How To Fix A Crack In A Plastic Bathtub- 8 Easy Steps

    How To Fix A Crack In A Plastic Bathtub

    Wondering how to fix a crack in a plastic bathtub? Follow this useful guide to do everything. If your place of peace and solitude has turned into a disastrous nightmare due to so many cracks build-up, you need to find ways on how to fix a crack in a plastic bathtub.

    Many times we notice small cracks while we relax in our bathtubs. While sometimes the cracks seem short and small, they can create havoc of problems later on that needs to be prevented today itself by taking the right actions.

    Before proceeding to how to fix a crack in a plastic bathtub, you need to know specific reasons that may cause bathtub cracks in the first place so you can avoid them in the future.

    Causes Of Cracks In The Bathtub

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    To be very precise, there are 3 main reasons that can cause bathtub cracks. The first reason is the lack of support. Other reasons include the material being flexible or damage from any heavy objects or heavy cleaners. There are some materials used in the bathtub making like fiberglass which is highly flexible. If you place a heavy material on it, it will eventually break due to pressure.

    If such materials are not installed properly while making or additional support is added, they are going to break within few days of installment. You can easily see cracks in the bathtub. Sometimes cracks are also seen in the bathtub when you drop any heavy object onto it.

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    The last reason we can think of is using highly abrasive cleaners in the tub like bleach. If you have a plastic tub, then it will easily be eroded away which will allow more moisture inside of it and cause minute cracks which will later rise in size. If you ignore the cracks now, they will eventually become really big to be treated without investing a lot.

    Cracks in the bathtub indicate that more moisture and water will enter the bathtub causing its integrity to weaken which will lead to breaking the bathtub in half.

    Cracks can be of different types in your bathtub. You should know that replacing a bathtub can cost thousands of dollars which are not required as you can easily fix the old one. You will see a step-by-step guide on how to fix a crack in a plastic bathtub.

    How To Fix A Crack In A Plastic Bathtub

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    You require a bathtub repair kit for repairing a crack in the bathtub. If you have a plastic bathtub or fiberglass bathtub, you can easily use this procedure to get going. Do not use this tutorial if your bathtub is made from cast iron material.

    You will see a lot of varieties of bathtub repairing kits in markets, you can easily use them based on the preference of the brand you choose. Before getting started with any tutorial, always check for the instructions of usage given on the kit’s label. The kit will have a power drill, drill bit, hairdryer, rag, putty knife, epoxy resin, dry sandpaper, nylon-bristled paintbrush, etc.

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    Let’s see what are the steps involved in repairing cracks in your bathtub.

    1. Pick a good bathtub repair kit from the hardware stores. Now clean the plastic bathtub you have normally and let it dry well for 24 hours. Inspect it closely for all the cracks and some there forms of damage present. You can take something to mark and locate those damages and cracks easily.
    2. Once you know where all the cracks are located, you have to drill a hole of size 1/4th inches on each side of all the cracks you wish to repair.
    3. Now sand the crack gently using 120-grit sandpaper. Remember not to sand aggressively as this would result in further damage instead of fixing the cracks.
    4. Now, clean the sanded area using a damp rag and make sure you remove all the debris and sand particles present in the tub. You have to wait for 12hours or so for the area to dry completely. If you do not have much time, just use a regular hairdryer for the drying process. This step is very important because the epoxy resin in the kit would not stick well to the wet surface causing the cracks to open.
    5. You have to follow all the directions given on the label and prepare a good epoxy resin. Fill the cracks using the putty knife with the resin. Now leave the cracks filled with resin for 12 hours at least for it to cure.
    6. You have to sand dry this area using 240-grit dry or wet sandpaper. Wet your sandpaper and sand those cracks again one more time.
    7. Clean the sanded area once again using a damp rag and let it sit and dry for another 12 hours for perfect results.
    8. Finish off the repair using a light layer of gel-coated enamel. Let this dry completely and thoroughly for more than 4 hours before filling it with water and using your bathtub again.
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    Using these 8 steps, you can easily learn how to fix a crack in a plastic bathtub and get rid of cracks. You also need some prevention tips and care tips for your bathtub to avoid any cracks in the future.

    How To Care For Plastic Bathtub

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    Your bathtub requires ample care for good maintenance. Here are some important care tips to keep in mind next time for maintaining a good bathtub.

    • Keep any heavy object away from the bathtub that could damage and insert cracks inside it. If you also like decorating around your bathtub, make sure to pick secure objects that do not fall inside the bathtub.
    • Try to use gentle bathtub cleaners, not abrasive ones. Protect the enamel layer of your bathtub that acts as a protecting layer from eroding by using mild bathtub cleaners only. You can also use non-toxic and natural ingredients for washing like vinegar, lemon, salt, essential oils, baking soda, etc.

    These are some tips and techniques you can follow to avoid damage.

    If your plastic bathtub is beyond salvage, you can convert it into something else that seems useful like a garden pot, cooler, outdoor swing, cheerful soda in the garden, etc.

    Follow this guide to know how to fix a crack in a plastic bathtub. Learn how to fix busted pipes if you have any using this useful guide.


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