How to remove dark circles under eyes for men using home remedies

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10. At-Home remedies

The remedy for dark eye circles relies on the underlying cause. However, a few home remedies will help control this situation. A few more common methods to treat dark circles are:

  1. Lay a cold compress onto the eyes- A cold compress will help decrease swelling and shrink enlarged blood vessels. This will lessen the impression of puffiness and assist in eliminating dark circles. Just wrap some ice cubes in a neat washcloth and lay them to your eyes. You may also damp a washcloth using cold water to the skin underneath your eyes for 20 minutes for a similar effect. Replicate this process again if the cloth evolves warm or if the cubes melt.
  2. Get more sleep- Getting more sleep can also assist in reducing the formation of dark circles. Lack of sleep causes the skin to look pale, making your dark circles extra obvious. Give yourself seven to eight hours of sleep to stop dark circles from emerging.
  3. How to remove dark circles under eyes for men using tea bags- Using cold tea bags to the eyes can improve their appearance. Tea possesses antioxidants and caffeine that can stimulate blood circulation, shrink the blood vessels, and lessen liquid retention underneath your skin. Soak two green or black tea bags in boiling water for five minutes. Allow them to chill in the refrigerator for nearly 15 to 20 minutes. Once tea bags are cold, use the teabags to the closed eyes for about 10 to 20 minutes. After releasing the bags, rinse your eyes using cool water.
  4. Conceal using makeup (If you’re comfortable)- While cosmetics and makeup do not heal dark circles under the eyes, they can assist in concealing them. Concealers can hide dark marks, mixing in with the regular skin color. However, as with other makeup products and topical treatments, use good care. Some products may cause the symptoms to deteriorate and initiate an allergic reaction. If you start experiencing irregular signs from any treatment, discontinue use immediately and plan a visit with the doctor.
  5. How to remove dark circles under eyes for men using aloe vera– Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory effects and moisturizing and antiaging properties on the skin. Before heading to bed, try massaging aloe vera gel beneath your eyes and leave it on for roughly 10 minutes before washing using a clean fabric or cotton pad. Proponents of natural healing recommend that this may help lessen the formation of dark circles beneath your eyes.
  6. How to remove dark circles under eyes for men using coconut oil- The moisturizing effects of coconut oil helps promote skin healthiness. Natural healers recommend ministering dark circles beneath your eyes by rubbing a few drops of virgin coconut oil beneath your eyes before heading to bed and then putting it there overnight.
  7. Tomato juice- As per a 2012 study, the phytochemical lycopene discovered in tomatoes is helpful to the skin. Advocates of natural healing recommend combining equal parts lemon juice and tomato juice and then spreading this mixture underneath the eyes for approximately 10 minutes before cleaning it off using cold water. You can lay the mixture once or twice a day for at least two to three weeks.
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How to remove dark circles under eyes for men using medical treatments

how to remove dark circles under eyes for men
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For a better effective and enduring solution, a few medical treatments are present to decrease the formation of dark circles. A few of the more common procedures include:

  • chemical peels to decrease pigmentation
  • surgical implants of synthetic products or fats
  • laser surgeries to resurface your skin and improve skin tightening
  • tissue fillers to hide blood vessels or melanin pigments driving skin discoloration underneath the eyes.
  • Medical tattoos for injecting pigment into any thinning skin parts.
  • fat removal to release surplus fat and skin, exposing a smoother and more precise surface

Before choosing any cosmetic process, discuss the options with your doctor. Invasive surgeries and implants can be costly, painful, and require a lengthy healing time.

Two untreatable reasons for dark circles


You may be genetically predisposed to having dark circles underneath the eyes since your genes affect your skin’s pigmentation level.


As you age, the skin grows thinner and loses fat and collagen. When that occurs under the eyes, the blood vessels become more apparent and cause the skin to seem darker.

The Bottom Line

Unless the dark circles beneath the eyes are genetic or the result of aging, you have a variety of different options to lessen— or get rid of them.

If you are still worried or home remedies have not worked quite as you wished, talk to your doctor about treatments available to decrease pigmentation.

That was- How to remove dark circles under eyes for men using some great remedies.