Self-Cut System – Easy DIY And 3 Haircut Kit Products

    self cut system

    A Self-cut system is handy when you have to trim and style your hair and you are on a tight schedule. It is convenient as you might not have a clue to hit the salon for whatever reason. It comes with various tools that make it easy for you to cut and style your hair. These kits are handy for those who prefer to cut their hair at home or travel often.

    Hair clippers, portable three-way mirrors, razor pens for creating designs on shaved or under shaved head, neckline haircut stencils; the tools are umpteen. Whether you want to trim and style hair or beard, a self-cut system is available that suits your needs.

    DIY Haircuts With Self-Cut System

    self cut system

    It is easy to cut and style your hair at home with hair clippers and other self-cut systems and kits. You need to know how these systems work, their numbering systems, adjustment features, etc. It is enough to get started maneuvering them to cut the hair of different lengths.

    If you do not want to use a self-cutting system, use professional hair cutting shears to cut hair and texturize. It’s easy to get a basic haircut at home when you get either of these tools.

    If you are not using a trimmer or a clipper, hold the hair at 45 degrees angle between your index and middle finger to cut hair. Manipulate the angles of the scissors to texturize to get a random, straight, or uneven cut. It’s easy when you have the 360 degrees tri-fold mirror so you can see how the haircut looks as you cut and style it.

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    Hair Clippers

    self cut system

    Hair clippers are the most common tools used to cut hair at home. But they are not easy to use and come in a large variety. You need some information about the hair clippers suitable for your hair length to get it right when you are cut your hair.

    Professional clippers come with a set of combs that are portable and rechargeable. Choose the combs depending on the length and thickness of hair. Rotary motor hair clippers are the most versatile and can be used on thick and thin hair. Don’t choose a magnetic hair clipper if you have coarse hair. They are suitable to cut fine hair.

    Most clippers come with a numbered guide to select the number in inches the length of the inches you want to cut your hair. The guides are numbered from 0 to 8. For instance, if you want a cropped cut, you can set the guide to number 0.

    Blades of hair clippers come in stainless steel, carbon, titanium (high-end) models, and ceramic (very sharp but doesn’t cut dull hair well). You can choose cordless or corded hair clippers depending on how long you want to use the hair clippers. Cordless models run out of battery. A few clippers come with an adjustment feature for cutting hair length.

    Basic hair clippers are inexpensive. But professional hair clippers that come with numerous features are expensive and can cost between $50 to $150. Do not use them to trim pet hair unless you are sure or set it to a lower vibration to cut and trim pet hair. Blade oil is one of the essential accessories to buy to increase the durability of the hair clippers and keep them from getting blunt.

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    Self-Cut System- Mirror

    self cut system
    best gadget

    The tri-fold mirror is portable and comes with in-built LEDs. It gives you a view of the side and the rear view making it hassle-free to style and cut your hair. A few tri-fold mirrors come with a 360 view that lets you style and cut the hair of any hair length, giving a clear view at any angle.


    self-cut system

    You must have a list of accessories like a cape, haircut scissors, numerous types of hair combs, hairbrushes, dusting brushes, styling tools, etc. Accessories are a must when you are cutting hair at home. They help get a neat and professional haircut at home without creating a mess. Self-cut system is a great hair styling and a cutting tool to carry with you when you travel.


    It is easy to cut hair at home with a self-cut system. With the right accessories, shears, and clippers, you can get the haircut of your choice and style it the way you want. It is essential to keep these tools clean, sanitized, and lubricate blades with oil to increase their durability.


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