Sony A1 – A Truly Wonderful Camera For You

    The new and very attractive creation of Sony is the Sony A1 camera, which can be used for various purposes like sports, news, nature, and also different types of photography.

    This product carries a special combination of resolution and speed that was mutually exclusive earlier. This new Sony A1 camera is powered with 50 MP sensors. It uses the CMOS approach as the a9 or a9ll to provide a faster readout. With having the DRAM built into the back of the sensor to assist all the produced data.

    According to Sony, the new 50MP sensor features a high speed processing circuit with the new method of analogue to digital between the photodiodes and also the DRAM at the back part of the chip.

    Sony Alpha 1

    Another very striking feature of Sony A1 is the power to read out the sensor in a very minimal time which is less than 1/200th of a second. This new creation is faster than the previous model a9 to give the users a whole new experience. The company also revealed that it offers very good performance in S-Log at ISO 4000, which says that there is also a second gain step.

    Another feature of Sony A1 is that it can shoot its full resolution of 50 MP at up to 30 fps. This gadget uses full 14-bit readout but it can be useful only in lossy compressed Raw mode. The uncompressed Raw sees the rate of the capture being reduced to 20 fps. The mechanical shutter shooting tops at 10 fps with its a-mount lenses, while using the LA-EA5 adapter.

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    Sony A1- Truly Mirrorless

    In this Sony A1 camera if you don’t need 50 MP worth of data, then it can provide a 21MP mode that can create JPEG or HEIF images from the 50MP data. The HEIF can be shot in any color modes including 10-bit Hybrid Log Gamma.

    The new Sony A1 camera is the first camera which also offers the choice of lossless Raw compression. This promises smaller Raw files but with having all the powerful editing capacity of the output of the sensor.

    Depending on the content of the images, the lossless compression option can provide files between 20 and 50% smaller than those uncompressed files. This is favorable with the 50% reduction found in the lossy Raw compression. The company is unwilling to comment further about their future developments in this case.

    Sony A1- Redefine Camera View

    The faster e-shutter readout helps the new camera Sony A1 to combine both the electronic shutter and the conventional flash of the shutter speed of 1/200 sec, which is faster than the mechanical shutter of other cameras. With the APS-C/Super 35 mode this speed can increase to 1/300 sec as well. In the situations where there is no sufficient light, the Sony A1 offers a shutter mode which is variable in both the stills and videos.

    This device has more powerful subject recognition and tracking ability than the a9 ll. Another visible change is the real time Eye-AF for birds. All of these qualities are being implemented more frequently to offer a whole new experience.

    This camera can perform 120 AE and AF calculations at every second, which is twice than the ability of a9 ll. According to the company, you can select 759 phase detection AF points in the mode APS-C. This is the same number available in the full-frame mode.

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    This new gadget uses the 9.44M dot OLED viewfinder which was first seen within a 7Sll. This provides the resolution of up to 2048×1536 pixels. The viewfinder has two modes which are full screen and 25mm eye point.

    The Sony A1 camera also offers a Frame rate low limit mode which controls the responses of the viewfinders when you are shooting at slow speed of the shutter.

    No matter how you use it, the Sony A1 camera is a very impressive and technically powerful device to give you some special moments and photos of your life.

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