Mystery Solved! The Blue Ring Nebula


    What is mysterious in the blue ring nebula?

    If I ask you to describe the universe in one adjective what would you preferably utter? Is it beautiful, is it dark?

    Before the birth of the universe time, space, and matter did not exist at all. Isn’t it perplexing? We all are perplexed.

    Infinite questions, endless answers, no explanation at all for many phenomena, that’s UNIVERSE. Absolutely dazzling, mysterious, fascinating yet full of secrets and mind-boggling facts.

    The universe contains millions of galaxies. Each galaxy contains millions of stars and so on. Universe includes living beings, planets, asteroids, dust clouds also proverbial as NEBULA. These appear candescent from a distance.

    The closest known nebula to earth is the Helix Nebula. It is formed from the remnants of a dying star, like the SUN. Sounds astonishing, right? Possibly after trillions of years, the sun would also vanish leaving behind a nebula.

    NEBULA is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium, and ionized gases. Nebula also arises from the explosion or death of some stars such as a supernova.

    In 2004, a dazzling blue ring nebula was discovered by scientists that led to so many queries and confusion amongst them. It was spotted by GALEX (galaxy evolution explorer) and took around 16 years for the scientists to understand the mystery behind this candescent blurring nebula. It appeared as a faint gas blob initially.

    Unlike other nebulas of the galaxy, this blue ring nebula had a distinct feature, the feature being a shining star at its centre. This star is named TYC 2597-735-1. Scientists used a varied range of telescopes and other instruments to take a closer look and understand the phenomenon behind this. They have uncovered new pieces of evidence in mysterious fluorescent debris of the blue ring nebula that would unveil the mystery behind this extraordinary looking nebula.

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    Wondering how blue ring nebula appears to be?

    The blue ring nebula compromise of two expanding cones made of gases that are bombed into space by a stellar merger. A stellar merger or stellar collision occurs when two stars come together to merge into one due to stellar dynamics as the word suggests. Although the mechanism of merge differs in varied stars, mostly occurs through stellar dynamics. After the merge takes place, the gases begin to cool down slowly forming hydrogen molecules that further collide with particles in interstellar space. As a result of these heuristic mechanisms involved, the result is causing the molecules to release far-ultraviolet light. This light is not visible to naked human eyes.

    This recent observation has captured a phase of an evolutionary revolution that has never been seen before.

    When we study deeper about the universe and how stars do their share of movement in the universe, we will get to know that stars in the milky way galaxy are usually found in pairs that keep revolving in the orbits of one another. As they keep moving, some stars can reduce the space in between and merges due to which they grow larger. When the collision takes place between stars, the material present rapidly gets ejected away.

    Scientists and researchers applied cutting-edge theoretical models to show the data that they had collected. They managed to make an animation that can easily answer all the queries and phenomena behind the stellar merging that led to the formation of this dazzling Blue Ring Nebula.

    Although heavenly consolidations may happen in an unimaginable number in our galaxy, to spot them is the real task. Milky way galaxy is gigantic, to figure out what exactly happens where is unimaginable. Scientists use their utmost knowledge to figure out how processes carry out and we can get insights into a few questions we have. It is just that when you take look at the universe in another way and through another perception, you discover and spot phenomena you never envisioned about. This is fascinating, exciting yet dark at the same time.

    UNIVERSE is endless, the Questions and possibilities are infinite.


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