How To Lock Keyboard Using 3 Highly Useful Applications!

    How To Lock Keyboard- Try These Methods!

    If you want to prevent usage of your keyboard accidentally by your pets, you must know How To Lock Keyboard and mouse such your pets or babies cannot use and make unknown changes.

    If you keep having some work in between your tasks and need to leave the PC or laptop abandoned or unattended for some time but you want to make sure no one near you intervenes with the work, you must consider using a keyboard software, the same implies for a mouse too. These unique apps can either help in locking your keyboard partially or completely once you activate them.

    Let’s have a look at How To Lock Keyboard and mouse or simply your keyboard so that no one in your house including kids can mess with your important tasks on the laptop or PC. Most people use Windows key+ L to lock their keyboards.

    We will be discussing some methods on How To Lock the Keyboard for your usage. Follow any of these ways:

    1. Kid Key Lock

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    If you are searching for any app that lets you lock some very specific keys or buttons in the mouse, the Kid Key Lock app is a must-have for such purposes and it is an appropriate choice. While the Kid Key app is commonly intended to keep the PC or computer protected from kids as they might do some things that you cannot undo (as the title suggests), the Kid Key Lock app also fits many situations. It is a multi-purpose app and helps you with several important tasks.

    When you download, install and run this app called Kid Key Lock, there are two different ways you will be able to configure this app’s settings. You may either right-click the icon from your taskbar and set it with the help of the displayed menu, or you may access this app’s menu by picking the “Setup” option. When you open the app, you will notice that the Kid Key app’s Lock menu is subdivided into three separate sections, these are:

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    1. Mouse Locks

    From the Kid Key app’s menu, you may utilize the “Mouse” section by choosing it to determine which button you want to lock or freeze till you come back and start working. You may simply lock the left button of the mouse, only the right button, simply the wheel of the mouse and the button left to it, and so on. You may pick any sequence or combination of your choice or you wish.

    2. Keyboard Locks

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    Under the Keyboard section, you may use the slider to determine which keys you would like to pick for locking. As you proceed, there are 5 different levels that you may pick from, and the Kid Key Lock will display a text message adjacent to the slider to inform you about the keys you have chosen for locking.

    You may also lock particularly system combinations like Ctrl, Alt, Windows combinations, lock all the keys and character keys, and so on. This implies you are letting someone type anything using the keyboard but they cannot do anything else or make a lot of changes. This is how to Lock Keyboard Using this app.

    3. Passwords

    You will be required to set up two separate passwords: one password will be used to load the setup and another password to quit the Kid Key Lock used. Also, even if you have locked all the keys in the keyboard and mouse buttons, the Kid Key Lock application will be able to detect your password as soon as you start typing.

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    2. Toddler Keys

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    Toddler Keys as the name suggests is particularly targeted at those who have babies or kids. Using these keys, you can provide entertainment to the kids while watching the computer when it is locked. This will prevent the kids from making any sort of changes when you are not around. When looking for ways on how to Lock Keyboard, this is a great choice.

    This app does not, however, provide you as many choices as the Kid Key Lock app does since you are only allowed to lock either the whole keyboard or lock both the mouse and keyboard. However, it enables you to lock the power button and drive doors.

    Also, note that if you are about to choose this app, the disable power button feature will not be available for a window 10 PC or computer keyboard. But you may visit the control panel and set the power button to disable the screen, instead.

    To use the Toddler Keys, you have to right-click the app’s icon from your PC’s taskbar and then choose what device you wish to lock or disable, it is only the keyboard or both keyboard and mouse. You may also add pictures or sounds using the Manage Pictures/Sounds alternative.

    If you no longer wish to use it, You may stop the Toddler Keys by typing the specific set password that you already know. If you do not know, by default, this password is “quit”, but you may modify it by clicking on the “Options” button.

    Once you lock the keyboard and mouse or any one of them, your screen will turn black, and it responds to keystrokes by presenting the pictures you have chosen. It is capable of even playing sounds in format WAV files only. You can do this to keep the kids entertained. This is how to Lock Keyboard using this app.

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    Note that if you are locking only your keyboard, the program will not start the entertainment mode. This suggests that you may still use the mouse to perform things, like load any movie or watch a movie, without being concerned about your adorable cat walking all over your keyboard in the midst of the movie and closing it for no reason.

    3. KeyFreeze App

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    If you require to learn how to lock keyboard keys totally along with your mouse when you are watching any movie, you might want to go for KeyFreeze instead of the above two apps. This app performs one task and one task only—it will simply lock the keyboard and mouse, that’s it! As such, there will absolutely be no risk at all of you or anyone else near you unintentionally pressing the key or clicking the mouse.

    When you install and run this app called KeyFreeze, you will notice a small window with only a single button. When you will click on this button, the KeyFreeze app will start a count down from 5 seconds ere locking the keyboard and mouse both. Once you have watched the movie or done the work you locked the keyboard at the very first, you can unlock it easily. To unlock this, press “Ctrl + Alt + Del” at first and then the “Esc” key. This is how to Lock Keyboard using this app.

    If you do not think using only the Windows+L key lock feature is helping you or giving good enough results, you may go for any one of these apps mentioned above. If you are in search of an easy-to-use or handy app that is good enough to lock the keyboard along with the mouse while viewing movies, try using the KeyFreeze application. If you require a bit more configuring choices, provide the Toddler Keys app or Kid-Key-Lock app a chance and watch the results for yourself.

    This was everything on how to lock the keyboard and perform all the tasks without interfering.


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