How to Entertain a Baby? [20 Proven Ways]

    How to entertain a baby? – It’s an undeniable fact that life becomes very happening and exciting when babies are around. Every day is filled with tiresome yet happy adventures. Entertaining a baby until bedtimes feel no less than scaling Mount Everest.

    Although to keep them entertained is quite a daunting process. But we get to reminiscence our childhood memories by entertaining a baby. We feel altogether the circumvolution of cries, laughter, happiness, irritation. We’re present at that particular moment. Babies are the purest and most innocent form of love.

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    How to Entertain a Baby? [20 Effective Methods]

    #1 Explore different textures of clay

    Playing with clay is one of the fun activities that you can do to entertain your babies if you are searching for how to entertain a baby. Playing with clay has altogether a different feel. The very texture and its odour are phenomenal. The most beneficial and fun about playing with clay is that it can be moulded, shaped, squeeze and could be quench in any way you want. Children can make as many shapes as they want by poking and moulding the clay. It also helps in developing the mind of children and it also enriches their creative aspect.

    Premium Photo | Asian 2 - 3 years old toddler boy child having fun playing colorful modeling clay / play dough at home, educational toys for kid

    #2 Blowing bubbles –

    The simple soapy solution of water and foam-forming bubbles makes babies very happy if you are searching for how to entertain a baby. If you are too tired of bringing different toys to how to entertain a baby then this way is the best for you. You can make this solution at home very easily. You can blow bubbles anywhere at any time no matter whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Babies enjoy playing with them the most since they are very eye-catching, slow-moving and it’s very simple yet joyful to engage the focus of your baby. It enriches their visual tracking skills.

    blowing bubbles, birth to eight, emotional | Bubble fun, Funny babies, Twins 1st birthdays

    #3 Singing nursery rhymes

    Each activity that we engage in how to entertain a baby should be significant and value giving. Whatever activity we do with them should have its fair share of education and learning. Singing rhymes and songs with babies gives them an idea of the significant rhythm of languages in sounds, words and phrases. This also stimulates their verbal and mostly boosts communication skills.

    Nursery Rhymes Stock Illustrations – 139 Nursery Rhymes Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime


    #4 Puppet Play

    Puppet play is a very fun activity if you are actively in search of how to entertain a baby. This play embraces so many values in one. You can explore different emotions through plays and make your kid understand which is genuinely hard for them to understand such emotions. It gives them a sense of the depth of strong feelings. Anger, frustration, happiness, jealousy shapes their mind and gives them the idea of them with the same regards.

    Puppet play gives the essential connection between learning and play.


    #5 Have specific tummy time

    This way always makes a place in every list of how to entertain a baby. Since it’s an undeniable way that how much kids love filling their tummy with foods. The different pivotal skills which often embraces precursors to crawls and locomote differently gets developed by encouraging your baby to have a particular tummy time.

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    #6 Drawing and Painting

    Babies are very curious about almost every other little things. Nothing could be more beneficial and value-generating than engaging your babies in artistic habits if you are searching for how to entertain a baby. Painting and drawings would help them in providing shape to their thoughts, and most importantly to have a vague idea that how they see the world. The shapes, the beautiful colours and the very imageries can be filled up in their preferred way. It would give them a sense of liberation.

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    Painting and drawing classes for children ( 6 to 10 years) in English

    #7 Massaging baby’s body

    Massage is an inexplicable beautiful way to smother your baby with love and care if you are searching for how to entertain a baby. Massaging babies bodies helps in umpteenth ways like making their bones strong, ease the teething pain and different circular motions by which you massage a baby makes them giggle and happy. They enjoy it the most.

    How to Massage a Baby | Parents


    #8 Pompoms

    The small multicoloured balls called pompoms are very attractive to the eyes and fun to play with if you are searching for how to entertain a baby. This activity perfectly engages your babies finger and develop their cognitive skills to the maximum.

    Pom Pom Sensory Bag — Baby Play Hacks

    #9 Making little salt dough

    If you’re severely caught up often by checking new ways to how to entertain a baby. This activity fixes your bar high. This will serve as a great memory for babies to make salt dough through their cute baby hands. They will also enjoy the very smooth texture of making dough.

    How to make Salt Dough? | Learning 4 Kids

    #10 Play peek-a-boo

    It’s one of the best ways to entertain your babies. The process of babies hiding their faces by keeping hands at their eyes and looking at the view again by saying peek a boo is a fun activity. It enriches and stimulates their visual tracking, social development and also embrace their sense of humour.

    Peek-a-Boo Is So Much More Than Baby Giggles – Peek-a-boost Play


    #11 Play with rattles

    Rattles are more than just a source of entertainment for babies to play and have fun if you are searching for how to entertain a baby. They can help not just in teaching babies many new skills. But also babies learn how to hold their rattles tightly with a strong and strengthening grasp reflex. As their fine motor skills developing they will learn to hold and shake their rattle in the air and blowing them off in the air.

    Photo Of A Blinking Nine-month-old Baby With Rattle Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 152728528.

    #12 Playing with sensory bottles

    Sensory play leads your baby in unleashing and exploring the beautiful world around them while making significant pathways in their brain if you are searching for how to entertain a baby. Since they are in awe of sensory bottles since they are in no way messy and is a free way to spark your baby’s curiosity into actions.

    Mini Liquid Sensory Bottles for Baby


    #13 Playing with edible finger paint

    Finger painting is the epitome of fun because of bringing an excellent kinaesthetic experience and this also works wonder for the development of all the big and small muscles, arms, shoulders, neck and back of your babies. Finger painting is wonderful for the development and embracing skills like colour recognition with a variety of experimentation with different colours and colour mixing if you are searching for how to entertain a baby and which proves terrific for the development of creative skills.

    Edible Finger Paint - Laughing Kids Learn | Edible finger paints, Toddler activities, Kids playing


    #14 Balloons

    Playing with balloons helps in an escalation of developing your babies eye movements which are also known as visual tracking if you are searching for how to entertain a baby. It’s a known fact that balloons move more slowly than balls, your baby gets more time to engage and follow their movement as the balloons float through the air in different motions. As your baby develops they may want to crawl after a balloon out of sheer curiosity and a sense of belongingness with balloons.

    Balloon kicking activity for babies - Laughing Kids Learn | Baby sensory play, Infant activities, Baby learning


    #15 Exploration of a treasure basket

    Using the Treasure Basket provides babies different opportunities if you are searching for how to entertain a baby to explore altogether their all senses like how they feel, taste, hear, smell and see various textures, indulging in different experiments and making creative choices. It provides them with an opportunity to experience the art of sorting and appropriate classification of the various item by develops motor skills finely and enriching the concentration of babies.

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    Every Baby Should Have a Treasure Basket – Here's How to Make One | Activities for one year olds, Infant activities, Baby play

    #16 Dancing

    During the dance the kind of stimulation your baby gets helps them in the further development of muscle tone, space and body awareness, vision, hearing and touch. Since your baby moves in different postures it gives their body a good shape.

    Cute, FUNNY Baby Dancing Salsa Part2!!! MUST SEE!!!! | Dancing baby, Funny babies, Funny babies dancing

    #17 Playing with sound toys

    Playing with sounds toys helps if you are searching for how to entertain a baby and your baby would be able to synchronise and identification of different sounds. Babies love noise anyway. These toys give them more fun.

    How to entertain a baby


    #18 Taking a bath

    Nothing would give more fun to your baby than bathing them with water. It would refresh their body. Kids love playing with water since they freely frolic in the water and splashing water etc is a fun activity for them.

    happy #baby #boy #9 #month #portrait #photography #bubble #bath @MyPhotoCouture #babybathing #baby #ba… | Bubble bath photography, Bath photography, Baby bath time


    #19 Showing them photos

    To entertain your babies you may show them your extended family photos this would help them in knowing their families better.

    How can you tell your baby is hungry? Watch for these baby hunger signs


    #20 Scrunching with paper

    Giving them paper, and teaching them how to make paper planes and playing with them is a fun activity. You may also play with paper with them by scribbling a word and try to teach them in a fun way.

    Fine motor exercise using newspaper - Laughing Kids Learn


    Precautions For Newborn Baby

    It’s very mandatory to know how to take proper care of a newborn baby since they are very fragile at the time they are born. And a little fault on your part could cause your baby huge trouble.

    Here are few significant points to be noted:-

    1. Maintain proper hygiene – Newborn babies don’t have a strong immune system so they are very prone to get an infection. So it’s important to clean or sanitise your hands properly before taking them in your hands.
    2. Never shake your baby even in play – Many people shake their babies during playing with them or when they are crying. You should know this fact that shaking newborn baby it might cause bleeding in their brain and even sometimes death. If you want to wake them up from sleep just tickle them softly.
    3. Support your baby’s back and neck while they’re sitting – It’s very significant to support your baby with your hands while they are sitting or when you are carrying the baby upright since sometimes they might fall on the floor without support.
    4. Don’t engage your baby in rough play – Your baby is too soft and fragile to engage in any rough play like throwing them in the air or jiggling them with your knees.
    5. Proper diapering – You would either use cloth or disposable diapers for your baby and this decision is taken before bringing the baby home. Whichever you use make sure to change it often as your little one may dirty the diapers about 10 times a day or more than that but you should clean them from time to time since a little fault can cause infection.
    6. Bathing Basics – You should give your baby a light bath until the umbilical cord completely falls off and navels are healed properly. The whole of circumcision heals too. This genuinely takes one to four weeks. You may bathe them two to three times a week. Since immense bathing would dry up their skin.
    7. Tub Baths – You should bathe your baby in the tub with lukewarm water. Your water should not be more than 2 to 3 inches deep and the tap water should not be on while the baby is in the tub.
    8. Sleeping pattern – The newborn babies normally sleep from 2 to 4 hours a day. Their digestive system is so fragile that they need nourishment within every 2 to 3 hours so they don’t expect them to sleep uninterrupted at night.
    9. Breast Feeding – Whether you feed your baby with milk from a bottle or breast it doesn’t matter when it comes to being fully known regarding the time intervals they should be fed between. Doctors recommend that you should generally when they give you signs like crying, putting fingers in their mouth and making noises.
    10. Be Precautious – After three to five months your baby would start crawling on the floor and would try to grab different things. Don’t keep stuff like hot liquids, medicines, knives and sharp objects which might hurt them and cause some problem.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Do babies take more than four to five weeks to laugh?

    A: Babies generally take six weeks to laugh. Social behaviour like smiling, making different faces begins earlier than six weeks but expressing loud laughter takes some more time.

    Q2. What are the essential things that 2 months baby should be indulged in?

    A: The learning process of a baby starts at 2 months. You should try talking to them since babies start recognising and responding to their parent’s voices. They will try talking to you.

    Q3. How should I dress my baby while taking them from hospital to home?

    A: This solely depends on the outside temperature of the particular place. Whatever your baby should be properly covered up, their arms should be wholly covered to avoid any dirt or harmful chemicals to get in touch with their skin.

    Q4. Is there any limit for babies to poop and pee during the first week?

    A: Doctors suggests that you should keep a wet diaper every time. Changing five to six wet diapers and three to four poop diapers is normal every 24 hours is normal.

    Q5. What should be the colour of the poop?

    A: The colour of the poop should be black within the first 48 hours. After three to five days the colours would be transient. It might be yellow to green or maybe brown.

    Q6. Is it necessary to breastfeed for a whole year?

    A: It is not necessary to breastfeed your child after six to eight months, although it solely depends on the choice of the mother. Mother might stop if they don’t like breastfeeding.

    Q7. Is it necessary to sanitize bottles after every single use?

    A: It’s very mandatory to maintain proper hygiene while dealing with the baby and its products. You should keep them neat and clean.

    Q8. Why don’t babies sleep uninterrupted at night?

    A: The immune system of babies is very fragile. Babies typically sleep for 2-3 hours. Their digestive system is not fully developed so they need nourishment after every 2-3 hours. So that’s why they don’t sleep uninterrupted at night.

    Q9. Do my newborn needs to take bath every single day?

    A: Your baby should not be bathed every day for few weeks. Since enough bathing would dry their skin and sometimes the baby might catch a cold and cough leading to fever.

    Q10. Is there any movement in the baby during the first three months?

    A: During the first three months the babies are limited to sleeping, crying and eating. Although you may play with them lightly by lifting their head, making weird sounds that can make them grin.


    Babies give newness to our life. Taking care of these little bundles of joy is as important as playing with them. You’ve to be very responsible while handling them. Since a little fault on your part can cause a big problem to your babies. Babies are prone to infections. They should always be kept in a neat and clean surrounding. They should be fed in neatly clean and sanitised bottles. You should visit your doctor very often to do a proper checkup of your child and mother. Both should be healthy.

    You should follow all the precautions within the first month. Since at the first month, the babies immune system is not at all developed, they are very fragile they might need you every minute to take care of them in a proper manner. The primary instruction although is to maintain proper hygiene especially when you are taking babies in your hands, your hands should be properly washed. If you hand over your babies to guest you should be responsible enough to see that they are wholly sanitised.

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