How To Quit Vaping (10 Best Tips)

    Are You Ready To Put A Full Stop On Vaping? Just Follow These Amazing Tips

    After you develop a constant habit of vaping, the very first question that keeps floating in the sphere of your mind is how to quit vaping? Will I be able to ditch vaping? and similar questions.

    The first and foremost step to ditch vaping is to decide that you want to get rid of it and it’s enough. Congratulations on completing the very first step towards your main question of how to quit vaping.

    If you are among a lot of teenagers or adults who have developed the habit of vaping nicotine, there is a rethinking going on in your brain amid various reports related to vaping causing lung injuries and other problems that are quite fatal when continued more.

    Maybe you have decided to avoid other symptoms that are extremely negative and make a place in your body due to vaping nicotine. Whatever is the reason that you have decided, we have amazing strategies and tips to help you out. Keep scrolling and know everything from the start.

    1. Strong Reason For Why and How To Quit Vaping

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    The very first step towards your success on how to quit vaping is deciding a reason that is so strong and will motivate you till the end to keep up with strategies. Give yourself some time to think about what has motivated you to ditch vaping. Determining a strong reason is proved to increase the chances of success for many people who have questions on how to quit vaping.

    If you are not able to come up with one, here is one thing you can consider. E-cigarettes are quite new and linked to various strong health issues which include:

    • Changes in brain functioning
    • Respiratory issues
    • Lung disease
    • damage of organ

    If these reasons related to health are not able to give you the needed motivation, refer to these:

    • You will be able to save a lot of money by quitting vaping.
    • The freedom that allows you not to remain agitated in case you cannot vape.
    • You have the chance to protect your loved ones and your pets who can also have serious issues by inhaling secondhand smoke of your vaping.

    Remember that no reason is big or small, right or wrong when you think of some. Everything is about figuring out who and what matters to you the most.

    2. Decide The Timing

    Once you have come with clear ideas on why you want to quit vaping or smoking e-cigarettes, you are almost there for the next step to be followed which is when to start. Quitting is not easy for you if you have been vaping for months altogether. Remember to choose a time or date when you are stress-free. A lot of stress or burden of work can cause you to start vaping again.

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    Once you are committed to quitting, you can begin with other things you like. During times of stress, you can ask for support from your loved ones and this is not something you should be ashamed of. It is completely normal and studies show that people who have acquired help got better results.

    A simple trick is deciding a day when something important is scheduled every year, it might be your birthday or someone else’s birthday. It will definitely end up improving the chances.

    3. Simple Plan On How To Quit Vaping

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    Do not be in a hurry and quit out of sheer enthusiasm, although that’s good, we doubt it would not last for long. Try to decide a date that’s quite far from now. Maybe a week of time in between can help you:

    • To identify and look for some alternative skills of coping up.
    • Inform your loved ones and everyone close to you for enlisting their support.
    • Get rid of any vaping product near you.
    • Use gum, toothpicks, hard candies, and similar things that can be consumed to reduce the agitation or urge to consume the vape.
    • If it’s too much, make an appointment with the doctors.
    • Before beginning, start a test run for 2 or 3 days and note what makes your urge to vaping escalate.
    • Dedicate a special calendar or book by circling and noting down the dates daily, after few days passing you will be more likely to continue by seeing your progress.

    4. How To Quit Vaping Gradually Or Cold Turkey Method: Know What Is Better

    Research claims that the Cold Turkey method which means getting rid of vaping habit all at once has been the most effective way for some people under study.

    According to a survey done in 2016, which included nearly 700 electric cigarette smokers, among these people those who had followed the process of Cold Turkey quitting were likely to refrain themselves for a period of 4 weeks while those who quit gradually. Similar studies were conducted for a time of 8 weeks and then 6 months, the results were quite the same every time.

    In 2019 also a survey was done which proved that people who stopped consumption abruptly were more likely to sustain it and stick to it than those who just decided to de-escalate their consumption gradually.

    If you still feel like going gradually with the process or the cold turkey method has not worked quite well for you, remember to keep a goal and endpoint at which you have to stop by gradually decreasing the vaping.

    5. Consider Replacing It With Nicotine (It’s Not Cheating)

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    Repeating it again because it is a fact that quitting can be super tough for many of you reading this. Most of you lack support from others which makes it tougher along with the whole issue related to withdrawing it and that can make you uncomfortable and you are less likely to stick to the plan.

    Nicotine replacement therapy is helpful for some people. You can use nicotine gum, patches, sprays, lozenges, or inhalers. How to quit vaping using these products? Well, these products contain very low nicotine doses. You have the chance to consume these and avoid the rush of nicotine along with getting relief from various symptoms of withdrawal.

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    Ask your healthcare expert to determine the right dosage for you to take instead of vaping. It varies from person to person. Some products of vaping have more levels of nicotine than that cigarettes. You may begin NRT in this case.

    Various experts have recommended using and starting with NRT after the day you have ditched vaping. Along with this, get support from a quit program or a therapist is another great idea.

    Note that NRT is not recommended for those people who have a habit of consuming any type of tobacco along with smoking or vaping.

    6. Identify And Note Down The Main Triggers On How To Quit Vaping

    Before beginning with the quitting process, it is very important to note down the triggers after identifying if there are any. The cues that force you to vape. These cues or triggers can be emotional, social, and physical.

    Triggers are not the same for every other person and differ. Some common triggers are:

    • Emotions like boredom, loneliness, stress, or depression.
    • Seeing people near you vaping.
    • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal.
    • Doing things that remind you of vaping, maybe hanging out with friends that usually vape together or taking a break at work and go for vaping.

    Taking and noting down these triggers can help you develop an effective plan on how to quit vaping and increase the chances of quitting.

    7. Built Strategy For Cravings And Withdrawal

    how to quit vaping

    After you have quit vaping, the first few weeks or the first week is quite difficult to cope up with and rough than the coming weeks. You will be experiencing combinations of these things:

    • Feelings of depression or anxiety
    • Change is mood or mood swings.
    • Frustration, irritability, and nervousness in some people
    • Difficulty in sleeping
    • Tiredness
    • Trouble while focusing or paying attention
    • headaches are common
    • Hunger increases slightly.
    • Urge to vape.

    Some common tips that you can use in the above-mentioned situations include:

    • Practice taking deep breathes.
    • Try a short term meditation whenever you feel like
    • Step outside for a small and quick walk.
    • Change your scenery, as in move from that place and start something else.
    • Go for a quit vaping or smoking program for more tips and helps.
    • Start with developing habits of playing regularly or use a crossword puzzle to divert your attention.

    Take care of your increased hunger by maintaining a proper and balanced diet along with staying hydrated by drinking more and more water also helps you manage those cravings successfully.

    8. Inform Your Closed Ones About Your Quitting Plan And Learn How To Quit Vaping

    Your loved ones will be immensely happy after knowing you want to quit as vaping has severe effects on your health and the ones that live with you. You will get nervous while telling them as it’s very common. Nervousness is more common when the people your surround are also into vaping and you might feel that they will be awkward around you while vaping after you quit.

    It seems difficult but it is important to carry out the conversation with them and make them understand your point of view. Taking support from family and friends often makes it easier to cope up with quitting.

    You have to set boundaries with friends that vape by asking them not to start vaping when you are near or inform them that you will not be around them when they start vaping as it can increase the urges and agitations to vape.

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    The decision that you took to ditch vaping is only yours, do not force it on others by telling them the severe effects. Show some respect towards people who haven’t ditched vaping around you.

    Know that there will be friends who will be more supportive and some will be less in your support, do not judge as it’s entirely their choice.

    Egel has explained that when you take an important decision to quit vaping, you have to limit few relationships and make lifestyle changes to stick to that decision.

    9. Slip-Ups May Occur, Do Not Over React

    According to studies and surveys conducted by the American Cancer Society it was observed that out of all the people who begin with quitting vaping, only 4% to 7% of people actually come out to be successful without having to take support from quit smoking groups or medications. If you fail at first, do not over-analyze and lose the hope you had. Remember why you started in the first place.

    In other words, you have to be familiar with the fact that slip-ups are extremely common for those especially those who are not having any sort of support system or uses NRT. If you have ended up vaping another time, do not be hard on yourself. It is completely alright.

    Instead of being harsh on yourself, you can:

    • Remember how far you have come from where you began. It does not matter you have completed 1 day or 30 days without vaping, you are on a path that is taking you to success.
    • Commit to quit vaping again and keep your motivation in mind that made you start the quitting process in the beginning.
    • Revisit and read your treaties and plans you have made for quitting. For example, you can perform deep breathing techniques or going for walk.
    • Have a varying routine can help you stick to the plan more efficiently.

    10. Work With Experts Or Professionals On How To Quit Vaping

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    There is no need to go through the difficult process of quitting vaping all alone. You can always rely on expert support and help other than your close family members and friends.

    Medical Support

    When you are relying on or considering the process of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), it becomes important to visit a healthcare professional to determine the quantity of dosage you are required to take. They will also help with the management of symptoms that are physical, success tops, and help you connect with quitting resources to get results more early.

    When NRT is not successful in cutting your vaping urges, the healthcare experts can prescribe medications like Bupropion or Varenicline depending upon the dosage and check up.

    Emotional Support

    Therapies to quit vaping can be beneficial for you as well when you have certain underlying problems you cannot share with anyone otherwise. A therapist can help you provide emotional support and can help you with:

    • Identify different reasons that you need to keep in mind for quitting vaping.
    • Development of skills of coping to help you with craving management.
    • Explore behavior and habits that are new and effective against treatment.
    • Learn to cope up with quitting vaping by managing emotions that ultimately lead you to smoke or vape.

    Conclusion On How To Quit Vaping

    Quitting any nicotine product like vaping or smoking can be very difficult than it seems. But, people who have remained successful in doing so have come forward to motivate everyone and according to them the challenge of how to quit vaping is worth the pain and agitation one goes through.

    Just remember that you are not the only one who have urges or have to go through this process of quitting all alone. You can take professional support or support from your family and friends to ease the process and come out being successful out of the urges.


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