Best Guide On Body Wave Perm With 9 FAQs!

    Body Wave Perm- All You Need To Know!

    A body wave perm is a more easygoing wave that is done using a bigger curling roller to get the perm. This kind of perm is ideal for anyone having a naturally straight hairstyle wanting a better natural-looking surface and a loosened curl but does not want to operate a styling tool each day to get the look. Stans of the body wave perm love the look because it is utilised to form loose waves in the hair—ideal for those having hair types that will not hold a curl.

    Can body wave perm vary?

    body wave perm

    “Perm” might be short term for ‘permanent,’ but the lifespan of this hairstyle varies more than you may believe. A perm generally lasts for three to six months, based on the hair kind and how well you manage your hair.

    The appointment for body wave perm is a lengthy process, too, usually lasting anywhere between one to five hours.

    The primary thing you must remember is that your hair should stay dry and relatively unaffected or untouched for the initial 48 hours after body wave perm. It’s the first cardinal direction of perm keeping.

    What factors affect how long the perm lasts?

    Several things may ruin or prolong the body wave perm. Although you can go for a DIY perm, a professional hairstylist owns a much more curl-setting expertise and a more distinguished understanding of the chemicals used. Your commitment to perm maintenance also has a vital role to play. Prevent heat styling and products having alcohol or silicone wherever likely to keep the perm undamaged.

    Last but not least, give a thought about the daily routine, mainly if you are an avid swimmer or a gym bunny. Chlorinated water will have ruinous effects on your perms, and humidity and sweat can cause frizz.

    What are the different types of the perm?

    body wave perm

    Two primary types of perm are there: ceramic and digital. Both use a variety of chemicals — to smash and reform your hair’s bonds— and rods to determine how the overall perm will appear.

    How much does it typically cost?

    Most perms are not cheaper to achieve. You can expect to spend between $30 and $150, based on the kind of perm you wish to have. A few stylists may charge additionally. You should also add a minimum of 20 per cent tip for the stylist into the overall expense.

    Do you require to prepare for a consultation or appointment?

    Preparing to get a perm suggests taking the time to ready the hairstylist, too. Visit the preferred salon with pictures of your ideal type. The hairstylist can then make sure your hair type will function well with the perm you desire and leave you pleased with the new curly appearance.

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    The stylist will offer you more precise information, but general guidelines recommend:

    • In the month directing up to the appointment, avoid dying or highlighting the hair.
    • Two days before the appointment, use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair.
    • Do not touch the hair at least 24 hours before the appointment.

    Now that you know a lot about body wave perm let’s scroll through some of the best looks for you to determine which one you will likely show to the stylist.

    The process of the body wave perm can go from 2 to 4 hours, but, if managed correctly, this chemical treatment will last for nearly 6 to 8 months. The decision-making process is somewhat tricky when committing to any chemical treatment. No one wants to be stuck with a style they dislike or spend hundreds of dollars on something they hate. If you’re thinking about getting permanent waves via a body wave perm, we’ve found some looks that will help you come to a decision. Ahead are ten looks that prove body wave perms are for all ages and all seasons:

    Heavy Volume

    body wave perm
    The Right Hairstyles

    The significant thing about all the perm styles is that you can regulate the size of the waves. Going for a looser curl will assist you in achieving more additional volume! Take the hair density up a notch higher by trying a good conditioner and volume shampoo.

    Classic Waves

    body wave perm

    Nail the classic blogger waves by obtaining a body wave perm that imitates the work of a medium-sized iron. You will have an effortless and chic style with this perm.

    Tighter Curls

    Alternatively, go for tighter curls that lay on the tighter edge of the body wave perm range. Give the appearance of naturally curly hair without people knowing that you are mimicking it!

    Subtle Highlights

    body wave perm
    All things hair

    Pair the body wave perm using fresh colour to change the look. A new colour will illuminate your look, providing shine and making the waves stand out.


    Add even better body and conditioning to the new look by going for shorter layers. The shorter layers on the roots will give you a better volume.

    Fluffy Waves

    body wave perm
    Style Craze

    A super-subtle body wave perm will assist you in achieving these soft waves. This is splendid for people who wish for a little bit of added consistency to their style but do not want a full-on curled look.

    Irregular Waves

    body wave perm
    Botox Capillar

    If you are nervous about your perm seeming too ‘done’, request your stylist to form irregular curls. This freewheeling style is deliberately undone and effortless and will assist you to avoid that excessively glam style.

    Super Long

    body wave perm
    Hair Everyday

    If you are not entirely ready to cut the long hair but want a change, consider testing a super long body wave perm. Similar to curling your hair, the waves make the strands a little shorter, which could be sufficient of a difference for you at the moment.

    Super Short

    body wave perm
    Curl Centric

    Most people think of long hair when considering body wave perms, but they also perform well on shorter hair! It is a beautiful way to attach more volume to short hair strands on the flatter and thinner side.

    One Length

    Go for this ’70s-inspired fashion and go for an all-one-length cut that may show off the latest waves.

    Is there anything you can do to make the body wave perm last longer?

    If the hair grows too dry or frizzy, the perm might undergo irreversible damage that can just be fixed over time.

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    Here are some ways to keep the curls locked in for several months.

    • Get a haircut regularly- Curls evolve to be less pronounced with growing hair. Make sure to book a haircut for at least three to four months to maintain your perm in tip-top condition.
    • Wash your hair less, condition the hair more- Washing the hair more often can undress away natural oils. A study publicised in the International Journal of Trichology says that these oils are required to keep the hair healthy. Limiting your weekly shampoo count and boosting your conditioning time to expel undesirable dryness.
    • Invest in protein treatments- Chemicals in perm treatment break the hair’s protein bonds. They are rebonded before you exit the salon but still accept nourishing products. You may use a hair perfector designed to link the disulfide bonds again for all types of hair. Also, you can build your protein hair masks. Use a mixture of either egg and yoghurt or coconut milk and avocado.
    • Get into deep conditioning- Using your regular conditioner will help so much. Any product containing raw shea butter for additional nourishment and super moisturizing biotin will help your hair. Use these once or twice a week for the most significant impact.
    • Change the brush- Brushing the perm using any old brush will destroy it in the blink of an eye. Try a wooden wide-tooth brush to comb slightly wet hair gently. Once your hair is dry, use a smooth paddle brush to release any hardy knots.
    • Get familiarised with some fresh products- Look for shampoos and products that have no sulfate and concentrate on making the most of curls. Try a shampoo that aims to hold the waves in position and shield them from humid temperatures.
    • Change the sleeping habits- Perms may appear sloppy first thing in the morning. Either cover the hair in a silk scarf or relax your head on any smooth, silky pillowcase to maintain your hair tangle- and frizz-free.
    • Avoid undergoing chemical treatments- Wait for at least one month after your perm before using any other chemicals on your hair.

    Other common questions regarding body wave perm

    1. Does getting a body wave perm hurt your hair?

    A perm is not as damaging to hair health as getting bleaching done. But the process might weaken and dry the hair strands, as per a Peer analysis. If you have damaged hair already, you might be extra prone to a flaky feel or even breakage.

    2. Does your hair type or texture matter?

    Perms may work on most types of hair and textures. Those with thicker and somewhat wavy hair might find the process more accessible. Delicate and stick-straight hair will usually need expert help.

    3. Is the hair length significant?

    The more hair you own, the more challenging a perm could be. An even application of rods and chemicals is required to create a consistent look, so it is best not to walk down the DIY path if you have long hair. Layers can likewise be problematic, especially if they are on the shorter side.

    4. Can you get a perm if you have dyed your hair?

    Yes, You can! But be mindful that a perm will lighten your natural hair colour. Perming thoroughly dyed hair is usually better than just perming hair with highlights, which could get frizzy very quickly.

    5. Can you dye the hair after acquiring a body wave perm?

    It would be best if you waited roughly a month before accomplishing anything extreme to your hair. It’s reasonable to colour permed hair, but, as with anything else, ask the hairstylist before engaging in anything new.

    6. Can you use heat tools once you get a perm to your hair?

    If you are utilising any heat styling, guard the perm first. Try a product such as blow dry spray and buy a diffuser for the hairdryer. This will ensure the air isn’t focused in one place, maintaining your curls where they must be.

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    7. When should your subsequent appointment be?

    Your hairstylist will provide you with a rough sign of how long it will require for the perm to grow out. A few people can go for nearly six months; others go for only three. Unfortunately, you may have to manage a few weeks of straight hair on the roots, but it’s worth it to maintain your hair in a healthier state.

    8. What makes a body wave perm different from a traditional perm?

    Pick a body wave when you wish to add texture to the hair, but dodge tight curls. Body waves present a softer, more natural-appearing wave. It can also deliver added texture and blowouts that lasts longer.

    Getting permanent waves instead of permanent curls uses a similar basic process as traditional perms. The distinction comes with the rods used by the stylist. Generally, larger rods are employed, and they’re positioned more unevenly to deliver your hair with a more wild and realistic look. Once that’s done, a chemical process is used same as with a standard perm.

    To start the process, experts set perming solution with perming rods. The time for this set also differs and will be based on the curl and surface of the individual’s hair. We then wash the hair and apply a second solution that sets the hair in form. To conclude, the rods are withdrawn, and the hair is washed thoroughly once again.

    9. Are there other perms other than body wave perm?

    There are a few additional types of perms you may want to try. Here’s the list to help you understand better.

    1. Spiral perm- These perms can give you medium to maximum volume based on your hair density. The rods used for these perms are generally smaller and used vertically onto the hair rather than horizontally. This provides you with longer and fuller hair.
    2. Multi-textured hair- These curls have inconsistency in their size, making them more desired. These look natural and effortless. These perms use a different mixture of rods to form natural-looking curls. The effects are perfectly-imperfect hair.
    3. Stack perm- Stack perms generally bring to sense a very ’70s look. This is a method in which you use diverse perm rod sizes and concentrate on the lower and middle areas of the head. They provide an excellent shape that appears effortless.
    4. Root perm- Root perms are on the hill, and as you can guess, this treatment is applied to the roots of your hair, matching the surface of the mid-shaft and ends. The primary goal of a root perm is to form volume at the ends, and it can do this on curved or straightened hair. It’s exceptionally splendid for anyone who generally blow-dries their hair,
    5. Partial Perm- Partial perms, as you would likely assume by their name, are not used to the whole head of hair but only to selected areas. Partial perms work excellently with shorter haircuts.

    Why You Should Think Twice Before Getting A Body Wave Perm Done

    beauty, curly hair, wavy hair

    If you like curling your hair often, you must have likely considered perming it. A perm allows an individual to wear the hair with curls or waves more frequently without utilising a curling wand daily. A perm can also improve the texture and body of dull, pin-straight hair. But as promising as it sounds, you must think twice before obtaining a perm, as they can lead to some severe damage.

    As per hairstylist Priscilla Flete, Perms have a bad rap as, eventually, it is a chemical procedure that perpetually changes your hair, which may affect your hair if done poorly or if the hair was chemically processed already. Perm alters the chemical properties of the hair to get that wave or curl.

    And the more you go for perming your hair, the more possibilities you have to sabotage your hair. The natural wear occurs when you spread your subsequent perm after perm after perm, which leads to breakage.

    The bottom line

    Body wave perm is one way of getting your desired wavy hair you have always dreamt of but are tired of using curling wands daily. With the proper care, the new curls will last for even months. And if you hold a burning query in mind that you cannot discover the answer to, always visit a professional. Keeping all things in mind, if you are ready and committed to care for your hair after perming, go for it without a doubt.

    There are a few ways you can keep your hair clean and frizz-free. One such way is cleaning your hairbrush after use. If you do not really know how to do it the right way, here’s a great article to help you.


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