8 Best Knife Set (Buyer’s Guide + Reviews) for 2021

    Best Knife Set (Reviews) – Imagine cutting through the thick skin of meat without a proper knife? Well, the disaster is real. Knife sets are the essentials of every kitchen. There is no way one can manage to work around the kitchen without a knife.

    The need for a sharp kitchen knife is non-negotiable. A perfect knife set is formed with the inclusion of 11 different types of knives. One of the sharpest is the chef’s knife, which can take a toll on your hands if not used carefully.

    We all have been accustomed to using 2-3 knives for the majority of our work. It is the chef’s knife, butter knife, and serrated knife. Well, a professional will never do that. Apart from loving the job, they have dignity, which works the best for them.

    The essentials of a good knife are very hard to determine. You can get a job done with a blunt knife as well, but the efficiency and perfection are only brought in with the tool suited for the job.

    There is one thing that is difficult to understand. No matter what the country is, people find having a knife set a luxury. Well, this is the place where a toll must be taken. The best knife set is more of a necessity. Therefore, this article will help every user get what they have always wanted.

    A user can find the right knife set for his kitchen without compromising on the quality with our help. From the personal cooking style to the blade material, all the different factors will be considered by us when we will refer you to the best knife sets 2021.

    Apart from that, our research is highly integrated, with thousands of reviews available online from real shoppers. Keeping their point of view in mind, we have provided an extensive collection of the different brands which bring in the best quality product for their user. We will mention even the slightest mistake.

    Whether it be for your home kitchen or for your professional block-restaurant, all the knife sets will perfectly fit your needs. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the complexity related to building quality and product durability.

    However, since most of you are newbie, we will talk about the different types of knife available in the best knife set. This will help you get a brief idea about the distinctive feature each one carries.

    Different Types of Knives in the Best Knife Set for Kitchen

    As mentioned earlier, most of the jobs are done using the chef’s knife. However, using a distinctively designed blade to bring a purpose to life can help you cook and prepare the raw materials with efficiency and precision. The approach to cut vegetables will be changed, and therefore, you won’t have to worry about the same as a user.

    Well, there are many different knives available in the market, but it is not important to have all of those. You can pick up the ones which are required the most, and therefore, we have mentioned 11 different blades that are necessary for your kitchen.

    #1 Chef’s Knife

    The Chef Knives

    Most of you must have come across this knife as a cook’s knife. Well, that’s just a way to call it. A chef’s knife is highly typical to have the blade tapering upwards. This makes the rocking back and forth process much easier, and thus, the mincing can be done with ease.

    Users can expect it to be in a range of 6 to 12 inches. Therefore, they can get the freedom to pick up the size depending on the dish they are cooking.

    You can find a chef’s knife as both forged and stamped, though it’s better to go with a forged knife. This knife is used the most in the kitchen, and therefore, the need for a full tang is really important. A full tang knife has its blade extending to the knife’s handle’s whole width and length. With this, users can ensure better durability and stability while chopping the vegetables.

    As mentioned earlier, this knife is used the most in the kitchen. Whether it be chopping vegetables to cutting a chicken, everything can be taken care of by this, making it a must in every best knife set out there.

    However, having a knife sharpener becomes important due to the extensive use. Most of the knife sharpeners work best with all kinds of knives, but the build material can affect the same a lot of times. While choosing a knife sharpener, look out for the work it can do on the grind, edge angles, and the knife’s material.

    #2 Santoku Knife

    Santoku Knife

    The Santoku knife is known for its three virtues, which makes it so special. It is slicing, mincing, and dicing. This is an all-rounder knife that can do almost every job that a chef looks out for.

    Speaking of this knife’s history, we can clearly understand that this is a Japanese knife that took some hard-hit while coming to the western regions. It is easy to figure out that this knife is a shorter and thinner version of the cook’s knife. This is preferred by the people who love to work with a lighter blade.

    However, if you are looking to mince herbs using this, it can get tough as the blades are flat. There is hardly any chance for the blade to move back and forth in a smooth manner.

    Whatsoever, the hollow edge makes it perfect for cutting through the thick skin of meat and fish. There is no way that any food will be sticking around the knife, therefore, taking care of the precision and speed at the same time.

    #3 Kitchen Shears

    The Kitchen Shears

    Though it is not a knife, it has got various implementation in the kitchen. It can replace a knife and work fine for most of us. The strong and thick blades will help you deal with various food items.

    Especially when it comes to snipping herbs or preparing shrimp, this tool does a great job. If you are looking for a home implementation, you can slice your pizza with it.

    Most of the shears are specifically built to deal with green onions. It makes the process faster and better.

    One of the biggest disadvantages of having it around is its think and weak blades. Finding a sharpener for the same is the most difficult task that you will be looking around to do.

    #4 Utility Knife

    The Utility Knife

    Imagine a job that the chef’s knife can’t do. Well, all of those will be covered with the help of this utility knife. It measures from 4-7 inches in length and works best for chopping food, which the chef’s knife can’t take care of.

    Don’t try to slice or chop large items as this will not be possible using this. The best way to use this knife will be to put it to tasks like trimming, filleting, slicing, which a normal chef’s knife might not take care of.

    Therefore, this makes it a must for every best knife set in 2021.

    #5 Bread Knife

    The Bread Knife

    The bread knife is what we all have been accustomed to. There is no picnic or outing where we don’t carry a butter knife. Though it doesn’t have a specific job in the kitchen, bread knives are well used when it comes to serving food.

    They can cut through bread, cakes, seafood, and meat as well. The blade construction makes it possible for everyone to cut through the bread without putting much effort. Therefore, you won’t be doing any squishing or pushing down while using this.

    It belongs to a large knife set of a kitchen. It sets at a length of 7 inches and can go up to 10 inches. However, you won’t find any belly to the blades, which makes it straight and narrow. It is the special ‘teeth’ structure on the knife, making it easier for everyone to cut the bread.

    #6 Boning Knife

    A Boning Knife

    The name suggests it all. The boning knife is specifically used to cut the meat through the bones without missing a shred. Whether it be the filleting fish or your favorite leg piece, getting the meat of it will be a cakewalk.

    However, this can be used for other tasks as well. You can use it for peeling off and trimming the vegetables. These knives typically range from 3 to 8 inches in length with different blade widths.

    Professional chefs lookout for buying a Flexi boning knife as it improves precision. However, the use of a stiff blade is recommended for all household chores. We don’t expect any user to put in hard efforts or make the job tougher for themselves.

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    #7 Paring Knife

    A Paring Knife

    Well, most of the knife sets don’t include a paring knife as the work it does is limited. However, if someone is looking for garnishing their dish or drinks with fresh fruits in the market, then a paring knife does magic.

    This has a different class in it as it comes with 3-4 inches in length, and the blades are super thin. With this, you can easily cut through the extra fat and peel off the fruits in seconds.

    The design of this knife makes it more appealing to the users. Metaphorically, it comes with a bird’s beak on edge, sheep’s foot on the hold, and a thick hold like no one else.

    Therefore, even if your knife set doesn’t include one of these, make it your mission to buy it separately. Well, the best knife set deserves to have a paring knife in it.

    #8 Cleaver Knife

    The Cleaver Knife

    For all the people who have loved chopped meat at their place, thanks to the cleaver knife, which took care of your needs. The view of it can give chills to a lot of people out there. It is indeed the bulkiest knife in the knife set.

    It is the heavyweight and the design of this knife, making it easier to cut through the thick skin of beef and bones without any blockage. It will be like chopping a pumpkin when you will use this tool.

    The wide blade makes it perfect for beating the meat and fish to loosen it up. Many even use it to crush garlic and get the skin off it.

    #9 Nakiri Bocho

    The Nakiri Bocho

    If you have always been a fan of ethnicity and aesthetic looks, then the Nakiri Bocho will fit right in your category. It has an ancient look to itself and follows the Japanese style with it. The wide and thin blade with the squared tips makes it the perfect match for cutting vegetables.

    Whenever you are looking to make thin slices of cucumber, tomatoes, and bitter gourd, using the Nakiri Bocho will fit right in your budget. It is the special long straight blade, which makes cutting long vegetables super convenient.

    #10 Steak Knife

    The Steak Knife

    These knives are not exactly a part of the kitchen, as you will always find them on the table. It is also known as the table knife and is widely used for cooked food. Imagine cutting that big piece of beef with your fork and knife. Well, that’s not possible at all.

    Therefore, the steak knife can cut down the food item and serve it to everyone on the table. Finding a serrated steak knife will help you use it for its longevity, and hence, the hustle of sharpening it at regular intervals will be removed.

    However, the non-serrated knives might not be sharp enough but are easy to sharpen and can be done in minutes.

    #11 Fillet Knife

    The Fillet Knife

    Those who aren’t aware of the different kinds of knife usually confuse the fillet knife for a boning knife. However, there is a subtle difference between the two, which makes the fillet knife a great piece of tool.

    We all know that the boning knife has a specified job like removing the meat from the bone. Similarly, the fillet knife is used to cut through the fish and cut in into thin fish slices.

    The difference in the job makes it quite evident the difference in the build. The fillet knife is thinner, longer, and flexible than a boning knife as it has to cut through the thin bones of a fish.

    However, a professional chef can substitute both the knives and get the job done anyway. Therefore, the craftsmen prefer to blend the two to make an amazing piece of art, also known as the boning fillet knife. This knife is widely used in Japan and China when it comes to bringing the best Sushi in town.

    Well, apart from this, you won’t find any difference between the two.

    With this, all the different kinds of knives have been covered by us. By going through the topic, you will affirm the different types of knife you need for your kitchen. Most of the best knife sets will come with these knives. However, if they miss out on most of it, then look for the main knives, i.e., Chef’s knife, serrated knife, and the boning knife.

    Without these three, your kitchen will always be incomplete.

    Best Knife Sets on Amazon (with Reviews)

    Well, there will be a different touch to every knife set today. We will be mentioning the category for which it is most famous. We have rated the knife set for the kitchen based on their ratings, quality, durability, looks, and other points, which will help you pick up the right product.

    The extensive option of different best knife set will mesmerize you like all of them comes in with top-notch quality and build which is hard to find in the market. Therefore, our experts have worked hard to find you the best kitchen knife set.

    #1 Shun Classic Slim Knife Set of 6-piece – Best Overall

    Best Knife Set

    Key Features –

    • Item Dimensions – 17.6 x 13.8 x 9.4 inches
    • Color – Stainless Steel
    • Limited Life Warranty
    • It contains an 8-inch Chef’s knife, 9-inch honing steel, and 7-inch Santoku knife.
    • The material used is Damascus Stainless Steel.

    With the blades specially crafted in Japan, things change when you opt for the Shun knives. It has been well-known for its wooden design and the special carvings on the knife. The 34 layers of stainless steel and the special VG-Max steel makes it the perfect match for you.

    Imagine the precision that you can get out of a handcrafted knife. The Shun Classic slim knives are durable, with edges as sharp as a razor. This helps the user to cut through the meat and vegetables like a cakewalk.

    Though the set comes in with 6 knives, you will get an option to place 8 knives in it. Therefore, any extra knife at your place can find a great place for itself. The block is made out of wood, which gives it an aesthetic look, you have been looking out for. Two of the main knives, i.e., chef’s knife, and santoku knife, will be available with this set.

    The chef’s knife comes in with 9-inch long steel, which makes it perfect for all the different tasks you have been waiting to allot.

    No wonder why this set has received a 4.8 rating on Amazon. One of the best features which I loved the most is its handcraft property from Japan. This country has been known for the versatility it provides when we talk about handcraft materials. This indeed deserves to be the first one in our list of the best kitchen knife set.


    • Handcrafted from Japan
    • Has all the required knives for a household chore.
    • Great Built


    • Costly

    Buy the Shun Knife Set from Amazon

    #2 Cuisinart C77SS Hollow Handle Block Set – Best Rated


    Key Features –

    • Color – Stainless Steel
    • Item Dimensions – 6.5 x 14.88 x 11.3 inches
    • Amazing reviews on Amazon
    • It is dishwasher safe and has a lifetime warranty.

    Is it the promotion or the high quality of the product? No one knows. But the product has received a total of 12000 reviews on Amazon. With both bad and good reviews, it stands at 4.7 stars, which is phenomenal for any knife set to receive.

    Cuisinart was never in the business of knives. However, after making its name in the food processor business, they took a diversion and started with other production lines as well. One of those is the high-build quality stainless steel knife sets.

    If you have always wanted a knife that is both lightweight and easy to grab, then this will fit right for you. It comes in with hollow handles, which are easy to grab and provide precision while working with the same.

    Most of the best knife sets don’t come in with all the different types of knives mentioned above. They just provide the different lengths of the same kind of knife. The important thing to understand from this is that the cleaver knife is extremely lengthy and doesn’t get enough room for knife sets.

    The Cuisinart C77SS Hollow Block Set has 15 different knives. With 6 different steak knives and a 7-inch Santoku knife, all the kitchen’s requirements will be covered well with it.

    Chefs from different regions have acknowledged how this is the best knife set to go for. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you won’t have a problem working with this. It is both smooth and accessible for all of the users.


    • Has 15 different knives
    • Solid Built
    • Amazing look
    • Steak Knives, Santoku knife, and kitchen shear available.


    • No Plastic grip.

    Buy it from Amazon

    #3 Mercer M20000 Culinary Genesis Knife Set – Best Value


    Key Features

    • Item Dimensions – 10 x 4 x 15 inches
    • Color – Black and Stainless Steel
    • Blade Material – Carbon
    • Item Weight – 8.1 pounds
    • Mercer M20000 comes in as the NSF certified knives
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    The variation in this knife set is the one thing I love the most. You get 5 different options to pick from when you select the Mercer M20000. If you want to go for the looks, you can pick the glass holder, while for stability, the wooden holder works perfectly for you.

    The Mercer M20000 comes in with a special grip made out of the ergonomic Santoprene. This will make sure that the grip acts the best for you, even with wet hands. Apart from it, the handles can withstand the hot temperature and will not break down from the humid condition from the kitchen oil.

    The set comprises 6 knives. An 8-inch chef’s knife, 3.5-inch utility knife, a boning knife, and a bread knife. Well, all of these make it look perfect when it comes to a streamlined glass block. However, if your kitchen goes through a rough time, then opting for the glass block will not be right for you.

    The blades are tough and unbelievably sharp. It has been made in German, which ensures the extra stability that users look out for. The special X50 Cr Mo V15 steel helps the best avoid rust, discoloration, and corrosion in the long run.

    Adding to the list, the limited lifetime warranty makes it the best in the town, as it is hard to find anywhere else. All of these make it the best knife set in the town, and therefore, users should opt for it.


    • German-made
    • It comes in with all the essential knives
    • Taper-ground edge
    • Lifetime warranty


    • Glass block is vulnerable

    Buy the Mercer M20000 from Amazon

    #4 AmazonBasics 18-piece Knife Block Set – Affordable


    Key Features –

    • Color – Black
    • Block Material – Hardwood
    • Blade Material – Stainless Steel
    • Dimensions – 9 x 6.29 x 14 inches
    • Item Weight – 4.92 pounds

    Amazon has always worked to provide affordable plans to the customers. Whether it be a gadget or any kitchen essential, Amazon will make sure that it has all the affordable prices that we look out for. This AmazonBasics Knife Set comes in with 18 different knives.

    If we break down the price, then it will come down to $4/blade. As low as the price looks, the knives are made out of high quality with special stainless steel. Apart from all of these, the bolster makes sure that the fingers are protected well while the users are slicing and dicing the same.

    However, the product will come in with the same variant of knife type, but it will fit the best for all the home kitchen’s needs. The 6-inch boning knife is perfect for separating meat from bones, and for mincing, you can choose the 7-inch Santoku. Well, if that doesn’t satisfy you, then choosing the serrated knives for slicing the steaks will make you happy.

    The hardwood block will give an aesthetic look that you have looked out for. Therefore, missing out on this product is not a great idea.

    Combining all the features, the Amazon Basics Knife Block Set is indeed the best knife set that one can go for.


    • Affordable
    • Great in build
    • 16 knives


    • No specification for the grip

    Buy it from Amazon

    #5 Wusthof Classic 7-piece Knife Block Set – Great Build


    Key Features –

    • The blades are made out of the special PEtec technology.
    • The 7-piece knife set contains all the essential knives.
    • The item weighs 7.09 pounds, which shows the blades are lightweight.
    • Item Dimensions – 17.01 x 12.28 x 4.25 inches

    Wusthof has always been known for the creativity and audacity it brings along with it. It comes in with the most modern style, and the block set is crafted out of 6 different kinds of wood. Which proves the luxurious feel it has to offer.

    The blades come in with a striking profile, and all of them are crafted out of carbon stainless steel, in other words, the X50 Cr MoV 15. The blades are melted to the Rockwell hardness of 58 and, with great efficiency, is tempered to provide the right sharpness, endurance, and longevity while it comes to sharpening.

    Though stainless steel is enough to avoid any rusting or corrosion, the companies believe in adding something better. With this knife set, you will find 15% chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium in the steel formula to look after the product’s high quality. Therefore, the customers won’t have to worry about the durability and resistance of the knife set.

    The PEtec or the laser-edge technology defines the fine print of the edges of the blades. Compared to a standard blade, the laser-edge technology will provide 20% extra efficiency and better performance, and all of these will be available at the same rate.

    The technology used makes it comfortable for the users to retain the tool in the long run. The cutting performance with better edge performance shows how great the product becomes just because of the technology innovation.

    The handles are solid and triple-layered with tough Polyoxymethylene (POM). This material is well known for the strength and hardness it has to offer without showing any sign of discoloration.

    All of these qualities are provided just because it is made in Germany.

    Overall, the knife set works best. However, the logo sticker might look a little fussy and weird addition to the best knife set as well.


    • High-Quality Blade
    • Special PEtec used
    • Solid Grip
    • Long-Lasting


    • Only 7 knives

    Buy the Wusthof Classic from Amazon

    #6 Global G-835/WS Knife Set of 6 piece – Japanese Style


    Key Features –

    • The stainless steel extends to the handles
    • It is made out of the Cromova 18 stainless steel
    • Special Razor sharp edge
    • Item Dimensions – 14 x 2 x 1 inches

    The Global G-835/WS is indeed the best knife set in the town. Its design is different from the regular one, and the photos will make it pretty evident to you. It comes with an 8.25-inch carving knife, 5.25-inch chef’s knife, 4 inches of a paring knife, 8.75 inches of a bread knife, and several others, which will be perfect for your house.

    The edges on the blade are like most of the western-knives available in the market. However, the edges are not like other knives. The thin blades are crafted at an acute angle, which brings the high-quality sharpness we dream of.

    The oriental chef’s knife is a classic to go for. The edge is very prominent and large. With this, you can easily slice the food while ensuring the texture and aroma of the ingredients.

    It has the CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, which makes the durability believable for us. It has 18% of chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum for the ease of sharpening, which is hard to find anywhere else.

    Most of the blades have 15% of chromium, which is the best you find at most places. While crafting the blades, the blades are treated pretty well as it brings in the sub-zero treatment for the best hardness in the town. After this, the toughness is made possible by the precise tempering of the blades.

    The design is itself a plus point for the tool. The stainless steel extends to the handles and brings in a dimple like projection, making the grip better. However, you won’t find any bolster or tang on the handles, which we doubt the most.

    It is hard to believe the lightweight after all the sand added to balance the blade and the handle. Whatsoever, the lightweight makes it better for long-term use and hence, a worthy tool to opt for.

    Overall, this is perfect for every household need. After all, the best knife sets are from Japan. Adding up to the list of pros, it comes in at an affordable deal, making it best to opt for.


    • Cheap
    • High Quality
    • Blades contain 18% chromium
    • Japanese Style


    • No Solid Grip

    Buy it from Amazon

    #7 The Shun Classic DM2003B Knife Set – Best Shear


    Key Features –

    • Item Dimensions – 17 x 9 x 8 inches
    • Item Weight – 9.6 pounds
    • Shun Classic has 7 different knives for daily use
    • The blades are made out of alloy for better endurance

    We all know that Shun has a different quality, but we never asked why is it so? Well, it is different because of the Japanese style it brings in. Most of us are acquainted with the European-style, and which is known for the sturdiness and heavy-weight it brings in.

    However, it is way different from a Japanese knife. They are known for their high-quality steel, which makes the blade harder. The craftsmen can work on the knife and make sure that they are thin enough to cut through meat without any skin left on the knife. This shows the sharpness and light-weight characteristic of this tool.

    When we talk about the Shun DM2003B model, we find that it has the chef’s knife at 8 inches, a 6-inch utility knife, a 9-inch bread knife, and several others to complete the set. The blades are exclusively built out of the VG-Max steel, which provides the right endurance and sharpness for daily use.

    Most of the European-style knives have a hardness of 58. We are accustomed to those; however, when we opt for the Shun Classic knife set, we come across the real hardness, i.e., 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale.

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    However, the thin blades make it an issue when it comes to cutting through the thick beef meat. We all are aware of how a heavy cleaver knife makes it easier and possible. Now, imagine having the same knife but with a thin blade that reduces its weight.

    All the newbies out there will find this an addition, but it the wrong step to take. Cutting through the thick meat requires a hard and heavy knife.

    Coming to the chef’s knife, it can work for all the different activities like slicing, chopping, and dicing. The belly makes it even better as it comes at a 16-degree edge.

    Speaking of the shears, it is both versatile and multipurpose. It comes in with all the essentials we might forget as a human being. From being a normal shear, it has a nutcracker, bottle opener, jar opener, bone notch, screwdriver tips, and a lid lifter as well.

    The block is made out of hardwood, which brings in the high-quality we all deserve. If all of these don’t make it the best kitchen knife set in town, then I don’t know what can.


    • Great Quality
    • Made in Japan
    • Block made out of hardwood
    • Durable Stainless steel used


    • Expensive

    Buy it today from Amazon

    #8 Calphalon Classic 15 Piece Knife Set – Self Sharpening


    Key Features

    • It has a self-sharpening feature.
    • It has 15 different pieces.
    • Item Dimensions – 6 x 12 x 5 inches
    • Item Weight – 4.7 pounds
    • It has a lifetime warranty

    Have you imagined how much time you can save if you don’t have to sharpen the blades on a frequent basis? Well, the Calphalon Classic Knife Set of 15 will explain it all to you. The block comes as a sharpener for the blades.

    We worry about the blades being too sharp to use. However, what we should be worried about are the dull blades. A dull blade will require great efforts to cut through the veggies. This increases the chances of a person slipping and cutting their fingers. Well, this is definitely the last thing you will wish to face.

    The self-sharpening block makes it feel like new whenever you take it out to chop your ingredients. It has special steel plates in the holders which sharp the knife whenever you put them inside.

    While most of us are busy looking out for the blades, we miss out on the handles and make a huge mistake. Therefore, the company took care of it and provide thrice riveted handles for the sturdiness we have been looking for.

    With more than 2000 reviews on Amazon, it has been loved by all the customers for its look, style, and self-sharpening feature. The lightweight configuration makes it even better to use for long hours. The best part of this knife set is the 8-inch chef’s knife.

    Overall, you won’t face any problem even in the long term. Finding the best knife set has never been so easy.


    • High Quality
    • No need for blade sharpening
    • 15 different cutlery
    • Has all the essential knives


    • Could have improved the handles

    Buy the best knife set 2021 from Amazon.

    The 8 sets mentioned above are indeed the best knife set available in the market. All your requirements will be fulfilled using them. There won’t be anything left out for you.

    Every knife set has its own pros, which will add up to the ease of your daily work. However, it is advised to go through the different customer reviews if you are not an expert when it comes to dealing with the knife set.

    Well, we have got you covered. With the buyer’s guide to select the best knife set in the town, you will be free to make your own choice without having any second doubt about it. Therefore, use the buyer’s guide to your advantage.

    Best Knife Set Extensive Buyer’s Guide

    The best knife set buyer’s guide will look into different factors that are necessary to consider while buying a knife set. From the handles, weight, blade sharpness, block set to the materials in use, several factors make a knife set stand out.

    1. Materials

    The very first factor which we should take into account is the material that we put to use. There are several materials like carbon steel, ceramic, high-carbon stainless alloys, and stainless steel, which are used to craft the best knife set in this world. Several regions take pride in their work when it comes to the crafting they do.

    Germany, Japan, and Europe are some of the places to find the finest knives in this world. Let’s catch up on all the pointers related to the materials mentioned.

    • Stainless Steel – This is the most commonly used material as it is cheap. Users will find it good for stains and a great resistor to corrosion. However, the properties can dull quickly, which ruins the texture. Apart from it, the sharpening process can take a toll on you.
    • Ceramic – Newly introduced in the market is the ceramic material, which is famous for the thinness it can provide. The best part about going for this material is the sharp edges it provides. Users claim to have razor-sharp edges with this tool.
    • Carbon Steel Blades – This is an upgrade for all the different blades available in the market. The carbon property in the blade makes it sharp and stronger than ever before. However, the rust resistance property is low compared to stainless steel.
    • Signature Stainless Steel Alloys – This is a very special material and is found in the Japanese blades exclusively. No matter how hard the European tries, they can never dwell the combination of material here. These blades are specially made out of hands so that the proper finishing is provided.

    2. Balance

    A well-crafted knife always has two things in it – Balance and Endurance. Balance is the greatest virtue of any knife when it comes to chopping, slicing, and mincing the veggies. The weight should be equally distributed throughout the knife, or else it can take a toll on the longevity of the knife.

    Imagine a situation where the handle is light while the blade is super heavy. Working long hours with this knife will become exhaustive. Therefore, it is the duty of every craftsman to look out for the cutting edge motion of the blade such that it doesn’t cause any strain on the forearm, wrist, or hand.

    3. Weight

    We have mentioned a lot about the weight in the balance section. However, one thing that all of us must understand is that finding the right weight for ourselves is an important task.

    The sophisticated alloys used today can provide us with a lighter model and charismatic performance. Well, this is great if you are looking to work for long hours. The lightweight will work out just perfectly for you.

    However, when it comes to cutting down the meat into pieces, finding a heavyweight knife can bring the precision which we all starve for. Cutting the thick skin of meat will feel like sliding through the tunnels in waterparks.

    4. Construction

    The construction of a knife says a lot about the build quality. If you find any welding or joints on the knife, it shows how rough it is to have vulnerable spots. The knife will be prone to breaking after a good amount of work. Therefore, knives that are crafted in one piece with a separate cover for the handles on top works the best for all of us.

    On the other hand, you can find bolsters on the knife, which says you from any unwanted cuts. Rather it provides the flexibility to improve your shopping style.

    Imagine chopping veggies on aboard. All the pressure that you are applying is on the area where the handle and the blade meets. This area is also known as the hilt. It has a huge responsibility as if the area is not well-drafted, then the knife will break down. Apart from it, if there is an open area on the hilt, then the chances of growth of bacteria are high.

    5. Sharpening

    Blades are made out of aluminum, steel, and other alloys in the market. After extensive use, every material is bound to go blunt. All those commercials claiming that their product doesn’t need sharpening is totally false.

    It is always advised to have a periodical sharpening session for your knives so that you don’t end up hurting yourself with a blunt knife. Similarly, if your knife is not good enough to sharpen, then you invested in the wrong product, and it is not worth a single penny anymore.

    All the best knife set in the market claims that sharpening is an important task to ensure the longevity of the product. Therefore, never miss out on the same.

    One of the best knife set is the Calphalon Classic 15 Piece Knife Set when it comes to the sharpening of the knife. The Caphalon has self-sharpening properties, i.e., it has the ability to sharpen the knives whenever pulled out of the block.

    6. Storage or Block Set

    Whenever buying a set of knives, we avoid buying the block set as it costs a lot. However, storage becomes a problem after that. The cutlery drawer is not the right place to keep your knives as it has sharp edges and can hurt anyone.

    Most of the block sets are made out of wood, tempered glass, or stainless steel. Well, all of them are fascinating but don’t fit right for every kitchen. If you have kids at your place, opting for the tempered glass block set won’t be the right situation.

    Well, if you keep all of the points mentioned in hand, then choosing the best knife set won’t be a problem for you.


    After thorough research, we finally came up with the 8 best kitchen knife set available. They might not provide all the 11 different kinds of knives, but they will surely add up a great value to their kitchen.

    But always make it a point to cover your cooking style as an important factor because all of these won’t matter if it doesn’t work for you.


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