will prove to be a great way of getting rid of these things till you want to use them again and also help you organize your room to look better and greater than before.

    Organizing things better and saving some space are not the only advantages to having storage under the bed. Under Bed Storages have a few more advantages, read ahead to find out.

    under bed storage

    Keeps things out of sight

    If you have a child at your home and they keep breaking things and making them useless, then you might feel the need to find someplace where you can put away the broken things. You might not necessarily want to throw them away in the trash as the wasted stuff might come in useful to you if they are wooden or metal scraps.

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    If you have things like these, then you will definitely feel that you should store them away somewhere. And when you look at your options of all the places that you can keep things like these, you would not find many options because these things might make you feel embarrassed if a guest came to your house and saw them. So what should you do in such a case?

    You do what all the teenagers do these days to hide things that they want to keep secret from their parents or guardians. Keep the stuff in the under bed storage. Also if you have some valuable material that you feel is unsafe if kept within the reach of children, something like an expensive china dish set, even then you may need a storage space under your bed.


    Keeps your room neat and tidy

    The last but not the least helpful advantage that under bed storage offer you are keeping your room and house clean and neat. We are not saying that you should shove away everything that you find that you do not need under the bed. What we mean is that if you find yourself in the need of having to clear your bedroom, you can put together all the things that you do not need immediately but might have a need of in the future, in a box or a drawer and slide them below your bed.

    What this would do is keep your unwanted things out of sight and make your bedroom look a lot cleaner. And who does not want their room to clean and tidy? Well, everyone definitely wants their rooms to be clean, so you can go for the easy route and put them away in the Under Bed Storages. Keep everyone happy, that should be the mantra.

    Now that we have discussed all the advantages that Under Bed Storages provide, it is time for us to move on to things that you can use to make a good storage space under your bed. Also, we will have a look at all the things you need to keep in mind while making it.

    Things To Keep In Mind When You Make Under Bed Storages At Home

    Equipment Available To you

    The most necessary thing when you start to make under bed storage is that you take into account everything that is available to you. You might sometimes not have everything that you would need.

    Suppose you are going to make some storage space from some wooden planks that you found lying in your backyard, rotting away. To make a good under bed storage from that, you would need to have hacksaws, hammers, nails or screws, etc.

    If you have the necessary things, only then can you make decent Under Bed storage out of wooden planks. You can also use drawers or plastic containers to make Under Bed storages if you have easy access to those.

    Your Storage Requirements

    The next thing you should consider is what you require from under bed storage. If you are going to keep some old diaries and books, then you might need to store things under your bed that would keep dust from getting onto those books and destroying them.

    If you want to store some toys and baseball bats then either a big cardboard box or a trunk would have to be used. If it is something that is big and would not fit in some box, then you can make use of some wooden planks and just place those items on it and slide it under the bed.

    Once you know all things you need from under bed storage, it would get very easy to determine what you are going to make. If you are going to buy a new custom made under the bed storage, then this very thing would apply there too along with the price of the product, the material, durability, space, and accessibility of the under bed storage. So keep that in mind when you are buying new under bed storage.

    The Best And Most Simple Under Bed Storage Ideas

    After discussing all the things you might have to keep in mind while making Under Bed storage or buying new ones, let us move on to the DIY ideas of making Under Bed Storages.

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    The methods of making Under Bed Storages yourself that are listed below would be very simple. In fact, so simple that you can do these things on your own and would not have to take help from anyone else unless you want it to be authentic and want it to look like readymade ones.

    There are a lot of ways in which you can make under bed storage at your home. The type of storage you make would depend on the requirements you have and the material that is available to you. Let us start.

    Drawers from old cabinets

    under bed storage

    Drawers from big cupboards or cabinets that have broken can be easily repaired and used for storing things under your bed. You would just need to cover the broken parts with plastic and apply wood scraps, then use adhesive and the drawer would be very useful.

    You can stick papers and decorate the outer surface of the drawers and attach strings on them to pull them out from under the bed. These are the easiest solutions for making Under Bed storage.


    Zipped Storage Containers

    under bed storage

    Storage containers that have cushioning in them would be a great way of storing something that needs to be stored with care like trophies and other similar items. Zipped storage containers are a good way of doing that as they will keep the objects in a safe space and additionally, they are light in weight too, so they are a very good under bed storage option.



    under bed storage

    When you go shopping and buy clothes and outfits, more often than not, these clothes are given to you in cardboard boxes. You can use these cardboard boxes to store small things and even use them to keep clothes that you do not necessarily need away until you need them.

    These are another lightweight Under Bed storage option and they are very small in size too. The same can be done with photo storage boxes or shoe boxes that you get when you buy footwear and convert them into under bed storage.

    If you are able to find big boxes that we use to carry things when we move or shift, it would work great for you. You can easily slide these boxes under your bed and remove them whenever you need them. It is important that you choose strong boxes so that you can store things easily for a long time.


    Trunks Or Suitcases

    under bed storage

    When you have old trunks or suitcases, which are just lying around the house somewhere and you do not really use them then you can bring them back into usage by making them under bed storages and store old objects or things that you need once or twice a year like Christmas lights and decorations.

    These boxes are a good way of making use of old trunks that your parents or grandparents have and converting them into under bed storage. The same could be done with wooden boxes too.

    Boxes On Wheels

    under bed storage

    If you are going to be storing something heavy under the bed, you might consider installing wheels at the bottom of the wooden boxes and the plastic boxes. This will help in easily sliding out the Under Bed storage and then sliding it in again easily.

    Bed raisers

    under bed storage

    You can buy bed risers from a departmental store and then install them underneath your bed and voila! You will have some additional space for storing things under your bed. This will help you in getting your bed up to a comfortable height for watching out the window or just sitting on it too, not just be under bed storage.

    You Can buy Under Bed Storages From Furniture Stores Stores As Well

    If you do not wish to go through all the fuss of having to make under bed storage yourself, then you can easily purchase one from any store that sells furniture. You can also surf on the internet and find the best option on any online furniture store. These would be much better in quality than the ones you make yourself but you would have to spend money on them too. So make a decision as to what you should do based on all these things.

    under bed storage

    Closure | Under Bed Storage

    Now that you know what you can do with under bed storage, I am sure that you would be very tempted to either make under-bed storage yourself or go out and buy one right now and I can’t blame you either.

    These small things are just a lifesaver and yes, a space saver too. They help you in keeping your house organized, clean and tidy, as well as help you in keeping unwanted things out of your sight. So based on this article, just pick whatever material you have and start making your own under bed storage at home.

    I hope that I have covered everything related to under bed storage. If you have any questions related to the same or any suggestions, please feel free to mention them in the comments section.


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