How To Fold A Burrito In 2 Interesting Ways

    The wrap with delicious fillings is your Mexican Burrito made with cornmeal tortillas, filled with refried beans, meat, and numerous other fillings. How to fold a burrito is a simple quest the mind asks when you start making this recipe. Did you have to learn origami to do this? I don’t think so.

    A simple tip to get it right is to not overdo the fillings. Resist your urge to overfill before you start wrapping. As interesting as folding your favourite clothes, a burrito needs the right way to fold. Did you find it easy folding your shirt or tunic piece? Yay! There’s not much of a difference between folding a shirt and a burrito.

    How To Fold A Burrito

    how to fold a burrito
    1. As a rule of thumb, take a large, round tortilla
    2. Add fillings halfway through so it does not spill
    3. Fold one side of the tortilla from the bottom on top of the fillings
    4. Fold the other two sides to let the fillings snuggle in comfy
    5. Ensure these sides merely touch each other but do not latch onto each other
    6. Yo! and that’s how you roll
    7. Tuck one side of the tortilla so it does not spill the fillings
    8. Leaving the other side that looks like a petal sleeve open
    9. Make sure you leave some room to tuck the ends of the tortilla
    10. Tada! easy, ain’t it?

    Fun Facts About Burritos

    Though they were born in Mexico, Americans made them famous with interesting variations and fillings. Using wheat or all-purpose flour is an American and European twist. Authentic Mexican burritos are made with cornflour. Now you know the fun facts and how to fold a burrito.

    • Did you know? 1st Thursday of month April is celebrated as National Burrito Day
    • It was adopted as a breakfast delicacy in Mexico Cafe
    • Burrito is a traditional food in Northern Mexico, the southerners prefer tacos
    • The largest burrito made with a single tortilla weighed 2 tons and was made in 2010.
    • During the Mexican revolution in the 1900s, Burrito was considered a war food
    • Americans adopted them in the 1930s and California includes fries in the fillings
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    Alternative Way About How To Fold A Burrito

    A burrito can also be folded in an alternative way. It looks the same as a result, just the technique of wrapping is a deviation from the standard. It is essential to warm tortillas before you start filling. Doing this eliminates their stiffness.

    • Fold one side of the tortilla after filling half of it
    • This fold must end in the center portion covering a part of the filling

    how to fold a burrito

    • Fold the right part of the folded tortilla so it takes a cone shape
    • Make a third diagonal fold from the portion where there is no filling
    • The fourth fold covers the burrito filling and ends in the middle portion tucking the previous folds
    • Now you have a finished burrito

    You can add fun elements such as cherries, slices to make it fun foods for kids. They love burrito breakfast. You can smother it, add greens, and use veggies to cut into shapes to style the finished burrito.


    Burritos are a yummy and nutritious breakfast. You can have the choicest fillings in them and know how to fold a burrito the right way. With these simple techniques, there is no spilling. You can relish this Northern Mexican traditional delicacy by folding it the right way using the flour of your choice to make tortillas.


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