A small peep into the Patton Oswalt Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

    “People will find transformation and transcendence in a McDonald’s hash brown if it’s all they have got”. The above line was quoted by a famous personality, in his book named “Zombie Spaceship Wasteland”, which is an entertaining worldview with a hysterical and satirical voice.

    The famous personality is none other than Patton Oswalt, one of the finest, most entertaining, and satirical stand-up comedians of all time. Well, in this article you will come across certain facts about the great comedian, Patton Oswalt net worth, early life, career, and personal life.

    Early life

    Patton was born on the 27th of January,1969, in Portsmouth (one of the cities in Virginia), U.S. He is the son of Carla Oswalt and Larry.J. Oswalt, who is a USMC officer (the United States Marine Corps). He is not the only child of his parents. He has a kid brother named Matt Oswalt, who is a renowned writer and an actor. Matt Oswalt is the one who directed the film “Asshole of the West”.

    Patton Oswalt net worth

    Patton Oswalt, also known as, Patton Peter Oswalt, is one of the notable alumni of the College of William and Mary and probably that is where the foundation for the Patton Oswalt net worth was laid.

    He has once said that, as a child, he was truly inspired by the works of great comedians/actors like Jonathan Winters, Steve Martin, etc and drove inspiration from them as well. He spent most of his childhood reading comics and watching horror stories. This proves that his interest in comedy started at a tender age itself.

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    Patton Oswalt, being one of the greatest stand comedians of all time, has appeared in numerous comedy shows and movies. He concentrated more on observational comedy and mastered it. He was also great in surreal black humor.

    He is not only a famous stand-up comedian but also a well-renowned actor and a writer as well. He started gaining utmost popularity after being cast in one of the most famous American sitcom television series “The king of queens”, in 1998. In the series, he played the role of a nerdy paranoiac friend of the main character. His character’s name was “Spence Olchin”.

    Patton Oswalt net worth

    His writing skills are always on point and satirical. It is pretty much evident from his work in “Mad TV”, a comedy show. He was the one who voiced the character named “Remy ” in Ratatouille, the story of an ambitious rat who wanted to become a great chef, and all these things helped boost the Patton Oswalt net worth.

    He also gave voice to many other characters in the movie ”Word Girl”. He received several nominations for the character “Matt Freehauf”, in the comedy show ”Young Adult”. This show is considered his breakthrough and has given him even more recognition. He also made a guest appearance in one of the famous television series, “Seinfeld” which further added to the Patton Oswalt net worth.

    Personal life

    Patton Oswalt married one of the most famous crime authors of all time, Michelle McNamara in 2005. She gave birth to a baby girl named Alice Oswalt, in 2009. Later, in 2016, due to some undiagnosed heart failure, Michelle passed away.

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    Patton Oswalt net worth

    Patton, after many years, married the famous American actress, Meredith Salenger, in 2017. Oswalt once said in one of the interviews that they used to talk on Facebook on a daily basis and got to know each other profoundly. They met each other only after three months of chatting.

    The Patton Oswalt net worth

    Wondering what the Patton Oswalt net worth is? Come on, let us take a quick scan of it.

    As per the reports of 2020, the Patton Oswalt net worth is around $10 million. Patton was also interested in real estate and around 2009, he bought a huge house in Los Angeles for $1.6 million. Later, in 2017, he sold the house for $2 million.

    As per the reports of 2021, the Patton Oswalt net worth has increased to $15 million and he has stated that he is ready to take on many more projects.

    Awards and nominations

    2015 American Comedy Awards Nominee Comedy special of the year
    2011 Toronto Film Critics Association Awards Nominee Best supporting actor
    2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival Winner For young adult (2011)
    2011 LA Film Critics Association Awards Nominee Best actor
    2017 Grammy Winner Best comedy album
    2015 Grammy Nominee Best comedy album
    2020 Dreamachine International Film Festival Winner Best voice
    2013 Critics Choice Television Awards Winner Guest performer
    2020 CinEuphoria Awards Winner Honorary award
    2014 American Comedy Award Nominee Comedy special of the year
    2016 Primetime Emmy Winner Outstanding writer of the year
    2020 Primetime Emmy Nominee Outstanding writer for variety

    Social media

    Currently, Patton Oswalt has more than 450k Instagram followers and on Twitter, he has around 2 million followers. The drastic difference between the count of followers on Instagram and Twitter is because he is more active and vocal on Twitter.

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    He also organized campaigns on Twitter and succeeded in it. He is also a great critic who once tweeted against the president, Donald Trump.

    Patton Oswalt about depression

    Patton Oswalt, being one of the best standup comedians and the one who gave voice to the famous character “Remy’ in Ratatouille, was not very enthusiastic in 2016. That was the year of grief for him. This is due to the sudden death of his wife, Michelle, the crime author.

    Patton Oswalt net worth

    He once said in an interview that that was one of the worst days of his life. Another of these worst days was the day when he told his 7-year-old daughter, Alice Oswalt, about her mother’s demise. He also stated they had helped each other during their crucial times after Michelle’s death.

    Conclusion | Patton Oswalt Net Worth

    This multi-talented cinephile, who is a great humorist, is also an outspoken critic and is very local about his feelings and ideologies. His love for his first wife shows what a wonderful husband he is. His love and dedication towards his daughter Alice’s life show that he’s a great father too. He is also an epitome of talent.

    Someone can’t become so successful if they don’t have talent and some good ethics and the Patton Oswalt net worth of over $15 million tells you that Patton has all of those things. Altogether, Patton Oswalt is a very lovable man and he is poignant by custom.


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