Prenatal nutrition: Nutrition your baby needs


    Vitamins are believed to be crucial nutrients for the body’s interior growth and functioning.
    Prenatal vitamins are medicines and supplements that are extremely significant to take during pregnancy to make sure the fetus receives all the necessary vitamins, Nutrients and
    minerals through the placental cord.

    There is no easier method than to take care of your health and your baby’s health through these prenatal vitamin supplements before few months of conceiving the child. For the first pregnancy or new mothers to be, it can be difficult to keep track of nutrients and diet on daily basis, therefore vitamin supplements can be really useful to reach an optimum level desired for healthy functioning of the body.

    Few benefits of prenatal vitamins


    Taking a prenatal vitamin daily before you start conceiving is foremost important
    because during early pregnancy you need to take a diet that can fulfill all your
    nutrient requirements but due to morning sickness or other problems, you are
    not able to touch the required mark.

    In this case, a vitamin supplement can prove to be beneficial to replace an incomplete diet having an absence of required nutrition. Vitamin B6 helps you to cut back nausea and morning sickness as a result you will not lack nutrition.

    Studies reveal that prenatal vitamins also reduce the risk of autism spectrum disorder and helps in preventing preterm birth as vitamin B12 deficiency is linked
    with preterminal births.

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    Some important prenatal nutrients:

    When you’re looking for prenatal vitamins, make sure they prescription of ingredients given on the packages include these 4 essential prenatal vitamin and nutritional components:

    • Folic acid in the range of 600 mcg.
    • calcium in the range of 1000 mg, usually this much amount is not present in supplements, consume extra calcium through your diet incorporating cheese, dairy products, green leafy vegetables in routine.
    • Iron in the range of 27 to 30 mg
    • Vitamin D in the range of 600 International units.

    Let me take you to the detailed description of each essential component of vitamin supplements.

    Folic acid plays a major role in the development of your baby’s brain and spinal
    cord and reduces the risk of serious defects like Spina Bifida and anencephaly.
    Calcium provides your bones support so that you can manage your baby’s weight
    as the baby grows.

    Also, your baby takes vital minerals through your bones which
    results in their weakening so calcium is very crucial at this stage of life. Take as
    much calcium as you can through diet as well as supplements to maintain your
    bone density.

    Iron is also very important as it helps to transport oxygen through the blood to
    your baby. It will also terminate premature birth risks.

    When should you start taking prenatal vitamins and nutrients:


    Folic acid is an important prenatal vitamin that should be taken at least 1 month
    before conception. The best time to take other vitamins is when you’re trying to
    get pregnant and preparing your body. It is okay if you have not taken
    supplements before knowing you were pregnant. Start taking them as soon as
    possible to avoid any defects. Make sure you take a balanced diet too with
    supplements to gain the required level of prenatal vitamin.

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    How will prenatal vitamin supplements make you feel?

    Prenatal vitamins may make you feel uneasy and queasy if you already face
    nausea. If you feel the same, do not get worried easily. Consult your doctor and
    try taking vitamins with food and before sleep time.
    Iron present in supplements can make you constipated, to avoid this try eating
    more fruits and vegetables and drink more water to drain out the excess fiber.


    This period is challenging for new mothers to be. Stay clear and full of positivity.
    In the initial days try a few exercises and walks in the morning to remain stress-
    free. Consult your doctors in case you are worried about prenatal vitamin supplements and their doses. Usually, the dose is as mentioned above but might differ in certain cases.


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