Natural Immunity To COVID With 7 Everyday Ingredients

    natural immunity to COVID

    COVID originated in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and since has been showcasing its talents throughout the world compelling people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and cut down on excess. Natural immunity to COVID is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and cut down on instant gratification and excess. This pandemic has put a tight leash on lack of self-control of getting what you want at any given instant.

    This is an ongoing pandemic and a real-time Drama Queen that has lead the world to economic crisis. What do people do sitting at home? Boost their immunity, that’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Just when you though you took a control over it, there, there, we have a second wave!!

    The only way to wave it a permanent goodbye is to take responsibility towards your health, emotional states, and overall well-being to ensure it does not affect you or your loved ones in any way. Especially, those suffering from chronic illness and having crossed the age of 45, need to inculcate natural immunity boosters in their daily food habits.

    In vernacular terms, COVID-19 is an acute respiratory disease that can affect multiple organs even after recovery. Which means, you are not supposed to take recovery for granted and keep up with a healthy lifestyle as a rule of thumb, and a gospel.

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    So, What Are We Wearing Masks?

    natural immunity to COVID

    COVID-19 is transmitted through the respiratory route through droplets or particles in the air. Therefore, it is safe to wear a mask, especially, when you are outdoors. Those who wear mask indoors as well are doing a great job, kudos! You feel responsible towards your health and well-being. Therefore, you follow these rules.

    It has a potential to affect you indoors if the place is not well ventilated or crowded. Keep your windows and doors open to allow air to circulate. Place indoor plants that purify the air and eliminate toxins. Use a humidifier if you must.

    It spreads in clusters, therefore gathering and crowds are to be avoided. You will do good to yourself as well as help the Government control the pandemic by adopting a healthy routine and following the rules of wearing the mask.

    What Is Immunity And How To Naturally Boost It?

    natural immunity to COVId

    When your body has built a strong immunity, it is easier to keep most of the diseases and infections at a bay. Immunity is the natural ability of the body to fight diseases and eliminate antibodies. Developing natural immunity is through diet, artificial immunity is through vaccination. Naturally immunity boosters have long-term health benefits and no side effects.

    • Including Vitamin C, Zinc, and B-complex rich foods boosts immunity
    • Good sleep for 7-8 hours
    • Healthy lifestyle that cuts down smoking and alcohol intake
    • Managing stress well by living consciously

    Building natural immunity is essential because it provides at least 80% protection. These are the natural immunity boosters that prevent you from getting infected by COVID-19 and let you enjoy a good health.

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    Caution: Do not over use these home remedies or intake them if you have other chronic ailments. These are suitable for those who have good health and want to boost immunity to prevent getting infected by COVID.

    Warm Water – Natural Immunity To COVID-19

    natural immunity to COVID

    The easiest and quickest home remedy that makes your immune system stronger and keeps you hydrated, is warm water. Choose to drink warm water all day, even during summers instead of cold or water at room temperature. This works better for the second wave as you are continually intaking it all day long.

    Turmeric, Cumin, And Coriander – The Magical Spice

    natural immunity to COVID

    Use coriander seeds powder or use the leaves in your daily diet. Include these spices daily and find yourself in good health. Turmeric is antioxidant rich and useful in fighting numerous diseases and infections. Drink turmeric milk or water or use it in cooking as a part of your daily diet.

    Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon, Black Pepper

    natural immunity to COVID

    These are healthy spices that boost energy, increase vitality, and keep your immunity system stronger. Garlic reduces oxidative stress and fatigue. Ginger strengthens the immunity and protects the body from flu-like infections. You can use freshly grated ginger everyday.

    Black pepper is antioxidant rich has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and is a natural immunity booster. Cinnamon eliminates free radicals and is a natural disinfectant. Cinnamon can be used daily in cooking to boost immunity and detoxify body from free radicals. An effective home remedy that provides natural immunity to COVID.

    Use Jaggery Instead Of Sugar

    natural immunity to COVID

    This can be a tough one for those who are used to using sugar. But, you can try to replace sugar with jaggery as much as you can, at least during the COVID-19 times. It is loaded with nutritional value and helps in detoxifying the liver, purifies blood, and treats flu-like ailments. When you mix jaggery with sesame seeds, it prevents and treats respiratory ailments.

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    Sesame Seeds

    natural immunity to COVID

    Use these seeds in daily cooking as it comes with multiple health benefits. It boosts the metabolic system strengthening the cellular health, boosting energy, and overall health. It comes with umpteen health benefits and is useful to keep bones healthy. The fiber-rich seeds reduce gastrointestinal ailments.

    Raw Honey

    natural immunity to COVID

    Honey is multi-nutritional and rich in Vitamins and minerals. It has anti-inflammatory properties and treats cough. It is a natural energy and memory booster. A warm glass of water with honey helps in cleansing the system and boosts immunity. It has anti-bacterial properties and can help in keeping the immunity system stronger when consumed daily. A natural immunity to COVID can be used daily.

    Yoga And Exercise

    natural immunity to COVID

    When you rise early morning and spend time in yoga and exercise, it naturally boosts your immunity and keeps you physically fit. It gives mental and emotional balance. It also builds endurance and strengthens the muscles. You can choose from umpteen yoga asanas to get started and keep your mind, emotions, and body in-sync.

    Reduces stress and increases mental calmness. It helps in managing day-to-day stress and gives you mental and emotional strength. It improves sleep and overall quality of life. It provides natural immunity to COVID.


    Natural immunity to COVID is brought to you by everyday ingredients, spices, fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, and green leafy vegetables. Yoga has existed since eons and does not cease to be effective in keeping good health and boosting immunity, mental, and emotional strength. Take advantage of all that exists available in your pantry and give a complete overhaul to your lifestyle to battle this pandemic.




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