Is It Bad to Crack Your Neck: 5 Important Questions Answered!

    Is it Bad to Crack your Neck: Details Explained! 

    is it bad to crack your neck

    It feels good when you crack your neck or back or fingers. But is it right for your health? What do the experts say? People often come up with questions like, “Is it bad to crack necks repeatedly?” “Is it healthy for your neck to crack?” and so on.

    Probably, you, too, have the question in your mind- “Is it bad to crack your neck?” That is why you are here to find an answer to your question.

    We will surely not disappoint you. In this article, we will discuss the details. From the pros and risks of cracking necks to frequently asked questions- everything will be mentioned here. Indeed, you will get an answer to the question – “Is it bad to crack your neck?”

    The Benefits of Cracking your Neck: Details Explained

    If you ask- Is it bad to crack your neck,” we suggest you go through its benefits first. Craking your neck under the supervision of an experienced medical practitioner or chiropractor helps you feel well. Cracking your neck has multiple benefits. Here they are-

    Relaxes the mind- Even if no major joint is moved or no pressure is given, the cracking sound helps relax an individual’s mind. It calms you down and ensures a soothing state of your mind.

    is it bad to crack your neck
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    Helps to manage pain- According to many chiropractic practitioners, cracking your neck helps treat different types of body pain. Ranging from neck to back pain, cracking your neck helps adjust the joints and manages pain.

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    Makes you feel better- Well, even if you are not cracking your neck, only hearing the sound can make you feel better. Due to the placebo effect, the cracking sound is often; the cracking sound is often proved to be beneficial for mental health.

    Releases endorphin- Endorphin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland and released by the body when needed. It helps to reduce pain and gives you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

    So, if you ask- is it bad to crack your neck, we will answer, “no.” It is not bad. But, even if it is beneficial, you should always talk to your specialized doctor before going for it. Otherwise, you may put your neck and body at risk.

    Is it Bad to Crack your Neck: The Risks Explained:

    According to the experts, cracking your neck is harmful if you do not do it correctly. That is why you need chiropractic guidance for it. Otherwise, you may be susceptible to the worst-case scenarios.

    is it bad to crack your neck
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    Disturbs the nerves – When you crack your neck incorrectly, it may disturb the nerves. And if any nerves are disturbed, it can be extremely painful. It becomes difficult to move your neck once the nerves are disturbed.

    Strains the muscles- Cracking the neck can strain the muscles at the neck. Mostly, the muscles around the joints may cause tremendous discomfort and pain.

    Ligaments can be stretched- If you have an issue of hypermobility, you may feel an urge to crack your neck frequently. In that case, frequent cracking may cause perpetual instability. It is a condition in which the ligaments are permanently stretched.

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    Risks to Osteoarthritis increases- When ligaments are stretched more often and perpetual instability occurs, it may lead to grievous stages of osteoarthritis. If it is not treated early, you may find it difficult to be cured later.

    Often, the condition becomes so serious about being cured even early.

    Tears off the blood vessels- There are several blood vessels in our neck. If you ask –
    “is it bad to crack your neck?” this is the risk we should discuss to answer your question. Cracking necks can puncture the blood vessels present in the necks.

    Later, it can lead to blood clots, blocking blood flow to your brain, etc.

    How to crack your neck effectively and safely?

    So, to avoid the risks and get the maximum benefits of cracking a neck, you should do it properly. It is best to contact a chiropractor for any case. They know how to do it properly.

    Well, if you know about it, you can try. But, if any pain or discomfort occurs, do not delay going for medical care.

    is it bad to crack your neck
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I stop cracking my neck?

    Ans. While it is relaxing to crack your neck occasionally, a frequent cracking sensation at the neck may cause trouble. If you want to stop it, you need to take some measures.

    First, do exercises and stretching under expert supervision. Secondly, take breaks in the middle of your long desk work. Thirdly, take a break from your habit of cracking your necks.

    2. Why do I get dizzy when I crack my neck?

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    Ans. The dizziness, although rare, may be caused due to a slipped disk or a herniated disk. When the soft center of the spinal disk is disturbed through a crack in the spine, the dizziness is known as cervical vertigo.

    3. How do I know if my neck is out of alignment?

    Ans. While cracking the neck can be a relaxing move, it becomes troublesome and painful when the neck is out of alignment. If you wonder if it is bad to crack your neck, we will warn you about this issue.

    Cracking the neck increases the risks of misalignment of the neck. If you feel pain in one side of the neck or find it difficult to turn your neck from one direction to another, you may have a problem with the alignment. Go to a doctor for it.

    4. Can crack the neck cause stroke?

    Ans. Although it is very rare, the cracking neck may tear the arteries in the neck, causing a blockage in the blood flow to your brain. Thus, a brain stroke may occur.

    That is why it is recommended to go to a professional chiropractor or medical expert to reduce the risks of neck or stroke misalignment.

    is it bad to crack your neck
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    5. Can a chiropractor hurt your neck?

    Ans. Your neck may get hurt if, by any chance, the chiropractor moves the realigned vertebrae to some extent. It is not frequent as most chiropractors are good and professional at what they do.

    Before You Go

    So, it was all about answering your question- “Is it bad to crack your neck?” Well, as we said, it is not bad to crack your neck if you do it correctly under expert supervision.

    So, whenever you feel like enjoying a relaxing sensation, get in touch with a professional chiropractor or medical practitioner who specializes in it.

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