Sandbag Workout- Best 12 Workouts To Schedule

    Sandbag Workout- The Best Workout You Need To Include In Your Regimen

    Do you wish to learn everything about a sandbag workout and its benefits? You have selected the best workout, to begin with. What if we tell you you can burn twice as much fat and work on twice as much muscle in just half time? Wouldn’t that be great? Of course, it is.

    Sandbag is one of the most different and versatile tools that you have not thought about using until now. If you want to gain muscles but you do not have enough time or the whole day to dedicate to working out, a sandbag workout is the one that can help you in all ways.

    When you use a sandbag workout, the center of gravity keeps shifting always, because the sand present inside the bag keeps moving back and forth. This will encourage the core to engage in many ways that you cannot even imagine rather than just using a normal weight that is stable in nature.

    Even if you have not planned on doing an exercise that focuses more on the core, you can still burn fat and tone the muscles.

    Does that mean you are receiving more benefits with just one piece of equipment instead of trying different weights? You can think of it this way. You will get more bang and benefits for your bucks with every workout. Can it get better? I don’t think so.

    You can look for sandbags for starting with your sandbag workout at your studio or any local gym. Mostly all the gym trainers and local studios will have four weight bags weighing nearly 10 pounds along with multiple handles to provide you with maximum variety.

    Guess what? it will not even consume space. If you live in a small apartment or your room is already full of stuff, you need not worry, just go for it as it acquires less space.

    Usually, it is suggested that you can go for some two-for-one exercise regimen that will target many muscle groups to carry out a total body workout within few minutes.

    However, if you have never used them before or you are completely new to sandbag workouts, you might require few modifications before trying out the exercises. It is highly recommended that you see a certified trainer that will help you with the process and learning how to hold the bag and rack it with all the safety measures and teach you the perfect form to do it.

    Here are some exercises shortlisted that you can try with a sandbag workout, however, there are few things you need to know with each exercise, have a look carefully.

    How To Use The Exercises

    For all the exercises that you see mentioned below, you have to select the weight first. While selecting the weight you have to make sure the weights must be challenging for your body but they should also be such that you still maintain a good form. Do not go for extra weight until your body allows you to or you already have some practice. Start slowly and gradually.

    You need to perform nearly 15 or 20 reps on all the exercises given below. If you wish to create your own sandbag workout, just pick any exercises out of all the workouts given below and perform them. Pick any 4 to 5 exercises that will target your lower body, upper body, and core.

    Giving rest to your body for 1 minute between all the workouts is necessary to avoid straining and pressurizing the body too much. Just take a rest and then complete 3 to 4 sets of these workouts for 90 seconds rest.

    If you wish to increase the challenge or your body is allowing you to increase the challenge, you can decrease the amount of time you have given to rest in between. It is time, to begin with, some of the best exercises with a sandbag workout.

    Sandbag Workout- Amazing Exercises To Try

    Let’s see what are the best exercises for giving you the maximum results with a sandbag workout.

    1. Forward Lunge Plus Wood Chops

    sandbag workout
    Gym Box

    If you love working out, you are very well familiar with lunges. These are quite popular and give great results. Imagine doing lunges holding a sandbag in your hand, it might feel difficult but you will love how it turns out. Let’s begin with this one.

    Stand straight with your feet width apart and hold a sandbag with both your hands inf front of your chest. Make sure your elbows are bent at this time. Step your right foot forward as you do in lunges and lower into a lunge.

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    As you start lowering to perform a lunge, twist the torso in the right direction and extend your arms for swinging the sandbag towards your right hip. You are supposed to be keeping a 90-degree bend in your right knee when you lunge. While coming back to the original position, push through your right heel and stand still with your feet width apart.

    Repeat the same on the left side as well and keep doing it until you complete 15 to 20 reps.

    2. Reverse Lunges

    sandbag workout
    Redefining Strength

    This workout includes reverse lunges plus good morning. Sounds new and weird? You already know how to do lunges. This involves doing reverse lunges with being forward later on. Let me guide you on how to get through it.

    As you did in the previous exercise, just stand still with your feet wide apart from each other and keep the sandbag racked behind the neck. You can easily hold the sandbag through the handles provided on both sides easily. Step your right foot backward and then lower your body to perform a reverse lunge.

    You have to press through the left heel while rising back to the position in which you had started. With a micro bend in your knees and a flat back, send your hips straight back and then lower your chest towards the floor so that your hamstrings, glutes, core, and lower back are engaged. This is as if you are being and saying good morning to someone out of respect. Just remember not to round your shoulders when you lower your body.

    For this exercise, you can first finish all the reps starting with one side either left or right, and then begin with reps of another side. Keep switching until all the reps are completed.

    3. Side Lunges With Sandbag

    sandbag workout
    Gym Box

    This sandbag workout also includes lunges, but this time you are supposed to be doing side lunges. This workout is all about side lunges and front raise of the sandbag. Let’s see how to start with this one.

    Stand still with your feet together and hold that sandbag by the side handles given on it. Now take a bis step towards the left side using your left foot and then your hips towards the left side such that your right foot is not moving and is in its original place itself. Just lower into a lunge and see to it that the left knee is in a straight line with your toes.

    Use your left foot to return to the original position that is the center and use the momentum for lifting your arms and flipping the bag over your fists as you are raising it overhead. Just reverse the flip and lower your bag to return to your original position.

    Complete the reps on one side first and then begin doing the reps for another side as well.

    It sounds quite difficult to do, let’s make it easier. If you are having shoulder impingements or a tight shoulder, you may hold the end handles of the sandbag for making the grip wider or raising it only till the height of your chest. In this way, your body would not be pressurized much.

    4. Curtsy Lunges

    Here comes another amazing sandbag workout, the curtsy lunges with hammer curls. I am sure you all are enjoying these workouts and feeling the real burn while doing these. Let us start with this sandbag workout involving curtsy lunges along with hammer curls.

    Stand on a position with feet hip-width apart and hold your sandbag by the given side handles in a narrow grip such that your palms face inwards.

    You have to step your right foot on a diagonal behind your left side to engage outer and inner thighs. As you bend your left knee to lower to perform a curtsy lunge, keep your back straight and your chest should be lifted throughout the lunge.

    Now you need to press through your left heel for returning back to the position where you started, then just bend the elbows to life sandbag to your chest ad then lower back down. First, complete all the reps on one side and then start doing reps for another side.

    5. Single-Leg Deadlift

    sandbag workout

    Yet another splendid sandbag workout to perform for you all. This exercise includes a single-leg deadlift along with a row. Excited about how to perform this one? Let’s see.

    Stand tall with your feet placed together and hold the sandbag by the side handles such that your palm faces inward. Keep your hips square and your back flat and then micro bend the left knee. Hinge at your hips to send your right leg straight back and then lower the chest towards the floor. It is quite easier than the lunges and worth doing. I might have added it in my top 5 workouts, what about you guys?

    It is not over yet. Squeeze your shoulder blades together for preventing your back from rounding. Now pause at the bottom of this movement and then bend your elbows to draw shoulders back to the pull for pulling the sandbag towards your chest. All you have to do now is extend your arms and then return to the position where you started.

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    Complete all the reps on one side first and then proceed to the next side. Also, there is one thing you could do to make this sandbag workout even easier, what is it? Just perform the standard deadlift like you have done before with both feet on that floor.

    6. Squat And Deadlift

    sandbag workout
    Men’s Health

    This sandbag workout makes it to the list of top 5 workouts for many people as it is great for overall strength training of your body. You will soon be able to do it effectively, just follow the guide on how to do it. Let’s go.

    Stand with your feet wider than your hip-width while holding the sandbag by your side handles. The palms should face your body while you hold that bag.

    Keep your back straight and then hinge the hips and send your butt back to your lower side towards the floor. The same as you do is regular squats, the only difference is that sandbag that helps put extra effort. Drive through the back of your legs for coming up. As you are doing the squat, use the power generated from your legs for flipping the bag so it rests inside the crooks of the elbows.

    Now, sit your butt back down again to lower into a squat position and keeping the weight in your hands. As you are rising to the top, again flip the sandbag to the starting position. There is again tip that can make the process and work out a lot easier if you wish to do so. You can practice the deadlift and then squat as separate moves before you have put them together to perform.

    7. Burpees And Snatches

    sandbag workout
    Krystra Striker- Medium

    Here comes the exercises in sandbag workouts that most people run away from. While some people wish to make the process more interesting and difficult by choosing burpees and snatches in their sandbag workout. You wish to add burpees to your sandbag workout or not, the choice is entirely yours. But if you want great results within a short span of time, burpees make the best workout for losing weight with a great diet.

    Let’s see how to start doing this exercise in your sandbag workout regimen. You have to stand still just that your feet are slightly wider than your hip-width. Hold the sandbag using the side handles given. Hinge at your hips for lowering the bag to the floor. As soon as you are being the knees just jump into a plank position. The same as you do when you perform high-intensity burpees.

    You have to engage the core for maintaining a straight line from your head to the toes. Jump your feet back to the hands and then drive through the legs to stand again.

    When you rise back from that position, use that momentum from the lower body for lifting that sandbag in a quick motion. Drive your elbows up towards the shoulders and flip the bag again to press t overhead. Just lower the bag and then return back to the position where you started. Keep repeating the process until you complete all your reps.

    To make it easier, you cal walk on your feet instead of jumping doing low-intensity burpees. If you have any pain in the shoulder or feel discomfort, you can lift the bag only to the size of your chest. In this way, you can easily perform this sandbag workout without putting too much pressure on your shoulders and enjoy the benefits it gives to your body.

    8. Shoulder Press With Squats

    sandbag workout
    Men’s Health


    Squats are the go-to exercise for many people to burn fat and tone muscles in the lower body. This exercise is amazing for your lower body and your shoulders too. Let us see quickly how to do this.

    Stand with your feet wider than the hip-width slightly and the sandbag racked at shoulders. Send your hips back and then lower into the position of squats. This is the same as you do squats. Keep your core engaged and your ribs closed while you perform this specific sandbag workout.

    Drive through your heels for standing up again and then press the sandbag overhead. Repeat this procedure to complete as many reps as you can. Remember not to exhaust your body fully only with one sandbag workout and take a rest for 60 seconds in between. Return to your original position and keep going.

    9. High Pull And Plie Squats

    Another sandbag workout involving our favorite squats in it. Let’s see how to perform this one as well. You can create a series of workouts including squats, lunges, or burpees using a sandbag.

    Stand in a position such that your feet are slightly wider than your hip-width. Turn your toes outwards slightly making an angle of 45 degrees towards the outer region. Hold the sandbag using the side handles given on it such that your palms face your baby.

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    Keep your torso upright and bend both knees to sit down into the position of a squat. You will soon feel the pressure and burn in your inner thighs while you do this sandbag workout. Drive through your heels and stand back. Pull the elbows high into an upright row. Now lower the bag for returning into the position in which you had started.

    10. Glute Bridges And Pullovers

    sandbag workout
    Ultimate Sandbag

    Although you might feel relief after hearing the name glute bridges as they are a bit easier than burpees and lunges for many people, using a sandbag to perform this exercise will not be very easy for your hands. Let’s try out this sandbag workout to see what results we get.

    Just lie gently faceup on the floor such that your knees are bent and your feet are placed nicely on the ground. Hold the sandbag through the provided side handles straight up over the chest. Drive through your heels for engaging your glutes and then lift your hips towards the top or ceiling. This is the same as you do glute bridges on both legs placed on the ground.

    Now slowly lower the hips back to the ground as your arms are reaching overhead. Return to the point of start and then repeat the process to complete the desired reps.

    11. Lateral Pull With Spider

    This sandbag workout is also amazing for receiving the best results. Definitely, an exciting and easy one to try out. Let us see how to do this step by step for brilliant results.

    Just start doing this in a high plank position keeping your back straight and the sandbag should be on the floor untouched at this time. Keep it on the side of your left arm. Keep your shoulders and hips straight and then grab the sandbag lying beneath your left arm by its handle and then drag it under to the other side.

    Now place your right hand down and then pull the right knee towards your right elbow. You will feel the burn in your obliques, but make sure you are not straining on your neck or twisting your hips by doing so.

    Repeat the same on another side as well. Keep pulling the back from left to right and then right to left with your arms. Continue on the alternating sides until you finish with all the reps. To make the process, even more, easier, just plank using your knees instead of using your feet.

    12. Russian Twist With Toss

    sandbag workout
    Men’s Health

    You have done Russian twists a lot of time while you were focusing on getting those amazing abs, right? It is almost the same, you just have to hold the sandbag as it is a sandbag workout. Excited to know how to do this one efficiently? Let’s go!

    To do this sandbag workout, start by sitting on the ground with knees slightly bent and feet on the floor at the beginning. Hold your sandbag with both your hands without holding it from the handles. Now engage your core for a spine and then lean back nearly 45 degrees until you feel that your abs are engaged completely.

    To proceed with this sandbag workout, lift your feet slightly off the ground upwards, and balance your body on your sitting bones. While keeping the lower body steady and still, rotate the upper torso to the left to tap the bag on the floor on that side.

    Return back to the center and then toss this bag into the air. Catch the sandbag using both your hands and then repeat the process on the right side as well. Continue it for few reps on alternative sides.

    There is a tip that will make your workout easier if you are facing any issues or injuries in the muscles involved. Do not lift the feet, instead keep your feel on the ground itself and perform a shoulder press instead of tossing.

    These were the 12 best exercises you can perform using a sandbag and create a sandbag workout of your own. You can add some other exercises too in which you may lift sandbags instead of lifting weights or kettlebells. You might have thought at least once that what makes sandbags so better than regular weights or why should I switch to sandbags? This question is pretty common, let us see why sandbags are so much better.

    Why Choose Sandbag For Workout

    sandbag workout
    Old School Labs

    There are many reasons that make sandbag workouts an amazing workout for those who wish to lose weight and build muscles. Let’s see one by one what are the reasons.

    1. Sandbags are highly accessible and affordable than other means of workouts that include weights.
    2. You can start your sandbag workout in the middle of nowhere. Sandbags are incredibly portable and they do not require a specific location to perform. You can easily keep it with you even when you are traveling.
    3. It complements other training methods as well. Sandbag training can be very good when added to the list of workouts you perform otherwise. You can easily use it in place of kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight, and dumbbells.
    4. You can include great exercises in your sandbag workout like step-ups, drags, shouldering, load carries, etc. These things help you unlock a lot more exciting new exercises.
    5. It will make you brilliant at weight lifting.

    These were some amazing benefits of using a sandbag workout instead of regular weights. If you are a fan of cardio workouts, do not forget to try these amazing cardio exercises.


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