Low-Maintenance Dogs – 25 Best Breeds To Welcome!

    Low Maintenance Dogs – Which Breed Is Your Favorite?

    Looking for low-maintenance dogs that are relatively easy to care for? We totally feel you right now!

    We are often busy with our jobs and personal life that we barely have enough time to look after our pets, but that does not stop us from having one. Although we are super busy, we adore dogs for how loyal and lively they are. In case you have a busy lifestyle, you definitely need low maintenance dogs that do not require you to spend 24 hours on them.

    We have a piece of amazing news for you! This article gives you information on some of the most amazing dog breeds that are not just cute and loyal but are low-maintenance dogs that you are going to love. Get ready to welcome your little partner through thick and thin.

    You will see 25 breeds of low-maintenance dogs that we feel are the easiest to maintain based on owner reviews. There are several factors to consider while having dogs, you can easily surf the information provided and find out which one fits your schedule and cost the best.

    Before getting started with our list of low-maintenance dogs, it is important to know what are the things that make a dog low maintenance and which are some factors you are looking for.

    What Does Low-Maintenance Dogs Mean?

    Before looking at various breeds, have you asked yourself what low maintenance dogs mean? What kind of dogs are you looking for? Do you want to spend less money on their training or do you want the dogs that do not shed? Other than these things, are you looking for a dog that is good with kids and older people? or are you looking for low maintenance dogs that do not require much grooming and time? Or maybe, the answer might include a YES to all the questions given above.

    Different people have different norms and meanings set for low maintenance dogs you have to figure out what you are looking for. There are different traits used below to identify which dog will suit your expectations and the definition of low maintenance.

    There are different parameters to decide what kind of dog you are looking for such as friendliness, training ability, behavior with kids, grooming time, energy level, and whether you can leave your doggy alone while going out for some time.

    Based on these things, you will find low-maintenance dogs that include smaller breeds, medium breeds, and larger breeds. Let’s have a look at each of these dogs.

    Low-Maintenance Dogs

    1. Yorkshire Terrier

    low-maintenance dogs
    Dav Pet Lovers

    If we talk about the friendliness of Yorkies, you can expect them to be somewhat friendly but not always. They are slightly easy to train but can be stubborn at times. They are not amazingly good with kids and their energy levels are usually always high but remember you cannot leave them alone on their own. This makes them on the list of low-maintenance dogs.

    Yorkies are simply the stars of their own shows. They usually want to gather all the attention towards them in no time. They have a huge personality that needs to be shown to others. Yorkies were bred originally for the purpose of hunting rats and rabbits. Their traits are quite apparent that they do not like seeing rodents, they immediately drive them off once they have seen some through barking and running behind them.

    These cute little dogs live for companionship and they tend to have infinite love and trust for owners. But, many times it is seen that they want their owner to be the only love of their life and are jealous when someone else enters. They can be arrogant and aggressive when it comes to meeting strangers and other dogs. Sometimes they become unkind to other members of the family as well.

    You cannot figure out how aggressive they might be looking at them as they are really cute and tiny looking. They enjoy little laps and they feel loved. With early socialization, you can easily expect them to play with other dogs and stay friendly. However, they are not very friendly with children and cannot be left alone on their own.

    2. Whippet

    low-maintenance dogs
    American Kennel Club

    These low-maintenance dogs are extremely friendly and relatively easy to train. Wondering if they are good with kids or not? Yes, they are good with kids and they are very easy to groom. Energy levels are also usually high but leaving them alone might not be a good idea.

    These dogs are very popular among the racing breeds of dogs. These were initially used for hunting down the rabbits due to their ultimate speed and agility. Because of their intelligence and athleticism, they generally excel in all the obedience courses making them one of the most obedient breeds of dogs.

    Having so much energy and athletic features you might think that they keep running and howling in your house, but it is not so, These dogs are surprisingly very poised and relaxed. They love having fun times with family and kids. Also, they are excellent at adapting to new houses. If you are looking for low-maintenance dogs that rarely barks, you can have an eye on these.

    Their coat is really short, so they do not require a lot of shedding and grooming. They absolutely love going for little walks with their beloved owners. Their jumping and running abilities will definitely leave you surprised, they are really good.

    3. Toy Poodle

    low-maintenance dogs
    American kennel club

    The toy poodle is not just among the low maintenance dogs, it is also one of the longest living dogs out there. Are poodles friendly? Yes! Poodles are easy to train and extremely friendly. They are also good with kids and have great energy. They require grooming and cannot be left alone like other breeds we have talked about.

    Poodles are literally ranked at the top of their class as the most intelligent dogs and low-maintenance dogs. They are really eager to please you and being so intelligent, they are easy to train. Looking at the tiny cute dogs, you cannot imagine how sharp they are.

    While looking at them, you might imagine them to be gentle and elegant but you can never think of these cuties to be such good athletes that they usually are. Poodles generally love learning new things and getting pieces of training, so you need to make sure you are proving them the exercise of some sort daily otherwise you never know when they turn out to be destructive.

    When poodles are young, they are always full of enthusiasm and energy, sometimes they are so active that they look for troubles by running and digging. You need to enforce rules and regulations on them timely otherwise they might get out of control. As poodles grow up, they usually mature and grow calmer.

    They usually have minimal shedding and you will have to visit the groomer or vet only once a month or once in 6 weeks to have a check on their fluffy growth.

    4. Shih Tzu

    low-maintenance dogs
    Dog Time

    Shih Tzu has a friendly demeanor to offer and is not very easy to train. They are not very easy to groom but you can expect them to be excellent with your kids. They can be left alone sometimes and their entry levels are mediate.

    These low-maintenance dogs are always the center of attention and they usually love making their owners smile and pat them. They are playful, kind, lovable, and do everything to be a part of the family. Aren’t they cute? Being friendly usually runs in their genetics this is because they were initially bred for being a good companion rather than hunting or herding.

    They will keep following you everywhere in the house like a shadow and want to become a huge part of all the chores you do in your house. Being so good in nature and being so lovable makes them great for families, kids, and other pets. They are definitely not the jealous types but are low-maintenance dogs.

    These dogs are quite energetic and active types. If you love these dogs and want to have one but don’t have time to play with them? You can get another dog of the same breed, they will play along and burn all their energy together without causing much trouble to their owners.

    You do require some time to brush their soft and furry coat. Also, you are required to visit a groomer regularly to get their coat trimmed and keep them healthy free of diseases.

    5. Pug

    low-maintenance dogs
    Dog Time

    Pugs are literally the comedians of dogs. They are just the friendliest creatures to exist. They are not very easy to train but that cannot step you to get their training done. They are extremely good with children and easy to groom. Similar to other breeds in low maintenance dogs, they cannot be left alone.

    Pugs have an amazing personality and they inject laughter into their owners and other people surround them like no other. They are adventurous, affectionate, and playful. They are not among the most energetic breeds of dogs out there but they do enjoy playtime and daily walks with their owners.

    Despite having such a short coat, you will be surprised to see how much these tiny dogs shed. You need to have a vacuum and a brush in your reach every time if you want to invite a pug for a lifetime. They also need a great bath after every 4 weeks or maybe 6 weeks to keep all their hair and those cute funny wrinkles in place.

    Although they are undoubtedly the cutest dogs, their unique face structure having so many wrinkles cause some problems that will notice. The first problem being a pug’s breathing. calling it a problem seems unfair and rude on their part but you must know that they breathe loudly. So you must prepare yourself for a lot of wheezing and snoring. The second issue with their face is that it does not allow them to have a regulation of body temperature causing them difficulties in remaining too cold or too hot places and situations.

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    Despite all these issues, you can keep them in proper conditions in your house itself and they will keep you entertained throughout making them low-maintenance dogs.

    6. Pomeranian

    low-maintenance dogs
    Dog Time

    This is another breed of low-maintenance dogs that people love to keep for their cuteness. Just look at them, who wouldn’t fall for that cute innocent, and furry face?

    They are not very friendly with everyone but are relatively good to train. If you have kids at your house, you should be careful as they aren’t extremely good to kids and cannot be left alone.

    These dogs are also the stars of their own show and confident trouble maker too. You may describe a pomeranian to be curious, confident, and royal. What makes us call it royal? Well, it does possess some cat-lie qualities that make them want to be treated like queens or kings, this might confuse you if they are low-maintenance dogs or not, but they are!

    Because of being so involved and large personalities of themselves, you need to enforce some basic rules on your doggo so that they do not assume that they are the ones to run the place and create blunders. Also, they can be quite stubborn when it comes to barking and potty training.

    These dogs are just perfect to accompany you for adventures and they love following you throughout their day and genuinely enjoying and goofing around. But they are sensitive to excess heat, you need to make sure you are giving them enough room to cool off every now and then in hot temperatures.

    Due to their fluffy coats, they do require brushing their hair daily and maintaining them. For a small critter, they may shed a lot of hair.

    7. Miniature Schnauzer

    low-maintenance dogs
    Dog Time

    Another breed is low maintenance dogs that are extremely friendly and amazing with little kids in your house. Their energy levels are just unbelievable. You know what you get home when you get a schnauzer, the world’s biggest heart, and the unlimited powerhouse of energy.

    They have no boundaries set when it comes to affection and enthusiasm towards their family. Similar to some other breeds, even they love to remain the center of attention and pleasing everyone around them. All these things about this breed make it a wonderful companion to have if you are able to keep up with the active lifestyle they have you will also be able to stay fit.

    Daily exercise and playtime for these dogs are highly important as otherwise, they may result in getting bored and being destructive which is not good. These dogs are the top most dogs of their particular class and if they get trained in calm environments you will be surprised and really happy to see how fast they grab and learn everything you teach.

    Mental stimulation for these dogs is as crucial as physical exercises and they really crave exploring and learning new things. They require grooming after every 6 or 8 weeks. This will help them look as good and as cute as they were in childhood. Their hair needs to be cut because their bangs usually grow at an after rate causing them to cover their eyes while playing.

    8. Maltese

    low-maintenance dogs
    The happy puppy site

    Maltese are low- maintenance dogs that are friendly, good with kids, and energetic. However, they are quite hard to train and cannot be left alone. Elegant and energetic is the perfect way to tell how Maltese breeds are. They act like royal dogs that prefer fine things in their lives and love playing, running, and spending time with their families (your family to be precise).

    Once you bring home Maltese, you will notice that they are extremely attached to their owners and they hate being left alone, or if you leave them alone they will not stop barking and sometimes may also lead to destructive behavior. Also, they are immensely protective of their owners and family which makes them suspicious when any other dog or strangers arrive as guests.

    These dogs are incredibly intelligent and they do not shed as much. The best way to light their days or make them happy is long walks and playtime with their owners.

    Despite having large and long coats which makes them look beautiful, they do not shed as much. But you need to invest in regular grooming to maintain their white elegant and beautiful hair. They require brushing their hair daily and ensuring no tangles or mats are present in their hair.

    9. Italian Greyhound

    low-maintenance dogs

    Italian greyhounds are friendly, easy to groom, and extremely friendly with kids. Similar to other dogs, you cannot leave them alone. They are quite the same as their larger Italian cousin known as a larger greyhound in terms of their athletic behavior. Looking at these low-maintenance dogs you might not think of them as lovable or calm dogs.

    They love running around and having a great time with their owners. They also love relaxing and taking good naps. Being so calm and lovable, they can still show some tantrums and become shy when it comes to meeting strangers or guests at your house. They can be a bit timid outside as their comfort zones come into play. But this is not a huge problem to deal with once you start their socialization a little early which makes them build their confidence and overcome their timid behavior.

    Their training can be quite a challenge for you. While they are intelligent enough to understand what you are asking them to do, they just don’t like doing it for some reason. This could be sometimes very frustrating for the owners especially when it comes to their potty training. Also, you cannot just scold them and ask them to perform certain things as they are extremely sensitive, so negative training or scolding is just not their cup of tea.

    Their prey drive is higher than you expect so you have to leash them throughout the day as you never know what instigates them to run behind and catch. Once they see a squirrel or a bunny running around, they are going to run with light speed.

    10. Havanese

    low-maintenance dogs
    American Kennel Club

    These cuties are hard to resist. They are friendly and extremely easy to groom. You will be surprised how kind and lovable they are towards kids in your family. Also, unlike other dogs mentioned in low-maintenance dogs, you can leave them alone for some time as it wouldn’t cause much of a deal.

    They just have the biggest heart among all dog breeds and all that lies within that little heart is their owner. If you wish to have a love-stricken lap dog, here is the one you ought to get. They will just be glued to you throughout the day. Although you may leave them alone when they are playing with kids for few hours, leaving them for greater time can be sad for them.

    You need to make them learn about socialization as early as you can to prevent your dog from being timid overly in the future. Many people face such problems and the only solution here is early socialization. While starting their training, they might learn everything slowly but it is important to curb their barking habits and other bad habits.

    However your lifestyle is, you do not have to worry about getting them home as they are extremely adaptable to any lifestyle you live and are obedient once trained nicely. They are also considered among the dogs that do not shed.

    If you wish to keep your puppy from painful mats, you need to brush their hair frequently. Also, one amazing thing that you can try on your dog is a teddy bear cut, it will keep your dog look like a puppy even when they are above 10 years of age.

    11. Dachshund

    low-maintenance dogs
    Price List

    Dachshund definitely falls under the category of low-maintenance dogs as they are extremely friendly, great with kids, and easy to groom. Sometimes also commonly referred to as Doxies, are just small bundles of laughter and joy. They love playing and napping throughout their day. As long as they receive love and care from the family, they adapt to any routine your family follows.

    Despite being so small in size, these dogs believe they have bigger personalities and enjoy tumbling around. They are also called to be curious and highly alert. Anything that certainly catches their attention, they just bark at it for no reason (at least for us). This might lead others to get annoyed with unnecessary noises.

    Teaching new things to these dogs is an absolute joy because of the way they are. They are so bright and full of joy that you will enjoy every bit of training them. The only issue is their stubbornness which usually comes into notice when they are given potty training, rest everything is super chilled. Crate training along with leaving them into the garden or backyard after every hour or so is necessary if you do not want them to spoil those expensive carpets you own.

    Are you wondering what makes dachshunds low-maintenance dogs? Well, it is their ability to take nap when you want to sleep and their willingness to go out for playtime when you want to take them. Also, there is a pretty large variety of this breed when it comes to colors and patterns that you can go for.

    12. Chihuahuas

    low-maintenance dogs
    Cesar Way

    Chihuahuas are one of the friendliest breeds of dogs out there. They are a complete package when it comes to low-maintenance dogs. They are friendly, easy to groom, amazing with kids, easy to get training, and quite active. The only thing you cannot expect from these dogs is to be left alone.

    They are a great companion and ready to spend their time with you in the way you have planned everything without causing trouble. You can easily get them inside your bag and move them to a place, you can take them on vacation in a car, they are just fine with everything you do. Just get ready for these tiny beings to follow you everywhere you lead.

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    You cannot leave them for hours as it will lead to a destructive and bored little puppy. If you do not want your tiny friend to bark and chew like crazy, just leave someone to accompany them while you are not in the right place or out of time.

    Being so small, they have a huge amount of energy to spend every day. You will at least have to take them for a 30-minute walk to help them stay in good health and mental peace.

    You have to know that chihuahuas are sensitive to too cold or too hot temperatures, so have them wearing a small sweater to help them keep warm in winters. This is generally because of their thin coat. They do not require regular grooming.

    13. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    low-maintenance dogs
    Indian Trail Animal Hospital

    This gentle soul is extremely friendly and very good with kids. Cavalier just wish to share the love with all the people living around them. They are so friendly and adorable that you cannot stop smiling when you are around these little dogs.

    These are quite smart and intelligent as they love learning new things and spending time for you to return so that you can teach them even more. They are so pure and gentle that if you try to be harsh or scold them while making them learn something, they will immediately run away and hide somewhere. You don’t want these cuties to be scared and frightened of you, right? So you have to use positive training and healthy reinforcement for building and nurturing the relationship you have with these dogs.

    Cavaliers are often called “velcro” by many owners the reason being their utmost affection towards them. They do not want to spend even a single hour without your presence. They hate being left alone so you have to take them while you are traveling somewhere distant or leave them with someone to take care of them in your absence.

    14. Bedlington terrier

    low-maintenance dogs

    They are very friendly and amazing with your kids but they are not easy to groom and get pieces of training done. Like other terriers, they were also bred in previous centuries to hunt. These dogs are said to be one of the most amazing watchdogs. Being part of the terrier family, you can easily predict that they have an extraordinary prey drive. You can expect them to bark and run at lightspeed once they spot any rodents or critters wiggling around.

    Being so active and goofy, you can make out easily that they do need daily exercise or running to keep them in good health physically and mentally. You cannot skip their exercises or else they will be bored. A bored terrier means they will resort to dogging, barking, and chewing.

    Also, once you bring them home, they become quite attached to your family and yourself. If you are planning to leave them alone, it will not be a great idea and lead them to be destructive which is the last thing you want from your dogs.

    Although Bedlington Terrier is incredibly intelligent and mart, you can still expect them to be slightly stubborn sometimes. Many dogs often show signs of stubbornness and it is nothing to be worried about. Just do not lose your patience and cool while training them. The best method through which you can easily make them learn a lot of things is positive reinforcement. They are highly sensitive to scolding same as all other dogs.

    They have a lamb-like coat that needs to be taken care of and maintained nicely. Make sure you are brushing their coat regularly or at least 3 to 4 times a week to avoid getting painful mats. Visiting the groomer after every 4 weeks to 6 weeks is a great way to get their grooming done.

    15. Papillon

    low-maintenance dogs

    Are Papillon’s friendly? Yes, they are extremely friendly and amazing with kids. They are relatively easy to train and have amazing energy levels. Papillons are alert, energetic, and they are always in search of some or other adventures to keep themselves entertained. In spite of being so tiny and little, they do not lack the spirit to do something fun and are not concerned about how short they are. We should definitely learn a lot from these animals.

    The favorite thing a papillon loves to do is entertain its owners. They are just in need of all the attention every single minute. Whether it is running. playing, jumping, or licking the owner, they just cannot stop and sit in a particular place for more than an hour.

    Despite being so crazily active and all the distractions in between, they are amazing and keen learners. They love to learn and practice new things to keep their owners happy making them excel at agility and training courses.

    Other than these little things, having a papillon is no less than joy as they love you immensely for everything you are. They are easy to groom, you just need to brush their hair at home to avoid painful mats and take them to a groomer every 6 months.

    Let’s see some medium-sized low-maintenance dogs now once you have a detailed idea about small-sized low-maintenance dogs.

    16. American Eskimo

    low-maintenance dogs
    The Happy Puppy Site

    This beautiful breed is extraordinary when it comes to being friendly and playing with kids. It is just an all-rounder dog, it’s smart, intelligent, friendly, and easy to groom. They are extremely affectionate towards their family and excited for life making it the perfect companion to be with. They are very energetic and curious always in search of new challenges to overcome. That’s something we should all learn from these kinds of animals.

    Being so active and energetic, they do require mental and physical stimulation by their owner. Having so much energy and will to perform tasks you don’t want these cuties to be bored and result in destructive behavior. Well, it is something common in all breeds whether they are high maintenance or low maintenance, they cannot be left alone to get bored.

    Furthermore, these dogs also fall under the category of “velcro”. You know what that means right? They are going to follow you like a shadow all around the entire day. You cannot leave them be for many hours all along. Eskies are very friendly and bright dogs who have excelled at all sorts of training and adapted to any lifestyle their owner chooses for them.

    They are more than great with children, cats, dogs, and even with strangers. You just have to take care of them around small animals or pets you have like a hamster or birds because these drive them to cause unfriendly interaction which you do not seem to like for your other pets.

    The most amazing way to keep your skies out of trouble is to make them tired with training, long walks, and playing all around. Once you have a great routine that fits you and your dog, these dogs are unbelievable and best for any home. But, one more thing you have to keep in mind is that they shed like crazy. You need to have a perfect husky brush to pamper them daily and get them to a groomer once every week.

    17. Basset Hound

    low-maintenance dogs
    My Dog’s Name

    Are Basset Hound Breeds friendly? You can expect your dog to be friendly and great with kids however they are not very good with training and cannot be left alone. Unlike many dogs we have seen above, they do not have so much energy to goof up everywhere.

    You just cannot resist the adorable eyes and ears they have. Basset Hound makes a wonderful companion for your family. This dog comes with a hilarious personality and a little bit of stubbornness which is no big of a deal.

    Although they are very loyal and affectionate towards their owner, you still require to convince them when it comes to training just like you do with your kids. You can also offer them some treats to get a good response but never scold them, they are extremely sensitive souls and do not respond well with scolding. As their owner, you need to have patience and remain calm.

    What makes basset hounds fall under the category of low-maintenance dogs is that they spend most of their time chilling ad sleeping in the lounge and then quickly get up for small playtime before eating and going to sleep again. You do not have to run 27*7 behind them. You still need to take them for a walk daily and you can avoid long runs if you do not like them.

    You cannot leave them alone for a long period of time as they are sensitive they can start crying and howling. Although they have short and sleek hair, do not get fooled by that, they still shed hair and need care and brushing regularly.

    18. Beagle

    low-maintenance dogs
    Dog Breed Info Center

    Friendly? Yes! Beagles are great with kids and they do not require much grooming too. However, they d need some time as they are not very easy to train.

    Everything that makes us love dogs is there in this dog. They are small lovable packages and are loyal, kind, playful, and in search of some or other adventure. However, when they are in search of new adventures, they often tend to get into some mischief and bad behavior. This is mostly because they want to seek your attention. You can easily prevent this from happening by giving them enough attention or getting another dog to play with them.

    There is no other breed of dog that becomes more heartbroken than a beagle. Leaving them alone inside your house will lead to barking, digging, and chewing which no one desires. Also, beagles need plenty of training to curb some bad behavior they usually possess. Many owners have come with issues regarding their training. They become stubborn and you require enough amount of patience to deal with them and make progress.

    Many dog owners have also mentioned that having two beagles have been a lot more helpful for them than having one. They just keep each other accompanied and stay happy. If you are ready for their training and have so much patience, you can get them home. Once the initial phase of training is over, they are the most adorable breeds and they will remain happy with whatever you do.

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    19. Cocker Spaniel

    low-maintenance dogs
    Indian trail Animal Hospital

    You are going to love cocker spaniel for their extremely friendly demeanor and how amazing they are with kids. They are also one of the easiest breeds to get training in. They are known for their calm and gentle temperaments, but that does not stop them from being adventurous.

    They have such big arms and big hearts that they are ready to listen to you and more receptive to get their training sessions done. You can give them any challenge any day, they are most likely ready to perform it. This is one of the reasons they excel at obedience and training courses.

    They are very gentle to scolding or being in an unhealthy environment where they are not given enough love and care. Leaving them alone can also lead to indulging in destructive behavior and a broken heart. When you leave them alone they start barking excessively and remain timid around any stranger arriving. However, this is not a big deal to worry about. Early socialization can easily help them curb this behavior making them low-maintenance dogs.

    They are also very famous for their flowing beautiful hair. Having said that, you know beauty comes at a cost. You are required to visit a groomer at least once every 4 weeks and brush their beautiful hair almost every day.

    20. Golden Retriever

    low-maintenance dogs
    American kennel Club

    The time you meet these dogs for the first time, they are going to be your best friends for life. These extremely friendly dogs are just amazing with kids and the easiest to train. Not to forget, they are highly active and cannot be left alone for too long.

    It is very easy to fall for these dogs the moment you meet them. That’s not your fault, they are just lovely. Everything about golden retrievers, be it their humor, personality, and beauty, is extraordinary. It is an absolute joy to bring them home. They are very sharp-minded and intelligent.

    They are often recommended to be used as service dogs due to their intelligence and gentle personality. They are the ideal dogs for large families but require a huge amount of training sessions.

    They are mostly excited and lively jumping off from one place to another. You are required to make them run for at least an hour. The best type of retriever is the one that has been tired because once they do not indulge in physical activities, they are most likely to get bored and get into some of the other trouble.

    You and your family are the most important things in their life so never leave them alone in your house. You can ask anyone to stay with them as it will prevent them from being heartbroken and destructive.

    As you can see they have such amazing and beautiful coats, they need a lot of attention. You are required to brush your hair daily and visit a professional groomer frequently for proper upkeep. You do not want your dog to go through painful mats and become dirty.

    21. Labrador Retriever

    low-maintenance dogs
    Ancare Veterinary Hospital

    Look at these cuties! They are so friendly and good with kids that you will fall in love with them on the very first day. They are extremely easy to train and their energy levels are too good.

    The labrador is kind, loyal, and one of the most passionate companions to have. They love nothing more than just playing and spending time with family, isn’t that lovely? If you love cuddles, then you need to have this dog as your pet. They are not just low-maintenance dogs, they are so full of positivity that you cannot help but smile looking at them. What makes them even more amazing, is their desire and ability to please everyone in the room.

    With their training and obedience, they are just so friendly with everyone that people fall in love. This does not mean you do not have to put any effort into making the bond stronger, labradors are definitely amazing but they need patience ad good leadership to control their overly exciting nature.

    There is nothing more stronger and destructive than a bored labrador dog. Although they are low-maintenance dogs, You cannot leave them alone for long as their energy or not having enough destruction may lead to some bad behavior that you do not want. They overcome the boredom by digging, chewing, and barking.

    Although, they have shorter hair, do not let that mistaken you for not taking care of the hair. They can shed a lot leaving furballs on the carpet and floor. You need to have a good brush that suits your labrador and take care of the hair. They are low-maintenance dogs as they are extremely affectionate, intelligent, easy to train, and loving. You just have to take some time and go running or on daily walks with them to burn the energy.

    22. Standard Schnauzer

    low-maintenance dogs

    A great heart and unlimited energy to spend, that’s the only motto of our Schnauzer dog. They are pretty much the same as their very close relatives or cousins the giant schnauzer and miniature schnauzer. This is just the medium size version having exceptional qualities that makes us want to get one.

    These dogs are low-maintenance dogs as they are gentle, kind, affectionate, and their motto is to bring a smile to their owner’s face. Isn’t that overwhelming? These habits of schnauzer make it an amazing companion to have. If you are able to keep up and accommodate their highly energetic lifestyle, they are the best dogs you could ever have. These dogs are highly smart, and the fun fact is that they clearly know how smart and cunning they can be which causes them to be mischievous sometimes.

    They love training and possibly learning everything at once to impress their owners which is a great feature. This is the reason they are so good at hunting. You can easily recognize standard schnauzer by looking at their grey coat and that distinctive-looking mustache. Also, their amazing coats need some care and grooming. You can take them to a groomer nearby and you are required to brush their hair at least 3 times a day.

    23. Bernese Mountain Dog

    low-maintenance dogs

    They are also known as Berners, fall under the category of large dogs and low-maintenance dogs at the same time. These dogs are worth calling comedians dogs having a huge heart to shower love.

    Their entire life goal can be summed up in one line-“make people laugh”. They keep performing weird and cute antics daily that make everyone laugh and enjoy as these dogs literally have the best personality. You might feel slightly inferior at the sense of humor.

    Despite being so goofy and fun-loving, they are great at learning new things and loves to please their owners by learning new activities. They are huge fans of family gatherings and activities. They just want their contribution to be present in all the activities performed. Leaving them alone is the same as other breeds, it will eventually cause them to bark and become destructive.

    If you scold them or do not show patience, they easily get sad about it which may cause a negative effect. If you want them to become a better member of your brilliant family, you need to remain patient with them and enforce positive training.

    They are not just regular dogs you can pick up for cuddling. They weigh over 100 pounds and their coat also needs grooming and brushing regularly. Make sure you are doing everything to have them look great.

    24. Newfoundland Dog

    low-maintenance dogs

    You might have not heard much about this breed, but they are exceptional. They are very friendly, amazing with kids, and easy to train, making them low-maintenance dogs.

    They were originally used as a working dog for docks and fishing boats. These dogs have now retired from that work and been a great choice for families. They are widely known for their calm behavior and bravery. They are able to show the act of bravery and heroism in any situation which makes them excellent.

    You might have heard some stories from people which mentioned how Newfoundland dogs were able to rescue children and other people stuck in some dangerous situations. Once you get them home, it is quite natural for them to look after your kid’s safety and show a lot of love and care towards you.

    You are required to visit a groomer frequently and get their hair brushed 3 to 4 times a week. These dogs are low-maintenance dogs as they are calm. brilliant learners, and very caring. Their weight can reach up to 160 pounds so it can be an issue sometimes carrying them.

    25. Greyhound

    low-maintenance dogs

    Greyhounds are extremely friendly, easy to train, astonishing with kids, and easy to groom. You just receive a complete package of low-maintenance dogs in a large greyhound. Their energy levels can be slightly down and they can also be destructive when left alone similar to other reeds given above.

    You might think that bringing home the world’s fastest and low-maintenance dogs can be quite hectic but it is nothing like that. They do need a lot of running and exercises but they are extremely calm and lovable. You can make that out by looking at their eyes. They seriously enjoy napping and lounging in the sun with you taking a super chilled sunbath.

    They are truly low maintenance dogs in terms of everything. They rarely make any noises or bark which makes them great for people who certainly do not enjoy noises or getting complaints from their neighbors. They do not make noises unless you leave them alone for hours. They are very bright which makes their training really easy and full of joy.

    They can be quite timid sometimes showing signs of nervousness and lack of confidence in front of new members of family or strangers. They can also be nervous in front of new dogs which are actually smaller than them, yes they are that innocent! This is not a huge problem once you start the socialization of your dog at a young age. They will easily be able to develop the needed confidence.

    They were originally a type of hunting breed and they still do show some signs of that. You will notice very often that when they see small creatures like critters and rodents in parks or backyard, they start running behind them to chase them. They are really fast at running so it is difficult for the creatures to escape their sight. You must keep them leashed around parks to prevent anything to happen.

    These were 25 low-maintenance dogs that you must bring your home. Do not forget to welcome your new buddy with an extraordinary and delicious care recipe. It is no less than their birthday when they keep their little paws on your doormat.


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