Noah Schnapp Net Worth: Netflix Brings Fortune

    “You really disconnect yourself from the world being in the middle of nowhere”.

    Noah Schnapp net worth is being searched a lot on the internet and it is not surprising as literally every Netflixer who is a great fan of the most famous fiction horror drama series “Stranger Things” will know this dialogue. Yes, it is said by none other than our beloved teen heartthrob Noah Schnapp, popularly known as Will Byers.

    He, being in this industry since god knows how young, has truly inspired many child artists (actually, elders too) with his astounding acting skills and undoubtedly, has earned both fame and fortune simultaneously. So, through this article, you will know about Noah Schnapp net worth, his childhood, personal life, and career. So, gear up!

    noah schnapp net worth


    Can you believe that Noah Schnapp was only twelve years old when he appeared in the first season (2016) as Will Byers? Well, it’s true and even Millie Bobby Brown is about seven months older than him in real life. Noah Cameron Schnapp was born on 3rd October 2004 in New York City to Mitchell Schnapp and Karen Schnapp.

    Noah has a twin sister named Chloe Schnapp, who is only 4 minutes younger than him. His slaying performance in tik tok and YouTube itself is evidence for the fact that Noah had the desire to act at a tender age itself. The “need to act” bug bit him after he watched “Annie”, a famous Broadway musical.

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    He started his career when he was 5 years old, which is quite young and inspirational. He started by indulging in activities of the drama community in the school. As a result of his teacher’s praises and his interest, Noah’s parents enrolled him in an acting program at Westchester’s Star Kidz, who received a spectrum of career opportunities after that.

    noah schnapp net worth

    Beginning Of Noah Schnapp Net Worth

    Little Noah made his acting debut in the film “Bridge of Spies”, directed by Steven Spielberg, where he played the role of “Roger Donovan”. Do you want to know an interesting fact? Noah Schnapp first auditioned for the role of Mike, but it was being played by Finn Wolfhard.

    Well, he might have not gotten the role of Mike, but later he received a call asking him whether he is ready to play the role of Will Byers, the kid brother of Jonathan Byers and one of the best friends of Mike Wheeler.

    Noah Schnapp starred not only in this fiction horror Netflix series but also in various movies. He also acted in the 2018 American comedy series “Liza on Demand”. Starting at such a young age with such an amazing series is surely one of the biggest contributors to Noah Schnapp net worth.

    noah schnapp net worth

    Noah Schnapp Filmography

    Year Name Role played
    2015 Bridge of Spies Roger Donovan
    2016 The Circle Lucas
    2018 We only know so much Otis
    2018 The Legend of Hallowaiian Kai (voiced)
    2020 Abbe Abraham
    2020 Waiting for Anya Jo
    2020 Hubie Halloween Tommy


    Noah Schnapp Net worth & Awards

    As of August 2021, Noah Schnapp Net worth is around $4 million, which is quite an achievement at a young age. He is one of the richest American child artists. During season 1 of Stranger things, his salary was around $10000 per episode, which has eventually risen to a level of $250000, per episode in the final season.

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    It would have been a punishable crime if he hadn’t received any awards for his work. Well, he did receive and also stole the hearts of millions of fans, especially young teens. Scroll down to take a look at the awards won by him.

    noah schnapp net worth
    2016 Best young ensemble cast Young Entertainer Awards
    2017 Best young ensemble cast Young Entertainer awards
    2019 Choice summer TV star-Male Teen Choice awards
    2017 Outstanding performance in Drama series Screen Actors guild awards
    2018 Most frightened performance MTV Awards
    2020 Breakthrough performer of the year Golden derby Awards


    Closure | Noah Schnapp Net Worth

    That was all about Noah Schnapp net worth and his career so far. Noah is still a teenager and he has a really long way to go in this industry. However, his work and determination so far is something that we all need to be inspired by. And it is sure that if he keeps working like that we will witness the Noah Schnapp net worth shooting even higher.

    Noah is a walking example of how things can be achieved irrespective of your age. If you are a fan of stranger things too, feel free to share your favorite scene or dialogue of Noah Schnapp in the series. Also, do let us know the next celebrity net worth suggestion.


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