Future trends in 2021 in the Wellness Industry that you should know right now

    By the end of 2020, the wreck of the pandemic has affected the healthcare and wellness industry that is related to it directly. As the Global Wellness Summit was held in the second week of November 2020 the leading personalities in the wellness, spa, beauty and fitness industry explained the shift of global wellness trend in 2021 as we move forward with hope.

    Sandra Ballentine of W magazine predicted that obviously, the medical and as well as fitness and wellness industry will be more attentive to the immune system. Leading travel columnist Cecelia Girr, Claire McCormack of Beauty Independent, Luxury Brand Ambassador Sarah Miller discussed the upcoming hybrid model of wellness.

    The Hybrid Model of Wellness in 2021

    As Girr says, wellness has become the cool kid on the block. The convergence of a mixture of healthcare in the wellness industry will make it more futuristic and more open in 2021. The wellness industry is an industry of almost $5trillion according to CNBC and the Global Wellness Institutes research suggests the wellness market is more than $4.5 trillion.

    According to Business Wire, the over-year growth of the health & wellness market is 6.3% and the upcoming growth will increase at a CAGR of 6%.

    wellness industry

    According to the experts, nature in global care, the immune system, the trend in immunity-boosting physical and self-care will urge. 2020 saw the trend of at-home self-care, mental wellness care and immunity-boosting healthcare and wellness trends. The hybrid model that is targeted to personal hygiene wellness industries will see a surge in science-backed integrations. Wellness will be more included and treated as healthcare.

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    1. Immune System and Gut health:

    After the havoc of 2020, pandemic people and the industry are going to be more specific with research in biohacking, and personalized immune-boosting hacks as Sandra Ballentine indicates.

    Gut health will become a big trend in the coming year as gut health affects brain functions and is crucial to have a decent immune system.

    2. Wellness Tourism and Nature for wellness:

    Wellness Tourism is being more specialized as the need for fresh air and fearless travelling are increasing. Apart from tourism, people are going to use nature as their positivity boosting element. In the quarantine, people have found new meaning and love for nature. The sight of greenery, open sky and the contribution of nature will see an increase in safe wellness tourism and outdoor exercises.

    3. At-home Workouts:

    As the year 2020 came to a gradual end, many people have experienced and some have mastered the art of at-home exercises. WHO urged people to stay active to increase immunity and for mental well-being, more and more people are doing exercises at home. Fitness influencers also have indulged in people’s profound love for an at-home workout. This trend will also continue in 2021 as experts suggest.

    4. Science-based open talk about mortality, sex and taboo-topics:

    As the panellist, Girr said, “a massive and seismic taboo toppling” will March forward in discussions in the wellness industry. Science will back the importance of wellness mortality, the importance of natural activities including sex which are considered as taboo in some cultures. Wellness will be more about living actually happily as people have faced the loss of loved ones and went through mental issues as well this year.

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    5. Pandemic preventing industrial innovations:

    One of the panellists of GWS said: ” very basic pleasures and behaviours transforming – what is wellness”. From clothing industries to the real estate industry and beauty industry are inventing and modifying products that have labels of preventing illnesses.

    For example, real estate industries will levitate more towards creating a cleaner, greener surrounding as studies are linking mental wellness and stress levels with environmental factors. Innovations like modified air purifiers, hygiene-related products, wardrobe purifiers will launch increasingly.

    Labs to monitor biological and neurological responses will reveal new studies that will drive innovations in the wellness industry. Similarly, skincare and hair care products will be formulated to align beauty with natural, germ preventing and non-comedogenic products with anti-microbial properties.

    Conclusion: The future of the wellness industry depends on different facets and the industry is integrated with all other industries. This integration of mental, physical health, hygiene will rise and health and wellness will be synonymous with each other in some industries.



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