How To Void A Check In 4 Easy Steps

    How To Void A Check Using 4 Steps With Other Related Information

    There are a lot of reasons that have enabled you to learn how to void a check. Writing paper checks is becoming less common in this decade and online platforms are taking over. People prefer to manage all their finances online and go for electronic checks instead of using a paper check.

    Do you know that nearly 93 to 95% of people in the USA are paid by means of direct deposit rather than emphasizing physical checkbooks or paychecks?

    If you are paid online, you might not be familiar with how to write checks or different modes to use to void a check. If you are figuring how to void a check, read this informative piece of information.

    Important To Note:

    • A Voided check might be useful in setting up direct deposits, ACH transfers (automated clearing house), or using for electronic bill payments.
    • When you are voiding a check, it clearly means you cannot use it further to make any sort of payments or even withdrawing sums of money from your bank account or checking account.
    • The process used for voiding a check is quite simple and useful.
    • If you do not own checks or not involved in writing checks for any payments, there are other methods too on which you can rely to set up a direct deposit and electronic payments.
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    How To Void A Check- Step By Step

    how to void a check

    Do not stress yourself out much and let’s see how you can easily void a check.

    1. Look for a blue or blank pen.
    2. Now, using your pen write in large letters the word “void” across the front section of the check you need to void.
    3. You can also write “void” in very small or regular size words on the dateline, amount line, payee line, signature line, and amount box. (basically at all the regions where something is not be mentioned in place of void)
    4. Make a copy of the check you have voided in all the records and note down the number of this check inside your check register or records if you have a habit of keeping one.

    Once you have followed this procedure, the check cannot be used further to carry out payment activities. It is also important to more that, while you are voiding the check, do not ever cover up or ink the bank account number present at the end of the check. This number is important to identify the bank account.

    If you are wondering why do we need to void the check, you must read the information given further.

    Reason For Voiding A Check

    There are several scenarios and situations where you might require to void a check. We have listed some of the most common scenarios in which you should definitely know how to void a check. Read carefully.

    1. You need to void a check in order to set up direct payments. Voiding a check becomes highly important when you require to set or schedule any electronic payments that might either be for running a business or for personal use. For example, if you own a small or large scale business and the vendors involved in the business prefer electronic modes of payment, then voiding the check becomes a part of setting default automatic payments.
    2. You also need to void a check for direct deposits. Direct deposits are also helpful in getting your payments faster.
    3. Voiding a check is necessary for paying your bills regularly. If you wish to pay your car loan, mortgage, or any other bill by online mode, then you have to submit a voided check to set payments from your bank account or checking account.
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    Another different reason for voiding a check is that if you have written any check by mistake and can’t figure out what to do, you can write “void” on it. It is important to know that if your check has already reached the payee, you cannot void it anyhow.

    These were some important points you need to keep in mind along with the procedure of how to void a check.


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